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57 Inspirational Dining Room Ideas (Pictures)

Welcome to our gallery featuring beautiful dining room ideas of all types... from large to cozy, dark to bright, and simple to elaborate.  This gallery will provide you with inspirational ideas no matter what your personal style is!


Welcome to our gallery featuring beautiful dining room ideas of all types… from large to cozy, dark to bright, and simple to elaborate. This gallery will provide you with inspirational ideas no matter what your personal style is!

There are some things to consider and keep in mind when designing and putting together your perfect dining room.

One of the most important features to a perfect dining room is chair selection.  Family dinners, gatherings, and dinner parties can tend to last quite a while and you want your guests to be comfortable.  If you have a large enough space, large, well cushioned chairs make for a wonderful dining experience.

Something else to pay attention to is table size.  You want to be careful not to squeeze in furniture that is too large for the space.  This will not be visually appealing and will also result in people having to squeeze around the chairs with little to no room to get in and out.  The same idea applies to a table that may be too small for your dining room space.  This can cause the room to swallow up your furniture making it look dinky resulting in your dining room not looking the best.

Another important aspect in table selecting is the width of the table.  If you like to place platters, pots and pans directly on the table , you will need a wider table.  If this is not your style of serving then it’s not as necessary… although if you have a room that will hold a wider table the extra space is always nice.

We hope these tips have been helpful.  Enjoy our gallery!


This dining area comes right off the kitchen.  The light furniture pops right of the dark colored hard wood flooring.  Large, gorgeous built ins add symmetry to the space. The chandeliers tie in nicely together without completely matching.

dining room ideasMid-sized dining area with round glass table providing seating for six. The plants and trees provide a bit of color and go nicely with the theme of the room with the bamboo detailed chairs.

shutterstock_50913895Beautiful, bright dining room featuring gorgeous french doors, crown molding, golden drapes and a crystal chandelier.  With this being along the smaller side, the mirror really helps open the space up nicely.

shutterstock_166855289This room show a fun yet classy pop of color on the accent wall and then tying the chairs in and a bit of the same color in the rug as well.  This large round table seats eight guest comfortably still with plenty of space behind and on the sides. This circular design in the ceiling and the chandelier adds a nice touch of elegance.

shutterstock_148009328This gorgeous, large dining room has intricate detail from floor to ceiling.  The large, plush chairs provide comfortable seating for ten people.  The large windows around the room create amazing lighting in the day then at night this grand fireplace would create a cozy, elegant ambiance.

shutterstock_62934766This sweet dining room is bright and airy with the white board and batten and a touch of blue above it.  The accent rug, light roses and little lamp shade chandelier adds nice details to this simple look.

shutterstock_62945788This dining room gives off a rustic elegance.  This dark furniture and trim pops off these light colored walls and the herringbone design in the flooring adds great creative detail.

shutterstock_46754113This is a very neutral room with a pop of bright white with the wainscoting.  Dark hardwood flooring with a small, light area rug.  Curtains over the windows simply done and adds a bit of warmth to the room.

shutterstock_148009310These amazing doors go almost up to the ceiling and lead out into a beautiful patio.  Tile flooring underneath a small circular accent rug to compliment the table.  Large leather chairs and an over sized crystal chandelier creates elegance.

shutterstock_46754191Wow! Beautiful dark wood floors surrounded by windows and doors nearly from floor to ceiling.  A perfectly, simple chandelier above this small circular dark table with cream chairs.

shutterstock_62945827Gorgeous, ornate detailed table with plush, high back, upholstered chairs.  The mirror helps to widen this narrow space as well as the large windows pulling in extra light. Elegant candle style chandelier.

shutterstock_51223123This dining space, right off the entryway shows a light brown table with bold, dark leather chairs.  The wainscoting and light blue-gray walls bring a soft elegance to the room.

shutterstock_81777487Crown molding, dark red walls, drapes from ceiling to floor, a fancy crystal chandelier, and a large dark table and chairs… This room makes a statement.

