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51 Types of Rooms in a House (Home Buying Guide)

Explore 51 distinct room designs for your future house. Learn the terms to use while looking for the appropriate house for a more stylish design.

The various rooms in the house layout.

Buying a house is a big task, and one that should never be taken lightly! If you’re going to put your hard earned money into somewhere you might be spending the rest of your life, you deserve to get exactly what you’re looking for. That is why I have collected information on the different types of rooms in a house, as well as the names they are commonly referred to as!

Information like this will also be incredibly helpful for anyone designing their new home, rather than buying one off the market. Knowing what you want out of the rooms you’re about to walk into is key when talking to a design consultant or a construction company!

51 Rooms to Look For When Buying a House

Finding a home with the right kind of rooms can be pretty complicated, especially if you don’t know what you want. It can take as much as twenty showings, sometimes, even more, to find something that fits your needs. Do you know how to remedy this?

Go in knowing what you want. This will help you search only for the houses that match what you’re looking for. Whether that be a space for an at home office or a full blown ballroom is completely up to you.

1. Entrance Hall

A spacious entrance hall with an elegant frosted glass door
A spacious entrance hall with an elegant frosted glass door.

If you’re big on first impressions, an entrance hall is probably something that is important to you. You might know it as an entry or a foyer, but the concept is still the same. This is the first room your guests will see when they arrive. Rather than opening the front door and stepping straight into a living room, this space acts as a gentle transition.

The entryway is commonly used for shoe and coat storage, but can be decorated and furnished to the owner’s liking. My own entry has paintings on the wall, a shoe rack, and a closet for additional storage.

2. Mud Room

Mud room with a clean and easy-to-move space
Mud room with a clean and easy-to-move space in oak gray décor.

A mud room is a bit like an entrance hall, but is used less for looks and more for practicality. Typically, mud rooms are used as an alternative entrance on the side or back of a house that you can use to keep your entry or the rest of the hall from getting dirty. This is great for little kids, but also for those who have jobs in construction or work in a foundry. It’s also nice for the snowy season, because the floor will either be tiles, or made of concrete or cement – basically, you won’t have to worry about the water damaging your floor.

These rooms might have a sink, storage space, or even a shower to rinse off before you go inside. Some utilize this room as a laundry room, as well, if there isn’t already a dedicated room for your washer and dryer.

3. Parlor Room

A classy parlor room with white walls with aesthetic decors
A classy parlor room with white walls with aesthetic decors.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘parlor room’ before, but don’t feel bad if you don’t remember what it is. A parlor room is a type of room where people would entertain guests without the use of any electronic devices. That’s right – to entertain means to engage in conversation!

Oftentimes, there would be a bar or drink station in the room to pour anyone the drink of their liking (alcohol, naturally). Appetizers or snacks might have also been prepared beforehand if the guests came over for dinner and you were to entertain them in the parlor room until dinner could be served.

4. Dining Room

A large dining area with a gray theme looks fantastic
A large dining area with a gray theme looks fantastic with the chandelier above.

There are two types of dining rooms to be aware of. One would be the casual dining room. A casual dining room is less of a room and more of a space. Many smaller houses don’t have a room dedicated to dining furniture, but space beside the kitchen to put a table and chairs. While this works well for a home with fewer people, for those of us who have a big family we need an actual room to corral everyone and make sure they’re eating all their food.

This is known as a formal dining room. The designated room will be located near the kitchen to make it easy to transfer dishes from the kitchen into the dining room, and should allow for a full dining set, table, chairs, and all.

Why should you care about a dining room, formal or not? Sitting down to eat at the dining table every night builds stronger bonds within a family. It gives everyone a chance to talk about their day or their plans for the future. I’ve grown up eating dinner in the dining room almost every day. Don’t worry – you can always watch your favorite show after!

5. Living Room

A warm minimalist living area with a fireplace
A warm minimalist living area with a fireplace in the middle.

