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Create a Peaceful Feng Shui House

If you are looking for a way to create a peaceful and calm home with positive energy all around, consider these tips for your feng shui house.

The concept of feng shui may be familiar to you, or it could be an entirely new way of thinking about how your home is laid out. Feng shui is an idea born in China of a system of laws that govern spatial arrangement and orientation. Feng shui house design is used to control the flow of energy around objects and in spaces and takes into consideration the favorable and unfavorable arrangements of things, rooms, and buildings.

The concepts of feng shui can be used in interior design to declutter a space and emphasize the most appealing parts of your home. A lot of the concepts used in feng shui are just basic interior design tricks that can also serve to clean and brighten your home. Here are a few feng shui tips to get started on your feng shui house!

Find what makes you happy

Part of creating your feng shui house is getting rid of clutter. In addition to the stuff we don’t really need and the things we need to organize, there may be objects in your home that weigh you down with their presence. Basically, to clean your home feng shui-style, keep the things you love in your house and get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy.

Decluttering your home can allow you to slowly but surely let go of some of the things that you don’t need, but might need some time to say goodbye to. You can also take care of clutter room by room so that the job doesn’t seem overwhelming.

Find the air and light

We hear a lot about maximizing the natural light in your home, but what about the air? Too often we are stuck in rooms with closed windows and curtains shut tightly. A good feng shui house practice is to utilize every bit of natural light that you can and bring in fresh air to rooms in your home.

This can mean opening windows to let in the breeze or strategically placing air-purifying plants around your home.

Consider the basics of feng shui

The basics of feng shui are built on the idea of the five feng shui elements. These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Using an energy map of your home in combination with the five elements, you can strengthen the areas of your life that are associated with specific places in your home.

Positive energy for your feng shui house

We know when we walk into a place that has negative energy and can feel how these places impact our own selves. Your home is the same way; in order to benefit from your feng shui house, you need to keep the energy in your home positive.

The practices of feng shui help guide the energy in your home, but you can also be mindful of this energy to see where it can be improved. Your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are the ‘trinity’ rooms that impact your well-being the most.

Personal feng shui

There are other aspects of feng shui that are personal to you, such as the element and direction that are most beneficial for you. These factors can also be considered when using feng shui in your home. There are more advanced ways of designing your home according to the methods of feng shui, but these foundation ideas can help put your home in the right direction.

Check your home's color palate

Colors like yellow can be energizing.


Feng shui house

Feng shui is a Chinese method of connecting with energy in your home.


Use plants to brighten your home

Plants can help with air quality and bring life into a room.


5 feng shui elements

The 5 elements are the foundation of feng shui.


Big, open windows, balanced dining area

Good feng shui utilizes the natural light in your home.


Choose your colors wisely

Rooms with soothing colors can create a calm, regenerating energy.


Declutter and clean your spaces

A room can be bright, functional, and filled with things that bring you joy.


Feng shui mirrors

Use mirrors throughout your home to increase light.


Personal feng shui

Your personal elements may be wood and metal, which can lead you to unique interior design ideas.


Choose your elements in your home

Individuals with metal or water designs can choose light colors, bright lights, and other interior options for their elements.