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Pole Barn Design Ideas (with Pictures)

Are you looing for pole barn ideas? You have come to the right place. Take a look at the list of images we have put together of different types and styles of pole barns.

Green grass, old large white pole barn with a brown roof, winter trees, overcast sky

Are you looking for cool pole barn ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to show you several pole barn interior ideas as well as exterior inspiration. We have great pole barn ideas inside this article just waiting for you.


Cream metal with brown trim barn structure in the woods, tall trees all around, pine cones on ground

This cream colored pole barn has one central cupola on the center of the roof.

A cupola is a small dome that sits on top of a larger dome atop a roof. Their main functions are to add natural lighting and ventilation under the roof. This prevents the growth of mold and stagnant air. For homes, they ventilate the attic. In barns, they provide constant airflow without the added rain so that hay can dry more effectively without the danger of mold or mildew growing on the hay.


Pole Barn Home with Extended Patio

This gorgeous little black pole barn has wooden accents for the exterior walls and a simple porch to match.

Adding a porch or two, or building a veranda all the way around, cuts down on your cooling bills during the summer and gives you a wonderful outdoor space to hang out on.

As you can see here, the builders of this pole barn man cave garage used the original slab of concrete to make the porch floor.

Barndominium Home with Wrap Around Porch

This beautiful barndominium style pole barn house has a massive wrap around porch and a concrete base and lots of amazing outdoor living space. The porch roof sits higher than most, making the porch look extra tall and luxurious, and at a very affordable cost.

I love how the homeowner decorated the place with rocking chairs, iron dining chairs, multiple grills, hanging macrame chairs, greenery, and hanging lights.

Also, note how this cream white pole barn has black accents and deep black wainscoting to add an extra element of interest to the property.


This black and white pole barn design features black wainscoting to accent the exterior walls of the structure.

These are also great pole exterior lighting ideas. Notice the large light over each of the overhead doors. This structure also features a large window for natural light, ample storage space on the ground floor, and additional storage for storing things on the second level.

One of my favorite exterior design ideas for this place is that firepit to the right of the building. That seems like such a lovely place to relax.

Accent Siding

Brown metal barn with extended patio covering held up by a wooden structure and wooden poles, white door and white trimmed windows, blue sky with white clouds

As you can see here, this pole barn uses two tone shades of brown and beige. This gives a pleasant contrast, is visually appealing, and makes the barn more interesting to look at.

Colorful Tin Pole Barns

Blue Rustic Pole Barn

Country blue metal barn with wooden doors and a large open covered area, concrete floor with dirt, sunny day

Here is another colorful pole barn. This horse barn with an attached lean to is a lovely, bright shade of Hawaiian Blue. It has the traditional split dutch barn doors for horses, good ventilation, high-quality wooden door materials, and wood trim windows. When building your own project pole barn, garage, or house, choosing the color may be one of the most difficult aspects of the project.

Pole Barn Farmhouse

Check out this show stopping black tin pole barn house with bright wooden accents.

I love the oversized windows that seamlessly blend into the dark home’s siding, as well as that clean matched roof, eyebrow roof over the garage doors, and large driveway and sidewalk to make the home nice and accessible.

This barndominium is the height of luxury, style, and affordability. What a beauty. Add this to your list of cool pool barn ideas.

Pole Barn with Rolling Garage Doors

This is a shade of blue that I rarely see, and I especially don’t see it painted with black accents like this. I wish I saw this more often though because wow- I love this.

This two car garage has a simple, steeply pitched shed roof that will shed rain and snow with ease. This structure is built to be tough, aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly functional.

Pink Barn in a Winter Wonderland

Now, this is uniquely beautiful! This iconic pink pole barn lives in Kennebunk, Maine, and is fashioned with several small windows, light winter decorations, and bright red doors that clash in the most fantastic way.

Classic White Barn

While all white barns are not new or revolutionary, the stark whiteness of this against the matte black finishes make it stunning, unique, and a sight to behold.

And don’t get so wrapped up in the barn that you overlook that gorgeous green hill in the background. Ooh look at that, this barn also has a cupola on top of it, perfectly centered.

Pole Barn with RV Storage

Bronze on black? Yes, please.

This gorgeous three bay garage is simple but elegant. If you’re looking for pole exterior light ideas, take notes here.

I love how they took the time to color match the doors to the light fixtures and the address number on the garage. This garage has living quarters in the back too, making this a highly functional building with the potential to be a great source of income or a mother in law suite.

