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47 Types of Marble Design and Ideas

Find out more about the many types of marble design for your project and learn to start how to apply them to your ideas.

Different types of marble design

When you think of the most luxurious material in a high-end home, do you immediately think of Marble? There is a good reason for that! Throughout history, all types of Marble have been used in the most affluent homes and buildings.

It is available in a wide variety of hues, patterns, and forms; as a result, it is one of the most well-loved materials used in interior decoration. This natural stone is the best option for homeowners who want to remodel their homes in a classic and timeless style.

Various types of marble tiles
Various types of marble tiles for specification.

However, there are so many types of Marble with similar characteristics that it can be difficult to tell them apart. You can tell Marble apart from the veining, pattern, color intensity, and where the Marble quarry is located.

Homeowners worldwide always look for varieties and new ways to use Marble in their homes. The massive selection of marble options can make it overwhelming to choose your favorite! We have created the most comprehensive guide available on the different types of Marble.

What are the main types of Marble?

Specify several varieties of marble tiles
Specify several varieties of marble tiles in square cut.

There is nothing better than Marble to add luxury and value to your home instantly. While there are a lot of imitations on the market, many homeowners and designers find no acceptable alternative to replace the luxury of authentic Marble. It has always been considered the top material for high-end homes and buildings and will continue to stand the test of time.

Many Marble types are well known in terms of their popularity around the globe. A few famous varieties are Carrara Marble, Statuary Marble, Calacatta Marble, Emperador Marble, Calcutta Marble, and Crema Marfil Marble. Some are rare and revered because of their cost and scarcity. In contrast, others are readily available and used more often in residential construction.

Most homeowners choose marble countertops or floors based on color, look, and price. From black to pink and all shades in between, many types are suitable for use inside the home. However, white Marble is considered the most popular and traditional choice.

Is Marble a natural stone?

A quarry of marble stone
A quarry of marble stone with trees growing.

Marble is without a doubt the most sophisticated and luxurious natural stone available. It is especially true when one considers the numerous kinds that are now accessible. The natural allure of this stone makes it an adaptable component for a wide variety of remodeling endeavors, whether inside or outdoors.

Marble is taken from stone quarries located throughout the world. Then the rock slabs of the different varieties are transported to production facilities where they undergo further cleaning and are finished.

The ancient Greeks and Romans prized natural stone as a building material and went to great lengths to get it. It symbolized culture, tradition, and the royal family’s power throughout history. Marble continues to be used in the world’s most exclusive institutions for its ability to convey an air of luxury.

White Marble

A large white marble suitable for house use
A large white marble suitable for household uses.

Marble with a uniform background in shades of white is one of the most timeless options. The Ancient cities in Greece used white Marble to erect some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Throughout history, Romans used marble slabs to cover brick buildings. Eventually, they started building marble cities, and many marble landmarks remain today.

Because white goes well with every decor style and design plan, you have many options when choosing white or grey Marble for your home. Use this marble type in small places, such as bathrooms, because it can make a small space feel open and bright. The most popular use of this natural stone is for marble countertops to upgrade a kitchen instantly.

#1 Carrara marble

 White or blue-grey marble stone.
An Italian white or blue-grey marble stone.

Carrara is an exquisite Italian natural stone marble and the most common marble type. The Carrara marble originates from quarries in the Tosco-Emilian Apennines in Italy.

Traditional Italian Carrara marble has a white or light grey background. It typically exhibits refined grains with irregular gray veining that resemble marks made by a feather.

Throughout the Renaissance and Baroque eras, this Marble was one of the world’s most renowned marbles. Michelangelo Buonarroti used Carrara marble to create the iconic sculpture of David.

Because it is so common and readily available, it is one of the most affordable marble types on the market. It is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops or a light colored marble floor.

#2 Calacatta marble

White marble with broad, beautiful veins
A rich white marble with broad, beautiful veins.

Calacatta marble is an excellent choice for use as a countertop material if you are searching for a high-end type of Marble. Due to how rare it is, Calacatta marble is at the top of the marble hierarchy and is considered a luxury stone. This marble type is one of the most costly in the market.

