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16 Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

The front porch of your home is important when it comes to curb appeal. Check out some ideas we have put together to make even a small front porch visually appealing.

Front porch of a white home with baby blue door, flower wreath on door and wooden boxes and barrels of yellow white and pink flowers

The porch is one of the first areas of a home visitors notice. Having an inviting porch makes all the difference for guests and potential homebuyers who want to experience the very best your home has to offer. But, if you’re a new homeowner or new to home decor, you might not know the best porch ideas to create that outdoor space of your dreams.

Fortunately, we’re here to share with you the best small front porch ideas on a budget! You can use these porch ideas to improve the overall look of your home, create a space that is inviting for guests, or improve your curb appeal. Read on below to find the best front porch decor ideas for your home!

How to Make a Small Front Porch Look Nice?

The first thing to ask yourself when finding small front porch ideas on a budget is, “How do I make my front porch look nice without much effort?” Below are some tips to help you get started so you can prepare your porch for its makeover, make more room, and more!

1. Clean off Debris

Man in jean shorts and sandals using a long handled brush and water to clean porch

Before you begin your porch makeover, it’s important to clean off any debris that can make your porch area look unorganized or dirty. The more clutter you have, the smaller your space will look and the more cramped it will feel. In addition, research shows clutter can increase levels of anxiety and stress as well.

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean off your porch to prepare it for the summer or spring! Start off by adding cleaning off your porch or patio to your list of chores that need to be done weekly. Some of the best tools to use for your porch include:

  • Broom and dustpan. Find a broom with tougher bristles that can clean off harder floors like concrete or wood.
  • Power washers. Use a power washer to get rid of tough stains on your house deck or porch.
  • Regular garden hose. These can be useful in getting rid of smaller stains and touching up areas of your porch that need a small cleaning.
  • Wood stainer. If you have a porch made out of wood, consider investing in wood staining to make your porch space appear newer and more natural.
  • Paint. Even a few splashes of paint to touch up cracked or faded areas can make a huge difference for your porch. Regular paint or spray paint can be used to touch up areas such as your balcony railings, exterior walls, and even outdoor furniture. Consider help from a professional if you’re considering re-doing your entire porch with new paint.

2. Add Seating Area

Gray home with gray stone accents and white trim, wrap around porch with white pillars, whicker patio furniture with red and white cushions, green bushes and yellow flowers in flowers beds

One of the best small front porch ideas on a budget is to add a seating area! Seating is one of the most essential parts of a patio. When you invite guests over, your guests will want to have enough seating to share a conversation, a meal, or simply an area to lounge around while you barbecue.

Some of the best small porch ideas for seating include:

  • Using a weathered or second-hand small table
  • Using a mosaic table to add lots of color in a small area 
  • Using stackable chairs to help save space
  • Using a folding table that can be set up when guests come over
  • Using a patio set from a flea market to save on money
  • Add a porch swing if it’s only you and a partner enjoying your outdoor space

3. Use Weather-Safe Outdoor Furniture

Brick home, small patio with potted green trees and gray swinging chairs

No matter what type of furniture you use or the size of your porch, whether it’s a porch swing, chairs, benches, or anything else, it’s important to use outdoor furniture that is resistant to the weather. For instance, if your house is located in an area that gets lots of rain, it’s probably not a good idea to use furniture that has built-in cushions that cannot be removed.

For your small front porch decor, use furniture that includes:

  • Removable cushions
  • Wicker or another type of material resistant to water and heat
  • Plastic furniture, which can actually be quite attractive and save you big on costs

Fortunately, new furniture is now made with weather in mind, and many new furniture pieces come equipped with materials resistant to mold and mildew buildup. Mold and mildew on outdoor furniture can quickly spread to other areas of the home, so prevent this by using mold-resistant furniture!

4. Add Lighting

Staircase leading up to front port, lights in wall along stairs, wall sconce lights on walls between all doors and windows, hanging flower pots and green bushes and tres, nighttime with lights on

For a small space, adding lighting can greatly improve visibility, make your small front porch appear brighter, and also improve your overall ambience and atmosphere!

If you have a small front porch, some of the best lighting to use include:

  • A hanging lantern attached directly to the wall
  • String lights that can be placed over the porch cover or around your railing 
  • Solar deck lights
  • Solar lanterns 

Using solar-powered lighting is one of the best small front porch ideas on a budget, since you’ll not only save money on your lighting, but also on future electricity costs! Outdoor lights that are solar-powered don’t have to be connected to an outlet, which is great for front porches that don’t have an outlet with a weather box attached.

