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28 Cool House Design Creation Ideas

This piece covers various cool houses designs. Find out the elements that make a residence interesting that you can incorporate into your house!

Designed house with a great façade style.

They say that decorating is not a look but a point of view. Nonetheless, some designs deliver impressive styles that we can all acknowledge. So, what aspects make a cool house?

As a whole, cool houses can feature stylish décor interiorly, exteriorly, or in their surroundings. Some incorporate entirely modern looks while others merge contemporary and old-school décors for a unique finish.

Read on to see a list of modern houses incorporating these elements that give them the cool factor.

Cool Houses Exteriors

We understand well that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are some contemporary houses with interesting exterior designs.

1. Stairway to Heaven

Designed stairway leads to the main entryway
The beautifully designed stairway leads to the main entryway.

If you seek to design a heavenly home, it is only right to accompany it with a stylish stairway. This residence shows how you can create a luxurious entry to your house. The modern elements, such as the accent lighting on the sides and steps, merge well with the green foliage.

2. The Cool Patio

A patio with lighting effects cool vibe
A patio with lighting effects warms the cool vibe.

Patios enable you to create an inviting feel to your home while adding personality to your entrance. This home has several bulbs strategically hanging around the seats, giving just enough illumination without disturbing the ambiance. You can relax and share quality time with your loved ones or host an eventful dinner party for friends in this setting.

3. The Tidy Landscape

The façade of the home has a sleek and modern style
The façade of the home has a sleek and modern style that is pleasing to the eyes.

This home keeps things simple to address your needs if you are a minimalist. The neat lawn with sparse trees creates a lovely and relaxing space around the yard. Besides, the paved entryway to the garage extends around the building, adding to the unique appearance while helping with lawn maintenance.

4. A Homely Welcome

Inviting view of a house exterior fits in the garden area
An inviting view of a house exterior fits in the garden area.

When looking at this house, the first thought that comes to mind is, “East, West, home is best.” You can feel the invitation to the property from its small but tidy yard to the cool walkway. The grey and white finish on the house combine well with the solid brown of the front door for a balanced and modern look. Additionally, it has a covered patio that ensures you can safely enjoy your outdoors regardless of the weather. The house has large openings that give ample natural light while adding style via the indoor lighting systems when it is dark outside.

5. Style by the Water

A cool view of the house with a pool
A cool view of the house with a pool in the winter.

This stylish structure features a swimming pool to give a perfect combination of luxury and relaxation. The pool is integrated with underwater lighting to add to that modern appearance, besides keeping you safe during night-time swimming. Aside from this, the building presents an ultra-modern design. Its symmetrical construction gives a pleasing balance to look at and photograph. The concrete ceilings and floors blend with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows for a delicate yet stable structure.

6. Contemporary Residence with a Pool

The property elegant glass-enclosed pool
The property feels elegant, with its glass-enclosed pool.

Here, we have another pick among the cool houses with pools to leave you to marvel at its architecture and nature. Its architect creatively balanced nature and concrete to enhance privacy. In addition, the swimming pool is surrounded by lightly colored tiles that seem to extend the house, making the space appear bigger. The glass partition separating the pool from the building adds a uniqueness that makes the area look larger.

Cool Houses Inside

Now that you have seen some cool exteriors let us move on indoors. Browse the houses below to spot which interior design suits your dream home.

7. Light Up Your World

Lighting effect that looks lovely in the kitchen
A wonderful lighting effect that looks lovely in the kitchen.

One of the secrets to cool interior décor is installing high-quality and suitable lighting fixtures. This home has an open-plan kitchen with hanging lamps strategically placed over the counter. The design also includes recessed lights across the ceiling to illuminate the sections sufficiently and give them life. Its primarily white finish presents a simplistic contemporary appearance that seems bigger with brighter lights.

8. A Solar Lighting System

Stylish chandelier for fantastic area design
The use of a stylish chandelier for fantastic area design.

A cool interior incorporates stylish chandeliers, such as this extra-terrestrial option. It gives a unique appearance to your indoors while enabling kids to learn science by glancing at the ceiling. You can also customize its different shades to make the room brighter or warmer.

