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16 Gorgeous Types of Closet Doors

Doors in your home can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel, even when it comes to your closets! Take a look at the list of differetn types of closet doors we have put together.

Bathroom with tan tile, closet with sliding wood doors and white built in shelves and drawers inside, built in vanity counter with mirror all the way up to ceiling, gray chair with wooden legs

It is easy to think that the doors in your home do not matter. However, every single item in your house makes a difference to the look and has a purpose. Closet doors are included in that. 

If you are building a house, builders often throw an inexpensive door on a room without giving it much thought. However, if you are changing the doors or remodeling your home, you should spend some time considering what closet doors you would like in each room. 

Not every closet door serves the same purpose and should have a different door. For example, a pantry is different from a bedroom closet, and you may want the doors to look different. When you know more details about all the closet door options, you can make the best choice for each room. This guide outlines everything you need to know about each type of door. 

Types of Closet Doors For your Home

Accordion Closet Doors

Close up of accordian closet doors with gold hinges and knob

An accordion closet door has multiple panels that fold up like an accordion. When you pull the door panels and stretch them across, they close flat. The narrow panels of this door are on a track typically installed at the top of the opening for the door.

An accordion closet door is ideal for a small or tight space. It also gives your closet a unique look. These doors are lightweight and are typically very affordable. This type of door can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, plastic, or PVC, which looks like wood. 

There are a couple of downsides to this type of door. First, it is so lightweight that it may feel unstable. It also does not have a bottom track which may also cause it to feel unstable. However, accordion closet doors have improved over time, making them perfect for kitchen or laundry areas. 

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors closed, cream walls, builtin shelf with black vase and pink and white flowers

Bifold closet doors are one of the most popular types of closet doors you will find. They are also the most practical of all the closet door options. Unfortunately, some tend to get them confused with a bypass closet door because of the move on a track. 

The difference is that a bifold closet door has two panels with a hinge in the middle. As a result, bifold doors are able to open to one side and fold together. 

A bifold closet door has two panels that are connected with a hinge. The panels can work for a door opening that is four, five, or six feet wide. You can also find bifold doors that fit an odd size closet door. Finally, you can get four or six panels if you want to have an even more interesting look at your door. 

Bifold closet doors are lightweight and affordable. They can be flush mounted or with a casing. These doors can be difficult to maneuver at times because they tend to fall off the track. It is best to have this type of door professionally installed, so you know it is done right.

When this type of door is not installed properly, it can fall right off the track. You also will not get full use of your closet because the doors do not open all the way. 

Bookcase Closet Doors

Bookcase closet doors are a great idea for a house that is small and does not have a lot of space. This type of door is a bypass door, but it has shelves for you to place books. It helps to maximize your space by giving you room to store books. It also adds a touch of decor to the room. 

Bookcase closet doors are multifunctional and come in a variety of styles and colors. You can use just about any material you want. They are easy to install, depending on which type you select. You can have them built into your room which could be more expensive. 

Bypass Closet Doors

Custom bathroom with wood floors bypass sliding wood closet doors, white walls, area rug

Bypass closet doors are a familiar type of closet door. This may be the type of door that you think of when you think about closet doors. These doors are also referred to as sliding closet doors. Bypass doors are installed in a frame with a track allowing the doors to slide past each other.

A bypass closet door can have a minimalist look to it or have a design. It depends on your personal preference. These doors can be constructed of glass, aluminum, or wood. Wood is the most common.  

This type of closet door saves space because you do not have the worry about trying to open a door. You do not need much clearance room for the door swing. These doors are lightweight. They continue to be improved. Newer models are built to ensure they stay on their track. 

One thing to consider is that these doors slide over each other, meaning you can only get to one side of the closet at a time. Also, the tracks can rust, making it difficult to slide the doors. 

Double Closet Doors 

New home with double closet doors open shoing inside built in shelves and bubbies, fresh new carpet

Double closet doors are similar to a single swing door. This is the standard type of door you typically see on the inside and outside of a house. The difference is with these doors; there are two instead of one. These doors meet in the middle and swing open from the center. 

Each of the doors has different handles or knobs. The latch for this type of door is at the top, and the handle is used for pulling it open. You do not have to turn the knob. You can open only one door or both at the same time. 

Even though there are two of these doors, they are not expensive. You will need a good amount of room to swing the doors open. You can have a lock for the door if you would like. You can customize these doors with different hardware and trim. 

French Closet Doors

French closet doors have a European flair to them. They are hinged doors similar to more traditional type doors, but they are not as wide. Instead, they are lighter and more narrow. These doors are often made of fiberglass or wood frames with glass. The glass may be frosted, stained, or clear. 

French closet doors are perfect for a smaller type of closet opening. They can also be used for a larger or walk-in closet type of situation. If you choose these doors for the main suite, they can add a touch of style and class. 

French closet doors tend to be more expensive but do not require any type of special installation or hardware. 

