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15 Modern Blind (Examples and Ideas)  

Trying to decide what blinds to go with? Here are 15 modern blind ideas that can help you make a great choice and find the perfect window treatments for every window in your home.

Golden brown roller shades on white trimmed windows, corner bench seating, trees out windows

If you’re going to be redecorating your home by investing in new window treatments, then you’re in for a lot of fun. While new window treatments will certainly enhance the appearance of your home, it can also be extremely enjoyable to search through the many available drapery, blinds, and shades available before finding the perfect window treatments for every room in your home. Here is an overview of 15 modern blind ideas that can help you make a great choice and find the perfect window treatments for every window in your home.

Modern Wood Contemporary Blinds

Woodend blinds open letting light in

No modern home can go without at least one room that has wood blinds. Wood blinds are not only pleasing to the eye, but they create a certain amount of elegance that can transform any room into an oasis. Whether you’re considering purchasing this lovely style of blinds for your living room, dining room, or some other room in the house, you will be quite pleased with your wood blinds. Another aspect of opting for wood blinds is the fact that they cost less than many other types of blinds, and their extreme versatility is another attractive feature of this choice.

Panel Track Contemporary Blinds

3 window sliding door with verticle pannel track blinds

Panel track blinds are best for covering sliding glass doors or other floor-to-ceiling-type windows. There are many advantages to choosing these types of modern blinds for large windows, and first, they’re very easy to clean. No one wants to spend hours cleaning blinds on a regular basis. Panel track blinds are also available in a variety of materials, as well. Some possible materials include cotton, linen, bamboo, and more. This type of blind also enables you to choose from a wide selection of cornices, so you can ensure you choose the one that works best for you. The cornices that you choose can really make a difference in helping you achieve a certain look.

Contemporary Drapery

Close up of 2 black curtain rods, one sheer white curtain, one solid gray curtain bunched at the end

Whether you want to cover your windows with blinds and drapery, or just drapery in some rooms, this attractive contemporary choice is not only high quality, but it’s also practical, as well. If you’re trying to transform a room in your home into an office, these drapes will enable you to create a warm, modern look that will bring a lot of style to your office.

Modern Mini Blinds

Small wooden table and chairs next to a window with open wooden blinds letting sunlight in, small green plant on table

If you’re not looking to spend a great deal of money on window coverings, then mini blinds are a very affordable choice. In addition to being low-cost, mini blinds are high on the list when it comes to versatility, as they can help you achieve any look you’re trying to create. Whether you live in the country and you’re trying to create a modern yet rustic look, or you’re trying to create another look altogether, these attractive mini blinds will help you. Mini blinds can be purchased in just about any color you desire, so while shopping, be sure to ask about the availability of the colors that you prefer. Make sure you choose a shop that specializes in modern blinds and shades. Most modern blinds are based on traditional ideas, which is fine for most homeowners.

Opting for Modern Shutters

Back patio of modern home, big open windows with dark gray rolling shutters on large windows, sunny day

Whether you’re looking for modern blinds for windows, or shades, you might want to consider shutters. There is a wide selection of shutters available, and the right shutters can really improve the appearance of your home. Before you go shopping for your shutters, you should be aware of the many benefits of interior shutters. First of all, shutters are great for keeping sunlight out of your home, which can lower energy bills in the summer. Additionally, shutters are one of the most aesthetic choices, as they’re so attractive that they can transform even the drabbest room and make it look amazing.

Attractive Roman Shades

Close up of small window with gray Roman Shade

For some of the rooms in your home, you may want to place some Roman shades over the windows. There are many benefits to doing so, and I absolutely adore the Roman shades in my home. One thing that I especially like about my Roman shades, besides how beautiful they look, is the fact that they’re safe. Safety is a necessity in my home because I have small children who could accidentally strangle themselves with the cords and strings that are typically attached to some window coverings. Luckily, Roman shades don’t contain any of these potential dangers, so if you have children or even pets, then you should check out the Roman shades that are in stock at your favorite home and décor store.

Gorgeous Faux Wood Window Blinds

Off white wall with black trimmed window, faux wooden blinds pulled halfway up

If you’re worried about moisture around your windows, then you should consider choosing faux wood window blinds for your home. Faux wood blinds come in different size slats, so if you prefer smaller or larger slats, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding what you want. Find the right company that will provide you with optimal customer service as well as various brands and choices of faux wood blinds, so you will be happy about your purchase. These are the types of blinds that I have in my bathroom, because faux wood is moisture-resistant, which is an important feature for window coverings in a bathroom or kitchen, where moisture occurs frequently.