shutterstock_62934811Nice arched doorway and windows. A very modern table and chairs with the glossy finish and the straight edges. Dark hard wood floors.

shutterstock_76105915This large dining room showcases much wood detail on the wall and ceiling.  Neutral colors all throughout.

shutterstock_62934805Mostly neutral room with a touch of greenery for a pop of color.  This long, rectangular table is on wheels for easy moving.  The accent table behind the main dining table adds a nice touch with the tall, matching lamps on either side.

shutterstock_51223114These large french doors lead you from a living space to the dining space.  The dark table and chairs really pop with the light flooring and walls.

shutterstock_62945791Dark floors with a simple six person dining set.  Detailed walls with a stone fireplace featuring an arched frame and high mantel. The hutch adds nicely to the room as well as provides great storage.

shutterstock_84447145Wainscoting, Brazilian teak hardwood flooring, with a light brown table seating eight people.  Light colored, paisley patterned chairs.  Detailed cut out in ceiling.

shutterstock_62945728This classy dining room showcases a dark with light combination in the area rug. A mid-sized table seating six people with a vase of deep red roses for a not pop of color.  Nice glass hutch to showoff your special china.

shutterstock_62945809Wallpapered walls with candle sconces on either side of a beautiful mirror.  Antique hutch and large windows, and a large, antique, crystal chandelier.

shutterstock_51223108This is a gorgeous look with the dark walls and bright white trim.  A small, simple table for four with bright, white , plush chairs.  Small accent tables with flowers on either side of the entry.

shutterstock_81777463For this space this round table is perfect and with the large, beautifully framed mirror it helps open up the space.

shutterstock_51223117This exquisite, Victorian style dining room features two sets of french doors framed with fabulous custom drapes.  The gorgeous chandelier ties in perfectly with the table lamps.  Crown molding, wainscoting and sage detailed walls.

shutterstock_254675275Rustic style dining room with large glass doors framed in wood leading out to an amazing patio with a seating area including an outdoor fireplace.  Large window to enjoy the view and a couple of fabric chairs to ad a touch of class.

shutterstock_128044865Sage green walls paired with wains coating along with gorgeous french doors.Yellow and white fabric chairs around an oval, dark wooden table.

shutterstock_62934760Stunning over sized mirror leaning against the wall.  Sage green walls with wainscoting.  Dark floor, dark round table with large, light fabric chairs.

shutterstock_128044847Narrow dining room with windows and drapes on all sides.  Tile flooring under a long glass table.  Large candle style chandelier.

shutterstock_228662791Dark olive walls, rustic furniture with large, cream fabric chairs and large sconces with burnt orange candles. The large hutch adds character to the room while creating excellent storage.

shutterstock_112811653This dining room come right off the living space.  Red tones in the flooring and table with dark leather chairs.  Plenty of greenery with the potted plants and trees.

shutterstock_228664618From the kitchen right into the dining room, dark dining set with a bright white hutch to the side.  Cream drapes from floor to ceiling framing french door leading out to an outdoor dining area.

shutterstock_242411626This modern look shows lots of white and black.  Purple accent wall with unframed mirror above a black hutch with gold trim and a lamp on each end.

shutterstock_278914154Large marble tile flooring, modern white table with straight lines, surrounded by black and white chairs. Two levels of windows, framed with wood opening up into a beautiful backyard.

shutterstock_118912396This classy, modern look is a small area within the living room.  Small, oval, dark brown table with white chairs. Glass  candle sticks with white candles on the main table and two tall lamps on each end of the accent table.

shutterstock_118023694Gorgeous Tuscan style dining room features a round, ornate table  and large chairs on top a large area rug.  Large wood burning fireplace, leading up to the high ceiling with wooden beams. Large, circular candle chandelier. built in wine racks.

shutterstock_152167841Simple modern table with nude colored fabric chairs providing seating for eight people. Cream tile flooring with a neutral colored rug.  ceramic piece with two candle holders as center pieces.

