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21 Brick House Yellow Front Door Ideas

Learn more about the several hues of yellow front door choices for a brick house. Explore how to incorporate it with your house's front exterior.

Brick house with vibrantly yellow front door.

Yellow is such a bright and cheerful color. Even though there are many shades of this sunny color, it provides an upbeat, bubbly color that is commonly used on many front doors. It is one of the best colors for red brick homes because the red and yellow hues work beautifully together but look equally beautiful on other brick colors too.

This is especially true if you want your home to stand out in a neighborhood full of gray, brown, and blue doors. In addition, if the landscaping is manicured and well done, the brick, door, and colorful foliage create an impressive and eye-catching curb appeal.

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Historic Home With Bright Door Delights

Older Building Stands Out With Cheerful Personality

Entranceway with black railings and a stone step.
A sophisticated entranceway with black railings and a stone step.

Any paint color would make this red brick home stand out but this shade is a front door color that is both welcoming and cheerful. It adds a touch of modern style to an older building that features dark black pillars, a black iron railing, and a black porch. The white trim offers a lighter touch and transitions the color scheme beautifully.

Stone Colored Brick House Features a Light Front Door

Colorful Garden Complements Color Combination

A stone-brick home with a pale yellow front door appears more vibrant.
With the flowery setting, a stone-brick home with a pale yellow front door appears more vibrant.

This newer home has a few distinct features that are unique, but it is the light shade selected for the door that takes the look to the next design level. Take a look at the window placement on the front of the brown and gray brick house. They take on a life of their own and visually provide ample light reflections. Plus the garden that features a rainbow of colors adds one more level of beauty.

Bright Yellow Stands Out In Side-by-Side Apartments

Identical Doors Use Different Paint Colors

Yellow door with white trim in an arched style frame.
Yellow door with white trim in an arched style frame stands out.

This is a perfect example of how the color choice for a front door can make identical red brick house entrances look totally different. These side-by-side apartments would be difficult to tell apart if the paint color was the same. Here the black front door offers a safe bet, while the bold yellow shade grabs your immediate attention. It also offers a younger, more contemporary style. The same would be true for orange, pale green, pink, orange, or light blue.

Red Brick and White Trim Perfect Contrast

Bold White Molding Creates Classic Combination

A front door with vibrant colors
A magnificent front door with vibrant colors.

When you think about it, just about any color entrance would be perfect for a red brick house. But here, with the bold white molding design that separates the red brick from the yellow door creates a contrast that is spectacular. The rich gray stone stairway and entrance also make this home stand out in any neighborhood.

Yellow Door Popular Choice for Black Brick House

Unusual Black Brick House Is Canvas For Sunny Yellow Door

A brick house with dark exterior colors and a bright front entrance and window.
A brick house in a tranquil area with dark exterior colors and a bright front entrance and window.

The black brick house seems to create a canvas for this bright and sunny yellow front door. There’s something unique about the lovely simplicity of this building. From the ageless basic black brick, white shuttered windows, bold red front step, and flower-filled boxes above, together it looks like a real-life painting to enjoy while walking by.

Teal Green Brick Is Unexpected Colors For Brick Houses

Don’t Be Afraid Of Different Tones For Front Door Color

A striking brick and door color combination.
A striking brick and door color combination.

Front door colors can make a difference especially if the house features an out-of-the-ordinary brick color like teal green. You might not think this would be such a popular choice, but the bottom line is that teamed with this golden yellow, it is the perfect pair. All it needs now is some colorful plant life to warm things up and make the entryway more welcoming.

Yellow Roses By Front Door Enhance Red Brick

Fun Entryway Creates Charming Space

Everything blends together beautifully in this charming front entrance. The front door colors, the red brick exterior, and the white trim surrounding the door are fun, light, and rich with character. It’s the sunny yellow door and the cheerful yellow roses that make this entryway even more welcoming. The welcome mat and the floral wreath offer shades of orange and dark blue making this door pop.