Lovely Woven Wood Shades

Close up of a woven wood shade, light brown

If you’re worried about keeping damaging UV rays out of your home, you might want to choose these lovely woven wood shades. My aunt has some woven wood shades in her home that she adores, and you’re sure to adore yours as well if you opt for some. My aunt was tired of UV rays causing the colors on her furniture and previous mini blinds to fade, which is why she upgraded to woven wooden shades. Woven wood shades are created to block out 100% of UV rays. Since woven wood shades can block out light, the sun won’t wake you in case you’re a daytime sleeper. My aunt’s shades are also motorized, so she can easily use a remote to open and close them.

Roller Shades – The Perfect Window Treatments

Wall of tall vertical windows with sheer gray roller shades, sunny day, lots of green plants and trees out the windows

Whether you’re looking for a low-price window coverings option or something simple that can be combined with attractive valances or drapery, roller shades are a perfect choice. Roller shades can go in any room, inside or outside, there is a wide selection of choices available, and you can easily get the proper fit with them for your windows. Keep in mind that roller shades are also a great choice as safety is a big priority, as there are no dangling strings or cords that could attract children and pets. Regardless of where you shop for your roller shades, you should be able to find the styles you want, at the price you want to pay. You’re the customer, so don’t allow yourself to be overcharged regardless of where you shop.

Rustic Yet Contemporary Bamboo Shades

Close up of bamboo window shade, sunny day, greenery out window

If you’re trying to create a traditional rustic look in a room in your home, then these window coverings can help you achieve your goal. If you’re worried about getting a proper fit, all you must do is measure your windows and a professional can help you find the appropriate size. Finding the perfect window treatments doesn’t have to be a challenge, and bamboo is so attractive and versatile that it takes the guesswork out of things. Not only are bamboo blinds durable as well as attractive, but they’re also great for privacy if that’s what you seek.

Vertical Blinds: The Perfect Choice for Classy-Looking Long Windows

Vertical, white sliding glass door blinds, closed with a little sunlight coming through, cat in the corner looking out window

If you’re looking for modern blinds for the living room or a similar room in your home, then you might want to choose complementary vertical blinds. Depending on the color and type of vertical blinds that you opt for, they can really enhance the overall look of the room you decide to place them in. Vertical blinds are a great choice when you want easy light control, and they can also make your ceiling appear higher. While vertical blinds are a traditional window covering, the specific type that you choose can give your room a contemporary appearance.

Fancy Valances to Spruce Up Windows

Small wooden top table with metal base, black leather chairs with metal base, back cabinets and fridge, large window with brown drapes and dressy valance, black leather couch,

When choosing window coverings, you can’t forget some fancy valances that can really create a stylish look in your home. The valances that you choose will depend on the types of blinds and shades you opt for. You will also have to decide what colors you desire, as well as the type of valence fabric is best for your windows. Make choosing valances for your windows fun and don’t let it stress you out. You might even want to choose some fancy accessories for your valances, which can significantly enhance the appearance of your room.

Contemporary Blinds for Your Door Windows

Close up of white door with window in door, key in key hole, white door handle, white blinds in window

If you have doors in your home that contain windows, you can’t forget about finding some attractive window coverings for those. These blinds are perfect for “door” windows and can completely transform the appearance of your space. Just because it’s a door doesn’t mean you want to throw just any unattractive old curtain on it to cover it. Make the door part of your home and your overall décor scheme, and you’ll be happy that you did. Regardless of the company you decide to shop at, you should find plenty of choices available.

Fancier Roller Shades

Tall vertical black trimmed windows with sheer roller shades, pendant lights hanging from above, plands and trees out window, shallow wooden table against window with plants

If you’re like the idea of roller shades but you want something more than simply a plain and basic shade, then you’re in luck! These roller shades are much fancier, and they don’t require the addition of valances or drapes to make them look good, because they are beautiful as standalone window coverings. Of course, you can still add any additions or accessories that you like, but these roller shades are so attractive that you may decide not to go to the trouble. There are other fancy roller shades available, too, so you should take your time searching for the perfect choice.

Unique Drapery, Blinds and Shades

Close up of a gathered drape held together by a buttoned clasp

When it comes to window coverings, you don’t have to conform to any norm and force yourself to be like everyone else, and if you decide to, you can opt for blinds and shades that are completely unique. In fact, choosing unique blinds and shades can be fun and provide a great way for you to express your individuality. In order to find some unique window coverings, you may have to have them customized. Many home and décor stores and websites will offer customization, and all that you must do is answer a series of questions so they can create exactly what you have in mind. You will also be able to look at many other possibilities which can give you an idea of what you’d like. You can also add some unique accessories to your drapery, blinds and shades, which can help create the perfect look.