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35 Types of Tables For Your Home (Buying Guide)

Looking for furniture for your home? Before you hit the stores for your furniture, check out this buying guide for all the different types of tables.

Close up of small white round coffee table with open book, glasses, coffee, phone and potted plant on it, gray couch with tan throw blanket draped over the back, large window in background letting in sunlight

When you have a home, you spend a lot of time making it perfect. Not only do you need to furnish your home, but you also need to decorate it. It can be stressful, but it does not have to be. It can also be fun a lot of fun. 

You may find that items you see in the store you love look completely different in your home. You might not know which furniture you want to buy first. Most people cannot afford to furnish every room in their house. 

You must understand the different pieces of furniture to determine what you need. A table, for example, is an essential piece of furniture that you must have. There are many different types of tables, from dining room tables to living room tables to accent tables. 

While many people think that a table should be decorative, that is not always the case. You can have tables that are both functional and decorative. Before you hit the stores for your furniture, check out this buying guide for all the different types of tables. 

Types of Tables For Your Home 

Accent Tables

Living room with gray couch and chair, two small round wooden tables with book an plant on them

An accent table can be many different types of tables. They can be end tables, coffee tables, or console tables, just to name a few. An accent table is intended to highlight a space or area in your room.

They are decorative in nature and most likely will not be functional. However, they can help to add dimension to your room. You can even use a shelf or an old trunk as an accent table. Accent tables tend to be on the small side. 

Antique Table

Tall brown wooden antique console table

An antique table can be just about any type of table. There is furniture that has been constructed to look weathered and like an antique, but it is not. 

The actual tables that are antiques are close to 200 years old. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of antiques, what tables from each period look like, and what they are worth.

Some antique furniture is expensive, while other sellers attach a high price to something that really is not that expensive. 

Bar Table

Tall metal bar height table with 3 stools with blue padding on the seats

A bar table is one that is high, so high that it requires a bar stool. Bar tables can come in various shapes, including round, square, or rectangular. These tables are smaller.

A bar table does not seat many people. These tables are often chest-height when you are standing in front of them. They typically have sturdy bases to withstand their weight. 

These tables tend to be heavy and are not often moved once put in place. As a result, these tables are ideal for a home with a full bar. 

Bedside Table

Close up of bedside table with a gift and a cup of black coffee, next to a bed with a white headboard and white bedding

Another name for a bedside table is a nightstand. Typically, most bedrooms have two bedside tables in them. However, it is not unusual to see only one bedside table in a bedroom, especially if it is a smaller-sized bedroom. 

A bedside table is usually within arms reach of you when you are in bed. It gives you a place to put items before going to sleep. For example, you might place your glasses, book, electronic device, and alarm clock on them. 

A bedside table may be a table, chest, cabinet, or shelving. Usually, bedside tables have at least one, if not two, drawers in them. You can find affordably priced bedside tables. 

Bunching Tables

3 wooden bunching tables

Bunching tables are also referred to as stacking tables or nesting tables. These tables can be an accent table or a coffee table. Nesting tables are two or more tables that fit together, one nested inside the other. This is ideal for homes that do not have a lot of space. 

Each table is a little bigger than the other. The table on the inside is the smallest, while the table on the outside is the largest. You can also use the tables separately. These tables are a fun way to have more than one table, but they take up less storage space. 

C Tables

Silver metal and brown rollong c-table

A C table is a unique-looking table that is in the shape of a C. It is considered to be a side table. This gives you the ability to move it around and over a bed, sofa, or chair. 

You can pull the table closer to you when you need. You can also push it away when you do not. It gives you the ability to place your laptop, book, or drink on it. You can use it for food, too. 

A C table is usually simple in design but can be made from different materials. 

Card Table

Small white and silver card table

A card table is excellent for entertaining family and friends. You can also use it for activities, crafts, and games. Card tables come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. 

Most card tables are collapsable and have legs that fold in, which is why is it also called a folding table. Some card tables fold in half and are easy to store. There are three common shapes in which you can find a card table: square, circle, and rectangle. 

