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Black Living Room Furniture


Are you in possession of an imposing set or piece of black furniture and struggle to find the right way to decorate the space it is in? Working around black living furniture, particularly a large sectional or matching set, can be frustrating as black, by nature, makes a very strong statement. However, there are many benefits to owning a piece of black furniture. For one, they often hide stains and spills well. In addition, when situated properly, black will help to anchor the eye and draw you into the space. Consider the following decorating tricks to help you make your black furniture feel at home in your living room.

1. Furniture Placement

Arranging your furniture correctly can help to ensure that your black leather sofa or large set of bookcases do not take over the space. Black absorbs light and has a tendency to make small to medium-sized living rooms feel dingy and dark. Things to keep in mind when perfecting your furniture layout are:

• If possible, do not position furniture to block natural sources of light, such as windows.

• If you have a matching set of black furniture, consider placing just one piece in your living and using the other pieces elsewhere.

• Place a sectional or sofa in front of a set of bookcases or other sofa table to make it appear to be part of the space. In turn, this will make the sectional or sofa feel less imposing.

2. Wall Colors For Your Living Room

Black furniture, particularly sectionals, is often seen in large, loft-like spaces surrounded by stark white walls. While this look is not necessarily wrong, it may not be your cup of tea. Incorporating black furniture into your living room to suit your personal decorating style may require a little more experimentation with color.

Black furniture looks great against a soft ivory or cream-colored wall as it creates a timeless effect in the space. However, if the contrast between the wall color and the furniture is still too great for you, you may consider painting the walls a soft gray. This will reduce the contrast and allow you eye to flow freely throughout the space. For a dramatic look, you may consider painting the walls, or simply an accent wall, a jewel tone such as sapphire, burgundy or a deep, emerald green. These colors have surged in popularity as of late and can be found in livings rooms throughout North America.

3. Living Room Accessorizes

The right accessories will help your black furniture to blend in to your living room, rather than stand out. Depending on your color scheme you can consider including the following items:

• An assortment of decorative pillows in neutral color scheme but varying in textures and patterns (ie. Creams, browns and beiges)

• Natural greenery such as a rubber tree, bamboo palm or a fiddle-leaf fig

• Accessorizes with gold, copper or bronze accents are very popular and look beautiful against black

• A colorful throw can add a pop of color


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