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28 Colonial White Granite Ideas for your Home

There are many granite options. Colonial White is a great choice for any room in your home. Check out this article to see some examples and find out more about it!

Kitchen with white cabinets with silver hardware, wood floors, colonial white countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass vase of yellow flowers, dark wood and leather table and chair set in dining room area

Trying to keep up with quickly changing home trends is a full-time job! It’s easy to get caught up in the next new thing and want a home that features the most sought-after styles. But, as soon as you are done with your remodel, it can feel like it is already outdated. That’s why when it comes to choosing big-ticket permanent items like countertops, it’s important to make timeless choices that will look great with whatever home trends arise in the future.

For me, choosing a neutral color countertop like Colonial White Granite that is timeless in style means that my kitchen counters will fit in with whatever is trending. From Boho to Traditional decor and everything in between, this amazing granite will keep you effortlessly on trend for years to come! Keep scrolling to see all of our ideas on using this classic granite and find out why it might just make the best countertop choice for your home!

Image from floor level looking ocross room to 3 large windows letting in sunlight

The Colonial White Granite color choice is a stunning stone for any room in the home. It is a popular choice for homeowners because of the neutral tones of the cloudy silver surface. Its black speckles and flecks of pink mineral deposits complement traditional and modern design choices. This Indian granite stone is one of the most popular white granite types. Buckingham White granite, Platinum White granite, New Imperial White granite, and Indian Bianco Romano are all names used interchangeably for the Colonial White granite.

Examples of Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite is granite from India that is available as both a slab and as tiles. It is often used to construct worktops, fireplace surrounds, mosaics, window sills, stair treads, water features, and accent walls inside and outside buildings.

If you are planning your dream kitchen and want a magnificent stone slab countertop, Colonial White granite from India is an excellent match. Its light color scheme is neutral and works well as a slab or tile in classic and modern residential applications.

What Color is Colonial White Granite?

Close up of colonial white floors, shinny with gray specks

The Colonial White Granite is a gorgeous granite with mostly an off-white background that is more silver grey than white. The granite slab features smokey grey veining that runs throughout the stone. There are black speckles, and because it is a natural stone, variations of mineral deposit specks are visible throughout the slab in shades of dark rose.

Although it has an overall pale grey and cloudy silver tone, it is still considered a white granite. Granite always features variations in its colorings, so it is impossible to find a solid cotton white or pure white granite slab. The stone has varying degrees of veining, specks, and mineral deposits. There are many variations to choose from when looking at granite slabs.

The Colonial White Granite has dimension and warmth by the presence of dark gray and is accented with black specks in the stone. The granules that make up Colonial White Granite are often less than half a centimeter in diameter and are dispersed evenly throughout the stone. This consistency of the granules results in a beautiful granite slab surface, whether cut for floor tiles or a slab for a countertop.

After this stunning granite from India is cut into tiles for flooring or a slab for countertops, it is honed or polished to add the perfect texture to any interior or exterior space.

Is Colonial White a Good Choice for Granite Countertops?

Whether you are planning new countertops for your kitchen, a second-floor bathroom, or even an outdoor patio, Colonial White Granite slabs or tiles are an excellent choice for any room.

Colonial White granite, although a light-colored granite, has proven to be an excellent option for use as kitchen countertops or wall backsplash. The natural stone surface has neutral tones and a light background, making kitchens feel spacious and airy.

Because granite is a very durable stone, Colonial White granite makes a functional and well-performing counter that is pleasing to the eye!

The surface of granite countertops is resistant to stains from the spilling of liquids, coffee, wine, and even fruit. Colonial White Granite only requires a mild detergent for clean-up. Routine cleaning and occasional sealing will keep your Colonial White Granite look as good as it did the day it was installed. Granite is an excellent material for kitchens because of its heat resistance.

Do Dark or Light Color cabinets Look Best with Colonial White Granite?

A traditional kitchen or one with a contemporary feel can be achieved using Colonial White granite as the countertop material. The neutral color scheme of Colonial White Granite allows you to create a stunning kitchen or bathroom regardless of the color of the cabinets you choose to use in the space.

