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13 Inspirational Home Office Layout Ideas L-Shaped Desk

Check out these perfect L-shaped desk layout ideas that will help you experience the best functionality in your office space.

Wooden L-shaped desk with office devices and accessories

If you’re thinking about using an L-shaped desk in your office, look no further than this comprehensive list to get inspired! L-shaped desks are a great organizational tool that offers tons of office space, surface space for all your activities, and much more. These L-shaped desk ideas are perfect for your current office, small spaces, and any room setup you have.

1. Desk with Dual Monitors

SEDETA L Shape Desk with File Drawer, 66'' Computer Corner Desk with Hutch, Storage Shelves, Printer Cabinet and Monitor Shelf, Computer Table Writing Desk Workstation for Home Office, Rustic Brown

One of the best uses of an L-shaped desk is as a stand for multiple monitors. If you need multiple monitors for your work, school, or other activities, an L-shaped desk is a perfect way to keep them all in one place. This way, you can save space on your desk and have a central location for all your computer needs.

In addition, if you have an existing desk you’re looking to add a second monitor to, an L-shaped desk can be a great way to do it. By placing the new monitor on the L-shaped desk, you can create a more ergonomic and efficient workspace.

2. Computer Storage & Floating Shelves

Tribesigns 70 Inch Modern L-Shaped Desk with Bookcase, L Shapes Computer Desk Study Table Super Sturdy Workstation for Home Office with Hutch, Brown

If you have an L-shaped desk but want to add more storage space and decorations, consider adding floating shelves or a hutch. These desk accessories are great for adding storage without taking up too much space. In addition, they can be used to display pictures, plants, or other office decors. If you have a messy desk but don’t want to put everything away, these desk accessories can help you keep your work area clean and organized.

Floating shelves give you easy access to your books, files, and other materials without taking up valuable desk space. If you need more storage than shelves can provide, a hutch is a great option. A hutch is a piece of furniture that sits on top of your desk and provides additional storage space. Many hutches come with cabinets, drawers, and shelving, making them perfect for storing everything from office supplies to files and books.

3. Farmhouse Style L Shaped Desk

Bestier L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Cabinet and Bookshelf, 60 x 42 Inch Convertible Corner Home Office Table, Gray

Who says your existing desk needs to be boring? There are lots of different office desk styles to choose from, including this farmhouse-style desk on Amazon. You can combine this desk with other L-shaped desk ideas to create a unique and stylish workspace.

This farmhouse-style desk is made of wood and has a rustic finish. It’s perfect for creating a country-chic office space. The desk includes one cabinet drawer for storage, as well as an exposed shelf that can be used to display pictures or plants. You can combine this desk with a matching chair and shelving unit to complete the look. With farmhouse style one of the most popular trends according to Google, this desk is a great way to add some country charm to your office.

4. Glass L-Shaped Desk

Home Accent Furnishings Millie 3-Piece Contemporary Desk with Clear Glass and Silver Frame

One of the best contemporary desk setups for a modern office is a glass L-shaped desk! A glass L-shaped desk design is sleek, and stylish, and provides plenty of workspaces.

This glass desk from Amazon has a tempered glass top with a steel frame. It also includes a keyboard tray and CPU stand. The desk is easy to assemble and comes with a warranty! You can also purchase a matching glass filing cabinet to complete the look. If you’re looking for a more modern office, consider adding white leather office chairs and contemporary art to your space.

One of the great things about glass desks is you can add a pop of color to your office accessories. If you want a more colorful desk, consider adding a brightly colored rug or some fun patterned storage boxes. You can also find glass desks in a variety of colors, including black, white, and even pink! However, we like the see-through glass, which combines well with just about anything. In addition, if you live in a smaller space, a glass desk is a great way to make your office feel more open and airy.

5. Mid-Century Modern Overlap L-Shaped Desk

L Shaped Computer Desk, Rotating Office Desk Modern White Swivel Writing Table with USB Ports Storage Shelves Reversible Corner Workstation for Adult Office Furniture 47" D x 40" W x 36" H

This overlapping desk is one of the most unique configuration ideas on our list! This L-shaped desk has an overlapping top, which gives you more desktop space while still providing plenty of storage. The desk also includes two exposed shelves in a u-shaped design. These shelves can be used to store or display items like potted plants, books, or pictures.

This overlap desk is made of engineered wood and has a white finish. It’s perfect for creating a modern and chic office space that flows well and has an eye-catching design. The desk is easy to assemble and can be unfolded to create an l shaped design or into a double desk with enough space for a monitor stand, laptop, and more!

