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13 White House With Black Trim Ideas

Check out our collection of white house exteriors with black trim. From the farmhouse style to modern and traditional, enjoy these exterior elevations.

It just so happens that I absolutely love a white house with black trim! The stark contrast between the white exterior framed in with black trimming is a classic combination I believe will be in style for a long time.

I’m currently looking to purchase some land and build our own home with this exact style. Personally, my dream is to build a white farmhouse style home with black trim and natural wood accents. Whether you’re looking for a farmhouse, traditional, modern, or contemporary style home, this exterior color scheme is definitely something you should consider.

White Houses With Black Trim Pictures

Below I have put together a gallery of white exteriors and black trim ideas in all different looks and styles. These homes range greatly in price and total square footage, so whatever price point or home size you are looking for we’ve got you covered. I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful white and black homes as much as I enjoyed putting them together for you!

White Brick House With Black Trim

Love, love, love! What a stunning white brick house with black trim! This is without a doubt one of my favorites. This custom home features a gorgeous combination of white brick and stucco facade with black-trimmed roof pitches and windows that really pop. The addition of the wooden front door and wooden beams on the open front porch adds a splash of color and another level of dimension to the home. The perfectly placed, well-manicured landscaping provides major curb appeal.

Single Story White House Black Trim

Mostly white single story house with black trim. Here they kept things pretty simple, choosing to go with a sleek black roof, white stucco, and black window trim making them really pop. I like the short set of stairs coming off the large patio leading up to the sliding glass doors. The stone pillars and accent sections on this home are a nice addition.

Small White House With Black Trim

All the cozy vibes from this small white house with black windows. I love the wooden exterior and the lights under the overhanging eves are charming. The dark wooden front door gives it a little extra pop without being too much.

White House Exterior With Black Trim

Did someone say dream home? If you were in the market for a white house exterior with black trim this one would be a stunning choice. Using a couple of different shades of stone in specific areas act as perfect accents and the wooden gray framing around the lovely windows creates some really nice dimension. While there is definitely a lot going on in the exterior design of this home, it is done well as to not be overwhelming to the eyes.

Modern White House Black Trim

This stunning example of a modern white house with black trim is sure to let in lots of natural light with all those windows. The black and white color combination along with the straight-lined exterior creates a very clean look. The recessed lighting is such a nice touch. With the perfect amount of light reflecting off the perfectly still, crystal clear water this backyard would be the perfect place to unwind and relax any night of the week.

White House Black Window Trim

This white house with black window trim puts a modern twist on the ever-so-popular modern farmhouse home style. They went with black for the wooden beams and front door rather than a natural wood accent as seen on many Farmhouse style homes. A metal roof accent is a common theme on a modern farmhouse exterior. The large trees surrounding this house make for a peaceful home environment.

White Stucco House Black Trim

The image above features a stucco house painted white with black trim around the home as well as the windows. To add a bit more dimension they went with a black garage door and then a natural wood color for the front door which ties in nicely. I also like the addition of the wooden pillars framing the front porch.

White With Black Trim House

A modern, white with black trim house in a winter wonderland. The natural looking wood accent around the pool is an appealing exterior look. I can only imagine the views this beauty has out those incredible windows! The wooden accents used gives it just the pop it needs and the creative overlaying of the different levels is without a doubt a unique style.

White House With Black Trim Exterior

This white house with black trim exterior kept things pretty simple sticking with only black and white without a pop of color. The rounded edges and wrought iron framed in porch and terrace gives off a bit of a Mediterranean vibe, especially being near the water. It would be a lovely place to relax on a warm summer night.

White House Black Window Trim Black Door

Who says you can’t have a farmhouse in the city? I love the wooden exterior here with the stone accents and that porch with the wooden columns gives off such a homey feel. A dark roof is a must with black trim windows. Going with a black front door gives nice dimension, keeping things from being too plain and the barn door style garage door tyes in just perfectly.

Split Level White House Black Trim

This white house with black trim is a split-level beauty! The perfectly lit staircase leads you to the front door right into the middle level of the home. Going with the tile roof, wooden doors, and the lattice top over the porch with the hanging pots gives off a Mediterranean vibe. The shape of the exterior and all the big tall trees surrounding this unique home makes me think of a peaceful cottage tucked away someplace charming.

Off White Stone With Stucco House With Black Trim

Here is a fabulous, custom home with a softer spin on the white house with black trim. Going with more of a warm white exterior paint color rather than a stark white creates a classic, romantic, elegant look and feel. All of the black window frames on this home are an absolute dream and I love the dimension the different sections create. The landscaping here adds some nice greenery and the tall trees and wildflowers surrounding this home are completely charming. Everything about this is so peaceful and could not be more stunning.

Are White Houses with Black Trim Popular?

White houses with black trim have boomed in popularity over the last few years. While the black and white color combination has always been around, it is without a doubt a current trend specifically in home exteriors and even interiors. This look gives a feel of classic, elegance with a slightly modern touch that is sure to never go out of style.

What is exterior trim on a house?

The exterior trim on a house is the material that edges the windows, doors, and roof of the home. The material used for this is typically wood or metal, regardless of what is used to build the rest of the home. You will most often find the trim on a house to be a different color than the rest of the home. Dark trim gives depth, dimension, and a nice contrast to a lighter color home.


As you can see a house’s architectural style does not limit the ability to choose from our black and white paint color ideas. White exterior houses, paired with some natural wood accents on the front door or beams, black metal roofing, white brick, or light colored stone, along with prominent black windows is a staple exterior home idea that is bound to be around for quite some time.