shutterstock_146583140Light brown wood flooring, simple, oval, white table with wooden trimmed brown, circular back chairs.  Two patterns for the wallpaper, beautiful Victorian framed mirror above a small marble fireplace.

shutterstock_118023679Large tile flooring, sturdy dark brown table with eight fabric chairs finished nicely with nail head detail.  A bar to one side and a glass wall showing a view of the backyard and pool.

shutterstock_209404669Bright yellow walls and rounded archways.  Light brown table with cream fabric chairs with large gold nail head detail.

shutterstock_62945755Right off the entry way, large arched doorways and large windows.   Crown molding with nicely detailed walls. A simple wooden table seating six.

shutterstock_142274125This small space allows room for a long, narrow table.  A modern look with the straight edges and lots of white.  Flower center piece and a unique lighting piece above the table.

shutterstock_230694037This western style space features a small light brown table with four average size chair along with two smaller chairs in between.  Burnt orange walls and a rock wall separating the the front door from the room. Antler chandelier.

shutterstock_163609811Simple and classy with white wainscoting, light tan walls and crown molding. Modern black table with six tan leather chairs.  Simple and pretty chandelier.

shutterstock_48209476This small, circular, two level table set for six people sits on top beautifully detailed marble flooring.  Colorful plants, glass hutch and pillars in the corners of the room.  Large, bright chandelier.

shutterstock_48176110Brazilian walnut flooring, taupe walls with bright white trim.  Small, round table and four ornate wooden framed chairs. Antique style chandelier hanging from a beautiful detailed ceiling piece.

shutterstock_36192799Gorgeous crown molding and wall papered walls.  Two tall narrow windows dressed with sheer, gold curtains.  dark hard wood flooring, long brown table with two different types of chairs.

shutterstock_10606672Right off the kitchen through a narrow, arched doorway. Tan framed fireplace with tall mantel, dark hutch with dark framed mirror above it.  Large, dark brown, rectangular dining table with eight white fabric chairs.

shutterstock_44216512Small space right in the kitchen.  Small, light colored table, four light gray chairs and two brown chairs. Two tall, silver candle sticks with light blue candles as table decor.

shutterstock_217477912Built in cabinets and drawers, light tan walls, crown molding and white, sheer curtains over the windows. Small, detailed wooden table with six wooden chairs on top a large white and blue area rug.

shutterstock_62934727This space showcases large bay windows, board and batten walls with rich red and gold wall paper.  Fancy hutch to show off special china with a beautiful sconce on either side.  A matching chandelier above an large rectangle table and white fabric chairs.

shutterstock_2834844Gold and ivory beauty.  Classy, patterned carpet, beautiful detailing on the walls, and crown molding.  Large gold framed mirror above a small hutch piece, tall table lamps on either side.

shutterstock_13303327Dark gray walls, white trim, light colored patterned carpet.  Round table with six white chairs detailed with ultra thin stripes and gold hail heads.  Curtains with wide horizontal stripes. Large candle style chandelier.

shutterstock_73441063Small space, marble flooring, cream walls, with a mirrored accent wall.  Crown molding and a cut out in the ceiling with a large gold chandelier.  Small rectangle table with large, white leather chairs.

shutterstock_6696358Small space off the stairs with french doors leading out to the yard.  Oval shaped wooden table with two large chairs at the heads of the table and four small ones for the sides. Beautiful, over sized chandelier.

shutterstock_184330007Beautiful, ornate wood table and chairs on top detailed tile flooring. Two different patterns of wallpaper, two cabinets in the corner for storage.  Dark trimmed and dressed french doors.

shutterstock_2242821This dining room sits fight off the kitchen.  Tile flooring, dark walls and custom shutters on the windows, large tree in the corner.  Walnut table with two different patterned fabric chairs. table set beautifully with a table runner and a large floral centerpiece.

shutterstock_2112160This stunning dining room features a large accent rug under a large dark brown dining table and chairs.  Large yellow floral centerpiece.  Matching hutch with an additional chair placed on either side. Two beautiful sconces on the wall centered to the table along with framed wall art.