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45 Foyer Ideas for Custom Homes

Looking for great foyer ideas?  You know what they say about first impressions; you never get a second chance.  Whether you live in a single-family home or apartment, your entrance is your opportunity to make a good first impression.

Foyer Ideas

Looking for great foyer ideas?  You know what they say about first impressions; you never get a second chance.  Whether you live in a single-family home or apartment, your entrance is your opportunity to make a good first impression.  However, you may feel limited by the actual floor space available to be used for an entrance or foyer.  Depending on the era in which your home was built, you may find that your entrance area is horribly inadequate.  Conversely, if you are blessed with a large foyer, you won’t need to worry about adequate floor space.  Regardless of your home’s floor plan, an entrance is the ideal place begin sharing your personal style.

While floor space may be lacking, a small entrance does not need to lack in personality.  The benefit of limited square footage is it enables one to install finer materials without worrying about the cost.  Tile, particularly slate or marble, is a material that provides longevity and beauty.  Neutral paint palettes accented with subtle pops of color are an excellent design direction to take in a small foyer.  However, if your house still contains the pitter-patter of little feet, it may be advantageous to select colors that are slightly darker or that hide dirt more effectively.

Storage is another key feature to consider when building or re-designed your entrance.  Every foyer needs adequate space for apparel and footwear, as well as a place for your keys and the mail.  If space allows, consider installing built-in storage to house these items.  A small table or desk can be used sort through the daily mail.

An area rug or mat is another important item include in an entrance.  In a large space it provides a visual perimeter to place muddy and wet footwear.  In climates that are consistently sunny, it’s a nice touch to provide a soft spot for people to rest their feet upon entrance into your home.

The following gallery of photos contains design and decorating ideas for foyers of all shapes and sizes.  Consider what changes you can make to the interior design of your home’s entrance as you scroll through these beautiful spaces.

shutterstock_288741626A unique tile pattern, as shown above, can create the illusion of an area rug, as well as, given definition to the entrance area.

shutterstock_321803660This elegant, French Country home features an intricately tiled, mosaic floor and custom monogram.

shutterstock_280326662This foyer features a crisp, contemporary design aesthetic that is accented by matching red accent chairs.

interior designThe chic, urban chandelier in this entrance coordinates perfectly with the beautiful woodwork and rustic, plank flooring.

shutterstock_265880288Make the most of a small entrance by installing flooring with a large pattern.  This makes the space feel much larger than it really is.

shutterstock_254675266The stone accent wall provides texture and interest to this small, entrance space.

shutterstock_219251347The beautiful, geometric pattern in this entrance is best left for all to view, rather than covered by a area rug.

shutterstock_215658604Crisp, white trim and sage green walls create a welcoming atmosphere for homeowners and guests alike.

shutterstock_161637383A mirror placed in the foyer provides both functional and aesthetic appeal.  It provides the ideal place for one last check before leaving the home and reflects natural light throughout the space.

shutterstock_154790795A door painted with a vibrant red provides a splash of color in this small entrance area.

shutterstock_149701529Natural oak flooring and a light wall color are ideal for entrances with limited floor space.

shutterstock_148016504A long, narrow runner is ideal for foyers that are longer rather than wide.  It also provides ample space for foot traffic in and out of the home.

shutterstock_137642378A decorative, custom door acts as a piece of artwork in itself and does not require additional ornamentation.

shutterstock_137419883This contemporary space provides plenty of storage through the installation of floor-to-ceiling built-ins.

shutterstock_128998676Double glass doors provide additional separation from the outdoors while allows natural light to stream through into the foyer.

interior designCoffered ceilings and paneled walls add interest to this bright and airy space.

shutterstock_100999873If room allows, a large round table can serve as an area to place daily correspondence, keys and knickknacks upon returning home.

shutterstock_160071098A unique console table featuring an antique suitcase provides personality upon entering this beautiful home.

shutterstock_79090048Symmetry of design and architecture are the foundation of this impressive, stone foyer.

shutterstock_71087983A simple way to create a distinctive entrance is to add a custom wall covering or large piece of wall art.

shutterstock_66607357Large, wooden doors are offset by transparent side lights that allow a view of the outdoors.

shutterstock_66607324This entrance has been designed with care to include coordinated curved lines in the ironwork, accent tile and doorways, creating a cohesive entrance area.

shutterstock_52077784A traditional chandelier is not always necessary.  A home’s foyer is an excellent place to experiment with an unexpected lighting fixture.

shutterstock_45679795Installing an area of tile directly in the entrance provides the ideal place for muddy and wet footwear before stepping into the hallway.

shutterstock_43562164The contrast between the sleek, white tiles and dark, marble flooring of this entrance create a striking view upon entering this home.

shutterstock_42813031These beautiful, leaded glass doors are an impressive statement piece from inside and outside the home.

shutterstock_41905783Elegant, checkerboard tiles provide a stunning accent for this contemporary home.

shutterstock_242386126A narrow entrance can be made to feel more expansive by painting the walls, including the trim and doorways, a soft white.

shutterstock_41064196The richly-colored walls and area rug of this entrance provide warm and inviting atmosphere, filled with plenty of natural light.

shutterstock_39151255This foyer remains light and airy through the application of white paint, neutral flooring and a striking, metal and glass staircase.

shutterstock_38914147This considerable foyer makes the most of the available floor space by featuring, lush greenery, a seating area and a large, gilded mirror.

shutterstock_33768127Installed between two closets, the built-in bench provides the perfect place for putting on footwear before venturing outside.

shutterstock_32883457The glossy tile work in the foyer beautifully reflects the natural light that streams from the large windows.

shutterstock_29402878A double set of doors provides the opportunity to bring the outdoors in by setting one set open on warm days.

shutterstock_29241115Graphic, marble tile work provides a show stopping decorative effect in this impressive foyer.

shutterstock_28008964Custom wood and glass doors provide a beautiful view from the interior and exterior of the home.

shutterstock_27822871The small nook beneath the stairs the the ideal spot for a comfy, seating area.

shutterstock_27777433The neutral stair runner and neutral color palette of the stairway allow it to blend easily into the space.

shutterstock_27743530The gold, black and white color scheme adds to the elegance of this statuesque foyer.

shutterstock_27719257Two levels of windows provide light to both floors of this contemporary home.

shutterstock_16012018A simply-designed foyer allows guests and homeowners to enter into a space unencumbered by clutter and distraction.

Tuscany - corridor and huge glass doorAn intimate entrance is best decorated with simple accents to allow for foot traffic to flow easily throughout the space.