Nowadays, every home has a living room furniture for lounging and space for a television. This is another space where you can spend time as a family (it is called the family room), but less for conversation and more for entertainment purposes. Sitting down together to watch your favorite show or play a game is typically what living rooms are used for, and the occasional meal.

Of course, you don’t have to have a large family to have an interest in living rooms. Like I said before, having living rooms in a house is extremely common. It’s rather unlikely that you’ll go to a showing and discover that there isn’t a living room.

6. Kitchen

Image of a wide kitchen area with white and wood accent interior
Image of a wide kitchen area with white and wood accent interior with an island.

It would be even harder to look at a house and not find a kitchen! The kitchen is the beating heart of a home because without it, you would struggle to make food for yourself or your family every night. It doesn’t matter how many different people live in your home, they will always use the kitchen.

There are various different types of kitchens with sizes from small to large, the way counters are spaced out, storage space for food and dishes, and the amount of space to accommodate appliances. It’s important to include whether you want a large kitchen with plenty of space, or a smaller kitchen that is quaint and just enough for you (as well as anything in between) when searching for the right house so that you get what you want in this essential room.

7. Kitchenette

Kitchenette in a modest layout with wooden accent walls
Kitchenette in a modest layout with wooden accent walls.

A kitchenette is something you will come across in apartments, hotels, and smaller houses. It can’t truly be called a kitchen because it’s really just a small space for the essentials. It can be found in a small nook with limited space for a table and chairs, but it’s only likely you’ll come across a kitchenette if you’re looking at small, one to two-person homes. If you’re living alone, this might be the perfect size for you.

8. Pantry

The kitchen pantry large storage shelves painted in white
The kitchen pantry has large storage shelves and is painted white.

Your kitchen pantry could end up being the most vital part of your kitchen. Basically, it is a storage room where you can keep shelf-stable food, spare dishes, and appliances that you don’t want cluttering your counters. I wish I had a pantry in my house! It’s a great setup for big families and people who host a lot of dinners because there is more food space for more people.

A pantry can also be used to refer to a large cabinet in your kitchen, but I think we can all agree that an entire room is really what we’re hoping for!

9. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom antique style design with a wide glass door and a window
The master bedroom antique style design with a wide glass door and a window that leads out onto the veranda.

Master bedroom. Doesn’t that sound sophisticated? This can also be known as the primary or main bedroom, and is typically the largest bedroom of the house. It is meant for the owner or owners of the home, while the smaller room (or rooms) are left to the other residents.

Master bedrooms are usually emphasized when you’re looking at larger homes, but if it isn’t mentioned or listed you can find out which is which by simply looking around yourself.

10. Guest Bedroom

The sleek guest bedroom appears peaceful, with a large window
The sleek guest bedroom appears peaceful, with a large window that provides an outdoor view.

A guest bedroom is a spare bedroom that isn’t in use by any of the people living in the house. So, while it may only be referred to as another bedroom, it is up to you on whether or not to make it a guest bedroom. The more people in your home or family, the less likely it will be for you to have a spare bedroom.

11. Loft Bedroom

A loft bedroom with a traditional wood style
A loft bedroom with a traditional wood style appears cool and inviting.

This style of bedroom is returning to the market in modern or contemporary house designs. It was mainly used in cabins to optimize space but now it is a common room to find when you look at modern homes.

Loft bedrooms are great for the minimalist lifestyle, since there isn’t a lot of space for anything with the angled roof in your way. Just be careful not to hit your head when you wake up!

12. Bathroom

The bathroom has a clean smooth design with necessities
The bathroom has a clean smooth design inside with all of the necessities.

Like with kitchens, bathrooms are a necessity in daily life. The bathroom or bathrooms in your home should be top priority. If there are issues with plumbing or appliances, it can cost you an arm and a leg to fix. When you are viewing houses, be sure to ask these questions directly so that the realtor or owner has no choice but to answer you! You definitely don’t want to be stuck with a bathroom that sucks your money down the toilet!