Calacatta is a bright white marble that typically exhibits fine grey veins broken up by tiny amber and golden notes. It dates back to the Renaissance and Baroque eras and is still used today in luxury homes and hotels.

#3 Statuary marble

The mountain quarries in the Carrara area in Italy are the source of another type of Marble called Statuario or Statuary Marble.

The backdrop of this marble stone is a dazzling bright white, with dramatic veining consisting of grey veins in light gray tones.

#4 Michelangelo marble

Calacatta Michelangelo is a luxury marble with a timeless appeal. Each piece is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art. The delicate grey veining in this marble type is subtle and looks fantastic with a minimalist design scheme.

#5 Arabescato Breccia

Beautiful contrast on white calcite marble.
Beautiful contrast on white calcitic marble.

Arabescato Breccia is a white calcitic type of Marble. It has a stark contrast between the white background and the grey or brown veins.

#6 Bianco Laso

Marble veins that are almost subtle shading
White marble veins that are almost subtle shading.

Bianco Laso is another type of white calcite. It has a white base with blue-grey veins that coordinate well with stainless steel appliances.

#7 White Macael marble

White marble with medium-grained and uniform appearance, with white and grey tones
White marble with medium-grained and uniform appearance, with white and grey tones, alternating.

Macael White marble is from Almeria, Spain, in the Macael region, where it has been used in all the great Spanish architecture throughout history. It has a uniform appearance with many shades of grey and white. 

#8 Calacatta Lincoln

Clean white marble backdrop with subtle yet visible charcoal-grey pattern
Clean white marble backdrop with subtle yet visible charcoal-grey decorative patterns.

While most Marble comes from outside the U.S.A., the Calacatta Lincoln comes from the state of Colorado. It was discovered in 1873. The Lincoln Memorial Centre was built from this unique Marble and was named Lincoln after it. It has a white background with soft grey veining and some silver.

#9 Bianco Lilac

White marble is a chic, stylish white stone with violet-blue vein
White marble is a chic, stylish white stone with violet-blue veining.

Bianco Lilac has a grayish-white base. The veins in this Marble look like tree branches and have colors that range from black to violet.

#10 Thassos White marble

Thassos marble is made of dolomite and has a base made of crystal. It is one of the whitest marbles available. Its name comes from the Greek island of Thassos. There is a beach at Saliara called the “marble beach” because it is so clear and smooth, just like the Thassos marble.

#11 Bianco Monte

Brazil is where Monte Bianco, a type of white Marble, is mined. This stone is perfect for monuments, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pools, and other design projects. 

It can also be used for interior and exterior walls and floors. It was also known as Mount White Marble, Montebianco, and Monte Bianco Marmol. Monte Bianco can be polished, sawn, cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, tumbled, and so on.

#12 Blanco Tranco marble

A marble with gray and gold tones
A marble stone with gray and gold tones.

Blanco Tranco is another type of Marble from Spain. It is shown here with darker and more prominent veining featuring streaks of gold. It is similar to the White Macael marble and is used as its alternative. Blanco tranco Marble is terrific for exterior cladding and even kitchen worktops.

#13 Mystery White Marble

Mystery of white Marble is soft white, with thin lines of gold. The white tones give the natural stone light and airy feeling. The stone has a pattern that looks like feathers made of crystals.

#14 Volakas Marble

White marble with a strong white tint and gray cloud patterns
White marble with a strong white tint and noticeable gray cloud patterns.

Volakas is a natural stone from Greece that is white with thin gray lines running through it. Volakas have many uses, but most of the time, it is used indoors.

Beige Marble

A marble stone with shades from pale beige to dark brown
A marble stone with shades ranging from pale beige to dark brown.

Cream marble and soft Beige Marble are a perfect choice when white, and grey marbles are too cool and contemporary. The background can range from delicate and neutral tan to off-white or even yellow tones. It offers a warm and inviting look and is a reliable choice for classic interiors.

#15 Crema Marfil

Marble with silky finish and warm, soft tones such as beige.
Crema Marfil tile is noted by its silky finish and warm, soft tones such as beige.

This fine-grained Marble is known for its creamy yellow background and irregular tan streaks. Its neutral coloring combines well with other colors, which makes it popular with architects and designers.

