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Gorgeous Small Home Office Paint Color Ideas (Ultimate Guide)

Learn more about lovely color paint schemes for your home office space. Look for color combinations that focus on a calm setting.

Small home office paint color ideas

Working from home is more popular than ever. Many remote positions require a home office that is specially reserved for work. For example, a spare bedroom, attic, or office. Others aren’t as particular and instead of one room in the home devoted to working, a space within a room is redesigned to create an office area. Whether you are looking for special paint colors for an entire room or looking to dedicate a part of a room to an office, It is very important for your workspace to feel comfortable, inspiring, and appealing. 

This includes the color palette. For example, according to, light sage, a lovely green hue is known to make your work area feel more grounded and promote relaxation while rose, a shade of red, creates an energetic creative workspace. What are The Best Colors for Productivity? There is more out there than meets the eye. Take a look at 13 gorgeous small home office paint ideas.

Light Sage Ideal For Deep Thinking

The home office is painted in a light shade of sage with greenery
The home office is painted in a light shade of sage, with wooden accents on the floors, tables, and extra greenery.

Light sage creates a comfortable, grounded workspace that is almost traditional in nature. Shades of green are known to promote a calm, relaxed environment that is ideal for deep thinking, research, and checking off tasks on the to-do list. From an interior design angle, sage green is almost like a neutral that almost all colors coordinate beautifully. It adds a lighter mood to a room especially if there are few or no windows that provide natural light. Wood desks, metal lamps, and brown or black leather furniture create an elevated and professional atmosphere. 

Cream Creates Natural Canvas

A home office painted a neutral with modest look
A home office painted a neutral hue has a modest appearance.

Neutrals are always in home office style. First, it makes a small space with no natural lighting feel spacious, bright, and invigorating. It is also a perfect no color, paint color that makes most folks feel comfortable. A neural tone with a warm glow is one of the most relaxing office paint colors. It also offers a minimalist background, coordinates with any style, and a classic color that works with all furniture and accents. Cream simply provides a clean, put-together, professional atmosphere.

Gray With A Hint of Blue For Focus

Gray walls and a side desk in a home office
Gray walls and a side desk in a home office provide a revitalizing impact.

Gray is another perfect neutral that works wonders in a small home office. Mixed with a hint of blue, gray creates a fresh, energizing environment that helps improve focus, boost creativity and stimulate thought processes. No door? No problem. If you are creating a workspace within a larger room in your home, gray will transition nicely from one area to the other without clashing with other interior color schemes and decor. 

Dark Blue Creates Calm Backdrop

A light workstation against a dark blue wall color
A light workstation setup looks great against a dark blue wall color.

Think about a beautiful blue sky or the ocean. Dark, dreamy blue has a calming, stress-free effect on our mood. Dark blue also creates a stable atmosphere, inspires collaboration, reduces mental fatigue, and is a color people trust. Dark blue coordinates nicely with almost any furniture color, especially lighter colors for balance. It also is an ideal backdrop for potted plants and other nature-inspired accents.

Plum Energizes and Inspires

Purple color atmosphere for an office
A backdrop hue of purple color gives a calm atmosphere for an office.

Looking for an unexpected, creative color for your office space, then plum, a dark shade of purple is on your paint agenda. It’s rich, energetic, and simply makes you feel good. All shades of purple are known to inspire new ideas and make folks take notice. One caveat for plum. You should have plenty of natural light in the space to assure the darkness doesn’t take over. This color works best when reserved for a room of its own, instead of a space that can be viewed from other areas. 

Yellow For A Cheerful Welcome

Office in bright yellow with a coordinating style
A home office space in bright yellow with a coordinating style.

Just like the sunshine on a beautiful day, sizzling yellow evokes cheerfulness and happiness. It also inspires collaboration and puts a positive spin on a stressful situation. Yellow also increases focus and helps you think more clearly. Any shade of yellow will take your day in the right direction. Opt for a subtle yellow to transition from different areas of the home or go bolder and select a bright, spirit-lifting color. 

Dark Green Promotes Balance

A home office in a dark green hue with an outside-lighting shade
A home office in a dark green hue with an outside-lighting shade creates striking effects.

Dark green is the color of renewal, growth, and life. A dark, true green home office will create a strong sense of balance, confidence, and safety, allowing a positive environment for productivity. It is also a beautiful color inspired by nature that is familiar, comfortable, and promotes deep thinking. All decor styles blend perfectly with dark green, however adding lighter window treatments, home accents and flooring brightens the space.

Orange Is Mood Lifting

Orange office interior paint creates a cozy atmosphere.

If you are seeking a youthful, cheerful, yet warm and cozy color for your home office, go for orange-painted walls. This contemporary beauty promotes general wellness and has both energizing and calming effects on your general mood. You might be surprised how other color palettes play well with many shades of orange. Dark blue, creams, greens, browns. You just can’t go wrong with orange. 

Dark Brown Is Classic and Sophisticated

Perfectly matched table and chair in a dark brown color office
Perfectly matched table and chair upholstery in a dark brown office color scheme.