13. Guest Bathroom

A guest bathroom in gray stone with a  glass shower
A guest bathroom in gray stone with a wonderful view of the glass shower.

A guest bathroom can simply be a spare bathroom that isn’t used often, or the bathroom connected to a guest bedroom and is hardly used. Average houses won’t have bathrooms like this anymore (en-suite bathrooms), even in a two bedroom house, but they are more common in larger homes.

14. Half Bath

With the stylish drapes, the powder room in a vintage style appears exquisite.
With the stylish drapes, the powder room in a vintage style appears exquisite.

A half bath, also known as a restroom or powder room, is a bathroom with no bath. Weird right? Half baths have only a toilet and sink, with no shower or bathtub included. This is a common room to find on the first floor of a home, used by the majority of people that pass through, while a full bath is typically only used by residents who shower or bathe at home.

15. En-Suite Bathroom

En-suite bathroom with plenty of space and a tub
En-suite bathroom with plenty of space and a tub overlooking the outside.

The en-suite bathroom, as mentioned earlier, is a bathroom that is connected to a bedroom (also known as a suite) and used primarily by the person or people who use that bedroom. A master bathroom is also referred to as an en-suite bathroom, because it is connected to the master bedroom.

A shared bathroom can be called an en-suite bathroom as well, when two rooms are connected to the same bathroom. It can get a little complicated in situations like this, though, so make sure you have the door lock.!

16. Closet

A large closet roomy storage for clothing
A large closet for clean, roomy storage of clothing.

I think it’s safe to say that we all know what a closet is! Typically, there is more than one closet in a house, and various kinds at that. Right now, we’re just talking about the typical closet. If you’re someone with a lot of clothes or shoes, you’ll want your bedroom closet to have enough space for everything once you move in. Keep this in mind during your walk-throughs and make a note of the allotted space, that way you can gauge what is best for you.

17. Storage Closet

Storage closet for items used on frequently
Storage closet for items that are only used on frequently.

A storage closet is different from the average clothes closet, of course. This is where you can store things that you don’t use in an everyday fashion. It might be for winter clothes, tools, holiday decorations, or sports necessities like the rollerblades you see here. If you don’t have a basement, or it is prone to flooding, storing keepsakes in this closet such as photos or heirlooms is another good option.

This may also be listed as a utility closet, which is basically where you would store cleaning supplies. Chemicals and sprays, as well as brooms, mops, and other handheld cleaning appliances. People often pair those with tool sets if there isn’t a designated place for them, such as a workshop.

18. Coat Closet

Jackets that can be hung in the coat closet area
Jackets that can be hung in the coat closet area for easy access.

Typically located in or near the entrance of a home, coat closets are shallow with enough space to hang coats and keep them out of the way. Sometimes there is space on the floor or on a shelf above the hanging bar for additional storage, too. Let’s be honest, we have different coats for different seasons. Thicker coats and sweaters for fall and winter, and lighter coats or jackets for spring and summer. In my own coat closet, I keep snowsuits in the back so that I can fetch them when it’s time to shovel the sidewalk in freezing temperatures. Stay warm!

19. Shoe Closet

Shoe closet for more organize storage of foot wears.

Yes, the coat closet can also be used as a shoe closet with the extra space above and below the coats but, honestly, that space is already so cluttered with coats. If you don’t have an unreasonable amount of coats in your closet like I do, you can definitely turn it into a shoe closet. However, for people like me who have many coats and many, many shoes for the many feet in my home, you should consider dedicating a different space to shoes!

20. Linen Closet

Linen closet for convenient access to beddings
Linen closet for convenient access to bedding and towels.

A linen closet is probably the most underrated closet out of the bunch. It’s such a pain to stuff sheets into whatever free space you can find in other closets, and to have your towels piled up in the bathroom all the time. With a linen closet, both of these things have a place. It’s so satisfying to organize bed sheets, towels, washcloths, spare blankets and so on in a place where they belong and are easy to get out without making everything else a mess!