White Cabinets

Colonial White countertops combined with cotton white cabinets result in a traditional and classic kitchen aesthetic. The creamy tones of the granite are an excellent complement to light-colored cabinetry. Other light-toned cabinets will also look beautiful, like beige or even a classic light gray cabinet. When combined with white or light cabinetry, Colonial White Granite creates a warm and inviting kitchen.

To tie Colonial White Granite to your white cabinets, use dark hardware that complements the dark speckles in the granite. Try accessorizing your cabinets with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and cabinet knobs.

Dark Cabinets

Combining Colonial White countertops with the strong contrast dark cabinet is a great option to create a statement look that is cool and modern. Whether the cabinet color is natural wood, or classic navy blue, the neutral Colonial White granite looks stunning.

Complete your look with complementary silver hardware that picks up the grey tones in the Colonial White Granite.

Does Colonial White Granite Look Good with Stainless Steel Appliances?

The grey and rose minerals of the Colonial White Granite complement almost any color of cabinetry or appliances. However, when it comes to appliances, the silvery cloud tones of Colonial White Granite when used on kitchen countertops, make a stunning statement when paired with stainless steel appliances. Another way to carry the silver color throughout the kitchen is to use a stainless steel undermount sink. 

The elegant look of stainless steel adds a cohesive look to your kitchen. Keeping the neutral grey tones from the granite slab and the appliances consistent and accented with silver hardware makes for a beautiful kitchen. It is easy to give your kitchen an upscale feel and the interior designer checkmark of approval with Colonial White Granite.

Is Colonial White Granite a Natural Stone?

Colonial White is a natural stone and one of the very few white granites that originate in India. The vast majority of white granites originate and are quarried in Brazil. The explorations and discoveries in India during the time of British colonial rule are responsible for bringing the Colonial White granite into popularity.

The Colonial White Granite is quarried in the Rajputana area in northwest India. The quarries that provide this granite for use in South India construction are found in the Madurai area and are quarried in the state of Tamil Nadu. This region is well-known for its many granite quarries, which are close to one another.

The granite stone is removed from the earth in the shape of large blocks, which are then transported to processing facilities specifically designed for granite. The granite is then processed by cutting into the slab or tile shape to fulfill the particular requirements of a commercial or residential project.

How is Colonial White Granite Finished?

Granite is a beautiful and long-lasting stone, available in various surface colors with veins and speckles from mineral deposits. The colors can range from pinks to reds or blue to green, and all the neutral colors like black, brown, and gray in between. The surface of the cut slabs has to be further treated to get the polish required for a particular project.

There are many distinct ways a surface may be finished besides polishing, including honed, flamed, sharpened, leathered, and bush hammered. The polished granite also brings out more depth by revealing more variations and mineral deposits that everyone has grown to expect and love about granite.

Most Indian granite producers and granite exporters employ sophisticated polishing technology to give the white granite stone an elegant surface gloss. Finishing is done so that the stone is not only more beautiful but easier to care for and more functional.

A Colonial White Granite slab that is honed means it is given a matte finish and not polished. Honed granite has a softer elegance and more natural feel than polished granite. The granite slabs stop being polished right before they turn shiny. Honed granite is better for use as flooring, and it will still require sealing for durability. Honed Colonial White Granite is more expensive per square foot than polished Colonial White Granite.

Is Colonial White Granite Expensive?

Next to quartz, granite is the most popular kitchen counter choice. Quartz and granite have similar characteristics, but granite costs a little less. Unlike quartz, granite is also suitable for exterior use.

Colonial White Granite makes an affordable and beautiful choice if you want granite countertops for exterior applications like an outdoor kitchen or exterior flooring. It costs less than marble but has a similar natural aesthetic. The greyish-white color hides dirt and is highly durable, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Because granite slab counters are the second most popular type of kitchen countertop, Colonial White granite is easy to find in stock. Stock cuts are priced by the square foot and average less than the competing popular choices of Quartz or Marble slabs. Colonial White Granite can be purchased at about $50-60 per square foot installed.