Think chocolate brown, a deep, warm, classic color for a home and home office. Brown has many shades and many hues, but dark brown is best suited for a home office where you want an extremely professional and confident atmosphere. Go for it and paint the entire room brown if you have ample windows or paint one wall dark brown and the others a lighter color to incorporate a lighter mood for the room. Brown is classic, traditional and sophisticated. It is also masculine handsome and easy on the eyes.

Coral Boosts Positive Moods

A nice hue for an office is coral hue
A nice hue for an office is coral with a bright appearance.

Make a youthful, playful home office with coral. This touch of pink, touch of peach hue almost has a tropical vibe. Coral is best suited for a home office workspace where there is lots of activity and movement. Surrounded by this wonderful shade, your mood will stay uplifted and energized. This is a positive mood-boosting color for those visiting you, too. It is welcoming and with the right furniture and accents looks glamorous and sophisticated while maintaining a professional atmosphere. 

White Is Clean and Classic

White paint in a very simple pattern for a cozy workplace
White paint in a very simple pattern for a cozy workplace ambiance.

If you are looking for office paint ideas that will coordinate with everything from A to Z, white is always a winner. Why? It is the best color for home office walls because it doesn’t distract you in any way. It is a long time natural for traditional, modern, eclectic and everything in between. Fortunately, white paint is available in an array of shades on the rainbow from true white to dashes of blue, yellow, and gray. Depending on the natural light in your workspace, any shade of white is spot on.

Greige Fosters Comfort and Focus

Beige and gray provide a pleasant vibe workplace
Beige and gray provide a pleasant vibe that easily complements other hues.

Greige, a combination of gray and beige, is ideal in any sized home office whether it is in a small corner of a room or a larger dedicated room. This is the Best Paint Color for Office with Fluorescent lighting because it warms the area and makes it feel comfortable. Fluorescent lighting can be visually harsh and could cause eye strain. Greige balances this out and tones things down. Although the color is subtle, it is known to improve productivity and focus. Greige is a great backdrop for colorful office furniture and accents. Mix with multiple colors like orange, blue, and gold. Or go for a monochromatic style with furniture and accents that are also greige in nature.

A Touch of Tranquil Turquoise

A workplace with turquoise wall and dark furniture
A workplace with turquoise wall and dark furniture creates a lovely warm glow.

Turquoise is not only a beautiful paint color, and used wisely it can improve clarity and balance for a workspace. Instead of painting the entire room turquoise, select one or two walls to create a balanced atmosphere. Too much of a good thing, as they say, could get overwhelming. Since turquoise is a color combo that includes cheerful yellow, too much could be overstimulating and instead of offering a calm, focused space could create an emotional overload. Complementing paint colors are beige, brown, gray, and cream. Brighter colors are coral, orange, light blue and pink. Turquoise is a paint color to use to bring out your individual personality and style.

Basic Black Alluring and Elegant

A workplace with a black wall backdrop and white accent furniture
A workplace with a black wall backdrop and white accent furniture blends perfectly.

Basic black paint is a personal choice when it comes to your office space. With the right lighting, window treatments, accents, and furniture, one entire black room could display power, dignity, and professionalism. Steer clear of using black on every wall because it may create an intimidating atmosphere where both you and visitors will feel unclear and uncomfortable. One or two walls or better yet, black painted from the baseboard halfway up the wall with another color continuing to the ceiling is more subtle. Today’s black chalkboard paint is another idea that encourages collaboration, to-do lists, and idea sharing. 

Red Is Fearless and Energetic

A vibrant red office wall paint and  equipment
A vibrant red office wall paint and appealing workplace equipment.

You might think what? Red for a home office? Yes, It can work and energize productivity. If you want to get noticed and taken seriously, red is your paint color. If you want to get things done this is the right hue for you. Red is bold, unforgettable, courageous, and will fire you up to perform. If you have a team that works together and needs to have energy and excitement to get their work done, give red a whirl. Go patriotic with accessories and combine navy blue and white, go contemporary and add touches of black and silver, or lighten things up with touches of pastels.

Gold Is Gracious and Optimistic

An sophisticated workplace with gold paint wooden decorations
A sophisticated workplace with gold paint matches the wooden decorations.

Gold paint fills the home office with energy, optimism, and passion. If you are tired and feeling uninspired, walk into your gold home office for an instant mood boost. Beating the blues and getting your creative juices to reset is important for an enjoyable work environment. Deep beautiful gold tones create a wonderful backdrop for eclectic furniture, accents, and other favorite accessories. Go for the gold gusto and paint the entire room gold or lean into this special color by painting one wall gold and the others a cream or neutral tone. Either way, gold walls fill the room with optimistic energy and get the job done!

Beige A Basic and Beautiful Backdrop

Office's soothing neutral beige tone and vintage furniture
The space is brightened by the office’s soothing neutral beige tone and vintage furniture.

If you just aren’t sure what color suits your home office and are asking yourself, what are the best colors for productivity, paint the walls a basic and beautiful shade of beige. You just can’t go wrong with this neutral and calming color. This is perfect for a smaller home office space that doesn’t have a dedicated door to close and must complement other colors throughout the home. The warm undertones are not only calming, but it also isn’t a distracting color. Beige is your go-to for warming up bright whites, softening darker-than-dark blacks, and playing well with just about any color that comes its way.