If you’re lucky enough, you might even have additional space for extra bathroom products. It’s time to unclutter your sink and shower shelves!

21. Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closet for storing and changing clothes
A walk-in closet for storing and changing clothes.

Build your walk-in closets that are practically their own room! They’re large, spacious, and, obviously, you’re able to move around comfortably inside of one. A walk-in closet can serve as a clothes closet, shoe closet, and even a space for accessories if the room allows. For people who consider fashion a passion or hobby, this might end up being a necessity during your house hunting journey.

22. Laundry Room

Laundry room in pastel blue color
Laundry room in pastel blue color with washer and dryer.

I am envious of people who have a laundry room in their homes! Laundry rooms are areas dedicated to washing and drying, as well as clothes hampers and a space to fold. There isn’t always an abundance of space, but it’s an amazing room nonetheless. Many of us have to connect our washer and dryer in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the basement (normally unfinished). If there is a laundry room listed in any of the houses, take interest! It’ll save you a lot of hassle, I promise.

23. Storage Room

Storage space for stuff to store and tucked away
Storage space for stuff to store, tucked away for easy spacing.

Storage space is essential in homes. Even if you don’t think you own that much, once you start going through this during the move I guarantee you will come across a few boxes that need a safe space – particularly if the basement floods or gets lots of moisture, or you don’t have one at all! Your storage might be a spare room, or a space in your garage dedicated to storing things, but either way it’s a big help.

For those running a business or organization from home, a storage room might be something you really end up needing. This is especially true for small businesses selling products, so keep an eye out!

24. Utility Room

Utility room for storing large tanks for water heating process
Utility room for storing large tanks used in the water heating process.

No, a utility room is not the same as a utility closet. What’s the difference? Space, of course! Well, there could be a water heater in there…

Having the water heater intruding on the space in your bathroom is a huge eyesore, and I’m sure if you were in the middle of a showing and saw one like that, it would be a major turndown for that house. However, a water heater in a utility closet with a little extra room for additional storage? That is a definite win.

25. Game Room

Interior of a game room with a billiard table
Interior of a game room with a billiard table and brick accent walls.

Whether it’s electronic or physical, we’ve all played games before and many of us still do. Family game night or playing games during the holidays is a blast, but it can get crowded in the living room. Why not dedicate an extra room to games? You could have space for a board game and card table, foosball, and even an entertainment section for your favorite video games! Rooms like this are a big hit for parents with gaming children – finally, they won’t be taking up the living room couches anymore!

26. Home Theater Room

Home cinema space with a giant screen and enormous couches
Home cinema space with a giant screen and enormous couches in a dark environment.

There comes a time when your living room isn’t quite enough, and going to the theater is more than you’re willing to do. What’s the in between, you ask? A home theater room is the perfect solution because it meets on middle ground. No, you’re not leaving the comfort of your home. Yes, you can still have a popcorn machine for fresh popcorn as you capture the perfect theater ambiance with dimming lights and row seating in the form of comfy couches, pillows, and blankets. No more tiny chairs! Best of all?

There’s no admissions fee! You can pick any movie or show from your favorite streaming service and not worry about hecklers or teens throwing popcorn at you from behind.

27. Drawing Room

A drawing room pleasant space with a fresh atmosphere
A drawing room pleasant space with a fresh atmosphere, surrounded by plants.

We aren’t talking about art in this room. A drawing room is meant to entertain guests and can be called a living room, only there wouldn’t be a television. The closest to electronics you should get in a drawing room is a speaker to play music.

The name drawing room was derived from the names withdrawing room and withdrawing chamber. These terms were used back in the 16th and 17th century, and, according to this article by Home Edit, also in the 18th century. However, we now use a more casual term, drawing room, since things aren’t as formal today as they were back then.

28. Craft Room

Craft area space with creative materials in a bright room
Craft area space with creative materials in a bright room feel.