When adding lighting, you can also add your own personality to the design of the lights! There are many solar-powered lights and string lights that you can add to your front porch to truly make your personality shine. 

5. Use Native Plants

Small gray backyard shed that is designed to look like a tiny house, with white trim and a blue door, small wreath on door, small whicker chairs with blanket, flowers and rain boots on porch, white string lights hanging, tall green trees

Nothing is worse than spending money on beautiful flowering plants or flowers only to have then dry out or die on you soon! What gives? Sadly, many people buy flowers or plants for their porch decor without considering the environment those flowers need to survive.

Research native flowers and plants that are located in your region. For instance, if you live in Southern California, you’ll want to invest in plants that are resistant to drought, don’t need much water to survive, and that can be exposed to full sun year-round. You can visit the USDA website to find more information on how to landscape with native plants, and find plants that will survive on your porch year-round! 

Having colorful and native plants is one of the best small front porch ideas to add instant curb appeal and be a responsible homeowner!

6. Consider a Rug

Front porch with blue and white rug and brown with red and blue cushion outdoor furniture, forrest trees, sunny day

One of the best porch decor ideas is to add a rug to your porch! While you might already have a welcome mat, an outdoor rug is one of the best ways to improve your front door area. A larger rug can not only improve your small space in terms of looks, but it also makes it easy to combine different colors and create a space that is unified in look.

If you have a unique colored door, such as a red door, you can purchase a rug to combine with your door and create a lovely design! You can also combine the color of your rug and door with your outside furniture and cushions to create a uniform area and match your style.

When buying a rug, make sure to invest in one that is resistant to your outdoor weather. Outdoor rugs are usually made of materials such as wicker, plastic, or man-made materials like acrylic, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. If you’re not sure what type of rug you purchased or if it’s good for the outdoors, ask a sales associate for help!

7. Use Shade or Cover

Patio area with white metal table and chair set, large standing red patio umbrella, palm trees, solid wood fence, sunny day

If you have a small front porch that is exposed and offers no protection, it’s easy to add shade to improve the comfort of your guests.

Consider adding a cheap summer umbrella or patio umbrella big enough to cover your patio. You can also add an awning which will last you for a few years, and is a good investment to improve your overall house value as well as protect your porch from the effects of the hot sun

8. Add Texture to Floors

Earthtone colored square texture tiles

If your floors are a little drab or made of concrete, there are lots of ways to add texture to your floors (and make it look like you spent more money than you actually did!) Consider using tiles a small porch. While ceramic tiles are a bit more expensive, they look fabulous on a small porch and can cover it completely for less money than a larger porch.

For large porch decor ideas on a budget, consider using faux deck tiles. These tiles can also be used on a small porch floor, and can be placed directly over your existing porch flooring. Simply snap the tiles together to create a faux deck that gives the appearance of wood.

This is great for smaller porches in apartments or in urban areas where there is more concrete. You can get the serene feeling of wood without spending tons of money on redoing your entire porch. Want to feel the grass under your feet while standing on your front porch? You can also add a layer of faux grass or turf to your front porch. Why not? It’s your house, do what makes you feel comfortable!

9. Add Small Fire Pits

Tea light fire

Many people love the look of fire pits, but it can be almost impossible to add one to your front porch if it’s smaller. Fortunately, one of the best porch décor ideas is to use small, tabletop fire pits! These smaller fire pits are usually made of concrete and are safe to light on your porch.

While you can also use candles, many candles won’t be able to fight against the wind and bad weather. For porch decorating ideas that make your home serene and add functionality, we recommend using tabletop fire pits such as the ones pictured above, candles designed to withstand the weather and wind, or even small tea lights around your porch area!

10. Use a Wall Garden

Close up of a whicker patio couch with gray and white cushions, climbing plants and flowers on wall behind

Wall gardens are one of the hottest trends, and for good reason! Wall gardens can be placed, as the name suggests, on virtually any wall on your front porch. Some of the best places are adjacent to your front door, or on a wall located on either side of your porch.

Wall gardens are easy to maintain if using plants like succulents and drought-resistant plants. For help setting up a wall garden, visit your local nursery for advice. Take a board with hanging baskets to create space for your plants. Measure the area you will place your board to get the most accurate fit.