6. L-Shaped Desk with Gold and Marble

Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk Corner Gaming Computer Desk Office Workstation Modern Home Study Writing Wooden Table (Large, White Marbling+ Gold Frame)

If you want one other desk organization tool in your arsenal, consider an L-shaped desk with reversible panels! This marble-inspired desk has a gold frame with a white marble desktop. It’s perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your office space. The desk also includes a minimalist design, perfect for small offices or home offices.

This L-shaped desk is perfect for those who want a chic and stylish office space. The desk is easy to assemble and can be configured to fit into any corner of your room. The corner edge is perfectly cut to fit into any corner, which is perfect for those that want to keep their office organized and clutter-free!

Complete the look by buying your favorite gold and marble office accessories! You can find matching pens, paperweights, and even picture frames to create a cohesive look. For chair ideas, consider a white or gray office chair or a comfy armchair. The best thing about marble is that it goes with just about everything!

7. T-Shaped Desk

Tribesigns 90.5 inch Computer Desk, Extra Long Two Person Desk with Storage Shelves, Double Workstation Office Desk Study Writing Desk for Home Office (White, 90.5x21.7 in)

Want to create a shared workspace for two? Then, you need a T-shaped desk! This desk is perfect for couples or roommates who want to have their own space but still be able to share a workspace. The desk includes two writing surfaces and a shared center shelf.

This T-shaped desk has a white finish, but you can find dozens of other materials and colors to choose from!

For a unique workspace, consider using the shelf in the middle as a divider, with one side for work and the other side for play. You can use it to store your laptop, printer, or other office supplies on one side and use the other side for a gaming setup or as a home bar! If you have kids or are looking for a unique office space that encourages teamwork, consider combining two t shaped desks to form a larger x-shaped desk with seating for four! This is the perfect configuration for a family home office or a small business.

8. U-shaped Desk

PAKASEPT U- Shaped Desk with Lift Top, Sit to Stand L Shaped Computer Desk, Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Storage Shelves and 3 Desktop for Home Office

If you want to create a workspace that is both functional and stylish, consider a U-shaped desk! This type of desk is perfect for those who need a lot of surface area to work. It can also be used as a standing desk, thanks to the adjustable height feature.

Many people find u shaped desks desirable due to their enclosed design. This allows you to have more privacy while working, as well as keep your workspace more organized. The desk also includes plenty of storage space, thanks to the shelving at various heights.

This U-shaped desk has a modern design and is made from high-quality materials. It’s perfect for those who want a stylish and functional workspace, as well as a more Earthy aesthetic.

9. L-Shaped Desk with LED Lights

Rolanstar Computer Desk Carbon Fiber Surface with Drawer,55" L Shaped Computer Corner Gaming Desk with LED Strip & Power Outlets and Monitor Stand,Home Office Desk with USB Port&Hook,Black

Want a rugged and industrial chic desk that looks amazing in a gaming room and has integrated LED lights? This desk is perfect for you, as it has a carbon fiber finish that is stylish and makes it one of the best durable furniture pieces for your office. The desk also includes power outlets and USB ports, so you can keep your devices charged while you work or game.

The beautiful LED strip helps create a retro, yet mellow look while also providing plenty of task lighting. The desk is also roomy enough to accommodate multiple monitors, a gaming setup, or other office equipment. The removable hooks make it easy to add or remove accessories as needed. Use its exposed shelves and storage drawers to organize your work area or display fun memorabilia.

This L-shaped desk with LED lights is the perfect addition to any modern office or home. It’s stylish, and durable, and includes plenty of features that make it perfect for those who need to amp up their gaming center! Combine it with another decorative lighting, such as neon signs, and your favorite gaming chair for a complete setup.

10. Walnut L Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture Somerset 60W L Shaped Desk with Storage in Fresh Walnut

This walnut L-shaped desk is drop-dead gorgeous and perfect for those who want a stylish desk that makes a statement. The rich wood grain is beautiful, and the desk includes plenty of storage space thanks to the cabinets and drawers.

The desk is also very functional, thanks to the keyboard tray, ball-bearing slides that can store paperwork and make it easy to file, and removable and adjustable shelves! Its design almost looks like a buffet table and would look great in any dining room, kitchen, or office. With a 6-year manufacturer warranty, this is the perfect desk for those who want quality and style.

Pair it with a beautiful boho-inspired rug and some plants, and you have a perfect workspace! You can also place your favorite colorful mouse pad on top to add a pop of color.

11. Rustic Walnut Executive Desk

Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Drawers Cabinet Set, Large Executive Office Desk with Shelves, Industrial Business Furniture Workstation for Home Office, Rustic Walnut

You deserve to feel like an executive, and this rustic walnut desk will make you feel just that. The desk is handmade from beautiful and durable particle board faux wood, and it includes plenty of storage space thanks to the drawers and filing cabinets. The storage unit can be used separately, so there are tons of ways you can configure this desk to fit your needs!

