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26 Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Take a look at designs for electric fireplaces with TVs mounted over them for inspiration in your own home. Find out the different types of electric fireplaces, where you can put them, and how to mount your flatscreen above it!

Living room with white walls and ceiling, white built in cabinets and fireplace mantel and white and gray tile, picture frames and decor peices on the built in shelves, tv above fireplace, hard wood flooring, area rug with gold and white coffee table with furniture all around, windows letting in natural light

Fireplaces will always be a focal point of any room and as such it can be hard to work around them when deciding where to place your television. A newer and popular trend to solve this issue is to mount your TV above the fireplace.

This really works out for rooms that are set up in an awkward manner – something I have trouble with in my own living room, because you can work around the fireplace and your TV above it without struggling to place your furniture toward an entertainment center or television stand.

Whether you want a wall mounted tv or one that sits on the fireplace mantle doesn’t matter. This article is full of design ideas that you can alter to meet your visual and placement requirements for any area in your home.


Modern living room with wood along ceiling, black and tan marble wall wit built in fireplace and tv mounted above, low profile furniture, large circular area rug

Modern and contemporary styles are a great fit for the modern electric fireplace and flat screen TV. If you’re unfamiliar with it, this concept tends to be clean, crisp, and minimalistic, prioritizing colors like gray, white, black, or even marble as you can see in the picture above.

Modern living space with hard wood floors and a large gray area rug, a tan sectional and silver round 2 level coffee table, gray wall with built in shelves with books and decor, long rectabgular electric fireplace going below a built in tv

As you can see here, these contemporary electric fireplaces with TVs mounted above them tend to be either set into a wall or have a false wall built around it.

False walls are popular for people who prefer their wiring to be out of the way. Something you’ll see in these contemporary designs is that it’s also a great opportunity to add shelves or cabinets if you prefer.

Living room with black leather couches an hard wood floor with an area rug, walls of windows all around room looking out to a beautiful raised view of trees for miles, small electric fireplace with tv above it

The design becomes a dual purpose entertainment center, thanks to the great addition of shelving around the TV and electric fireplace. The framed wall mounted electric fireplace and large screen TV provide space for decoration, movies, games and any system that goes along with them to be stored.


Rustic living room with stone fireplace, tv mounted above electric range, wooden beams across ceiling wooden floors with area rug under 8 chair table set

This design can be made to fit any theme, matching the rest of your room effortlessly. It will create a warm ambiance for your family room, especially when paired with the beautiful rustic appearance you’ll see in these pictures.

Cabin living with a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling, wicker furniture with brown cushions and a brown square coffee table, wooden accent wall and a standing lamp in the corner, open to the outside on one side with a metal railing, green trees and mountain view

It’s a style that pairs well with cabins and homes that already possess a rustic, old fashioned quality. However, just because you enjoy rustic features doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t incorporate modern designs. In this example, you can see how the chimney was constructed to frame the TV, with the built-in electric fireplace beneath to add heat and aesthetics.

Rustic living room with tan carpet abd light olive green walls, brown leather couches and chairs and rustic accent tables, large window letting in natural light, white built in shelves on each side of fireplace, tv above mantel

Here is an example of how you aren’t required to have your TV mounted, instead placing it on the mantle of your fireplace while still achieving the electric fireplace ideas with a TV above it. This saves you the trouble of installing a hanging TV without giving up the concept altogether!


Modern, airy living room with light gray walls, wooden beams across ceiling, white stone fireplace with built in electric firpleace below mounted tv, large, light brown leather sectional with large throw pillows, burnt orange accent chair in the corner,

Sleek, similar in some ways to the contemporary style, really sticks to the minimalistic themes. Built-in electric fireplaces rather than mounted or mantel fireplaces are preferred due to the fact that the other two options would contradict the sleekness of the design.

Room with a glossy wood wall with fireplace adn tv built into it, shinny white tile floor with brown and white area rug, white and gold stands with potted plants on either side of the fireplace, low circular table in front of fireplace, large window with sheer white drapes letting in natural sunlight

This picture provides the perfect sleek appearance, even with walls of wood like these. The clear, glossy feature really opens up the room and helps to spread light. Even if your family room is an awkward shape, a sleek style like this one still allows you to mount your TV and fireplace without taking up more space than you have!