11. Add a Water Feature

Close up of a light green candle, small waterfall feature with rocks, cactus plant in white pot

Water fountains are one of the most relaxing home decor items. The sound of the water splashing can be serene, but it can be difficult to find a water feature that fits on your porch. Consider using tabletop water fountains that are battery powered!

Place them on your porch or on your tabletop to create a serene and instantly more attractive environment. Make sure to protect your porch floor from the splashing water. This is a great porch idea for people on a budget that want to add a meditative area to their house.

12. Add Decor for the Holidays

Front porch of a white house with a black front door, black wooden bench to the right of door with pumpkins on it, spiderweb with black bats, white and orange pumpkins lining the sodes of the steps leading up to door

One of the best ways to create a welcoming and beautiful front porch is to decorate for the holidays! Add a Christmas wreath to your door, and scour the internet for inspiration on decor!

For an extremely small porch, simply decorating your front door or changing your door color can make your porch ready for the holidays! Pumpkins, signage, and seasonal flowers might be all you need to turn your porch from boring to fun in a flash.

Enclosed Porch Ideas on a Budget

If you have a larger house, you might be lucky enough to have an enclosed porch! Below are some of the best enclosed porch ideas on a budget to create a serene and incredibly beautiful environment year-round.

13. Consider Completing a Sunroom

Sunroom with large windows all around, wood floor, white window framing, brown couch with teal blue and green pillows, 2 blue gray chairs with gray and white pillows, sunny day

If your porch is already enclosed using a railing, consider transforming this area into a sunroom! Having a sunroom can improve your home’s value, as well as protect your furniture and plants from the effects of harsh weather.

If you’re new to construction, make sure to add a sunroom with the help of a professional. Also, as your housing authority if you are allowed to add a sunroom to the outside of your home. 

Sunrooms can be used as extra rooms that are more insulated than the outside, and can be used as an extra entertaining space.

14. Use Indoor Plants

Close up of a purple container holding a couple of differetn types of indoor plants, sun reflecting off plants

Indoor plants are a great way to add greenery to add your enclosed porch. For enclosed porches, it can be more difficult to add plants that need full sunlight. Instead, invest in simple hanging plants like a pothos plant or snake plants! 

These types of plants don’t need too much sunlight, and they can tolerate low-light conditions. Make sure to invest in plants that can withstand extreme changes in temperature, since your enclosed porch might not have adequate insulation.

15. Add a Ceiling Fan

Oudoor patio with wood floor and accent wall, white railing, built in corner bench seat with blue cushions and pillows, white table and chairs tucked in to seating area, brown 3 blade ceiling fan

Adding a ceiling fan is a great way to stay cool during the summer and enjoy all your outdoor enclosed porch has to offer! You can visit your local hardware store for more information on how to wire your home to support a ceiling fan outdoors.

Better yet, consider the help of professionals to add a ceiling fan and lighting to your enclosed space outdoors! Fortunately, it’s relatively inexpensive to add a ceiling fan to your outdoor patio, and can make a huge difference in your home’s overall value later on!

16. Decorate for the Holidays

All white house with bright red front door, patio decorated for Christmas with a green wreath with red and white bulbs on door, long graland with red and white bulbs around frame of the front windows and door, small potted christmas trees with red and white bulbs, black lanterens with white candles, snow on ground, icicles hanging from eaves

It can be easy to forget to decorate your enclosed porch for the holidays. However, don’t forget to add a sprinkle of holiday cheer to your enclosed porch! Shop your local flea market for hand-me-down furniture and holiday decor such as pumpkins, wreaths, and other lovely items for the holidays!

Although you might think an enclosed porch room might not benefit from holiday cheer, you’ll be surprised at how much the look of your porch can improve with welcoming decor.

What is a Small Front Porch Called?

When you think of a small porch, chances are you’re thinking of a front entry porch. A front entry porch is characterized by a single door, the entryway to the door, and a small entrance such as stairs or a ramp. 

With a front entry porch, the front door will more than likely be the center of attention. If you have a front entry porch, consider adding a splash of color or redoing your front door to improve the overall look of your porch.

Is a Small Porch Worth It?

Although you might want a house with a bigger, wrap-around front porch, this might be outside of your budget range. Fortunately, using these tips above, you can easily create a space on your outside front porch that makes you feel good about your home, gives you an area to relax and unwind in, and also impresses the neighbors! There’s lots of ways to transform your porch to make it inviting for guests, add a flare of style, and improve your curb appeal.