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Basement Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

View the four different basement fireplace options you have to choose from, and checkout our number one options that all homeowners should consider.

There has always been something special to me about the intimacy of a fully finished basement in homes I’ve been in. Whether the basement severs as a game room, movie room, or a man cave, adding a basement fireplace is a great idea that will enhance the overall atmosphere of the room. With the popularity of electric fireplaces, adding a fireplace feature to your home basement has never been easier.

Whether you already have an existing fireplace, or you are looking to add a new fireplace to your basement we will cover a few of the topics you might want to consider.

Can I Put a Fireplace in my Basement?

While there are several types of fireplaces to choose from for your basement, some states like California have banned the installation of a ventless fireplace in your basement. The safest and most economical way to put a fireplace in your basement is to opt for an electric fireplace that can either be installed flush in the wall or purchased as a stand-alone unit.

Basement Fireplace Problems

Many homeowners complain about a few common problems with fireplaces that are in their basement. Most of these problems pertain to older wood burning fireplaces that are common in old homes. The main issue stems from not having properly ventilated the basement.

Complaints include:

  • Cold air getting in the house from the fireplace
  • Stinky musty smells associated with moister in the fireplace during winter months
  • Smoke getting into the furniture and carpet.

Basement Fireplace Idea

There are four main types of fireplace options to choose from. A few of these options may be less desirable when considering a basement space.

Let’s explore together:

Wood Burning Fireplace

In early America, homes commonly used wood burning fireplaces in their basements for both cooking and heating. New safer fireplaces have become available since this time. One major concern for using a wood burning fireplace is smoke in the basement from the fireplace. Not only can this cause damage to your home, but your basement catching fire could be deadly.

Elegant wood fireplace.
This luxury wood burning fireplace is made of stone and makes a beautiful accent wall for any home basement.

Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace in the basement is a great option if the homes that have either plummed a gas line to the basement or already had a gas fireplace installed in the basement. Running gas lines after the home is built is a very expensive option that could lead to more problems than it’s worth.

Hard not to love the look of this gas-stone fireplace. Decorated with a circular mirror and white skull for a southwest feel.

Wood Pellet Fireplace

A pellet fireplace has been another popular option for basement goers over the years. While not as dangerous as most wood burning fireplaces, a pellet fireplace also runs the risk of excess smoke if someone unfamiliar with the pellet fireplace tries to start it up.

A white modern stand-alone pellet fireplace

This red and black Haman pellet stove would stand out in any basement.

Electirc Fireplace

Our top option for adding a fireplace to your basement is simply purchasing an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces have really come a long way over the past decade. You can have your choice of a stand alone fireplace that can be moved around the room. Or for those who love DIY projects, cutting some sheetrock and adding a flush mount electric fireplace can be a simple job done over the weekend. These electric fireplaces work great for heating a basement or simply for aesthetics.

Electric fireplace with gold venting
An electric fireplace with a thin tile surround and white fireplace mantel.

An awesome gray shiplap fireplace with exposed wood for the mantel.

This elongated fireplace is one idea for making your basement fireplace really stand out from the standard fireplace sizes.


There are a few things you should consider when choosing the best fireplace for a basement. Saftey must take the top priority to help keep your family and valuable assets safe. For this reason, we recommend you stay away from wood burn fireplaces as a viable option for your basement. While many homes may already have them, the risk of smoke damage or fire damage in a part of your home that is not well ventilated is an extra risk you should not take. Instead, opt for a much safer and cheaper electric fireplace.