White Storm Door Great Choice

Pairing Two Paint Colors For Two Doors Is Great Option

You might not think you would want to cover a yellow door with a white storm door, but here just a block of the shade blends beautifully with the surrounding red brick house and gracious white trim. This is a great choice because together they create bright colors that are inviting. The natural brown-red colored wreath offers some of the same shades found in the brick creating a seasonal accent that blends well.

Black Shutters Frame Front Door Colors For Brick

Golden Yellow Paint Color Is Classic

Here the use of black shutters leads your eye right to the golden yellow paint color for the front door. The rich red brick is like a frame that creates a focal point for the home. The lovely floral wreath offers tones that blend with the rest of the design. A black mailbox and welcome mat enrich the front door colors even more. This is a true example of how every detail in designing a front door color and overall look matters.

White Washed Brick and Red Brick Combine

The Yellow Paint Color Offers a Happy Welcome

The white, black, and yellow colors of this visually appealing home are perfect examples of how a door color can create a welcoming entrance. If the color was dark blue, orange, grey, or maroon, the mood would be totally different. When you pair different paint colors together, a focal point like this stunner adds style and dimension. In addition, the classic porch light duo adds the finishing touches.

Two Shades Of Yellow With Victorian Flair

Door Colors Add Drama And Dimensional Look To Brick Homes

This brick house, maybe an apartment building, shows how two doors with different shades of the same color blend together. The door on the left is bright like sunshine. The door on the right is light and more subtle. Both colors for brick houses feature white Victorian-style arches creating a fabulous entryway. Lush plants and porch lights enhance the look even more.

Cottage-Like Style Elevates This Red Brick House

Lush Landscaping Creates Mysterious Aura for Front Door

An entrance door with an arch design frame
An entrance door with an arch design frame has a mystical appearance.

Walking up this stone walk surrounded by a beautiful garden full of charm almost makes you wonder what’s on the other side of that magical yellow front door. The white arched area that frames the entryway creates a mysterious aura that is welcoming for sure. The red brick, white frame, and gray path enveloped with lush landscaping are light and airy for creating a cottage-like style.

Multiple Colors Balance Brick House and Black Accents

Brick Home Elevated With Use Of Multiple Front Door Colors

The traditional brick home has two doors, a window, and blue shutters.
The traditional brick home has two doors, a window, and blue shutters.

This is definitely a modern take on a classic brick house yellow door combination. The double doors color brings the whole look into focus. It’s the perfect way to make the black shutters and black front door that is to the left of the main entrance part of the design. The colorful flower-filled window boxes visually balance it all together while adding a homey and welcoming scene.

Trendy Townhouse Door Color Showcases Stained Glass

Brick House Features Light Brown Stone Features and Youthful Touches

A door and windows elements made of glass.
A door that is yellow and has windows and elements made of glass.

Brick houses that include out-of-the-ordinary features like stained glass windows create a stunning, head-turning facade. Its artistic and almost methodical design incorporates red brick, aged light brown stone features, and a cheerful modern door color to attract the eye. This “everything old is new again” showcases how a trendy townhouse incorporates vintage details with contemporary, youthful touches.

Gray Brick House Looks Flattering With Elegant Entrance

Cream Paint Color Effectively Frames Brick Homes Entrance

A red brick surface to a wooden white-trimmed yellow door
A red brick surface to a wooden white-trimmed yellow door with wreath decor.

A light shade of gray paint on this brick house is a unique look that creates an ideal foundation for the cream architectural design that frames the door. The red brick walkway and front entrance add character and look flattering. This is an unusual color combination for brick houses but here the contrast creates an elegant, romantic personality for the home.

Light Yellow Front Door Adds Subtle Shades to Brick House

Picture Window, Lawn, And Lantern Improve Curb Appeal

Entrance is styled on the side with a brick exterior in a light hue.
A front entrance is styled on the side with a brick exterior in a light hue.

