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The Best Kitchen Flooring Options


Whether you are installing kitchen flooring in a new build or replacing the flooring in your existing space it can be difficult to choose the right material. The following sections contain information on popular flooring options for kitchens, the pros and cons, as well as the price point. We hope this helps make your decision a little easier.

1. Vinyl and Laminate

Your most cost effective flooring options will come in vinyl and laminate. Both are kid and pet friendly which is great in homes with young families. Maintenance is relatively low as well – a cleanup with a steam mop or regular mop and pail is all that is needed. In addition, this type of flooring can often be installed by the homeowner without the need of paying a professional. This offers the additional benefit of cost savings.

When choosing vinyl or laminate flooring for your kitchen keep in mind quality as cheaper options are more likely to rip or tear. When your flooring experiences some damage such as a tear that is too large to be adequately glued, the entire section of flooring will need to be replaced.
Cost: $1 – $6 per square foot (uninstalled)

2. Tile

There are two main types of tile flooring: ceramic and natural stone. Ceramic is much more budget friendly and also quite durable. It stands up well to daily wear and tear making it an excellent choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen.

The downside of ceramic tile is that it is cold and hard underfoot. Your dishes, and your feet, may not hold up well against its hard surface. It does also require some regular maintenance such as regular sealing of the grout.
Cost: $3 – $9 per square foot (uninstalled)

Natural stone is a classic option for kitchen flooring and comes in a variety of options such as limestone, slate, travertine and granite. It is very durable and will last for years to come which helps to offset its hefty price tag.

The main downside of natural stone is its price. For those who are seeking a budget-friendly renovation, it will likely be out of there price range. The stone will require periodic sealing of the surface.
Cost: $16 – $35 per square foot (uninstalled)

3. Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is another beautiful option for the kitchen. It creates a welcoming atmosphere in any kitchen is feels great underfoot. Homeowners are often suspicious of installing hardwood flooring because of potential water damage in the kitchen. However, if you keep an eye out for spills and clean them up as soon as possible, there is no need to be concerned. If the damage is extensive, perhaps from an overnight leak, the flooring can be sanded and refinished.

In addition to water damage another thing to be aware of is that hardwood can scratch easily. Pet owners, especially those with large dogs, should keep this in mind. Continuous traffic canine traffic can scratch and dent hardwood flooring.
Cost: $5 – $15 per square foot (uninstalled)

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