The standard size round card table is 42 inches to 48 inches in diameter. It can seat three to five people. Common square card tables are 34 x 34 inches or 38 x 38 inches. They can seat four people. 

A rectangular card table starts around 36 x 24 inches but can be as large as 48 x 92 inches. The number of people it can seat varies by size. 

Cocktail Table

Room with hardwood flooring, a painted white brick wall, a window letting in natural light, a square wooden and metal coffee table and matching shelf

A cocktail table is a stylish addition to your home. They can be used as a centerpiece inside or outside on a patio. Cocktail tables hold drinks and snacks and tend to be the topic of conversation. 

These tables are smaller in size but can still hold a number of drinks or platters. In addition, they are compact enough that they do not take up a large amount of space. 

A cocktail table and coffee table tend to be used interchangeably, but they are different. Historically, a cocktail table has been square and low to the ground, while a coffee table is round. 

Coffee Tables

Living room with asage green colored couch, 2 different size coffee tables and a bookshelf with books and plant, a colorful area rug and matching throw pillows and drapes, natural sunlight

As I mentioned above, coffee tables and cocktail tables are often confused and mislabeled. For example, a coffee table is round, while a cocktail table is square or rectangular. 

A coffee table is typically placed in front of the sofa. This is where most people put their drinks, a coffee table book, small decorations, a remote for the tv, and various other items.

Some experts state a coffee table must be two-thirds the length of your sofa. However, coffee tables come in various sizes, styles, and materials. Today, you will find square tables in front of the couch, and it will be called a coffee table. 

Conference Table

Conference room on upper level of building, walls lined with windows letting in natural light displaying the tall buildings all around, extremely long black conference table lined with black leather chairs

A conference table is typically associated with doing business. You often find them in conference rooms. They are usually long and rectangular. 

Conference tables are the place where people can meet, talk, share ideas, and do work. They may have a space to plug in phones or other electronics. 

While these tables are often rectangular, they can also be round or square, depending on the office’s needs. If the room is smaller, a round table is best. For larger rooms, you should consider rectangular options. 

Console Table

White wall with wooden wall decor, black and wooden console table againts wall, small porcelain vase with  wheat in it on table

Console tables may also be referred to as end tables or sofa tables; however, that is not always accurate. A console table is thin, long, narrow, and fits perfectly behind a sofa. They are often found in entryways.

A console table can add dimension to your decor as well as provide a place you can place your keys. When they first made an appearance in the 17th century, they were attached to walls with brackets. 

Today, a console table has legs and stand on their own. They range from 30 inches to 36 inches tall and are ideal when you do not have a lot of space. Console tables are durable and sturdy. In addition, they hold up a fair amount of weight. 

You may find a console table that has a closet or cupboard where items can be stored. 

Computer Table

White wall, white desk and brown wooden chair, silver laptop and white container of paintbrushes on desk

A computer table is built to be used for computers. You may hear it referred to as a computer desk. Computer tables often have holes in the back where cords can fit to keep them contained. 

You may find computer tables that have shelves and drawers. There is a large amount of variation in computer tables. Computer days are often simple, but you can find more modern versions.

Some computer tables have hydraulics and can move to allow you to stand up or sit down.

Custom Table

Wood floor, cream couch, white potted plant next to couch, small custom table made from a slice of a tree trunk with gold metal legs

This type of table can be just about anything. This table is customized to be precisely what you want and need. It can be any size, material, and color. You can place a custom table any way you want. 

You will have to find someone that can make a customized table for you. These are typically craftspeople and artisans that specialize in custom furniture. These also tend to be decorative tables.

Dining Table

Formal dining room with an all marble table and white and black leather chairs, table set with place settings and candles and flowers as the centerpiece, tile floors and big open windows letting in the sunlight

A dining table is usually intended to seat six or more people. It may have leaves you can remove or add in to provide more space and seating. Dining tables are in dining rooms and are not used often. 

A dining table is reserved for a special occasion or an event where you have dinner for a large number of people. Dining tables have seen many periods, trends, and styles. They can vary widely in price from affordable to incredibly expensive. However, they tend to have a classic and timeless style with durable construction. 