Pole Barn Functionality

Grain Storage Pole Barn

Large open area with a grain storage pole barn with grain underneath, barn has a roof and is held up by steel poles, canvas tarps hanging on one side, dirt ground, blue with white clouds sky

This pole barn is designed to act as grain or sawdust storage. It could also function as a large run in shed or machinery barn. It is covered by a roof, but with open-air walls for added ventilation. Thick canvas tarps hang on the sides, allowing the user to add or remove them as needed for the season. Structures such as this one are cost-effective, simple construction, easy to expand, and ideal for a farm. There is no foundation needed for this type of build, meaning it is easy to park heavy, oversized farm machinery and vehicles safely inside from the weather.

Horse Pole Barn

Fluffy white clouds across the sky, open land wth green grass and weeds, lots of tall green trees in distance, dirt section with gray tin barn for horses with a wooden fance around

This horse pole barn design follows traditional pole barn plans and even has two lean tos on each side of the building. The eaves cover the animals without requiring them to stand in their stalls, and this barn sits on concrete, a few inches above the land, preventing any potential rot or rain damage.

This barn has two large sliding barn doors on the front and rear of the building. This offers up a healthy cross breeze for the barn and the critters who live inside.

The barn also has six stalls in total, each equipped with a wooden dutch door and window for added airflow.

Pole Barn Home

Foggy winter day, green grass, large beige pole barn turned home, large wrap around porch supported by wooden beams, metal roof and chimney, winter trees

This massive pole barn is actually a home. This is such an ambitious project. Look at that tall evergreen roof, wrap around porch, beautifully beige siding, and fun martin houses surrounding the house on the property. The metal chimney protruding from the center of the home tells you that this is one cozy place to be, all year round.

A farm buggy, along with other functional tools, and useful stuff is parked on the porch. I love the idea of combining beauty with function, just as the family of this lovely home has done. This is a great example of a large square footage pole barn house. What a beautiful building and space, it’s a dream come to life.

Pole Barn Garage

Blue sky, large breen metal barn used as a garage out in the country on open land

This green pole barn is clearly a garage structure. There is just one large central door on the front of the building with no fancy add ons like a porch, sign, or windows.

This is strictly intended to be a garage, and a fine one it is at that.

The mild pitch of this roof tells me that this is in a southern state at a lower elevation where snow accumulation isn’t much of a concern.

Do you like plain and simple designs like this one? That is up to you to decide when searching through free pole barn plans.

Farm Storage Pole Barn

Blue sky, large open pole barn with a tin roof held up by wooden beams, large role of hay stored underneath, sun shining, green grass and farmland

This pole barn design is sweet and simple, intended just as a hay barn storage space. It appears that hay can be stacked to sit two or three bales high, depending on the bale size and placement.

This pole barn has real wooden poles, perhaps even from old telephone poles, to support the roof of the structure. Farmers can hang tarps on the side for added protection from the wind, or of course, leave it open air to help the hay dry out faster.

Barns on the Farm

Blue sky, white wooden fence and lots of red and white barns with a large brown barn on some farmland, American flag on flagpole, sunny day

Here are several iconic red pole barns for agricultural use. Notice how each barn differs slightly.

The barn accented with three white crosses has a simple roof, a few windows, no porches, and no lean tos. Most likely, this pole barn acts as a garage or is used for storage.

The barn to the right of that one has two lean tos that may act as a porch or garages. It has similar doors and no windows.

Finally, the barn to the right of that one is taller, adorned with a barn quilt, and has a distinct, space saving gambrel roof design. This gives it optimal storage space and is a great idea for people who need a large loft area.

I love how this farm cleverly uses red and white accents and ties the land together with white wood board fences.

Black Metal Roof Pole Barn

What a stunning pole barn house.

This home features three stories, large windows, several entry doors, and overhead doors, wood shutters, multiple porches, and gorgeous landscaping. It is a contractor dream because the design is relatively simple and easy to construct, but also stunning, spacious, and functional.

Are you free this weekend? Because this is the man cave to top all man caves.

The bottom of this structure features two or four (depending on if you want to double park) parking spaces. Two beautiful glass garage doors allow you to see inside the building with ease.

On top sits a cool open air space with a full on bar, pizza oven, big flatscreen TV, and a woodstove.

That black and white accenting looks sleek, modern and clean. Of course, the simple landscaping and stately flag pole are nice finishing touches too.