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57 Beautiful Family Room Interiors

Family rooms are of the most used places in any home, it's a great place to relax and unwind. See all our family room designs and home interior ideas.


A family room is one of the most frequented spaces in the home. It is where family and friends congregate to visit, watch television and relax. In homes that contain small children, it can also be a dumping ground for toys and other toddler paraphernalia. For this reason, there are certain factors to consider when decorating or redesigning your family room.

A family room must have a sectional. Well, if not a sectional than at least plenty of seating. One of the most important aspects of a well-designed family room is access to ample seating. Sectionals fulfill this need by removing unnecessary armrests and replacing that space with additional seats. However, not all rooms contain enough floor space to accommodate a sectional. If this is the case then don’t attempt to squeeze one in. This will make the space overcrowded and stuffy. Instead, furnish the space with furniture that has clean lines and understated details. This will provide enough seating and create the illusion of more space. Additional seating can be incorporated by introducing small, decorative stools or circular ottomans.

Another important feature in every family room is adequate storage. This can come in the form of built-in bookshelves, media centers and ottomans. If you are trying to manage the mass of children’s books and toys in your family room consider purchasing an ottoman with hidden storage. This is ideal for quick clean ups as everything can be easily put, or forced, into the ottoman and the lid closed. Also, some hidden storage is necessary for the cables associated with electronics. No one wants to see these. A media center or built-in storage with doors allows this mess to be easily hidden. By providing adequate space to hide toys, books and electronics, you space will be one that is relaxing and welcoming for guests.

Proper window coverings are an essential element in family room design because the family room is often where television and movies are viewed. For this reason, it is important to choose window coverings that can filter light for privacy and block light for an optimal television viewing experience. This can be accomplished to installing double curtain rods where light, gauzy curtains can be installed against the window and thicker, light-omitting drapes on top. Another option is the installation of light-blocking blinds with the possible addition of curtains or drapes.

For additional interior design inspiration, peruse our gallery of beautiful family rooms below. You are sure to find ideas that can be incorporated into your space to make it more functional, as well as, beautiful.


This family room is outfitted with space for a large flat screen television and space for a full sectional.  The room’s high ceilings and tall, tiled fireplace create a light and airy atmosphere.


This contemporary family room features a stone, accent wall with a small fireplace and space for a television.  At the other end is a sleek, modern bookcase and room for a sofa and loveseat.


This cozy family room features a large fireplace and extensive views of the outdoors.  A neutral-colored accent rug provides a foundation for the furniture layout.


This impressive family room features a beautiful, circular window at one end.  The floor plan provides great views of the lake while ensuring plenty of seating for friends and family.


Featuring warm wood flooring and a neutral color palette, this stately family room is designed with sophistication in mind.  The large leather sectional, full curtains and fireplace provide a warm and inviting place to relax.


This cozy living room features built-in bookcases and a central fireplace.  The studded detail on the furniture provides an elegant touch to the space.


This family room features a large fireplace with an elongated concrete mantel.  The placement of the television provides convenient viewing for family and friends without being the focal point of the space.


This living room provides a sleek, elegant space to watch television and visit with friends.  The feature wall behind the television adds texture and interest to the space.


The focal point of this family room is a large, two-story, stone fireplace.  An offset entertainment center provides a place to house reading materials, decorative objects and the television.


Soft carpeting and furnishings provide a comfortable place to watch television or read a book.  The built-in bookcase and media center is installed in a niche making it fit seamlessly in the space.


This family room features high ceilings and a two-story fireplace surround.  Large windows and a natural aesthetic create a light and airy atmosphere.


A sleek, horizontal media center provides hidden electronic storage.  The unique coffee tables contain plenty of space to store books and magazines which allows the space to feel open and uncluttered.


This family features a luxurious, reclined sectional that is ideal for relaxing and television viewing.  The rich purple drapes provide additional window covering and a splash of color.


This family room features a low profiled sectional and additional horizontal surfaces that lend to its sleek, modern styling.  A plush rug and drapery soften the space and add a depth to the color palette.


This bright and airy family room provides unencumbered access to the open patio and grilling area.  Simplistic decor and horizontal lines create a simple, modern space.


This elegant family room features a unique, peaked ceiling, large fireplace and plenty of natural light.  The couch, accent chairs and additional pieces are all similar in their soft, curved lines.


The focal point of this family room is a large ribbon fireplace accented with glossy black tile.  The television is offset from the fireplace and located above built-in cabinetry.


A vibrant area rug provides the inspiration for the color palette in this family room. Large open windows fill the space with plenty of natural light.


Multiple picture windows fill this family room with light from outside.  A stone clad fireplace provides a welcoming focal point.