Glass Closet Doors 

Close up of a closet with sliding glass doors, shelves and drawers with clothes shoes and purses placed in perfectly and organized

Glass closet doors can be almost any style or material door. They can be sliding or bypass doors. This type of door gives your room a touch of class and sophistication. The glass for this type of door can be frosted, tinted, or clear. The doors can be with or without a frame or trim. 

These doors are really nice to look at, but you must be sure to clean and maintain them. They get dirty fast. Also, these doors tend to be expensive, especially if you get impact-resistant glass. This helps to ensure the doors are durable and will not shatter. 

Louvered Closet Doors

Close up of louvered wood doors, 3 santa hats hanging from them

Louvered closet doors are a classic style that will add a unique touch to your bedroom closet doors. Louvered closet doors are similar to window shutters. They even have fine slats in between. They may be made from vinyl, PVC, glass, or wood. 

These doors typically have four panels that meet in the middle. The two panels fold on top of each other to either side. You can open one door at a time or have both of them open. The slats can cover the entire door or just half of it. 

These doors are ideal for a large room but can be difficult to clean. They are not the best option if you live in a high-humidity area. The gaps in the panels allow air to circulate through the closet, so it does not get musty. 

Mirror Closet Doors 

Large roo with a closet with mirrored doors spanning from one side of the room to the other, a desk on either side of the room, bed and gray chair shown in reflection

Mirror closet doors can be used on just about any type of closet door. When you decide to you a mirrored closet door, you are going for a certain type of look and style. Mirror closet doors allow the maximum amount of light into your house. 

Mirror closet doors are versatile and come in many different styles. You have a mirror in your closet, so you do not need additional furniture or find a place to put a mirror. It is accessible to you right on your closet door. 

Some mirror closet doors can make your room or house look dated because they are not always a modern look. In addition, they tend to be expensive and may break easily. 

Pivot Closet Doors 

Room with super tall ceiling, tan and gray tile floors, green marble pillars, pivot dooropening to outside showing trees and letting in sunlight

Pivot closet doors give your room a certain kind of vibe and flair. These types of doors give you the feeling of a hotel. They can be a statement piece and a high-end look. Hinges at the top and bottom hold on pivot doors. 

Pivot closet doors open completely so that you will have full access to everything in your closet. These doors are typically frameless. These doors are expensive. They are often made of wood and have costly hardware. 

Pivot closet doors are completely customizable. They can be flat with no inserts. Or you can install them with glass inserts. However, these doors do require professional installation.

Pocket Closet Doors

Pocket closet doors, frosted glas with black wood outline, open showing wood cabinets on the inside

A pocket closet door is a great option if you want full access to everything in your closet. With this option, you do not have to worry about the door swinging open. Instead, this type of door slides into a pocket in the wall when you open it. 

A pocket closet door is perfect for a house with little space. It also gives the house a bit of a victorian feel. These doors are customizable and can match the interior styling of your house. This type of door also gives your room a clean look. 

A pocket closet door is lightweight and saves a large amount of space. However, these doors do require professional installation. In addition, they can be difficult to repair and have complicated hardware. This also makes these doors expensive. 

Single Panel Closet Doors

Inside a bedroom with white walls and light wood floors, single panel door open to empty closet, sliding door to bathroom opn showing sink area

A single-panel closer door does swing open but requires only a small amount of space. They are easy to install and incredibly affordable. This is a practical style door. 

This door can be easily customized to match the style and look of your bedroom. In addition, this type of door is not expensive and easy to decorate. 

Single Swinging Closet Doors

Clsoe up of a single swinging door, cream with silver knob, wood door trim and baseboards

Single swinging closet doors are easy and fuss free. This type of door is easy to move but only swings open to 90 degrees. These are simple and elegant doors. You will need enough floor space to swing it open. This is a common type of door that is found in many closets.

Sliding Barn Closet Doors

Image showing an open silidng barn door, green with black hardware, fresh new carpet, looking into bathroom with tile floors

Sliding barn closet doors are becoming a widely popular closet door option. They are similar to a bypass sliding closet door. The main difference is they have a slide bar from side to side that is exposed instead of a bar on the bottom. The door also has wheels on the bottom for smooth sliding from side to side.

This type of door is ideal for a rustic or vintage look. You can also pair hooks with these doors for bags, blankets, and robes. Sliding barn doors come in wood, aluminum, or vinyl. You can find affordable options for these doors. However, while they are durable and strong, they can be difficult to repair.

Synthetic Material Closet Doors

Synthetic material closet doors are lightweight and durable. They come in a variety of designs and materials. Synthetic material is a catch-all term that refers to vinyl, acrylic, and PVC. You can find these doors as sliding doors, bypass, or bifold doors. 

These doors are durable, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. However, it is critical to note that they are vulnerable to staining and brittle in comparison to wood. 

Wood Closet Doors

Wood floor, tan colored wall. solid wood door closed, sconce lights on either side of the door

Wood closet doors have a farmhouse or country feel to them. If you want a rustic look, then these are the doors for you. You will mostly find these doors in a bifold or sliding barn door style. 

They do require regular maintenance because they show wear and tear easily. They are nice to look at and, depending on the type of wood, can be expensive. They are heavy, sturdy, and durable.