While a darker door color like dark blue, brown, or gray front door would have added more dimension to the brick house, this shade of yellow is a more suited color for a subtle look.

Since the entrance is to the side of the house and is situated in an unusual spot, this door looks right at home. This is a great option for a house like this that features brick and siding together. The green lawn adds one more level of color.

Stunning Stained Glass Reflects Double Front Door

Multiple Colors Work Together For Wonderful Entryway

Front door in striking yellow with a landscape surrounds the area.
A gorgeous front door in striking yellow with a landscape surrounds the area.

It’s the stained glass that is the star of this entryway. The red brick house wouldn’t be as beautiful without the yellow front door featuring the eye-catching design that makes this look so extraordinary.

If the colors were changed, for example, the yellow door was dark blue or brown or even pink, the entire mood would be totally different. Here the cheerful shade is perfect for reflecting the stained glass so beautifully.

Golden Toned Front Door Dashing With White Washed Brick

White Washed Brick And Front Door Colors Makes A Bright Entryway

Whitewashed brick front entryway stylish door style.
Whitewashed brick front entryway with a stylish door style.

One might wonder if this is the right color for the entrance of this white-washed brick house. At first glance, it looks like it may have been an afterthought, but when you look up close and personal, the golden tones of this front door are what make this entrance extra special.

Take a look at the windows in the white wood that frames the door. They feature an X-shaped design just like the front door. It’s these small touches that create a dashing, yet subtle front entrance that warmly welcomes guests.

Oversized Yellow Door Brightens Mustard Brick Exterior

Red Brick Creates Contrast That is Stunning

Entry door with a two-toned brick wall design.
A wide entry door with a two-toned brick wall design.

It’s not every day you see a dark mustard brick exterior like this grand older building. The red brick framing the gorgeous oversized door and brick sidewalk is a match made in designer heaven. It’s simple, sophisticated, and stunning at the same time. This look provides a touch of warmth and springtime at any time of the year.

Front Door Refreshes Aged Brown Brick

Beautiful colors for brick houses can make all the difference in an otherwise dull building. Here, a tasteful shade of deep yellow refreshes this boring brown building and adds not only a pop of color but breathes new life into it. The dark brown color framing the door provides a nice transition from the building to the entrance and creates a nice focal point.

A wooden door with glass and yellow background.
A wooden door with glass and yellow background.

What Does a Yellow Front Door Mean?

Color is associated with different moods and emotions and believe it or not, what color you select for your front door will say a lot about your personality. A yellow front door is associated with warmth, happiness, and confidence. Not everyone or every home can pull off a yellow entrance, but those who do are usually welcoming, kind, and compassionate, with a great sense of humor.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. In FengShui, yellow, an earth element, represents stability and grounding. This fabulous color is a good choice for a door color for keeping a family happy, stable, and together.

Are Yellow Front Doors Popular?

Although yellow front doors may not be the most common color, it is growing as a popular choice among newer homeowners. There are many shades of yellow to suit anyone’s taste. Some design experts explain that yellow is like a ray of sunshine that enters the home every time the door is open.

It is also an inviting, bright shade that offers a fabulous contrast to a brick house. This is a perfect color if you want your home to stand out and a great choice for a twist on a classic look. Either go for a subtle light soft hue, a rich mellow mustard shade or go for a fun, bold color and select a bright sunny yellow color that sizzles with curb appeal.

Why Are Yellow Doors Popular?

There are so many shades of this color, there is one for every taste. From homeowners to designers, from buyers to those passing by are all embracing this friendly, vibrant color. Any shade of yellow is a front door winner and basically matches any brick exterior. Yellow is one of the most popular front door colors because it is uplifting, inviting, and friendly. Any shade from very light to deep mustard shades makes people feel good. In addition, it adds pizzazz and refreshes an older home, and provides an instant focal point to a newer one.