#16 Botticino Marble

Marble with stunning light cream and white veins.
The base color of the marble tiles is oyster, with stunning light cream and white veins.

Boticcino is one of the classic Italian marbles. Its unique combination of a softer beige background with gold and white streaks makes it an appealing beige marble for various settings.

#17 Travertine

Marble with grainy texture and earth tones
Marble with a grainy texture and appealing earth tones.

How travertine is cut may result in several varied looks for the stone. This beige Marble is traditional and modern thanks to its one-of-a-kind color palette, which includes sand, earth, beige, and soft ochre.

Black Marble

Black marble with white elegant veins
Black marble with white elegant veins.

Black marble has the same simple elegance as white marble but with a more modern and edgy look. Black Marble adds a sophisticated look and is perfect to use if you are going for an attention-getting space. The background of black Marble is dark with veins of white, gray, or gold running through the stone.

Black marble tile is the best option when you want to make a statement. Like the little black dress, you can’t go wrong with black Marble. Black marble tile offers a luxury look and is a stunning choice for marble countertops. It is most commonly found in bathrooms and looks impressive when paired with white porcelain.

#18 Titanium black marble

A natural stone with spiraling white and fawn veins
A natural stone with spiraling white and fawn veins against black veins and darkest grey.

Titanium Black is a black calcite marble that is very hard with swirling veins of white and beige. This Marble can be polished, sawn, cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, or tumbled and is perfect for almost any design application.

#19 Negro Marquina

Fine grain marble, compact with a black background and many white vein
An extremely fine grain, compact with a black background and many white veins

From the Basque region of Spain, this variant is one of the most common types of Marble in the black colorway. Many homeowners choose it for its classic style. This solid black stone will often feature irregular white streaks running through it; however, it can also be polished to be completely black. It is often used for sinks or marble floors.

#20 Nero Portoro marble

Marble slabs with smooth, black backdrop accented with gold and white veining.
Marble slabs that extremely popular due to their smooth, black backdrop accented with gold and white veining.

Nero Portoro is both a bold and beautiful Marble from Italy. Each slab is very different and looks like a natural mosaic with gold and light brown patterns. This natural stone is the most expensive black Marble in the world because it is so rare and beautiful.

#21 Black Mirage marble

Marble with a stunning combination of vivid black, white, gold, and red
Marble stone with a stunning combination of vivid black, white, gold, and red.

This type of Marble has a small number of veins that often cross each other at right angles and create a beautiful play of contrasts. This stone has striking natural tones that often make it look like obsidian.

#21 Saint Laurent marble

Marble with intricate brown, white, and golden veins
Marble with intricate brown, white, and golden veins, with irregular coastal notes

Saint Laurent is a coppery marble from France that is sometimes called a semiprecious stone. It has a dark, crystalline background with thin brown, gold, and white veins sometimes accented by coral.

#22 Calatorao marble

Negro Calatorao is a sedimentary rock from Spain. It has a deep black background with white veins and rusty golden colors.

#23 Levadia Black Marble

Levadia is a Greek marble that is extracted from stone quarries in Greece. This stone has greyish and white veining in a smoke spot pattern. It is most often used for countertops.

Grey marble

A lovely room with a smooth grey marble tile
A room with a smooth grey marble tile looks lovely.

Grey marble tile is perfect for busy rooms and hiding dirt and grime. It is a soothing, neutral color that goes with any home decor style or design. Grey marble usually has subtle colorways with a background and veins ranging from pearl tones to grey ochre. Grey marble bridges the gap between the timeless tradition of white stone and the modern look of black stone.

#24 Pacific grey

Pacific Grey is an excellent option if you want something that isn’t too light or dark. The light grey background with thin white veins will still reflect white, ensuring your room looks light and bright.

#25 Pietra grey

Pietra grey is a sophisticated darker grey marble that comes from Iran. It is a grey calcite marble that is very uniform and does not have dramatic variations but has thin white streaks. The darker charcoal color is sensible for floors, and the neutral color goes with many types of interior decor.

Picasso Grey

Marble stone has various veins in 3 tones
Marble stone has various veins in black, gray, and orange colors.

