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42 Living Rooms With Exposed Ceiling Beams

Welcome and thank you for stopping by to view our gallery of gorgeous Living Rooms featuring exposed ceiling beams!

ceiling beams

Welcome and thank you for stopping by to view our gallery of gorgeous living rooms featuring exposed ceiling beams! The main function of exposed ceiling beams is that they take the traditional practice of concealing the architecture and do just the opposite.  Instead of hiding the construction elements of the home, they reveal the “bones” of a home and show them off in a unique, classy fashion.

Whether you are having a home built, remodeling, or just making a few additions and changes, exposed wood beams on the ceiling is a sure way to create a custom, unique look in your home. Older buildings frequently have actual solid beams, while new homes have a tendency of creating the facade by cleverly piecing together the beams.

What is great about this design idea, is if it is done right, it can be done in almost any room in your home… just being careful not to over use this look.  Choosing one main room in the home to show off this look is ideal.

This gallery showcases such a large variety of different ways the exposed beam look can be done in your home.  Here you will see it done simply by just adding a few across the ceiling to break up the plain white look of the ceiling and some done elaborately, making a huge statement.  No matter what your style is, adding this step to your list of interior design plans will completely transform a room. Keep in mind, living rooms and kitchens are the two most popular locations within a home for an exposed beam addition.

These rooms are sure to inspire you with ideas and ways to create the room with exposed beams that is perfect for you and your home.

shutterstock_48327730This living space come right off the kitchen, stepping down a few stairs.  Light, thin plank hardwood floors with a rectangle shaped accent rug in the center of the room directly in front of a stone fireplace.  The wood framed french doors on either side of the fireplace balance out the room nicely.

shutterstock_62935264This room has a cozy cabin feel to it with the over sized furniture, stone fireplace and dark brown drapes over the windows.  All doors, windows and walkways are trimmed and framed with wood.

shutterstock_62935276 (1)Light colored wall with lots of wood trim all throughout the room.  Dark brown sectional with ottoman.  This vaulted ceiling showcases a long wooden beam traveling down the center with some thicker ones place evenly in the opposite direction.


What a gorgeous space!  This room with it’s open floor plan is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door.  Light hard wood flooring throughout the entire area, dark, wooden framed french doors, and a custom stone fireplace traveling clear up to this very high ceiling.  Recessed lighting and dark brown exposed beams in ceiling.

shutterstock_62935297Light brown hard wood flooring and light colored accent rug under a light gray sectional.  This whole room is trimmed with thick dark brown wood around the ceiling then wood beams evenly spaced across with recessed lighting in each section.  Tile framed fireplace with custom cabinets on either side.

shutterstock_74842216This living space shows large square tile flooring, a small accent rug in front of a sectional and red brick wood burning fireplace.  Plain white walls and all wood ceiling with beams.

shutterstock_84447127This spectacular room is wall to wall custom cabinets and selves!  Hard wood flooring matching the color of the cabinetry with a large, leafy patterned area rug in the center of the room.  Small round coffee table and cozy fabric chair in front of a gorgeous fireplace.  Large dark brown exposed wooden beams, crisscrossing creating large squares on the ceiling.

shutterstock_84447163This space is stunning!  Light wood flooring with an even lighter colored, large area rug.  These dark brown leather couches and custom entertainment center really pop off the light colors in the room.   Custom light stone fireplace from floor to the vaulted ceiling.

shutterstock_93239026This attic space features a vaulted ceiling with natural wood beams traveling in all directions and a large square coffee table down below to match.  Gray leather couch with accent pillows for a splash of color.

shutterstock_106412831This small living room is carpeted, has light colored walls and a large brick fireplace.  An all wood ceiling in a lighter shade, then large dark brown wooden beams placed in the opposite direction.  Brown leather couch across from two patterned fabric chairs with a small round coffee table in between.

shutterstock_116020273Warm and cozy!  Patterned carpet, white couches lined with accent pillows.  This gorgeous custom fireplace extends out across the whole wall with a rich brown cabinet on each side.  Straight lined dark wooden beams going across ceiling finishing of this beautiful room.

shutterstock_128800576Stone walls, rustic wooden coffee table with two chairs on each side providing seating for four people.  Custom built wooden frame around the T.V.  Two cutouts in the ceiling with a glass bubble chandelier hanging from each one. Thin wood piece traveling around the ceiling in a half circle with track lighting.

shutterstock_130345595Plush light colored carpet, a large brick and stone combination fireplace showing a framed mirror leaning on mantel.  Recessed lighting lining the fireplace wall, light wooden beams evenly spaced on ceiling across the entire room.

shutterstock_149976518This beautiful living space features tile flooring, light walls and stunning ornate furniture.  Light colored fireplace wit a large opening, huge arched window with wood trim design.   The exposed ceiling beams done this way give off a rustic yet classy look and feel.

