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7 Best Uses of Antique Mirrors for Home Décor

How to instill an antique mirror into your interior, 7 best ways of modern to rustic home décor.

With their frayed edges, ornate frames, and rustic patches, antique mirrors can transform any living space instantly. Vintage decor items are definitely making a comeback in interior design. Not only do they add a touch of character but also they infuse the room with personality and liveliness. Mirrors are amazing accessories to customize your surroundings. They add a chic flair; they visually double the space, as well as light and brightness. This is a classic in the world of home decor. It’s a fashion trend that is all about sophistication and vintage glamour. Such mirrors will elevate any room to look much more refined and tasteful. So, here are the 7 best uses of antique mirrors for home decor.

Mirror as wall partition

Sometimes, it’s a struggle to make the most out of a small living space. With very limited surface area, being clever with the design becomes a necessity. There’s also the issue of privacy, especially if you share that space with other people.

An antique mirror is a great way to create a wall partition without making a small room even smaller. The mirror helps amplify the natural light and separate between different areas. This is all without obstructing the room or making it feel more constricted.

Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes are a great way to make your kitchen look a lot more visually interesting. Cabinets and counters tend to be very plain looking. The kitchen is a room that is often considered to be the beating heart of the home. So you want the decor to depict that zest, enthusiasm, and vivacity.

You can use antique mirrors to create the perfect kitchen backsplash. You also get the added benefit of hassle-free upkeep. Mirrors are very easy to clean and maintain so no need to worry over stains and hot grease spills. A stylish antique mirror backsplash looks great with any counters and cabinets. Whether they be bold and colorful or neutral and more muted.

Antique Mirrored Furniture

Induce some texture into your living space by adding antique mirror pieces to your furniture. This is fun, unique, and easy for the optimal DIY renovation project. You can do this with tables, sofas, drawers, and bedside tables; the possibilities are truly endless.

By incorporating different-sized antique mirrors or decorative mirrors into your furniture, you also breathe new life into it. There’s no need to chuck everything away and spend a fortune on brand new homeware. You can tie all your home decor together by adding common touches, like antique mirrors, to your furniture.

Wardrobe door

A mirror is essential in any wardrobe, closet, or changing room. It makes the most sense to have it there since it is where you get ready. An antique mirror? Even more so! This will help you uplift the look of your wardrobe doors from dull and lifeless to elegant and luxurious. You also get the function of a mirror combined with the modern upscale finish it provides. So choosing your outfit for the day will never be a boring task with these antique mirrored doors!

Dressing table: Vintage Mirror for vanity

In addition to wardrobe doors, you can also use a vintage mirror for your vanity. If you often daydream of the extravagance and splendor of the past, you will love antique mirror dressing tables. Place a small antique mirror or two on a vanity and add a delicate floral arrangement.

This is the perfect setup for a shabby chic design accent. You can even display your vintage perfumes or luxurious candles on a tray beside your vase. This is your opportunity to get as creative as you like. So add elements that best evoke the atmosphere you’re seeking to present.

Large Antique Mirror for Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a lavish bathing space with a large antique mirror. This will help you create the imposing yet gorgeous and inviting space you need. You can even pair it with a nice vintage crystal chandelier to complete the interior.

Or make a frayed mirror shower wall for an edgy feel. Don’t forget to add rustic metallic fixtures to make the decor more polished and put together. Any bathroom or powder room will look bigger and brighter if you place an antique mirror in the right place.

Classic Ceiling look of the living room

Most homeowners agree that antique mirrors give off a timeless elegance that is hard to achieve with other decor items. Whether you prefer a traditional setting or a modern one, an antique ceiling tile can complement all interiors. This will help you create a focal piece without taking away from the surface space.

Moreover, it also allows you to set up different shapes and patterns. In addition, it also amplifies the natural light and doubles the brightness of indoor lamps. This living room look is definitely a certified classic, so don’t miss out on it!