Dining tables are big enough to hold a buffet while still having enough room for people to sit and eat. These tables are intended to be inviting. This means they take up a fair amount of space. 

It is essential that you consider the room and number of people you plan to have at the table when determining the size you need. While a traditional dining table is rectangular, you can also find them in circular, round, or square shapes. 

Dressing Table

Bedroom with white tile floors, soft blue walls, a white vanity with a large mirror with built in lights on either side, flowers and perfume on vanity, gray apholstered  chair, drapes pulled to the side of window

Dressing tables became popular in Hollywood in the 1950s and 60s. They were a sign of glamor and beauty. A dressing table is a complete piece of furniture unit that has a mirror, a table with drawers, and a chair or stool. 

A dressing table can hold extra items like clothes and accessories, but it often contains make-up and hair items. These tables usually have drawers to store all the items you often lose, such as lipstick and make-up. They are often referred to as vanity tables. 

Drink Tables

Small wooden circular drink table with thin metal legs

A drink table is usually small and has just enough room for a drink. This is how it got its name. These tables can be tall but are generally shorter. 

These tables are commonly found in hotels or bars, but many people choose them for their homes as well. Drink tables are often statement pieces that match your decor. 

They can be fancy or simple, depending on your style and taste. For example, a drink table may also be a place for a decretive item or a plant.

Drum Tables

Close up of a wooden drum tabletop

A drum table looks similar to the musical instrument drum. It originated in the 1700s and is a heavy circular table. The drum table of today is often a side table or end table. It may even be referred to as a coffee table. 

Traditionally, drum tables are made from a dark wood like mahogany but can often be found in a lighter wood or metals. These tables often have a cabinet door for storage.

Drum tables are smaller and are a convenient addition to any room. Some drum tables have intricate designs or a polished look to them. 

End Table

Room with large open window, gray couch with yellow and blue throw pillows and a square end table with a black and gold lamp on it

You will find that end tables are similar to accent tables. The terms are often used interchangeably. You will typically find an end table on either end of a sofa. There may be one table on only one side, or both ends of the couch may have a table. 

End tables provide a convenient place for food, drinks, remote controls, phones, and just about anything you want to put down. You will often see end tables with lamps on them. 

When selecting an end table, you want to ensure that it lines up with the ends of your sofa. You do not want it to extend beyond the side of the couch. 

These are compact and durable tables that do not take up a lot of room. They can provide you a space for items without making the room look overly cluttered. 

Farmhouse Table

All wood farmhouse style kitchen table with 2 bench seats

Farmhouse tables are usually weathered looking, heavy, and wood. They have details such as intricate molding. It is common to find them in a lighter wood color or white wood. You may even see them with legs that are a different color wood than the top of the table. 

Not only is a farmhouse table a place to eat and gather, but it stands on its own as a piece of art. The legs of the farmhouse table are what make it stand out. 

It could have tapered legs that are thin and streamlined, giving the table a more modern look. Turned legs have many rounded edges and give the table a country vibe. Instead, it may have square and chunky legs. You may even find a farmhouse table with one base in the middle of the table instead of legs. 

A farmhouse table may be used in a dining room for occasional meals. It can also be found in the kitchen, where it is used for everyday meals. 

Foosball Table

Room with old wood floors, sunlight coming through windows and glass doors, old wooden foosball table

A foosball table is a tabletop game table that is often found in game rooms, arcades, and sports bars. You may hear it referred to as table football or table soccer. 

It is a football inspired game where two players spin handles to move their players. There are different styles of foosball tables, with some being more luxurious than others. 

The balls for the table may be made from wood, plastic metal, or even marble, depending on your preference. The standard size for a full-sized foosball table is 56 inches. However, you can find a smaller version at about 54 inches.

This gives you a slightly smaller table without sacrificing the playing surface dimensions. Most full-size tables are two and a half feet wide and nearly five feet long. 

You can expect the dimensions of a standard full-size table to be 29 to 30 inches wide, 54 to 56 inches long, and 34 to 36 inches tall.