If you have a crafting hobby or children who like to color and paint, consider looking into a craft room. I know that a lot of crafters, such as scrap-bookers, will have a lot of material that needs storage space so that it stops cluttering in your main rooms or closets. A craft room is a great way to keep everything contained (and get a little peace and quiet while you create, if you know what I mean!).

29. Music Room

A music room featuring a variety of musical instruments available
A music room featuring a variety of musical instruments available for use in a large window panel.

For those with musical aspirations, a music room would be ideal, don’t you think? Some place to bang the drums, practice piano, and strum the guitar without disrupting the entire house. This is definitely a room you should take interest in if you have any recording equipment, too! You want those padded walls to get that perfect and crisp audio back from the mic.

Don’t pass over a room like this!

30. Panic Room

Panic room with multiple security mechanism
Panic room with multiple security mechanisms installed.

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

Metaphorically, not literally. Having a panic room or a safe room makes for a good plan if you live in an area that is at high risk for crime. You should absolutely invest in something like this if you have children, too. We all like to feel safe in our homes and tell ourselves “Oh, that won’t happen here” when in reality, it really could.

Wouldn’t you say it’s better to be prepared for trouble than not to be?

A panic room design isn’t just for break-ins, though. It can be for areas prone to natural disasters. That might mean it is a safe space to stay away from tornadoes, instead of going to a community shelter.

31. Gym Room

Gym area with a black and red theme and equipment
Gym area with a black and red theme and gym equipment available.

Exercise isn’t only good for your body, it’s good for your mind, too! Plus, if you were going to have a hobby, this would be one of the healthiest ones to have. Even so, not everyone wants to spend money on a gym membership and deal with the people who hog the equipment the entire time you’re there. Not to mention, some people don’t feel comfortable working out in front of others.

Consider this an issue no more! Having a home gym is honestly a great space that can motivate you and allow you to feel comfortable at the same time. There are so many different home equipment choices to choose from, but the important part is that you actually utilize the space and enjoy it, don’t you agree?

32. Playroom

A child-friendly area with various toys.
A secure child-friendly playroom area with various toys.

Little ones can be quite the handful, and sometimes we just need a break. If you’re hoping a new house will give you just that, make sure you are searching for a playroom! Not only will it get the kids out of your hair, but you’ll be able to contain their hundreds of toys much better. The best part is that the room doesn’t have to be that big! As long as there is enough space for the toys and the tiny tots to play you are good to go.

Now, go take that bath you’ve been dreaming of – you deserve it!

33. Nursery

A large nursery space with crib and accessories
A large and calm nursery space with crib and accessories.

For those who are expecting, a house with room for a nursery is a no-brainer. It doesn’t require an abundance of space since all babies really do in their bedroom is sleep, but if it’s too small you may want to consider giving them an upgrade of space when they start walking and talking. Still, that small room is just enough for an infant and when they grow out of it, that is the perfect opportunity to make the transition into a playroom, or perhaps a space for the adults to use.

34. Kids Bedroom

A serene and comfortable kids room with a blue hue style looks great
A serene and comfortable kids room with a blue hue style looks great.

Kids rooms are smaller than the adult or even teenager rooms. They may have a lot of toys and games, but the kids themselves and even their beds don’t take up that much room. Kids’ bedrooms also tend to be brighter, more colorful, and tailored to a child’s needs to capture their attention and awe. Be careful bringing them along when looking at a house with rooms like this because they might just fall in love at the first glance.

35. Home Office

A home office with wooden walls, design, and accents
A home office area with wooden walls style and accessories.

Home offices have been in high demand, and are becoming a space desired far more than other rooms in a house, such as playrooms or a hobby room. For anyone who frequently works from home, works from home completely, and manages a business completely from home should only give listings with home offices a second glance. As someone who works from home, I can not stress enough how much having a space dedicated just to working and being productive (and being able to shut the doors) increases your overall mood and performance.