Living space with a black and white tile fireplace, tv mounted above lower rectangular shaped range with stones inside, white sheer curtains, wood floors, brown and white area rug with 2 matching armless accent chairs and a brown white and black ottoman, blanket draped over ottoman with plate of fruit and two green cups sitting on top

There may not be shelves, cabinets, or other decorations on the walls but the pattern or design already present on the wall is enough to fill the space with personality and complement the room design and layout. Whether you choose stone or the ivory-white marble above, you can never go wrong with a sleek design.


Modern living room with solid white walls, wood floors, tall glass sliding doors with brown drapes open wo backyard on either side of the solid white fireplace, large tv mounted above rectangular shapes electric range just above floor, black leather chair with brown wood casing, light brown area rug with brown sectional and round metal coffee table

Sometimes, the space we have isn’t enough to have the added shelving or fancy walls. Even if the available wall is small, don’t let that discourage you from using this great design idea! In this picture, the space is minimized by the windows on either side but they still mounted their TV and electric fireplace – and it looks awesome!

bright living room with lots of natural light, soft blue walls with white crown moulding and white trim around windows, white built in cabinets on either side of fireplace with white mantel, white coffee table, bright blue couch with orange throw pillows

You can make any space work for you as long as you use your imagination! Sometimes houses have a protruding wall in a room that you might not know what to do with. Putting a mantle and electric fireplace here encourages the idea that it’s really just a fireplace, and mounting a TV above it saves you from taking up any more space in the awkward layout of the room.

Elegant living space with gray, taupe colored walls and white crown moulding along the ceilings, shinny wood floors and an ornate white wood framed fireplace with tv mounted above, off white area rug, gray wooden coffee table and a off white sectional with gray, silver and white throw pillows, rustic candle style cirular chandelier hanging from the center of ceiling

And although these design ideas might be simple, simple can still be very elegant and eye-catching. There is no need to constantly dress it up when simple setups get the job done without overwhelming the eye or taking up so much space that things start to get a bit cluttered.

Where Can I Put My Electric Fireplace and TV?

Gorgeous living room that opens right up to the backyard with a whole wall of sliding glass doors, solid white walls, two cutouts with for tv and electric fireplace range, small bench seat on the left and a tall cut out with chopped wood on the other, tile flooring with area rug, brown leather couches with black throw pillows, small light wood round table in the center,

Although these two things are commonly found in either the bedroom or dining room, there are more options you can look at for what room to mount your electric fireplace and flat screen TV. This can include a den, a basement bar, a game room, or even an office. But not everyone has those in their home. The option of a bedroom or outdoor space are much more common!


Bedroom with yellow walls black framed fireplace with tv mounted above, glass double doors leading to outdoor patio, wood floors, dark wood bed frame with canvas abstract painting above bed

Your bedroom, for example. Bedrooms are often the place where people, especially parents, go to relax on their own and a majority of people already have a TV in their bedroom. Why not upgrade the design with a new electric fireplace and mount your TV on the wall?

Rustic bedroom with wooden ceiling beams, door frames and window frames, light brown carpet, small electric fireplace with tv mounted above, window blinds open letting in natural light, brown leather couch off to the side of room, wooden bed frame, rustic bedding with mountains and moose

You can really create a warm and relaxing ambiance with the addition of an electric fireplace, just like you see in this picture. You don’t need a lot of room for it either, thanks to the built-in option where you can just sink the firebox into the wall but still enjoy the heater quality and relaxing glow.


Backyard with gray stone outdoor fireplace with tv mounted above wooden mantel and wood burning fireplace below, brown wicker sectional and chair with tan cushions and orange and teal throw pillows, large peaked covering over area supported by stone posts, gren trees all around, sunny day

Another area to consider would be an outside entertainment space. We all enjoy a nice cookout or outdoor family and friend movie night every once in a while, right? Having your TV mounted where everyone can see and you can sit back and relax on the comfy patio furniture is a nice way to spend your night.

Backyard with gray stone fireplace with tv mounted above electric range, sectional with tan cushions and matching ottoman with glass top for a table, waterfall on one side, grass with stepping stones on the other, tall trees, decorative rocls and flowers for landscaping, sunny day

And, as they do, nights get cold when the sun goes down. Adding an electric fireplace will certainly provide some heat into the space! I think you’ll find that this is a great product to include in your outside entertainment space, and one that you won’t regret on those chilly summer nights!

