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29 Gorgeous Gray House Design Ideas (2022 Guide)

Thinking about gray for your home exterior? We have put together this color guide with ideas and pictures of gray house exterior ideas that will inspire and surprise you.

Gray houses have been a popular choice in modern and contemporary design styles. This color has been around for a long time and will continue. Gray exteriors are a great way to update an old house providing a beautiful house from all angles. 

Gray is a neutral color that works well with just about any combination of colors. You can spice it up with bold colors or keep it subdued with more subtle colors. Many people find gray to be a surprising color for houses. It is often seen as a drab color by itself but pairs so well that it is ideal for houses. 

While you may think gray is a boring and dull color, that could not be further from the truth. There are numerous shades of gray that blend with just about any accent, landscaping, design, or style. 

If you are looking for ways to add gray to your home to spice up your old house or for new construction, this is the article for you. We have put together this color guide with ideas and pictures of gray house exterior ideas that will inspire and surprise you. 

Gray House Exterior Ideas 

There are many gray houses that can provide you with inspiration for your next exterior remodel. In the examples below, we show how gray can be paired with any style or design. Consider adding a gray exterior with colors to compliment its texture and decor.

Gray Houses With White Trim

White and Gray Craftsman

Tri level home with gray siding and earth toned color stone, white trim and garage door, purple front doo, dead grass, winter day with snow falling

A Craftsman home typically has columns, exposed rafters, and covered porches. This type of house is a perfect combination of grey siding, white trim, and stone. 

If you paint the siding a darker color than the stone, it helps give the house a clean look and shows off the white trim and all the other details. The white exterior helps to brighten up the house and show off the exterior siding.

When you want a bright house but do not want to paint it completely white. When you do this, you lose all of the details. This gray color is a great way to provide an effective but subtle contrast. 

Gray Stone with White Trim

Solid blue sky, blue gray home with gray stone and white trim, green grass, American Flag flying from front post

The gray stone on this house is combined with white trim, which helps provide balance. The white garage, trim around the door, and gables pop against the gray stone. This is ideal for those that want to keep their houses gray.

The double garage doors make the grey of the shingles and stone stand out when you look at the house. While this is a small house, it stands out mainly because of the bright white trim. This is an ideal way to highlight the gray paint on your own home. 

Gray Houses With Dark Trim

Two-Toned Brick and Gray House

Cloudy blue sky, blue/gray house with red brick and a red door, stepping concrete slabs leading to front steps, large tree to the side of the house

This is a Ranch style house that has two stories. It uses gray to contrast with the red brick. This look works well with the sparse but particular landscaping in the front yard. 

The red brick and gray on this house complement each other well. However, the siding on this house goes in two different directions. It does not sound like it works well together; it works on this house. 

The trim on this house is the same grey as the siding. It gives the house a warm and inviting look. Darker colors are a fun way to give your own home a new look. 

Gray Houses With Black Windows

Modern Gray with Stone and Brick

Gorgeou custom home made of a gray stone with black house and window trim and a black front door, lots of front facing windows, green grass and small green shrubs in planters along front, blue sky

This is a large custom house that is a combination of gray brick and gray stone. This house has gray shingles and shingle siding with black trim and black windows. 

This house has two black garages with a gray roof. This house has a completely modern look. If you are interested in traditional style home, this is not the best look for you. 

Farmhouse with Black Roof and Windows

Blue sky, green grass and trees and bushes, white two story home with black window trim and gray stone accents

This is a new and modern white Farmhouse that has a black shingled roof with black window accents. The side of the house has rock siding in a light color. This Farmhouse has a front porch that is covered. 

In addition to the black windows, there are additional black accents such as lights and a black door. The gray stone and black windows stand out against the light siding. 

Gray Houses With Black Doors

Modern House with Black Door

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds, green grass, trees and bushes, pink potted flowers on front porch of a two story with a gray stone exterior

This is a modern multi-level large home. It has grey brick and a gray stone exterior. It has a shingled roof with gray wooden double garages. 