36. Woman/Man Cave

A man cave with a manly interior design and a huge arched doorway
A man cave with a manly interior design and a huge arched doorway to the patio.

A woman or man cave is really just a room that broadly covers the array of hobbies you might have, between yourself or you and your friends, that can become a space for you to take a break from the chaos of every-day family life. It’s the complete opposite of a family room, but you might find it is equal in value. As important as it is to spend time with family and build stronger bonds, it is just as important to take a step back and be able to focus on yourself.

37. Workshop

A workshop long table and crafting supplies
A workshop space with a long table and crafting supplies.

Hand crafters and DIY addicts? This is the kind of room you need in your new house, hands down! Big crafting and DIY projects are right in my wheelhouse as the grandchild of a carpenter. I completely understand the desire for a space like this; a workshop where all of your tools, machinery, and materials can live in perfect harmony without intruding on other rooms. Workshops are typically located in one of two places, the first being the garage and the second being the basement. Honestly, having either is a blessing.

38. Basement

An on-going construction of basement
An on-going construction of a spacious basement.

Not every home has a basement (and you can find out in this article why that is) if it isn’t necessary. So, should you look for homes with a basement or not? Well, basements usually have all of the piping and wiring for your house but these can also be located in a crawlspace. The real reasons to consider homes with basements are these: a tornado-risk area, storage, and potential. Obviously the first is pretty self-explanatory.

Having a storage room in the basement is a great way to benefit from that space. You might store seasonal items, hand-me-downs or heirlooms, and other keepsakes in your basement. Food storage is also a big plus, as basement temperatures usually stay cool even when it’s unreasonably hot outside. It makes for great canned and bottled goods shelving!

The potential might be the biggest bell-ringer of basements because a basement with potential means that it can be turned into a finished basement. That means extra rooms, extra space, and extra fun!

39. Finished Basement

Finished basement with a bathroom and wood flooring
Finished basement with a bathroom and wood flooring.

A finished basement will look something like you are seeing here in this picture. You can’t see a lick of stone or concrete, no floor beams, unsightly pipes, or wires. It is a clean space that gives the home spare rooms and additional value that most people simply can not pass up. I envy homes with basements like these.

40. Wine Cellar

Wine cellar area with wine wooden storage racks
Wine cellar area with wine display in a wooden storage racks.

People who love wine and having friends or family over for a nice, aged drink are undoubtedly going to love this room in their future home. Wine cellars were made for storing wine in cool temperatures that are not harmful to the wine itself. Although you can’t find many homes with a wine cellar anymore, you can still create this type of storage and ambiance in your basement without a large expense.

41. Root Cellar

The natural approach to store foods in a root cellar
The natural approach is used to store foods in a root cellar.

A root cellar and a wine cellar are not the same room, so don’t let yourself be confused by them. A wine cellar is catered toward wine and typically in the basement or underneath the house, while a root cellar is catered toward food storage and remains a separate room from the home, not attached. The term ‘root cellar’ comes from primarily storing root plants such as beets or potatoes, but is known to hold vegetables and fruits among other items.

If you have an interest in canning or have already entertained it as your hobby, a root cellar is one of the best places to store your jars and cans, too.

42. Garage

Garage with equipment for servicing and repairing machinery
Large garage with equipment for servicing and repairing machinery.

Attached or detached, garages are wonderful. With how massive and strong cars are we sometimes overlook the fact that something as natural as hail or walnuts from a tree can damage our vehicles. Garages are meant to prevent that! They’re also an area people love to use when working on, repairing, and rebuilding cars. It can be a hobby, it can be a profession, but either way it needs a decent amount of space!

43. Garage Loft

A loft above the garage additional storage space
A loft above the garage provides additional storage space for items.

If you’re looking for homes with garages, it’s always nice to know whether the garage has a loft above it. At times this space is made into spare rooms or loft apartments. There are even some situations with attached garages where it becomes an additional room that is accessible through the interior of the home.