This small family room contains a comfortable sectional accented with vibrantly-colored throw pillows.  A flat screen television is located above the fireplace for easy viewing.


Dark wood floors and a natural color scheme create a warm and inviting design aesthetic.  The television is wall mounted to take up as little space as possible.


This family room is filled with soft, wall-to-wall carpeting and worn leather furniture.  A large picture window provides a view of the outdoors.


This high-rise family room provides a stunning view of the landscape below.  Sleek, modern cabinetry provides seamless storage for both hidden and decorative objects.


This family room features a tiled floor and unique, wood-paneled feature wall.  It provides space for a loveseat, couch and accent chair.


This simple family room provides space to relax and visit with friends and family.  Large, vertical windows fill the room with lots of natural light.


This basement family room features a fireplace with tile surround backsplash.  The light blue wall color and large window make it seem as if this room is located on the ground floor.


This stunning family room is beautifully decorated with matching love seats and accent chairs.  A fireplace and custom built-ins create an inviting focal point for the space.


This large family room contains lots of space to host family and friends.  The blue, tan and white color palette creates a cottage aesthetic in this space.


 The focal point of this family room is a fireplace with an ornate tile surround. The curved design of the couch reflects the curve of the stacked windows.


The coffered ceiling and elegant chandelier take this family room to the next level.  A sleek, horizontal fireplace and wall-mounted television provide a warm place to watch tv.


This family room is decorated with natural woods and a neutral color palette.  Vertical wall niches flank the media center and are accented by stone tile.


This family room features dark, wide plank flooring and custom cabinetry.  Plush, turquoise-blue couches and orange accent pillows create a retro vibe in this contemporary space.


This cozy family room is outfitted with a small, stove fireplace.  A neutral color palette and natural wood furniture create a warm and welcoming ambiance.


This family room features cozy, stove fireplace and wall-to-wall carpeting.  Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows provide a stunning view of the outdoors.


This simple family room features sleek hardwood flooring.  The white walls and furniture create a crisp contrast against the wood flooring.


This family room features a long, horizontal media center that provides hidden electronic storage.  Large windows bring a piece of nature indoors.


For a true, at-home movie experience this family room has a projector mounted to the ceiling, as well as an adjacent movie screen.  A roomy leather sectional provides the ideal place to relax and watch tv.


This second-floor family room has room for a small office area as well as a place to watch television.  The grey color scheme is ideal for this contemporary space.


This open concept family/dining room is large enough to accommodate a full sectional.  Instead of a coffee table, two white stools provide a place for decorative objects and to rest a drink.


This family room is light and bright with a series of windows and light color scheme.  A couch, loveseat and accent chair provide space to sit and visit with friends and family.


The dark wood beams and stone fireplace in this family room draw the eye upward.  The custom media center is the ideal to display books and decorative objects while keeping certain items, like electronics, hidden.


The focal point in this family room is the fireplace.  It features a surround that is both stone and wood, divided by a unique curved ridge.


The fireplace is flanked by matching custom cabinetry.  A large mantle and tile fireplace surround beautifully accent the fireplace.


This family room contains natural accents that are featured in the table lamps, upholstery and unique, coffee table.  A large, natural-fiber rug anchors the space and provides a soft place to rest your feet.


This family room features a large, rustic wood media center that houses the flat screen television, as well as providing additional storage.  A large, adjacent fireplace provides a warm and comforting atmosphere.


This traditional family room is decorated with an expansive leather sectional and dark wood furniture.  The ceiling features a decorative inset detail and recessed lighting.


An elegant fireplace surround provides the focal point for this family room.  Custom window coverings allow natural light to filter into the space while providing privacy.


The floor plan of this family room is a unique one.  By angling the furniture layout to match the stone fireplace, the space is made efficient and more easily accessible.


This cozy family room is decorated to exude personality by the use of black furniture and red accents.  The dark wood flooring adds to the dramatic style of the space.


By incorporating a pair of metal and glass coffee tables, this small family room feels more spacious.  Double flat screens provide a view from all angles of the room.


This family room features beautiful, light wood, oak flooring.  Large windows and a light yellow wall color fill the space with lots of natural light.


The green color palette in this family room provides warmth and a vibrancy to the space.  The fireplace and natural stone surround provide a calming focal point for the space.


Custom built-ins make provide a place for storage and a television.  The natural tones, as well as green and yellow accents make the space cheery and welcoming.


This small family room provides lots of space for seating by incorporating a large, neutral sectional.  A corner fireplace is painted to provide a focal point for the space.


This family room is decorated with a neutral color palette and accented with sage green.  The four graphic accent chairs provide personality and interest.


This family room is decorating with a calming color palette.  A set of slate blue couches provide plenty of seating to visit and watch tv.