This house has a paved driveway with a green lawn and garden. This house is mainly grey with some slight shades between them. The door is black, and it is the only real accent on the house. 

Gray Houses With Black Shutters

Cape Cod with Black Shutters

Blue sky, sunny day, small gray house with a black roof, a red door, black trim and window shutters, red brick chimney, green grass and small green shrubs

This is a Cape Cod house that is entirely gray. It has light gray siding with a dark gray shingle roof. This is a simple looking house that has a pop of color with a red door. 

This Cape Cod house has three dormers that are typical of a Cape Cod. This house also has simple landscaping in front to complete the look. 

A Frame House with Black Shutters

Simple gray house with white trim and black window shutters, green grass and tall green trees, cloudy sky

This is a simple house with only one floor. It is a simple house with all gray siding. The white garage and trim help to maintain the subtle look of the house. The door is also white, allowing it to sink into the background.

The black shutters help the house stand out. They add a pop of color to the simple house. The pop of color is a nice touch when you have painted gray siding. It also has simple landscaping to add to the simplistic look. 

Gray Split Level with Black Shutters

Split level home with grayish brown stone on front, white trim and black window shutters, large green front lawn and lots of tall green trees all around home

This is a split level home with gray brick, gray siding, and a gray roof. This split level house has a small enclosed porch. It has a large roof that is light gray. 

It has pops of color with a black door and black shutters. It has white trim that blends in with the gray. This split level house has a simple look with a nice landscape. 

Gray Houses With Blue Shutters

Small House with Blue Shutters

Blue sky, green grass, small gray house with brown trim and teal window shutters

While it may seem like a gray house with blue shutters is not a good look, this house proves that wrong. This house is a small aluminum sided house. 

This house combines a brown roof, gray siding, and blue shutters. These colors are working well together on this small house. 

Gray Houses with Color

Blue Gray House With Yellow Door

Close up of a gray home with a gravel walkway, green grass, wooden barrels with plants, lots of windows and a tellow front door

This is considered a sunny yellow house. It is a mid-century cottage house that has a yellow door at the entrance.  

This gray house has a nice pick me up with a yellow door. Sometimes it may seem hard to brighten up a home, but a yellow door can answer that call. 

In addition to adding a yellow door, you can add yellow flowers and green shrubbery to the outside. Colorful houses really stand out and have great curb appeal.

Bright Red Door On A Gray House

Small gray colonial style home with a grand front entrance with white pillars, white window trim and a red front door, green grass, blue sky

A light gray color is easy to match with a color that stands out. This New England style house has a red door that stands out. At first glance, you see the red against the gray. 

This house has a covered entryway leading up to the door. The red door is glass and has white and glass accents that help it stand out. This particular house has unique siding that also gives the house a unique look.

Pastel Pink

If you are looking for a lighter touch for the exterior of your home, consider a light pink door. It is a stark contrast to the dark gray. Pink and gray have always worked well together, no matter the shade. This house is a great example of using light colors to create a different look. 

With this house, the gray exterior is dark, but pink also works well against light gray. You can modify the pink to a coral or peach to give it a lighter look without being as pink. A beige pink is also a great choice. 

Another thought is to use a bright pink color for a bold look. This house does not have shutters, but you could add pink shutters to match the pink door for a bolder look. 

Blue, Gray, and Stone

Blue and gray with white stone accents Contemporary style home with lots of front windows trimmed in black, blue sky and nicelt landscaped yard with green grass and bushes and lots of tall trees around

This house shows a unique combination of a medium color blue with light gray. The blue siding is a different shade of blue, and it stands out against the light gray stone. 

The roof of this house is a darker gray to tie the colors together. This house gives you a modern but rustic vibe. The double garages are white to help them stand out against the blue and stone. The gray stone columns between the garages also give this house a unique charm. 

This house features white stucco or similar material between the top of the siding and the bottom of the roof to add to the modern appeal of the house. In addition, the roof has a large overhang making this a house that will get attention from passersby. 

