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Two-Tone Kitchen Design Ideas For The Modern Home

Monotone kitchens have been popular for decades, and the all-white look has become a classic for its ability to make any space look larger and cleaner. However, it appears that the one-color kitchen design may be on its way out as homeowners and consumers are now opting for the two-tone look. According to experts, some of the biggest kitchen design trends this year include using two shades from opposite sides of the color wheel to achieve greater contrast. A purple and green kitchen will surely make a bold statement, but if you’re hoping to ease into the two-tone kitchen trend, here are some design ideas to revamp your cooking space.

Charcoal grey and white

Using a neutral color palette, such as charcoal grey and white, is a great way to freshen up your kitchen. Try having a white marble countertop and paint your walls a bright white, then paint the cabinets with matte charcoal grey paint. For some warmth, replace your flooring with light brown wooden floor planks, and swap old kitchen stools with ones made of wood, or reupholster your existing ones with a rich brown leather. Add a stainless steel or chrome-colored refrigerator, oven, and small appliances for a modern feel. Since fingerprints are highly visible on steel surfaces, it’s important to clean your appliances on a regular basis to keep them looking good, enhance their energy efficiency, and make them last a long time

Citrus and deep brown

Citrus hues like orange or yellow can give your kitchen a bright and cheerful feel. Temper the intense shades with deep brown, and you’ll get a welcoming but still modern-looking kitchen. Start by painting all the walls white. Next, reupholster all the chairs with a dark brown leather, then paint the chair legs with bright yellow or orange paint. Swap out your white countertop or island top with one made of dark walnut wood, then hang pendant lights over the counter to illuminate the space. Consider adding two to three small appliances in a citrus shade, making sure that they match perfectly for a cohesive look. 

Dark grey and mint

For an ultra-modern look, consider dark grey and mint. This refreshing combo works best if you have grey wood flooring – a wood with a mid-gray color works particularly well, especially if you’ll be having kitchen furniture in a dark grey wood. Paint all the bottom cabinets in dark grey, but paint all upper cabinets, as well as floating shelves, in a pale mint hue. For a shot of color, accessorize with turquoise bowls and plates, and replace your old toaster, coffee pot, and microwave with turquoise-colored ones. 

Refresh your kitchen with a two-tone design scheme. Consider any of the above-mentioned combinations, or experiment and see what color combination will work best to beautify your cooking space.