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11 Cute Houses

Architectural features and statement decor can make the difference between a typical house and the house of your dreams. Check out some unique, beautiful you are sure to love.

Small cream colored stucco with baby blue trim, natural colored wood front door, green grass and bushes, pinkk and blue flowers

Architectural features and statement decor can make the difference between a typical house and the house of your dreams. Color palettes and decor bring out the best in a home, but the architecture is the base. Unexpected features, attention to detail, and craftsmanship make an attractive house. Adhering to a specific style throughout the home also gives it allure. There are many contemporary art deco houses that are adorable. Alternatively, traditional craftsman’s homes and bungalow styles are cute too.

What makes a house cute? The choice of building materials and maintaining a specific architectural style can make a home so cute you want to hug it. The exterior materials and landscaping have a massive effect on the curb appeal of a house. Your choice of design elements adds to this appeal. For example, you can add a backyard cinema with a projector, screen, and plush seating to transform your backyard. A bookcase staircase feature is well-loved by literature savants.

People want a cozy home that welcomes them as opposed to being sterile and austere. There’s a reason why houses are not typically built like an office or hospital. A home that’s extremely formal may not give you that cuddly feeling. This curation of captivating homes is sure to delight you… read on to find out more.

Types of Cute Houses

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful space worthy of a magazine cover. It all begins with the architecture. A cute, well-crafted house is something that everyone wants to go home to. Cute modern houses are often associated with tiny homes, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here you’ll discover sizable homes that are not considered tiny, but are just as enchanting.

Cute small houses make excellent use of available space, so you’re able to fit the necessary furniture without feeling cramped. A cute house doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice square footage and learn to live in 400 square feet of space. Big cute houses allow you to have a cute home without drastically downsizing your space to a house the size of a studio. Surprisingly, warm lighting helps you achieve the cute house look. Harsh lighting can have the opposite effect.

Cabin structures have plenty of potential to be a cute house. They’re often small and designed to feel cozy. Cabins are cute because they remind us of things that warm our hearts; family time, romance, and fireplaces. Many people choose to visit or own a cabin for family vacations because they help you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

You will soon see that unconventional houses with surprising design or build materials have a cute, unique appeal of their own. A-frame houses are another type of cute house. The A-frame house is often depicted in stories and whimsical tales.

Shipping container homes can be very cute regardless of size. The walls of a shipping container or modular home makes the house feel very snug. If you want to open up the space as much as possible, you can remove one or more walls to attach another container. Lofts are also very cute homes because of how the space is utilized. Some lofts almost demand small, cute sized furniture due to their size.

Cute Cabins

A-frame Tiny Cabin

This beautiful A-frame cabin pays homage to the mid-20th century. A-frame homes consume less energy overall when compared to a standard-sized single-family home. A small wooden staircase leads up to a cozy front porch. This two-storied quaint cabin has all the amenities of a larger cabin. Even though this cabin is small, it still offers two sleeping areas on opposite sides of the home. The woody exterior matches the surrounding forested area with a pop of blue color that stands out amongst the trees. The A-frame roof houses the sleeping area, which can be accessed via a ladder.

Each bedroom has its own large window, making the cabin flush with natural light. The upper loft exposes the A-frame roof, perfectly triangulated above the beds. An industrial-style ceiling mounted light illuminates the cabin from the center of a single beam running along the roof. The rustic, industrial light fixtures match throughout the cabin. A freestanding woodfire stove offers you an old-fashioned cooking method while keeping you warm.

The first floor offers window seating with drawer storage underneath. You won’t go hungry with a cute kitchenette with hanging pots and pans to provide additional space. Keep everything clean with a stainless steel sink and brushed metal faucet.

Spiral Staircase Cabin

This cute home maintains an A-frame style roof but has quite a few unique features. The home is on stilts and the ground floor level houses a full-sized picnic table. The spiral staircase prominently rises in the front of the cabin leading to a second floor deck. The exterior has a touch of dark finished wood with a modern black roof. The reflective windows help to maintain the temperature on the exterior. The front of the home features a space heating lamp to keep you warm during wintry nights.

Tree Stump House

This is one of the most unique houses you will ever lay your eyes on. This cabin has the look of a classy treehouse. It’s a one-level home hoisted by tree logs and perfectly centered on top of a wide tree trunk. The immensely large tree trunk has a whimsical rounded top Tuscan wooden front door leading inside the tree itself. A beautifully constructed split-level staircase featuring two types of wood leads from the ground to one of two decks. The temperature is maintained by a single AC unit fitted into the wall and tinted glass balcony doors. The cabin features transom windows to increase natural light. The deck is lit by black wall sconces. The exterior wooden posts are unfinished and give this cute cabin a rustic look.

Cabin with a Pool

This gorgeous home feels like a luxurious escape into the Amazonian jungle. Rich, lush green plants drape the property. The backyard features a pool with lantern light fixtures around the border. The pool floor features square mosaic tiles. A two-story rock wall gives the backyard seclusion and privacy.