Use the filing cabinet as a separate storage unit, or keep it close to the desk to create an L-shaped workstation. The storage unit comes with two filing cabinets and exposed shelves, along with wheels! Consider using these wheels to your advantage by rolling the storage unit out when you need more space to work, or keeping it close by when you want more of a compact desk.

This is the perfect desk for those who want a rustic and industrial chic look in their office or home. The walnut finish is beautiful, and the desk is extremely functional thanks to all of its storage. This desk is perfect for those who also need plenty of legroom, as this desk was engineered with extra space in mind. Finally, the beautiful light wood grain finish and metal frame give this desk a luxurious look that will make you feel like a boss! Complete the look with a matching executive leather chair and some fun office decor, such as a world map or a set of motivational prints. With an executive desk as handsome as this one, you’ll be excited to get to work each day!

12. Bookshelf Desk Combination

Tangkula Computer Desk with 4 Shelves, Study Writing Desk with Storage Bookshelves Metal Frame & Adjustable Foot Pads, Large Tower Computer Desk Home Office Desk

This desk is one of our favorites on Amazon, thanks to its large bookshelf-style open shelving and writing tabletop. This desk is perfect for those who need plenty of storage and want to be able to see everything they own at a glance. The desk is made from MDF wood and includes three spacious open shelves, perfect for storing books, notebooks, binders, plants, and a computer tower! The writing surface is the perfect size for a laptop or tablet, and there’s even more storage with a second exposed shelf on the bottom of the tabletop.

This budget-friendly desk is perfect for those who want a stylish and functional desk without breaking the bank. The simple design is perfect for small spaces, and the light wood finish will match any decor and perfectly pair with natural light. This desk is also perfect for those who want a more unique look, as the open shelving gives you the opportunity to style the shelves however you want! Get creative with this bookshelf and writing desk in one, and use it as an opportunity to show off your personality. Consider some hanging plants off the top shelf or some fun office accessories on the lower shelf. You could even use the open shelving as a way to display your favorite books! However you style it, this desk is sure to become your new favorite piece of furniture.

13. U-Shaped Dark Desk with Hutch

Bestar Ridgeley U-Shaped Executive Desk with Pedestal and Hutch, 65W, Dark Chocolate

For those that want a desk that makes a statement, this u shaped desk with a hutch offers maximum storage and a powerful look. The desk includes one utility drawer, one legal letter-size filing drawer, each with full extension ball-bearing slides, one open storage area, and even a keyboard shelf. Brushed nickel handles complete the look, as do adjustable shelves and two closed storage areas. In addition to ample storage, the dark wood finish is perfect for those who want a more formal look in their office, and the sleek design is sure to make you feel like a boss! The two-tone finish is also perfect for those who want to add a bit of contrast to their office space. Finally, the u-shaped design offers plenty of legroom, making this desk perfect for those who need to spread out. Combine this with modern office furniture and decor for a look that is sure to impress. Opt for chrome or steel accents to really make this desk pop, or keep it simple with a white or light-colored chair. No matter how you style it, this desk is sure to become the centerpiece of your office!

Are L-Shaped Desks More Productive?

L-shaped desks are often thought to be more productive than traditional, rectangular desks. This is because they offer more surface area and can therefore accommodate more people and more equipment. Additionally, L-shaped desks tend to be more ergonomic, as they allow you to position your computer screen and keyboard in a way that is most comfortable for you, ensuring you’re not wasting precious time and energy reaching for things. Finally, L-shaped desks often come with built-in storage, which can help you keep your desk organized and free of clutter. This can in turn help you stay focused and productive while you’re working.

Can Two People Work At an L-Shaped Desk?

You can easily combine two L-shaped desks to create a U-shaped desk, which is perfect for two people. This setup offers plenty of surface area and storage and can help you make the most of your office space. Additionally, it’s easy to add additional monitors or computers to a U-shaped desk, making it the perfect option for those who need to stay home while working.

How Do You Feng Shui on an L-Shaped Desk?

If you want to get rid of negative energy, there’s no need to Feng Shui your whole house—just your desk! Here are some tips on how to do Feng Shui on an L-shaped desk:

  • Position your desk so that you have a clear view of the door but not directly in front of it. This will help you feel more secure and focused while you’re working and is known as the command position.
  • Keep your desk clean and clutter-free. A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind, so make sure to declutter your space on a regular basis.
  • Add some green to your desk. Plants not only look nice, but they also help to purify the air and create a more positive environment.

Incorporate elements of nature. If you can’t have a plant, try adding a stone or crystal to your desk. This will help to ground you and promote positive energy flow.