Foyer Tables

Elegant entryway with white walls with crown moulding and dark hardwood flooring, an entryway table against wall, tall vertical gold frame on the wall above it

A foyer table is a table that is in the entryway of your home. Depending on your house’s size, it may be called an entryway or an entry hall. These tables are often intended to make a statement and add to your home’s decor. 

A foyer table can be a space to place keys, phones, or mail. There are different types of foyer tables, including accent tables, desk style tables, console tables, or hall tables. 

A foyer table is usually positioned so that it is up against a wall. It is not often by itself without being near a wall. 

Game Table

View of a green felt poker table from above, red chairs around table, cards faced down at each seat, 5 cards face up in the center of the table, poker chips lined up off to the side

A game table can be used to describe many different types of tables where you can play games. These may include a pool table, a billiards table, a poker table, a foosball table, and many other types of tables.

A game table can also be a table that is covered in felt and used for many different games. These are often card games but could also be games like dominoes or mahjong.  

Glass Table

Dining room on upper level of a home, tile flooring, dark gray wall with large gold framed mirror hanging on it, glass oval table with cream colored chairs, gorgeous views out the wall of windows of the city, sun setting behind the mountains,

A glass table is a table with a glass top to it. However, the table’s bottom, base, or feet are not typically glass. Instead, they may be metal, wood, or some other material. 

These tables are low maintenance, except for wiping of smudges, fingerprints, and smears. In addition, the glass used for a glass table is thick and slightly more durable. 

The glass for a glass table is a thick slab that can handle significant weight and pressure. It is, however, still glass and somewhat fragile. It can break and has sharp edges.

A glass table provides a modern look to a space. However, a glass table is muted and understated. Therefore, it may not be the best option for homes with small children. 

Industrial Table

Kitchen with a massive island, lighting underneath and room for 6 stools, hard wood floor and black and gray large pendant lighting hanging from ceiling,

An industrial table is one that is constructed from more modern materials, like exposed steel, metal, or distressed wood. 

Industrial tables are often regarded as a work of art. They often combine more than one medium. An industrial table may also have replica machine parts in it. 

While these are functional tables, they are intended to be statement pieces. Therefore, they will attract attention in any room they are placed. 

Kitchen Table

All white kitchen, potted plants and flowers, natural sunlight coming in from winow above sink

This may seem silly to state, but kitchen tables are found in the kitchen. These tables are intended to be used every day by you and your family. They are the strong and steady part of your kitchen. 

Kitchen tables are used for more than just meals. This is where homework, studying, arts and crafts, games, and just conversation happen regularly. 

The size, design, and material vary widely for kitchen tables. They may be small and seat only two people, but they could be larger and seat eight. The average table seats four to six. 

There was a time when the kitchen table was the only table in a house. As a result, this is where everything happened. In a house with a dining room, the kitchen table is for informal dining. 

Laminate Table

Luxury hotel seating area with cream colored couch and chairs, large brown area rug on tile floors, drapes pulled to the side of the large window, chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling

A laminate table has a tabletop constructed with a man-made product that looks like wood but really is not wood. Instead, it is plastic that has been printed with a wood look. It is intended to be an affordable alternative to real wood. 

It is recommended when considering a laminate table that you choose one that is high-end so that it does not look cheap. Laminate rose to popularity in the 1960s. 

One primary consideration with a laminate table is standing water. If water sits on the table, it soaks through and expands the particle board underneath. Unfortunately, when this happens, it cannot be repaired or fixed. 

Marble Table

Close up of a white and black marble table top

A marble table is a stunning option to add to your home. A marble tabletop can be on any type of table, from a side table to a coffee table. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. 

While marble is beautiful, it is not the most durable. It will scratch and needs regular maintenance. Marble must be sealed once a year. You must use coasters with it and clean it with cleaners specifically made for marble. 

Marble can be refinished, but it must be handled by a professional. 

Metal Table 

Circular metal table

A metal table adds depth to your room, making this table a centerpiece. Metal is sturdy and does not damage easily unless you are using copper.

Metal tables are heavy and not ideal for moving often. You should consider sealing the metal or painting it to avoid rust if you live in an area with a lot of humidity. 

There are so many styles and designs for metal tables they are no longer reserved for just commercial settings. Instead, you may find these tables constructed from steel, aluminum, cast iron, and many other metals. 