Picasso grey is a white to grayish calcite marble. It features many grey veins with accents of amber woven in for a unique look. This Marble is often used as exterior cladding in luxury homes and buildings.

#26 Fior di Bosco marble

This Marble features various grey tones as the background. Fior di Bosco is a marble with a nonporous surface. There are many white fine veins, and occasionally some orange striations run throughout.

#27 Marengo Grey

A marble stone look like wet asphalt
A marble stone has the appearance of wet asphalt.

In addition to having deeper tones, Grey Marengo is a durable form of natural masonry. It is an excellent choice for use as flooring in outdoor places that get a lot of foot traffic. Like most Marble, polishing will bring out even more subtle colors and veining.

Brown Marble

If you want Marble to match your organic home filled with earth tones and natural materials, consider using one of the famous brown marble types. It works well as countertops and flooring, and the rich tones and textures can quickly elevate a dull space.

#28 Sequoia Brown Marble

You’ll notice striated patterns of brown, earth, and grey bands, similar to the trunks of American sequoia trees. This Marble is stunning in residential kitchens and bathrooms and is often used in hotels in high-traffic areas.

#29 Dark Emperador Brown Marble

A marble with mild brown tints that is finished with a polished
A marble with mild brown tints that is finished with a polished or high gloss sheen.

Dark Emperador is one of the more sophisticated brown marbles. The dark chocolate brown background looks both modern and rustic, and the white streaks spread out in web-like veining add to the organic look and feel. Architects and designers love this Marble for the elegance and drama it adds to a space.

#30 Light Emperador brown marble

A stone with a gorgeous combination of neutral tones that seamlessly swirl together
A stone with a gorgeous combination of creme, chestnuts, and neutral tones that seamlessly swirl together.

The Light Emperador marble is similar to the Dark Emperador. It is in a light shade and does not have as much drama with tonal veining patterns of cream that are more subtle against the light background.

#31 French Brown marble

If you are looking for unexpected drama, try a slab of French Brown marble. Typically slabs and marble accent walls are black, grey, or white, so going for this dark brown Marble is unique while still staying within the neutral color palette. Quarried in India, this Marble is an excellent choice for any space.

Green Marble

If you like to bring the outside in when it comes to decor, then green Marble might fit your needs. From tropical and exotic interiors to a forest or treehouse design, green Marble is fresh and creates a tranquil space reminiscent of nature.

#31 Guatemala Green marble

A serpentine green marble with dazzling white veins
A serpentine green marble with dazzling white veins sprouting from its vivid green tint.

Guatemala Green is a serpentine green marble called Indian Green or Oriental Green. The many fine white veins combined with the dark green streaks stand out in stark contrast to the background.

#33 Lady Onyx

Lady Onyx is a green Marble from India with a mostly mint green to a very light foundation. This green onyx stone has mint green as the predominant color with light tones of cream and green. It is distinguished by random twirls of green and pink and is striking when used on a large scale.

#34 Verdi Alpi Marble

Verdi Alpi is a favorite green marble of architects and designers. The countless white veins reflect light and keep the space from being, dark-especially when used on a large scale, as seen in the photo above. The varying veining intensity makes the white veins seem like they are moving and swirling throughout the background’s green tones, which adds drama.

Yellow Marble

If you want unique, try a yellow marble. It is not often used because the color does not go with everything, so it is a distinct look. It is dramatic when used on walls or floors and a perfect way to brighten a drab space.

#35 Amarillo Triana

Amarillo Triana with fine texture and brown and uneven veins
Yellow marble with fine texture and brown and uneven veins

Amarillo Triana is a subtle yellow marble from Spain and is the most popular of the yellow marble types. It is a neutral yellow color that leans more towards the beige family. The darker veins in shades of brown and grey help keep it neutral, and it’s a perfect way to use yellow Marble without making yellow a focal point of the room.

#36 Yellow Sienna

Yellow Siena base is dark and diverse due to the existence of grains with white, yellow, and red colors.
Marble with a yellow base is dark and diverse due to the existence of grains with white, yellow, and red colors.

