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Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms


Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms can be tough.  Many home owners struggle to find the right balance between comfort and luxury when making the decorating decisions in their living room.

It is where guests who come to visit spend their time. Besides, the appearance of the room speaks volumes of the homeowners style and status. Many homeowners, therefore, go out of their way to make the living space attractive, comfy and homely. Some owners might even consider remodeling just to have the desired design. Even though creating such a look can be costly, there are several creative, inspiring and inexpensive decorating ideas for living room a homeowner can use.

Rearrange the furniture

Even the classiest of all living rooms will look unattractive with improperly placed furniture. Consider rearranging the furniture pieces in a way that creates a welcoming touch. For instance, instead of putting the seats far apart from each other, and close to the walls, push them together so people can converse easily. You should orient the furniture’s seating according to the room’s focal point. Examples of living room focal points include the fireplace, window or television. It is important that you also position the furniture in a way people can move around the room with ease. The pieces should not block the entry way, and should have at least three feet walking space.

Splash with paint

Since living rooms serve various purposes like socializing, relaxing or entertaining, they should exude distinct personalities. What a better way than by using color. Different color shades have the ability to create diverse moods and themes. Bright colors, for instance, can make the room vibrant. However, when choosing colors, you must select the right color combination to end with an impressive paint job. A real trick is to choose a color that matches those of the most visible items in the room as the couch. Moreover, you can paint the floor, wall and ceiling using dark, medium and light shades respectively.

Use rugs

Nothing screams comfort better than household fabrics like floor rugs, throws, and quilts. Floor rugs are novel decorating ideas for living room as they help in defining the place. Large rugs enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal while smaller rugs are perfect for outlining chatting and activity areas. If you have throws and handcrafted runners, you can use them as tabletop covers while the quilts would serve as attractive wall hangings that add life to the room.


Adding living room accessories can significantly revamp the room. When it comes to accessories, the only limitation is the homeowner’s creativity and preferences. You can adorn the room with cushion covers, hang paintings, photos or mirrors on the wall to create a robust focal point and then hang breathtaking chandeliers on the ceiling. Another idea is to use beautiful glassware and ceramic earthenware to excite the table setting. Vintage pieces are a nice addition especially if you want to create a traditional touch. Lastly, you can place brightly colored pillow cushions on the couch.

Living with plants

It goes without saying that flowers are perfect decorations. A perfect arrangement of flowers not only brighten the room but also refreshes the air. When getting flowers, make sure to get attractive vases or flower pots.

Large luxury log cabin house living room with large staircase.