Ottoman Tables

Close up of a small white and gray rug on a light gray wood floor, round gray ottoman matching the gray couch

An ottoman table is a multi-purpose table that gives you an ottoman and a table. These are ideal for basements or more casual rooms. There are also ottomans with a tabletop that is intended to be just a table. 

This may cause people to put their feet up on the table, so you want to ensure you are comfortable with that. 

Patio Table

Sunny day black metal framed in patio, green grass, brown wooden table and chair set

Patio tables are intended to sit outside on a patio, deck, or porch. They are durable and can handle extreme weather. Unfortunately, there was a time when the only patio table and furniture that was available was white and plastic.

Those days are over as a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials are available for a patio table. The material you select depends on your style and budget. Likewise, the size you select will depend on your available space. 

Ping Pong Table

Sunny day, green grass, blue ping pong table with red paddles

A ping pong table is also referred to as a table tennis table. This is a game table that allows you to play games with friends. Ping pong tables have a net that divides the table in half. 

You and your friends use paddles to hit a plastic ball back and forth. These tables come in various sizes. A regulation size table is 9ft x 5ft x 2.5ft. Commonly, many people have a non-regulation sized table, which is 6ft x 3ft x 2.5ft.

Pool Table

Elegant game room with blue felt pool table, projector and screen for movies, modern shaped brown leather sectionals

Pool tables are used to play pool or pocket billiards. They have a solid frame with six pockets on the sides. There is a playing field on the top of the table that is made from wool cloth or polyester. 

Pool tables come in many sizes, finishes, and styles. The standard sizes are seven foot, eight foot, and nine foot. They can be found in bars, but many people have them in their homes.  

Shabby Chic Table

Close up of an old metal table with a distressed teal wooden top, bushes in the background, sunny day

A shabby chic table is similar to a farmhouse table, but the wood is that is used differently. These tables tend to have a flea market style to them. 

Shabby chic is a combination of old and mismatched furniture. For example, a shabby chic table has soft colors and fake patinas. These tables may be made out of recycled material. 

TV Table

Close up of a light wood folding tv table

The TV table made its debut in the 1950s when Americans were finding themselves spending a significant amount of time in front of the TV. This was also the same time that TV dinners made an appearance. They are also called TV tray tables or personal tables. 

These tables made it easy for people to eat in front of the TV without making a mess. They are sold in sets of four and usually come with a storage rack that keeps them neat and out of the way. 

While the first TV tray was made from lightweight aluminum, you can find them today in various materials, colors, and designs. 

Wood Table

Rustic kitchen and dining room with wooden and tile combinationfor flooring, wooden beams on the ceiling, white walls, large rustic wooden table with tan colored leather chairs, place setting at each chair, large wooden lights hanging from ceiling above table

A solid wood is an excellent option for durability and strength. Solid odd tables can be sanded, stained, painted, and then re-sanded as needed. As a result, they last for a long time and hold their value. Solid wood tables can be made from just about any type of wood and tend to be expensive. 

Are Tables Furniture?

Yes, tables are considered an essential piece of furniture. Therefore, tables are mentioned in the definition of the word furniture. 

Why a Dining Table Is Important 

A dining room table brings people together to share food and conversation. It allows more people to sit together and have a comfortable room. It gives them a place to sit and leave the day’s chaos behind.

How To Choose The Right Size Kitchen Table

The recommendation is for a kitchen table to be at least 36 inches wide. This gives you enough room for place settings and food. If you want a centerpiece or turntable, you may want an extra wide table. 

You should allow two feet for each person to give them the appropriate amount of space. You want to have 42 to 48 inches between the table and the walls. 

How To Fit A Dining Table In A Small Kitchen

When trying to fit a dining table into a small space, you may have to be creative. For example, you should not be afraid to block a window. Normally, you would not do this, but if space is limited, you may have to.

You can consider getting slimmer chairs. Bulky chairs take up space under and around the table. If you keep them slim, you have more room. 

You can take advantage of a corner and use L shaped benches, or put the table against a wall and place a bench on the side of the table to save space.