Red Door with Blue Grey

Blue sky with whote fluffy clouds, gray two story home with a dark red door, white trim and black roof and window shutters, green grass and shrubs and tall green trees

This house highlights a blue-gray shade of gray. It shows off how this color is ideal for a house exterior. This gives the house a more traditional look. It does not look plain or industrial. 

The shutters and shingles on this house are a darker gray which is complemented by the white trim and the white porch on the front of the house. In addition, this house has french windows to add to its more traditional look. 

You cannot overlook the pop of color given to you with the red door. While it gives a touch of color, it is not overwhelming. The darker red is more traditional and blends well with the dark and light gray. 

Blending a red door with both dark and light gray is an excellent look for your house. However, if you want something a little traditional with a pop of color, consider this style. 

Teal Door with Light Gray

Blue sky with large white fluffy clouds, green grass and bushes outside a greenish gray with white trim two story home, teal front door

While a teal door may not sound appealing to you, it is a great combination with gray. You may not be able to visualize it without the image, but a teal door pulls in light towards the house to brighten up the gray.

Some may think of gray as a drab and boring color, but this teal door makes it anything but ho hum. This house is a beautiful blend of these colors. It is a modern cottage house that has a ton of curb appeal. 

This house has a dark gray roof to contrast against the lighter gray siding. This house also has hardy board siding to complete the modern cottage look. 

The white trim, white window frames, and white columns are a great contrast to the gray. All of these accents pull your attention to the teal door, which gives the house a pop of color. 

Gray with Stone

Light Gray Stone

Blue Sky with white fluffy clouds, green front lawn, gray stucco two story home with light gray stone and a black front door

This modern house is made with light gray stone. It also has gray shingles. As a result, the facade of this house is incredibly light. The trim around the windows and house is a beige gray color which is also subtle and subdued. 

This color scheme is ideal for someone that does not want anyone part of their house to stand out. The entryway is enclosed with a stone jutting out. 

The door on this house is black, adding to the subtle look of the house. It has a patterned driveway and concrete walkway leading to double garage doors and the front door. 

Gray with Brick

Gray Brick and Open Porch

Craftsman style home done in gray bricka nd white trim, large front porch and black window shutters, light wood front door, large front yard with green grass and shrubs, blue sky

Gray brick gives you a definite craftsman look to this house. This house has an open porch inviting visitors to come over to sit and talk. The porch has brick columns giving it a complete brick look. This house is complete brick. It is not broken up with siding or another material.

The brown roof is a slight contrast to the gray brick. It has a unique touch with the wood door. This beautiful house is warm and inviting. It invites guests to come and stay awhile. This is a true craftsman style house and may not be for you if you want something more modern. 

Upscale Gray

Bright blue sky, gorgeous gray brick home with white trim, green lawn and bushes, American flag flying from front pillar

If you are interested in and looking for a more upscale house that has class and style, this is the house for you. This is a gray brick home with a ton of windows. As a result, there is a large amount of natural light coming into this house. 

This gray house is anything but boring. Instead, it stands out with its multiple gables and entryway. This is a light gray brick with light gray shingles and white trim. The door is a darker color, perhaps black or blue. 

In addition to the house having classic style, it has potted flowers of all colors and varieties on the concrete walkway to the house and gorgeous landscaping. This stylish house also offers a fireplace and other classic touches on the inside. 

Painted Brick

If you want to elevate the existing curb appeal of your house and give it a touch of charm, consider painting the brick. This house is a light gray brick contrasted with a dark gray roof and trim. 

In addition, this house has a cranberry red door and copper portico. Finally, there are a ton of charming little touches throughout the exterior of this house. 

This painted brick house is an older model that has undergone a facelift as well as an upgrade. Keeping the darker accents maintains the cottage charm. In addition, this house has a ton of curb appeal. 

People will not be able to stop staring at your house. They may not even know what draws their attention. However, the combination of the different parts of this house blends well and ties together nicely.  

