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30 Stunning Indoor Fireplace Designs (Ideas)

Fireplace design pictures and ideas for your indoor fireplace. From small gas fireplace designs to corner fireplace decor we have pictures of it all!

Fireplace Designs for your home

Want to see picture of fireplace ideas?  With modern advances in technology, fireplace designs are no longer a requirement in the home.  Rather, a decorative feature in a home that the owners have chosen to heat in a certain way. The joy of the beautiful fireplace designs are that the provides a central point for families to gather around and communicate, a space that brings warmth and light into the home, and a great way to add a central design feature to your living room.

Custom fireplace designs are more present in traditional homes, where they were a necessity for ventilation and heat, which is why they are a rare find in newly built homes. In some older home, existing fireplaces are no longer functional, but after chimneys have been closed, the fireplaces remain as a stunning visual feature in the living room.

Fireplace Ideas

There are a ton of fireplace ideas that will give your home a unique look and feel.  There are many materials that can be used to create a wonderful fireplace design. Traditional materials such as brick and stone will bring a rough and classic style, almost rustic, into any living room. The selection of colors and styles is almost endless, with varying size bricks making fireplaces of varying heights and widths. You’ll find that many older fireplaces will be made from natural materials like stone, for their sturdiness, simplicity, and timeless style.

Wood is another great fireplace idea, but only as a decorative surrounding feature – a fire retardant material is key for function and safety! Marble and granite surrounds are another option, which can bring a real sense of glamour and luxury into your living room. The reflective surface will diffuse the light and create a shining and sparkling backdrop for your fire that grabs your attention and brings more light into your home.

Modern fireplace ideas can also come equipped with stylish and safe casing. Often fronted with clear glass, the casing will prevent any burning smells or smoke from entering your living room, but won’t limit the warmth and light you want the fire to bring to your living room. More traditional fires can use the classic equivalent of a metal fireguard.

Low fireplace designs which begin from the floor or just a little higher, are great space saving solutions. The space above is often used for hanging decorative items such as clocks, artwork, or photographs.

A stunning fireplace design can be a fantastic feature in homes of any size and age, with more immense design choice available than ever before. Take a look at these awe-inspiring examples of how to make a fireplace work in your home:

Fireplace Designs (Pictures)

Fire place ideas for you living roomA full length stone surround adds an outdoorsy and rustic style to this room.

modern fireplace design ideas

This stunning dark fire surround is striking against the deep and luxurious brown color palette.

modern stone fireplaces pictures

This cream fireplace emulates the typical and traditional fireplace, and proves why it’s been popular for decades.

corner fireplace mantel designs

A plain white fire surround stands out and looks pure and simple against a busy and elaborate living room.


Here, the stunning cream fireplace becomes the centerpiece of the entire living room.


A cosy fire surrounded by warm colors will comfort and relax you.


A wide fireplace will elongate your living space and suit a narrow shaped room.

Modern stone fireplaces pictures


This room proves that a stunning fireplace design doesn’t have to be the main point of attention, but a subtle and cosy addition.


Be inspired by this unique and elaborate fireplace that’s detail deserves to be appreciated.


This black cased fireplace matches the black wooden table to form a key part of the room’s color palette.

shutterstock_76105960This unusual and bespoke mix of fireplace designs has an unusual curved top to bring style and modern elegance to the home.

shutterstock_84447226 This classic and elegant fire surround frames the fireplace so it becomes one of the room’s main focal points. Placed directly under the television means that the attention is always focused in the direction of the fireplace.


The positioning of the chairs facing away from this minimal and stylish fire changes the dynamic of the room. Fireplace designs like this becomes an accessory instead of a key feature.


In an open plan home, a great fireplace idea can add charm and warmth to the kitchen, living, and dining areas at the same time.

shutterstock_123343030Many fireplace ideas start with granite or marble and will bring a subtle splash of luxury into a cosy and comforting living room.


A very light room filled with light and neutral tones can benefit from a rustic and dramatic fireplace. The light colored stone surround balances it out perfectly.


This minimal glass fireplace has a very mellow style. Its low positioning show off more hearth fireplace ideas photos.


This open plan living space houses two fireplaces, including one built into a pillar wall. This distributes warmth around a large room.

shutterstock_203200153This tall and elongated fireplace ties both the main living room together with the balconies and high windows, maximizing the size of the room and helping it reach its full potential.


This luxurious terracotta colored fireplace is stunning and forms one of the room’s most redeeming features, but it keeps a simple style so it doesn’t take anything away from the large window facing a stunning garden.


This is another stunning example of how an old and traditional fireplace can add charm to a modern and airy living room.

shutterstock_209404675From another angle, we can see how the rustic fireplace contrasts with the home’s soft furnishings and complements the metal furniture outside on the sun terrace.


This wooden panelled living room mimics the warmth brought into the room from the large brick fireplace.

shutterstock_232694200 This minimal and neat fireplace is a truly contemporary way to bring a working fireplace into a modern home.


Surrounding your fireplace with shelving and decorative items can make your living room feel busier and more personal.

shutterstock_243272509Adding informal seating is a fireplace idea that can easily be moved.  It gives you the option to have your fireplace as an accessory, or as a focal point of the room.

shutterstock_249146077 The unusual choice to put the fireplace and television side by side gives these homeowners the option between two main feature points.

modern fireplace ideas for black and white homesThe bold fiery tones of this fire stand out against the simple, elegant fire place against a very pale and cool living room for maximum impact.

shutterstock_271333973This very traditional and subtly glamorous living room uses a classic iron fireguard to add a sense of the traditional and contrasting color to this home.