The barn wood deck offers a dining area and two chaise lounges overlooking the pool. Two sets of sliding French doors with glass and wood welcome you onto the first floor with plenty of seating areas, floor space, and storage. The first floor feels very open because the French doors are almost entirely glass. The second floor has bamboo-style wooden shades that can be rolled up to the roof. The roof has a rich, dark wood finish with exposed wooden beams.

Cute Container Homes

Container Home with Loft

Where do we begin? The interior of this container home will make you squeal with joy. The kitchen features a farmhouse sink, black brick lacquer backsplash, and a cute breakfast nook. The spacious living room offers a full view of the living space with dark wooden floors throughout. One of the walls in the living room is split into six large glass panes with one pane as a door. This house is unique in that the baseboards are actually thick ropes lining the outer border of the living room floor.

The backyard is complete with an unfinished deck and a hot tub built into the deck. The spacious backyard offers two wooden, abstract seating areas framing palm trees. The third seating area features picnic-style seating under a canopy. The split-level staircase leads up to the bedroom loft with natural skylights. The house is air conditioned with two split-mounted units. A rounded circular vessel sink, elegant floating toilet, and rain shower head make a luxurious bathroom.

Modern Container House with Garage Door Feature

This cute little house features a black exterior with matching patio furniture. The exterior of this container home features a large garage-style glass door leading inside from the patio. A swinging daybed on the deck invites you to cuddle and enjoy the private woodlands. The bright kitchen houses bar pull cabinetry, a spring pull-down faucet, and a retro refrigerator. A large kitchen window over the drop-in sink brings the timber indoors. Open kitchen shelving lets you add a flair of decor next to your dishes. A white barn-style door with black hardware opens into a cozy living space. The modern-style furnace in the living area adds a touch of coziness. The bedroom of this container home features a window that encompasses the entire wall.

Large Cute Homes

Mushroom-like Earth Home

This one-of-a-kind home has a host of uncommon features. While there may be only a few windows, each one has a unique shape. A rare find, the roof of the home is covered in natural grass and fauna, blending it into the sumptuous green environment. This large, cute house looks as though it were shaped on a gigantic pottery wheel. The staircase gives character, winding around the exterior of this four-storied home. It leads from a door on the second floor to two different doors facing the outdoors. Piping around the circumference of the split-level roof adds a particular flair you don’t find in many homes.

Striking modern home

Blue night sky, modern black and shiye house, bright lights all throughout inside, green grass and shrubs

Opulent lighting lines the roof of the home, bringing attention to the contrast of the white and black exterior finish. A prominent aspect of the home are the sizable casement windows. The glass sliding door on the second level opens to a medium-sized deck with black balusters. Black dusk to dawn sconces placed on the exterior pillars add classy luminescence. The garage door has rectangular plain lite windows to break up the solid dark-colored door. This square-styled modern home is charming with a healthy dose of luxuriousness. A brown wooden shaker style front door under the portico softens and warms the exterior.

Adorable Solar Home

Rectangular home with solar panneled roof, dark wood with white and black trim exterior, large windows, large pool and green trees in yard

Rectangular transom windows above glass-paned walls give this home clean lines and a contemporary look. The entire cantilevered roof is fitted with solar panels, making this home eco-friendly. Views from the backyard veranda dining area allow you to see the vast architectural pool, trex-style deck, and poolside chaise lounge. Soffit lighting on the roof and veranda gently brightens the backyard deck. The striking chrome chimney is visible from the pool area.

Villa Style Home

Modern villa with large windows and glass doors opening up to a large backyard with pool, plam trees, green grass

This cute home features a lavish infinity pool. The pool area allows you to see almost the entire interior of the home, from the bedroom to the dining and living areas. A moat around this architectural style pool exposes the gorgeous blue tiles around the pool. Soffit lighting encased in wood panels shines above pillars of dark finished wood. The roof extends to a massive portico reminiscent of an island villa.

The second portico extends from the roof of the bedroom, making it feel more like a guest house than a bedroom entryway. The art deco flat roof of the bedroom entryway perfectly contrasts with the gabled roof of the main home area. The lounging deck in the backyard is minimalist and elegant. It has wood paneled floors with built-in lighting that’s flush with the deck.

Traditional Home with Clean Lines

White with black trim and stne accents house with black, steep picthed roof, green grass, white flowers

This cute traditional home with a double gabled roof looks like it came from a children’s book. The home is picturesque and looks like it belongs nestled in the countryside. The lower gabled roof has a black industrial style roof, while the upper roof has traditional shingles. A well-manicured lawn, pristine driveway, and trimmed bushes make this house look like the picture of perfection. A variety of three different types of siding keeps the exterior from looking monotonous.

The exterior features horizontal wood boarding, white boards and batten, and gray brick veneer. The brick veneer breaks up the black and white palette quite nicely, complimenting the black roof. The home features double hung windows on the second floor. A black framed glass front door allows you to see through the home and to the glass back door. Crafted with precision, this home looks like the picture of perfection.