Even without all the rooms that it could potentially be, storage space is just as desired. It is always a plus to have extra storage rooms in a house.

44. Attic

An attic to be built with an open cellar
An attic to be built with an open cellar setting.

I know what you’re probably thinking and, no, not all attics look like this. Some have been finished and turned into bedrooms before, or any other rooms that one might be interested in having in their home. You have probably noticed that storage has been a big topic throughout this article, and it definitely has because people tend to have a lot of material items that they carry with them during their life – and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Attics like this are great storage rooms, and you don’t have to worry about your basement flooding and ruining all of your keepsakes. The one thing to keep in mind is that an attic will be the hottest room in the building so anything that is temperature-sensitive should find a home in a different part of the house.

45. Loft

A loft space used for storage to keep items tidy and safe
A loft space used for storage to keep items tidy and safe.

Lofts tend to be smaller than attics are, ranging between an attic and a crawlspace, and can usually only be used for storage because of the size. Still, any space that gives you more storage should be seen as an automatic plus to the potential of buying that home.

46. Crawlspace

Crawlspace for pipe and wiring organization
Crawlspace section of the home for pipe and wiring organization.

Crawlspaces can be located at the roof of a home or below the bottom floor of a home. Their purpose is served by allowing plumbers and electricians a way to access all of the pipes and wiring that you typically can not get to. A crawlspace is also an easy way for experts to inspect the foundation of a house, to determine whether it is in good condition or not.

47. Indoor Swimming Pool

A huge indoor swimming pool appears inviting with large windows
A huge indoor swimming pool appears inviting with large windows that provide an outdoor sight.

Since an outdoor pool isn’t considered to be a room, let’s have a look at an indoor swimming pool. Of course, homes with this scale of an optional room are going to be higher up in price but you will be paying for the convenience of having a pool inside of your home! You would be able to swim in it all year round, control things like the temperature of the water, and never worry about a stranger just walking in!

Pools, indoor and outdoor, do require a certain level of maintenance that must be maintained either by you or a hired person to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

48. Library Room

A wooden accent design library with a couch in the center
A wooden accent design library with a couch in the center looking out at the landscape outside.

Oh, what I would do to have a library right here in my very own home! If you have a reading addiction (because it can surely never simply be a hobby, am I right?), a reading room would be like heaven for you! Shelves of books, your favorite comfy sofa, and a nice window to let in some natural light? I’m drooling, too!

49. Sunroom

A welcoming sunroom area with white paint on the structure
A welcoming sunroom area with white paint on the structure and comfortable couches.

A sunroom, typically located on the East or West side of a home, is a room with many large windows to take in the sun when it rises or sets. Spaces like this are seriously underrated, and definitely worth the cost. Not only can it be used as a sunroom, it’s practically an extra room that you can turn into just about anything. A craft room, a playroom (an excellent choice, in my experience), a game room – the list goes on!

50. Conservatory

A home conservatory with a lot of succulents
A home conservatory with a lovely view of succulents.

A conservatory might appear to be similar to a sunroom in some aspects, but in the overall view you can definitely see the difference. With beautiful glass walls, an added conservatory is basically a greenhouse that is attached to the rest of your home. It can be used for home gardening with herbs and garden boxes, or it can be more of a plant nursery where you can raise all different types of plants, ranging from flowers to indoor trees!

51. Ballroom

An exquisite gold motif ballroom space
An exquisite gold motif for the inside of a house’s ballroom space.

I saved the best (and most fanciful) for last. The 77th room to look for when searching for a new home or designing one of your own is a ballroom. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word is a giant room with chandeliers that takes up half a block on its own. Yes, that is a ballroom but, unfortunately, you aren’t living in a palace. Ballrooms can be a small room like this, that is quaint but still flashy and, best of all, made for dancing.

So, really, you can just call it a dance room or dance studio. Alas, whatever you decide to name it, this room will end up being a blast for you, friends, and family to enjoy!