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27 Luxury Living Rooms

Wanting a luxury living room that will leave your guest ready to remodel their home. From living room furniture, end tables, wall decor, and rugs.

Luxury living room ideas for your home

For decades people have chosen to create poetry with their home and luxury living rooms are a great example. In this case, style meets opulence and every decor in the room is a testament to a luxurious lifestyle. When you walk into a properly designed luxury living room, the experience is usually like walking into one of those episodes of fine living. In most cases, the furnishings are expensive and custom made to match the taste of the homeowner.

Luxury Living Room Furniture

Most of the furniture pieces in a luxury living room draw their influence from Italian and French designs which are specifically made for high-end glamor and luxury. All of the furniture can be customized by fabric, color, finish and size. Chaise lounges, ornate cabinets, and glass-top tables are some of the furniture pieces that can be found in a luxury living room. A center table made of marble and with neutral colors is also a great addition to this setup.

Small Luxury Rooms

In a small living room, ottomans or stools work perfectly to add extra sitting space. You can hire a decorator to customize an ottoman for you. It can be soft enough to place your feet on but also sturdy to hold a tray. A long space can be broken up into different sitting areas. Even if the furniture in a luxury living room looks simple, the details will always appear custom made for it.

Lighting to Consider

The lighting in a luxury living room has to be elaborate to enhance the design theme. You can create a unique luxury living room using accent lighting with a richly adorned surrounding to give it a warm feel. This also makes the room glamorous and elegant. An intricate chandelier design in the living room can turn it into a welcoming place loved by everybody. Using ceiling or pendant lighting is also another way to make the living room dreamy and highly modern. A silver mirror can act as a center point in the room and add brightness and glamor.

Luxury Drape Ideas For Your Room

Sheer and clean drapery is always sophisticated and classy. An ornate window surround adds sophistication when the window is plain. The fabrics of the curtains can also be made to color coordinate with the fabrics of the seats to make the room look incredible. To give the room a traditional and historical look, Louis chairs and sofas can be used and the fabric made to match with the curtains.

More Details

Classical friezes can be used as decorative motifs on several items in the living room. They greatly featured in classical era architecture and were also carried through to wallpaper friezes. Rare artwork hung on the wall of a luxury living room can act as a great accessory and also as the focal point of the room. A rug under the center table would definitely provide an illusion of space and coordinate all the decor used in the living room.

Most luxury living rooms have monochromatic designs which are very beautiful but sometimes to give the room a lively look requires that you play with some unconventional colors. Using playful colors on select upholstery pieces is the best way to achieve this.

If you have the means, turn your home into a theater of dreams by using some of these luxury living room ideas.