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Blue House Exterior Ideas and Design

Explore several blue pops of color and shade tones for the exterior of your house. See designs that will inspire you to make your own today.

A gorgeous blue house exterior with lovely landscape

19 Blue House Exterior Ideas and Design

If you look around any given neighborhood, you probably do not notice a high number of houses with blue exteriors. I find it surprising there are not more blue exterior houses. 

It does not matter if it is an old home, a new one, or an urban or rural one; you can find blue homes. While they may not be common, you are sure to find houses in a wide range of blue colors. 

Even in neighborhoods with strict homeowners’ associations (HOA), blue is typically an allowable color. I like dark blue with white trim on the house, but you can find shades from robin’s egg blue to navy blue. 

If you are interested in changing the color of your house and are interested in ways to pep up the color of your house, continue reading. This article is the guide you need to determine which blue house exterior ideas are right for you. 

Dark Blue House Exterior 

1) Dark Blue Craftsman

This Craftsman home has dark blue siding and a roof. This dark blue house has white trim and a wood door. It also has a double garage with wood doors that match the wood front door. 

The white trim gives this house a clean look. It has a front porch that spans the front of the house. The bottom half of this is a grey stone house. The chimney is constructed with the same grey stone. 

2) Dark Blue Cottage Revamped

This dark blue waterfront cottage dates back to the 1930s. It has been updated with blue siding. It has a more modern look with white trim and updated columns. 

The front porch has been updated, giving it an open and airy look. In addition, the roof has been replaced with dark gray/blue shingles. 

The windows are encased in white with white shutters, which make them pop against the blue. To give it a festive vibe, there are lights strung across the opening of the porch. 

3) Dark Blueberry with Blonde Wood 

This modern farmhouse has dark blueberry vertical siding giving it a farmhouse feel. It has a front porch area that is surrounded by blonde wood. The natural wood adds a touch of warmth to the house. Check out some of the wood options from Home Depot.

It has a two-car garage with blonde wood doors. The windows are trimmed in white, giving them a subtle pop. The windows have a small awning with black metal overhangs. 

This house has great use of dark blue siding with small amounts of lighter color. If you want a farmhouse with a modern touch, try using a dark blue exterior color to see how it really changes the look.

Navy Blue House Exterior 

4) Classic New England Style with Navy and White Trim

This is a classic style house with classic exterior colors and design. You can make it look patriotic or not, depending on your taste. This house has all navy blue siding with a grey roof, white trim, and accents. The chimney is brick giving it a nice extra touch. 

The navy blue and white trim create clean and stark lines. This house draws your attention to it. The door is a dark wood that somewhat blends into the background. However, it does not stand out or take away from the look of the house.

5) Navy Blue Craftsman

This navy blue craftsman is going to attract attention. Not only does the white trim pop out from the blue siding. In addition, the front door has a roofed navy blue and white enclosure. 

The door has sidelights, and the entire frame is trimmed in white. The bottom fourth of the house is red brick. This brick becomes the stairway to get up and down to the front door. 

The brick extends down the stairs leading to the street. It is incorporated with landscaping. This house has a large amount of curb appeal. The landscaping leading up to the home allows the house to sit higher, which helps to draw your attention to it.

6) Cedar Shakes in Navy

This house was completely redone and updated. It has navy blue cedar shakes siding. The entire house is trimmed in white. It has a white door and large white trimmed windows. 

It does not have shutters, and the large windows take up a good portion of the space in the front of the house. There is a small section that is brown shaker wood on the front of the house. 

This navy house is easy to maintain with a fresh coat of paint when the navy blue fades. While the design of this house may be understated, the navy blue stands out.

Light Blue House Exterior House Colors

7) Light Blue in Spring

This large house is a light blue color. It is a baby blue or more pastel color. One might think that this is too much light blue for this house, but it works here. 

The light blue is offset by a reddish color roof which helps balance out the color. In addition, it has white trim to break up the blue. 

This house is on a bit of a hill and surrounded by green trees and a lush green lawn. The trees also help give the blue a nice balance of natural color.

8) Light Blue in London

This light blue house is located in London. This home is a tall building that works well with the powder blue color. This house has some unique architectural details at the roof line. 

The windows have white trim, but it is subtle and does not stand out from the blue. From a distance, you might not even notice that the border is white. 