shutterstock_149976626This is truly extraordinary!  This open floor plan showcases a tri-level ceiling with wood paneling and small exposed wooden beams in a square shape in the center with recessed lighting all throughout the ceiling.  Gorgeous custom wood framed fireplace next to a shiny black grand piano.

shutterstock_149980946Room with a view!  Large living room off the kitchen with dark walls and wood detailing all throughout the room.  A gorgeous ornate coffee table surrounded by furniture of all styles and color and a little corner bar to make the room truly unique. A few exposed beams on the ceiling… just enough to make a statement.

shutterstock_155757929 This rustic living space has multi colored tile flooring and large logs cut in half used for the exposed beam look on the ceiling.  Simple white walls all around.

shutterstock_161121425Light natural wood flooring, day bed style white frame sectional and small rug under a little coffee table.  White washed wood and exposed beams on the ceiling.

shutterstock_173268401If your style is modern and also like the look of the exposed wood beams this is the way to go.  Marble flooring, white couch and accent chair and a small, low sitting black coffee table.  Plain white fireplace with a long rectangle electric insert.  Large sliding glass door leading out to a patio space.

shutterstock_173908550This classy living room features natural hard wood flooring, two cream colored couches facing each other creating a great conversation spot.  Gorgeous gold drapes on all the windows.  Dark, medium sized wooden beams across ceiling.

shutterstock_176851631Here the living room and dining room are side by side.  With this they chose to do the exposed beams in both rooms… Notice the beams are place in opposite direction from one room to the next.

shutterstock_185147021Natural wood all around on the floor, ceiling and framing in the windows and fireplace.  A combination of white and dark furniture.

shutterstock_203139739This loft space showcases Berber carpet, old fashioned seating, side tables and lamps.  One wall lined with windows showing off a gorgeous view!  Light colored hard wood paneling covering the entire ceiling in one direction and large white wooden beams place in the opposite direction.

shutterstock_207748183A simple elegance with plain white walls spruced up with amazing windows, antique lighting fixtures and smooth, dark beams across the ceiling.

shutterstock_212359789Carpeted living space with a gorgeous red brick fireplace, complimenting the light colored exposed ceiling beams… adds a little more to an otherwise very simple room

shutterstock_212360089 (1)This rustic, cabin like home showcases a room with natural wood all around.  A large beam down the center, peak of the ceiling with thinner beams in opposite directions on either side.

shutterstock_218168722These wide, beautifully finished beams are carefully placed and spaced to create a large rectangular space in the center of the ceiling allowing an ideal spot for a chandelier.

shutterstock_218175253Here the plain white ceiling look is broken up by adding some short simple exposed beams to the center of this tapered ceiling.

shutterstock_222582502The exposed ceiling beams idea is don very simply here with just a couple of  very large ones placed  in the center of the room.

shutterstock_231060970This spectacular space showcases tile floors, amazing arched glass doors lining the whole back of the room providing a stunning view and ceiling partially done with the exposed beams.

shutterstock_234090592This beautifully done room has a rustic elegance.  Wood flooring, custom stone fireplace, dark wood exposed beams to off set the light colored ceilings with a fabulous chandelier in the center.

shutterstock_238708993Such amazing creativity and craftsmanship displayed in this ceiling!

shutterstock_240007549Open floor plan with a gorgeous view all around the room!  The flooring is a multi colored hard wood and these vaulted ceilings are done with painted white wood with several small exposed beam all across.

shutterstock_244794085This little attic space is adorable!  Dark hardwood flooring, light colored walls and an all natural wood vaulted ceiling.  The modern furniture adds to the variety of style.

shutterstock_258304253This small simply decorated living space has natural wood flooring, light walls and a distressed wooden ceiling with small exposed beams over the top.

shutterstock_259304933Natural wood walls continuing all the way up and across the ceiling with thin beams.  Modern white leather couch with a soft fluffy accent rug in the center of the floor.

shutterstock_264509243This stunning room with a view showcases a gorgeous assortment of furniture, rock famed fireplace with the T.V. mounted right above.  The exposed beams here were done i just a small section of the room to add simple detail.

shutterstock_267976580This has a cozy, cabin-like feel.  There were quite a few beams used here with them being placed just a few feet apart  across the whole ceiling.

shutterstock_272115497Huge supporting beam from floor to ceiling in the center of the room.  They continued this idea with the exposed beams all across the ceiling along with some large lighting pieces to really make a statement.

shutterstock_284243594This small seating area has tile flooring with a tan and cream accent rug and lovely antique furniture.  The ceiling is bright white with medium dark, lightly distressed exposed wooden beams over top.