9. The Dark Knight Shines

A lounge area with a black color motif
A lounge area with a black color motif appears elegant.

Black goes with anything, and it especially looks luxurious when applied correctly in décor. This home features black armchairs with golden details to give it a high-end feel. It also includes pots with plants spaced out to establish different focal points.

10. In Living Color

Classy style living room interior design
A classy style living room with a cool interior design vibe.

Aside from dark shades, you can form a cool interior by playing with color. This space is primarily white, creating the illusion of a bigger area. The grey sofa, yellow cushions, and green foliage add life and class to this look.

11. A Professional Man Cave

A masculine-style den with grey interior
A masculine-style den with an interior painted in grey.

Who said that a man cave could only feature entertainment tools and a bar? This library incorporates a grey finish in a spacious setting to give you a masculine-toned den. We also love the brown reclining chair that will help you get through hours of study in comfort.

12. Old Is Gold

Interior design in a vintage style
Interior design in a vintage style for a nostalgic atmosphere.

Have you ever hosted people at your home and experienced that awkward moment of silence when you have nothing to confer? Well, this interior décor ascertains your guests will always have something to look at and discuss. The vintage look includes a red and white bicycle that certainly catches the eye to make it the perfect conversation starter and killer of awkward silence. Additionally, the hung decorations and high-legged furniture offer a perfect blend of retro without creating clutter.

13. Contemporary Bathroom

A cool and sleek bathroom style one-color design
A cool and sleek bathroom style with a one-tone color scheme.

A present-day bathroom is a must-have in a cool home, and this one offers a neat option to inspire yours. The clear structure and angles show that the designer transformed an attic into a unique washroom. In addition, the see-through bathroom helps add visual space and eliminates a congested feel. The tiles used in it feature a lighter shade that can match any bold color, in this case, with the jungle green accessories.

14. Getting Clean Boldly

A bold bathroom design in crimson color
A bold bathroom design for a more sophisticated setting.

Here is another bathroom we enjoy for its boldness. Despite having a few accessories, the red finish against the darker sides and floors delivers such a statement. This striking concept is a quality pick if you aim to express your personality within your home. It has a unique balance of contrast to give the bathroom a chic yet fun décor.

15. For the Minimalist

A magnificent minimalist-style bathroom
A magnificent minimalist-style bathroom with a cool vibe.

Different cool homes offer something for everyone, including this bathroom that suits the minimalist in us. The simplistic design presents order and tidiness that enhances the area’s contemporary and luxurious feel. Moreover, the white bathtub, sink, and towel stand out against the dark blue background for a homely yet sophisticated appearance.

16. The Futuristic Kitchen

Cool color palette for an ideal futuristic kitchen design
A good cool color palette that is an ideal futuristic kitchen design.

It can be easy for people to overlook the kitchen when looking into home designs. Nonetheless, this kitchen shows us why being attentive to the décor before you begin cooking is essential. This station incorporates an abstract décor with unique hues for a kitchen, with the red and chartreuse shades complimenting each other. Besides, the black electronics and white countertops enhance the dramatic effect while retaining class.

Cool Scenery

When we say scenery, we refer to the extended environment around a home. It describes the landscape features, such as woods, forests, or city scenes, that give the house a modern look. Explore the following list to view some interesting sceneries that magically blend with stylish homes.

17. Hidden in Nature

Camouflaged home in the background of nature
A home camouflaged in the background of nature looks fantastic.

This house pushes the envelope when it comes to becoming one with nature. With their colorful leaves and flowers, the trees add so much life to the building that you can almost breathe the fresh air. Its tower incorporates single-hung window styles that give the overall look symmetry. You can adopt a similar decor for your home if you love privacy and mystery since this look barely gives outsiders any details.

18. Living by the Trees

Home blends in with the surrounding trees and plants
A perfect home blends in seamlessly with the surrounding trees and plants.

The architects involved in designing this property intended to cause as little disturbance to the environment as possible, and it shows. You can use the neat staircases by the trees to get into the building, eliminating extravagant entryway landscapes. Moreover, the hilly environment maintains its look, including a few trees growing on the mound by the house. When your search for a new home includes environmental concerns, this home offers an excellent idea you can adopt for your needs.