The golden yellow tones of Yellow Sienna make a statement. The smoky, nonlinear veining breaks up the yellow color and makes for a showstopping piece. 

#37 Spanish gold

The bronze yellow Spanish gold marble used on the floor in the above photo is the perfect natural earth color for floors without being too dark. It is often used for interior floors and is recognized for its reddish streaks.

Pink Marble

The world has been enamored with the color pink for several years, and for a good reason. This cheerful color represents positivity and a sense of calmness. To make a statement in your home and remind you to leave your worries at the door, use one of the types of pink Marble.

#38 Rosa Zarci

A Rosa Zarci marble with white spots and brown veins
A beige-pink stone with white spots and brown veins.

At first glance, this pink Marble doesn’t seem very pink. However, this beige-pink stone has pink undertones that are intensified when there are other pink design elements in the room. It is a more cautious pink choice because you can focus on the neutral beige colorway if you get tired of having pink as your focal point.

#39 Rosa Portuguese

This delicate pink Marble is stunning with the various shades of pink running throughout. It will be fabulous with both light and bright pink decor. The grey and brown streaks keep it from being too precious and cute. They lend a sophisticated look that would look amazing with a neutral color palette.

#40 Pink Spider

Pink Spider is the pinkest selection of the bunch. Do you love pink and want to make a jaw-dropping statement? If you answered yes, then this is your choice. A rosy background is accented by reddish-brown to dark pink veins.

Red Marble

Use Red Marble when you want to make a solid and bold statement. Red Marble is made of red, orange, and reddish-brown shades and will incorporate well with brown and earth-tone decor or southwestern design.

#41 Rojo Alicante marble

Rojo Alicante marble warm, deep crimson with brilliant white and gray veins
The base of marble in warm, deep crimson with brilliant white and gray veins.

Rojo Alicante is one of the most popular red marbles. It is loved for its rich reddish-brown color that goes well with various colors in the earth tone palette. The intricate white veining adds interest and keeps the red color from being overwhelming.

#42 Rojo Bilbao

A Rojo Bilbao marble in dark tone colors
A red marble in dark tone colors is stunningly beautiful.

The red marble known as Rojo Bilbao is famous in Spain, where it originates. It has a gorgeous dark red hue and often has coral and shellfish fragments in a lighter red tone.

Blue Marble

Blue Marble is a brave but smart design choice when you want an attention-getting and serene space. The movement of the white veins in blue Marble is reminiscent of the ocean or clouds in the sky, keeping this bold choice calm and peaceful.

#43 Blue Sodalite

A marble is a natural stone with exceptional brightness, homogeneity, and toughness
A marble is a natural stone with exceptional technical properties such as brightness, homogeneity, and toughness.

Calcite, pyrite, and lazurite come together to form the one-of-a-kind mineral known as blue sodalite. It is found in the caves of Brazil, Bolivia, and Namibia. It works well in dramatic floor-to-ceiling applications, showers, and baths as the veins and colors whisk us away to a velvety cobalt sea with golden waves.

Marble tile

Marble tile has a solid crystalline structure
Marble tile has a solid, crystalline structure and very little porosity.

There are many styles of tiles on the market, but Marble tiles exude a sense of luxury that cannot be duplicated. A marble floor is loved for its durability, ease of cleaning, and elegance. The easiest and most cost-effective way to have marble floors is by utilizing one of the many marble tile options. Marble tiles look great and function well as a backsplash or in the bathroom. We have highlighted some of the popular options below.

#44 Statuary marble tile

Statuary tiles have a consistent white background with light grey streaks in a linear pattern. Similar to Carrara tile, it has a semi-translucent background that gives it a glossy shine that reflects light.

#45 Emperador marble tile

Quarried from Spain, this marble type comes in shades of brown with irregular white veins. The dark and dramatic color makes it perfect for high-traffic areas.

#46 Crema Marfil marble tile

Another tile from Spain, Crema Marfil, is cream marble with various tones ranging from light height to a yellow-tan.

#47 Calacatta marble tile

Similar to Carrara marble, Calcatta marble tile comes from Itlay and is white with grey veining. The veining patterns can be subtle, feathery, or have darker and more prominent veining for a dramatic effect.