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23 Old Barn Pictures (Rustic and Abandoned Pole Barns)

Check out our collection of barns. Pictures include old barns, rustic pole barns, red barns, snow barns, and much more!

If you were fortunate enough to grow up near a farming community like I was, you most likely got to drive by and see some rustic old barns. If you’re from the city you may have only seen old barns in photos and pictures. Either way, there are a few places in the county where you can find a treasure chest of these beautiful old barns.

Idaho has quite a few of these rustic old barns in its backyard, and we are lucky enough to feature them in our gallery. These images are courtesy of Idaho’s award-winning photographers Ernest and Debbie Shook. Not only has their work been recognized in other numerous online publications, but their photographs were recently published in hardback in “Barns of Idaho“. You can follow them on Instagram as they post new images regularly.

Follow along and enjoy these beautiful and rustic old pole barn images.

Old Barn Pictures

Many but not all of the barn pics below are abandoned pole barns that have been ravaged by the northwest cold winter weather patterns. In one way it’s sad to see these once functional structures in such bad shape, but in another way, their deteriorated state is beautiful and timeless.

Pole Barn Pictures

Picture of an old rustic pole barn taken in the Fall that is still used to store hay for horses and other livestock. The natural wood and the green moss on the roofline show it’s aging. This old barn is located near Cascade, Idaho.

This image captured near Buhl, Idaho features the aged wood of what used to be a red barn. This abandoned barn with its decaying roof shows the toll the weather has taken on it. 

This image taken in the spring of a big white pole barn with its collapsed roof is just outside of Grangeville, Idaho. It sits atop a hill displaying its patina wood and pointing toward the clouds.

An image of a collapsing old barn on a stormy day in Grangeville, Idaho.  The weather has definitely taken its toll on this old wooden barn.

A picture of an abandoned dairy barn built by pioneer barn builder Henry Shick. This barn features a silo and Mormon hay stacker.  The winds took a devasting toll on this barn and has now been torn down.

A photo of the old dairy barn with its silos at Eagle Island Park in Eagle, Idaho.  This park was once a work farm for prisoners but now a playground for all.

Snow Barn Pictures

Image of an aged white barn with snow. With its patina wood and tin roof the snow brings out its beauty.  It is located in the historic farm community of Roseberry, Idaho which some call a ghost town.

This is an image of an old barn in the snow with a collapsing side building. It is likely a hay and livestock barn judging by the corral. It is located near Cascade Lake in Cascade, Idaho.

Image of an old barn in the historic farming community of Roseberry, Idaho. This barn in the snow shows off it’s fencing and collapsed back building.  Also includes a livestock loading dock.

This picture of an abandoned pole barn was captured in the falling snow. There are several different pieces of old farm equipment in front.  The roof is missing shingles and the loft is currently home to several barn owls. It is located in the historic farming community of Roseberry, Idaho.

This decaying old barn with snow is missing most of its siding and shingles. This rustic old pole barn is located in Eagle, ID.

White Barn Pictures

This old white barn photo was taken in the Cambridge, Idaho area. As the sky at sunset becomes a spectacular display of colors, signs of winter are painted across the landscape.  It is now used to store hay and shelter livestock.

This old white barn with its front looking like a face is located in the Buhl, Idaho area.  The weather vanes on the roof stand out against the cloudy sky. The lower part of the old dairy barn is a cement block structure serving as a foundation.

Near Buhl, Idaho this photo of a classic large white barn stands out against the landscape.  Old wooden sliding doors enhance the patina wood siding.  The wooden cupola on the roof makes the old wooden barn seem even taller.

This photo of an old white barn with its patina wood siding was captured on a stormy day near Grandville, Idaho.  The horses in the scene seem to be very affectionate toward each other. The structure has a foundation and houses horses.

This image of an old white barn with its vibrant canola field in the foreground was taken in Grangeville, Idaho on a stormy day.  

A picturesque scene with the white barn captures your attention as the landscape serves as a backdrop.  The barn is located in the Council, Idaho area and is still a working barn.

Red Barn Pictures

This image of an old red barn with its weather vane towers against the landscape.  The old barn along with other very old structures is most likely used for equipment.  It’s located near Buhl, Idaho. 

An image with an old barn on a snowy day near Middleton, Idaho.  The horses grazing in a snow covered pasture and the foundation built with rock, captures your vision and make you want to be there.  The old wooden barn houses horses.

This image of an old red barn has it all with its silos, cupola and hen house covered with moss. It is located in Buhl, Idaho area.

This photo of an old red barn with the red paint fading away is a beautiful backdrop for this field of Camas flowers. This setting was captured in Grangeville, Idaho.  It appears to have been used for livestock.

Image of a tall old red barn with the silo standing next to it.  They tower over the snowy landscape.  Most likely the barn is used for equipment for planting and harvesting.  The rustic old barn is located in Nampa, Idaho.

A broken-down red barn whose roof has collapsed. The once vibrant barn is now a shell of its former self.

These abandoned pole barns were captured in the spring in a field of yellow.  The fallen down barbed wire fens with decaying fenceposts enhance the feeling of abandonment in the scene.  The old weathered barns are located near Grangeville, Idaho.

Gray Barn Pictures

This image of the old Sandmeyer barn is in Buhl, Idaho.  It is a wedding venue.  The huge historic barn, shown through this grove of trees next to silos, stands out among the farm lands.

Rustic Barn Interior

This photo with light peeking through rafters shows the weathered loft interior of an old abandoned red barn.  After the shingles become missing on these once beautiful barn structures, they are destroyed from rain and snow and collapse from storms.  This barn is located in Caldwell, Idaho.

Old Rustic Barn Window Frame

This close up image of an old barn window and its crack in the concrete wall show the signs of its aging.  This barn has since been torn down.

Pictures of Old Barn Doors

This close-up photo of an old barn door allows you to see the texture of this aged wood. This barn has since been torn down.