Small Gray Brick House

This simple house also remains basic with a gray and white color palette. It does not stand out or have a lot of pop, but it is a cute and charming house. It has a touch of farmhouse styling with the garage door. 

This house is one level and makes the most of its space. The stone is a light gray speckled with some white and pairs well with the white garage and white trim. It has a small white porch off of the front door. 

The roof of this house is a medium gray to add a touch of darkness to the house. 

Modern Gray Houses

Modern Prairie 

This house is an upscale version of the traditional Prairie style design that you may be used to seeing. This house has a flat gray roof with large overhangs. The overhangs on this house are dark gray metal.

This house combines gray stone with gray brick to give it a modern look. It has white stucco on the top half of the house. There is a lot of glass on the front of the house, completing the modern look. The front door is mostly glass. 

The front porch has a black railing that blends into the house, making it hard to detect so as not to take away from the look of the house. However, this house does an excellent job of blending various shades of gray with many different materials, and it looks beautiful. 

There is even a touch of wood above the windows and the doors that you might overlook. This wood adds to the style of the house without taking away from the modern feel. It also has gray stone columns to help break up the front of the house. 

Modern and Dark Gray

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds, small modern gray home with natural wood front door out in the country

This modern style house is simple in design. It uses two, maybe three, colors to complete the look. It has dark gray siding with a slanted roof. 

This house is minimal in design and color. It is understated for those that want that in their house. It has some white trim around the rectangular windows. 

There is not much about this house that stands out other than its severe design and color choice. It has a simple light wood door in a white entryway. The white entryway stands out as a stark contrast to the dark gray. 

It also has a simple and small patio leading up to the house. It looks to be constructed from some type of block, perhaps a cinder block based on the block accent at the end of the tiny walkway. 

Modern Small Gray Tone House

This small house has a tiny yard that provides you the ability to maintain a modern design. If you are interested in a house that is not only unique but also modern, this may be the style for you. This house features a combination of flat roofs with a slanted roof at the top and back. 

This house has unique paneling and stone. It has a different walkway to the front door. There are a series of steps that you must walk up to get to the front door. It has an open balcony or porch on the same level as the door. This open balcony has pillars at the end of it. 

The primary color for this house is gray with gray stone on the bottom and then gray siding on the middle section and top of the house. There is a pop of color with a reddish-brown siding on one side of the house. 

The color palette is complemented by all the glass on the house. The glass and the windows cover a lot of the area of this house. The garage door has glass on it, as well.

All of the glass on this house is able to reflect light and makes the house appear more open and welcoming.

Light Gray Houses

Small and Modern Light Gray

Light blue sky, green lawn and trees, very modern mostly glass home with gray trim and a concrete walk, white and wood table and chair set inside with a built in wall of bookshelves

This house is a small and modern bungalow style home. If you are interested in modern style design, then this is the house for you. However, if you are not interested in modern designs, this house may not appeal to you.

This house is mainly a light gray color with some dark gray accents. As expected with modern houses, there are a large number of windows on this house. These windows go from floor to ceiling.

This window model allows a large amount of light into the house. There is no shortage of natural light. The door is also glass, which has a side panel that is brick red. This side panel adds a bit of color that does not take away from the aesthetic of the house. 

The landscaping of this house is also minimal to match the modern styling. It has grass that is manicured, but there is no other landscaping or flowers. The walkway to the house is also incredibly modern and is also light gray.

Dark Gray Houses 

A Frame Dark Gray

This small A frame house has a country vibe to it. This house is on the simple side with only two colors. In traditional A frame style, it has a high peak roof with a deep incline on either side. 

This house has white accents with white trim and white windows. It has a small porch over the front door. This house is new construction, and there is not a large amount of landscaping. 

This A frame design is a great house when you want something small and do not have a large amount of land or space for the house.

Gray Houses with Blue Doors 

Cobalt Door on Gray House

Solid blue sky, gray home with white window trim and dark blue double front doors, lots of nicely landscaped shrubs and bushes and green lawn

A cobalt blue door may not appeal to you, but it is a great match up for a gray house. This particular house is a cottage house with siding. This house contains many shades of gray. 