19. Summer Get-Away

A crimson-colored cottage on the lake's shore
A crimson-colored cottage on the lake’s shore appears to be peaceful.

Most people daydream of spending summer in a luxurious resort by the ocean. However, you can find some simple forms of vacationing spots such as this house by a lake. A forest surrounds the wooden cabin to deliver a unique summer experience. You can also enjoy the stunning visuals of nature contrasted against the brightly painted wood on the house and its A-frame roof.

20. A Cozy A-frame Home

Cabin in the woods with a rustic-style exterior
A cozy-looking cabin in the woods with a rustic-style exterior.

Although the A-frame construction is an old-school look, it is becoming increasingly popular among modern homes. This site presents one of the cool houses in the woods where you can enjoy a sunny vacation. The property stands in the middle of a forest, featuring an A-frame roof with glass openings to enhance an interesting yet cozy appearance. The straight lines of the veranda’s guardrails also create a cool symmetry with the overall structure.

21. Aloft by the Ocean

House next to the ocean appears comfortable and lovely
An amazing cool house next to the ocean appears comfortable and lovely.

Imagine waking up each day to the sound of ocean waves swishing by or glancing outside during your daily tasks and seeing the magnificent ocean. This scene is a reality for few, owning stylish homes like this one by the blue waters. The lofty placement ensures you can comfortably enjoy the scenic ocean vistas from your favorite indoor spot.

22. The Glassy Condo

Condominium with glass exterior facade in the center of a water-feature ground
Condominium with a spectacular glass exterior facade in the center of a water-feature ground.

This condominium building features a cool exterior with glass sidings and balconies, giving it an ultra-contemporary look. The water feature beside it increases the condominiums’ coolness, enabling you to unwind via the calm water sounds. This cool home proves that you can live in luxury even when residing in a busy city.

Cool House Types

You can also determine cool homes by their architectural type. These include:

23. The Tiny Modular Home

A modular home with panoramic glass elements
A modular home with panoramic glass elements spectacular view.

A modular house refers to a prefabricated structure featuring modules for your utility or living space. Tiny houses are increasingly popular around the world as many people seek more affordable housing options. This prefab home is an example of a tiny house, incorporating panoramic glass sides for a contemporary residence. You can always customize it by adding another floor when you desire the size to be a bit larger.

24. The Colorful Apartment

An apartment with a vibrant paint outside design
An apartment with a vibrant paint outside design produces a wonderfully spectacular appearance.

Creativity means you no longer have to look at an apartment as a boring concrete building to share with others. For instance, this modern house features a color-blocking painting that presents an original design. The large windows also ensure sufficient natural illumination in the rooms.

25. Go Big or Go Home

Apartment-style house featuring wavy architecture
A visually appealing apartment-style house featuring wavy architecture design.

Designers get ultra-competitive to create some of the coolest apartments in the world. This building offers another apartment-style house with wavy walls that form an interesting visual. With such an idea, you can turn a typical residential construction site into a group of hotel-like and cool houses.

26. The Wooden Tree House

A play-around tree house design
A play-around tree house design that is great for a large yard.

Tree houses are fun for everyone, ranging from entertaining kids to providing a small escape room when you need a moment of peace. This cool house includes a mini-veranda for outdoor recreation. It also includes a spacious yard with a swing on a nearby tree for your young ones.

27. All-In-One Mansion

A full-fledged mansion design exterior ilocation
A full-fledged mansion design exterior is a pretty fantastic location to be.

This cool house offers all the primary elements that make a building interesting. Its hip roof, tiled floor, arched entrances, white stoned walls, and curved walls deliver a cool contemporary home. In addition, the nature around the property adds to its luxurious and private atmosphere.

28. Modern Family

Modern-style house exterior design
Modern-style house with a lovely exterior design

This luxurious home presents a cool station to raise a family, and its spacious yard and entryway offer playing areas for kids. Its architecture blends various designs such as a portico with pillars, a bow and hung window structure, and wide side doors. Aside from these, the darker sidings match the white-colored pillars and entry points to increase its luxurious appeal. The evening shot also allows us to see the quality lighting system.