What Electric Fireplace Should I Buy?

Show room of fireplace inserts, differetn sizes, styles and colors

You may not realize this but there are different types of electric fireplaces. If you’re looking to browse for the best option for your home and design ideas, take a look at! Not only do you get to see different types and visual designs for electric fireplaces, you can buy your favorite directly from the site!

As for the types, here is a list of what you might find even at your local hardware store and the qualities they have.

A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Samll modern living room with tan tile wall arounf tv and fireplace, white walls around room, wood floors with small area rug under white marble coffee table and black leather chair

You can tell from this picture that a wall mounted fireplace isn’t that different from a wall mounted TV. Seeing them side by side shows the similarity of how they have been mounted on the wall. Any wiring or required connections have been hidden safely behind the wall for the nice, clean look we all enjoy.

A Mantel Electric Fireplace

Living room with brown walls, wood floors with area rug, 2 orange accent chairs and a gray couch, small wood ith black metal leg table, small built in fireplace with tv mounted above wooden mantel

A mantel covered fireplace gives the appearance of a classic wood burning fireplace without the complications those tend to bring along. With a mantel, you can either mount your TV or use the mantel as a stand for a sitting TV.

A Built-in Electric Fireplace

Close up of a built in electric fireplace, small yellow and red flames

The built-in electric fireplace really goes along with the modern and minimalist concept. Design ideas like this one are where false walls really come in handy, allowing you to accomplish the design without actually tearing into the walls of your house.

Can I Mount My TV Over A Wood Burning Fireplace?

Close up of a large opening firplace with metal wrack , small longs with yellow and orange flames, basket of pinecones and chopped firewood on the floor in front

The reason mounting your flat screen TV over a wood burning fireplace is so precarious is due to the heat output, and the space needed for the wiring your television requires. Wall mounted TV’s are different from the flat screen sitting on a fireplace mantle because they need to be hung with sturdy supports, and its wires are typically hidden behind the wall.

Therefore, if your fireplace is still active and you are considering drilling into the chimney – DON’T. All you would be doing is ruining a perfectly good TV whenever you light a fire.

Wood burning black stove, yellow and orange flames, wood sitting on top of stove, black metal stand with fireplce tools on the side

If your fireplace and chimney are both inactive, meaning you haven’t and do not plan to start any fires, mounting your TV on the wall won’t bring up those concerns. Feel free to run the wiring wherever you need without fear of damaging them, so long as you remember not to use the fireplace!

Close up of a stone and tile combonation fireplace, black metal insert with wood burning, yellow orange flames

As always, the best thing you can do is talk to a professional and get the opinion of someone who really knows what they are doing. The Better Business Bureau, or, is an easy way to find what you’re looking for! It is very user-friendly and offers a great experience for first-time searchers. All you need to do is fill in the correct information and take a look at the results!

Installing a TV Above Your Fireplace

Two mean in navy blue shirts and hats mounting a tv on wall

Mounted flat screen TV installation can be a handful if you don’t know what you’re doing but that doesn’t make it impossible for you to take on as a DIY project, and I’m going to walk you through the step by step process for an easy installation.

  1. Measure the available space.

The best thing you can do first is measure your TV and the wall space where you want to mount it. This will tell you whether or not the flat screen will fit and where it should be centered.

  1. Determine where the wiring will be.

If it is safe for your TV wires to be drilled into the wall, mark the spot. If not, consider other options like a cord concealer kit. This will keep any cords and wires where they belong and prevent them from being an eyesore.

  1. Measure, mark, and drill.

Measure the spaces for your brackets and mark the correct spots on the wall. Drill your brackets in and double check that the placing is correct, and that everything is secured properly. We don’t want to install the brackets incorrectly and end up with a broken TV!

  1. Mount.

Mount your TV on the brackets. Again, double check to be sure your measurements and placement is correct on the wall. Are you positive that the TV is sturdy and the brackets are holding its weight? Good!

  1. Connect and enjoy!

Plug in your wires and cords to the proper connections. Any new TV will typically come with a small instruction manual for you to follow for this process, that way you know everything is where it should be.

Now, you can sit back and enjoy the new setup!