It has a dark gray roof with beige gray trim around the windows and around the entire house. The siding is an even lighter color to tie the color palette together. The cobalt door is a nice touch to this house.

When you hear cobalt, you may think it is a bold color that really stands out, but it does not. Instead, it is subdued and is a nice contrast to the gray shading on the rest of the house.

Gray Houses with Other Materials

Rustic Gray Wood

L shaped country home done in gray siding and white window trim, lots of colorful flowers and green bushes, American Flag flying above garages

This house is a classic house with a rustic look. It has gray wood with partial gray stone at the bottom of the facade. It is a L shaped house giving it a slightly different look. The trim around the house is gray to match the gray wood. 

This house has two garage doors which are also gray. In addition, it has gray columns on either side of the covered entryway. This house contains numerous shades of gray to ensure that it holds on to the rustic vibe and energy. 

This house gives you a truly rustic look when combining the grey wood with partially stone columns and double garage doors. All of these items on the house are also grey. The color contrast between the different shades of grey, combined with the wood, gives this house rustic energy. 

The driveway is also a gray color which increases the overall effect of the gray color scheme on the house

Gray House with Copper Highlights

Cloudy sky, winter trees, green grass, gray stone building with large chimney and copper trim and gutters

This image is of a small house that is a gray stone with copper accent pieces. From a distance, you may not notice all the hints of copper throughout the exterior of this house. However, they are there and make a drastic difference. 

Mixing gray with copper accents is a beautiful look. When you add copper gutters, light fixtures, and in some cases, a copper roof to a house, it gives it touches of class. Copper is a warm metal that pairs well with gray. 

It does not lessen the appeal of gray but adds to it. Copper is not used often on the exterior of homes, so it makes your house stand out. In addition, it gives it a large amount of curb appeal. 

Copper is incredibly durable and lightweight. It ages well, even when exposed to elements. Over time, copper develops a patina, which is a film that covers the surface of the metal. This process of developing a patina allows the copper portions of the house to age naturally. 

Gray House with Metal Roof

Solid blue sky, two story home that combines red brick, gray stone and yellow siding, black window trim and a grayish brown roof, three garages, green lawn,

This beautiful house combines so many aspects of gray with other elements. There is a lot going on with this house, but it does it so well that you do not notice.

It has a gray shingle roof over the bulk of the house. This house also has a gray metal turret roof. The two roofs give this house a fantastic look. 

This large house has yellow siding to give it a stark contrast from the dark roofs. The yellow helps calm down the darkness of the rest of the house. It has two different colors of brick on the facade. 

One brick is a light grey with white mixed in. The other brick has a red tint to it. This house also has a gazebo attached to it that has a metal roof. The gazebo has pillars that match the color of the siding. 

It has three garages that have a cottage or farmhouse look to them. These garages are a light gray color that blends well with the light gray brick that is above and around the garage doors.  

This house also has a fair amount of windows to allow natural light to come into the house. In addition, they have black trim around them, which matches the metal fence and railing around the gazebo. 

What Colors Are Best For Me To Pair With Gray Exterior?

Gray is a more neutral color and, therefore, can be paired with just about any other color. However, it does come down to personal preference in most cases. 

Although, because gray blends so well with many colors, you could consider stepping outside your comfort zone and trying a new color. 

You could consider red, green, blue, or yellow as colors to pair with gray. When thinking about yellow, a light but sunny yellow is ideal for a traditional house. However, if you want something a little bolder, you could go with a brighter yellow. 

What Works Best With A Gray Roof?

When you have a gray roof, you may be interested to know what matches it best. This information may be especially helpful if you are looking to do a remodel of the exterior of your home. Cool colors match a gray roof well, which includes colors like blue, gray, off-white, and gray-green. Colors such as yellow, orange, and red also blend well with a gray roof. You want to focus on more fresh and vibrant colors instead of more muted colors.