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16 Green Marble Countertops Designs and Ideas

Green marble countertops can help create an organic or natural feeling in any room of your home or business. Pair marble with natural or painted wood surfaces or tile.

Kitchen with off white cabinets and dark green counters and backsplash, crystal chandelier hanging above island, coffee pot and vase of sunflowers sitting on counter

You can create an organic, natural, outdoors feel in any room of your home by using marble for countertops and tabletops. The green-colored family creates visions of grasses, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Marble, as a natural element, furthers this connection to nature. You’re not stuck with the green marble pictured in the brochure at the home improvement store though, or the one you saw in a magazine. This versatile streaked and veined rock provides a hearty countertop and tabletop surface, plus matching flooring and seating.

Marble comes in a variety of hues and shades of green to complement any décor scheme. You can also find white or cream marble streaked with green or deeply veined with multiple shades of it. When decorating with marble, take care in choosing the cabinetry or table that the marble tops because green clashes with some woods.

Marble provides a hearty, long-lasting material for countertops that can create a custom look in a kitchen that uses the same layout as every house in your neighborhood. You don’t have to be like the proverbial Jones though. You can use marble in new and different ways to create a kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or dining room like no other. Read on for 16 ideas on using marble as a countertop or tabletop material.

Light Green Accents in a Creamy Marble Top

Master bathroom with tile floors, light wood cabinets and wood framed doors and windows

Using green marble in your project doesn’t have to mean using an emerald or darker shade of green. You use green as an accent color, like the creamy white marble streaked with green this bathroom designer used. This also opens up your options for woods in cabinetry, since lighter colored countertops can blend with nearly any cabinet material.

Kitchen with Marble Topped Surfaces Throughout

Kitchen with natural wood cabinets and floors, small island with stove top  and suspended shelves above island, white ovens, lots of windows letting in natural light

A medium-hued green marble tops the counters of this kitchen’s island, its L-shaped counters along the wall, and its breakfast nook. Paired with the tan of oak cabinets, this kitchen still seems bright despite the darker counters. The kitchen also provides multiple workspaces with its L-shaped counters.

Marble Countertops and Sides

The designer of this kitchen didn’t stop at just marble countertops, turning pieces of marble into the countertop sides. This adds to the heartiness of the counters and creates an interior connection to the exterior seascape by using matching colors.

White Cabnetry with Dark Green Marble Countertops and Sink

Pairing austere white cabinetry with the dark green marble sets a sophisticated mood in this spacious kitchen. Painting the window frame to match the marble carries the interior outside to the lush landscape. Polished brass hardware complements the marble’s tones and provides an accent color.

Seemingly Solid Marble Kitchen Island

This island appears to be crafted from solid marble, but if you look closely, you can see the fiberglass of its under-base. The exterior surfaces are all marble and this provides a sleek, smooth island that matches the counter, which houses a small sink. The dark green lends an organic feel to the kitchen.

Marble Counters with Complementary Tile Backsplash

Create a nearly indestructible cooking space with these marble countertops in lime green. You won’t need to worry about splashes of food staining the wall when you install a tile backsplash up to the cabinets. The colors of the tiles match the main color and streaked veins of the marble, providing this modern kitchen a luxurious feel.

Marble Counters with Contrasting Tile Backsplash

Achieve a similar feel with a contrasting background, such as this cream and beige-toned backsplash and wall provide. Take the tile or stonework all the way up to the cabinet tops for a luxurious vibe. Work in the occasional green tile to add an accent to the wall that matches the green in the marble countertop.

Create an Outdoors Feel with Tan and Forest Green

The tans of these counters pick up on the tan veins in the forest green marble countertops. Wrapping the marble counters around the edge of the room and adding one to its center island creates an outdoor feeling inside. Intermixing plants with kitchenware in greens and browns produces a natural space.

Take your Marble into Other Rooms

Carry the theme of your kitchen countertops into your dining room by topping your dining room table with the same marble. Pair it with chairs that match the table’s base. For added comfort during long meals, consider adding cushions that match the marble.

Contrasting Marble Island

Perhaps you want to use both green marble and white or cream marble. This kitchen uses cream marble for the main counters but jazzes up the double-sized center island with a mottled marble featuring deep green, lime green, and light green marble with a mixture of white marble for a unique countertop. Add to its uniqueness with custom cut corners and bevels.

Framing Accents for Cabinets

Double the exquisite lime and jade greens of this marble by stacking slabs onto the cabinets to create the look of an inset. A thin strip of dark jade marble sits atop a slab of lime green marble topped by another dark jade mable slab. It provides an opulent feel for the bathroom cabinets while adding to the heartiness of the bathroom’s counters.

Faux Marble on a Roll

You can put the appearance of marble in any room using this contact paper-style marble paper. You unroll the pre-glued paper and adhere it to your table, counter, etc. Choose the more expensive, tear-resistant rolls of paper or rolls of marble-looking vinyl. These options provide renters a way to dress up their apartments without making permanent changes.

Marble Bathroom Mini Counter and Pedestal Sink

Why just choose a marble countertop when you could also have a marble pedestal and sink for your luxury bathroom? This option creates a luxe look in a small space. It provides an ideal option for a half bath or a bathroom in a tiny house.

Marble Throughout

Dark green marble provides a lavish feel and an easy-to-care-for surface perfect for bathrooms. In this design option, it tops the sink, provides counter space, encases the tub, creating mini-marble counters for bathers, plus comprises the floors and much of the wall space. The cabinet wood, trim, and mirrors become the only non-marble in the room.

Configure Marble Cubes for a Multi-Level Counter in the Foyer

Bring life to your foyer by interspersing three or more shades of green marble cubes as counterspace and seating. Rather than a cold entry, the natural elements and minty freshness of the green marble creates a welcoming environment.

Another Option for Marble Cube Counters

Create your own custom counter space with configurable marble-topped cubes. These multi-use cubes provide the ability to erect a counter wherever you need one and to be able to re-configure it on the fly. Available at various heights, you can use some for seating, others for counters.