This house is older but has aged well, most likely because of the light blue color. 

Blue and Gray House Exterior Paint Colors

9) Micro Home in Blue Gray

This micro home looks charming and adorable with its blue gray exterior. It is a small home and does not take up a lot of real estate. 

The color of this house is ideal for it is small. However, it is not too much and is subtle to show off the house just enough. Even though it is a micro-home, it is built in the traditional style, and it is a two-story house. 

10) Historic Homes in Blue Gray

This house was built in 1880 and has been restored. Now, it has blue gray siding with white trim. However, even with its restoration, this house still has a classic look.

It features an old-fashioned wooden flooring porch. A chair on the porch area at the front entrance is an appealing blue color. The covered porch also features four large white columns.

Blue House With White Trim 

11) Blue and White Trim in Massachusetts 

This New England house has a traditional look that you come to expect from the area. It is a medium-tone blue that is not too dark or too light. It is almost the perfect shade of blue. 

It has a significant amount of white trim to create a nice balance in addition to the white doors, windows, and other trim. The porch is white with white steps leading to it and a white trellis right underneath the porch. 

The roof is a light grey to create a complete look without being overstated. 

12) Naval Blue with White Trim

This house is stunning. The siding is painted naval blue. There are two types of siding on this house to give it a unique look. One kind of sliding looks like a more traditional type of siding, while the other is wood shingles. 

The naval blue looks great on both types of siding. Unfortunately, all of the trim around the house is white. That includes the window and door frames, the soffits, and the drain pipes. It is a stark white color that will probably need touch up to stay stunning. 

The roof of this house is a light gray which works well and balances the bright, clean white trim and dark blue siding.

Blue Brick House Color

13) Painted Navy Brick House

This house is a unique combination of blue and brick. The brick on this house has been painted blue, which works really well. You may not think it would be a good look, but you can see that it is. This modern house is a creative twist on classic brick

In addition to the blue brick, the roof is split between asphalt shingles and wood shaker shingles. The front door is mostly glass giving it a more modern look. 

Blue House With Red Brick 

14) Red Brick with Blue Shingles

It may seem unusual to match red brick with blue painted shingles, but for this house, it works. This is a great modern version of this house. The classic red brick keeps it stylish, while the blue makes it modern.

The white trim helps keep the house from looking too dark. This is a great way to give the house some brightness. 

No matter how old the house is, it can always benefit from a new paint job. Try out colors like blue to see how it really changes the look. Check out the color palette shades of blue here for inspiration.

Blue House With Shutters 

15) Blue House with Red Shutters

This house is the ultimate red, white, and blue house. This house is a darker blue color but not quite navy. It has blue wood siding with red shutters and white trim. This house also has red metal over the porch. The door is reddish in color wood. 

The red and blue colors set themselves off well. Some of the white trim has some red details on it. 

16) Blue House and Blue Shutters

You may be thinking that a blue house with blue shutters is overkill and way too much blue. For some houses, it may be, but it works for this house. The house is a lighter blue, and the shutters are darker. 

It even has a blue-gray roof. However, it all works together. All of the blue colors are balanced with the white trim. The door is red, and the step risers use bricks.

17) A Moody Modern Look

This house is described as having a moody modern look. It is a twist on the classic white house with black shutters. Instead, it is a blue house with black shutters.

This house still looks like a classic. The trim around the windows and door is also black. It makes you step back and take a second look. 

Blue House With Yellow Door

18) Yellow Door on this Blue House

This house blends a yellow door with a blue exterior. This house is in Texas, and fits in perfectly. It is an excellent blend of medium yellow and medium blue.

Neither of these colors is super dark or super light. Instead, they stay in the middle range of the color, which makes them blend perfectly together. It also has white trim to help with the color scheme. 

19) Cottage with Yellow Door

When you think of a house with a yellow door, you might immediately think of a beach cottage. That is what I see. If so, this is an ideal house for you. 

This cute blue cottage boasts of southern charm and lazy beach days. It has a bright yellow door that catches your attention. While it is small, it has nice touches to it.

The trim is all white. It has a front porch with white columns. The floor of the porch is a dark gray blue color tile. 

When you look at this yellow door, you cannot help but smile. It is as inviting as any cottage should be.