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47 Modern Living Room Designs

Modern living room designs are based on simple color palettes - possibly even monochromatic - sleek furniture and simplistic design.  

Living Room Designs

Modern living room designs are based on simple color palettes – possibly even monochromatic – sleek furniture and simplistic design.  In a living room decorated in a modern style you will often find generous sectionals, minimal window coverings and a smattering of vibrant, color-filled accessories.  A modern space is designed to be clutter-free and to offer clear, unmarred views of the outdoors.  Chrome, glass and concrete are materials often used in these austere spaces.

Unless the homeowner is a purist, most modern spaces contain elements of contemporary, industrial and mid-century design styles.  This combination of styles allows homeowners to create a modern feel while maintaining accessibility and family-friendliness.

Decorating with a modern design aesthetic has many benefits.  The defined amount of furniture and accessories in this type of space makes clean up a breeze.  This is ideal for people who are often on the go and spend limited amounts of time at home.  They can easily prepare for a dinner party or evening with friends with worrying about the time needed to clean.

By nature, modern design and decorating provides a feeling of spaciousness, even when introduced into small spaces.  This makes it ideal for those living in small homes and apartments.  Low profile furniture, lustrous surfaces and monochromatic color schemes all work together to create the illusion of greater square footage by increased light reflection and clear sight lines.

In addition, the sparsity of accessories and simple color scheme make decorating for the changing seasons extremely efficient.  By swapping out a few throw pillows, a piece of artwork or various decorative accents you can transform your space from fall to Christmas in an instant.

When considering decorating your space in the modern style, you need to understand your decorating tendencies.  If you have a penchant for large collections, colorful walls and ornate decor, this style is likely not for you.  On the other hand, if you find peace in spaces that are unencumbered by excess and are looking for a simple way to decorate, modern interior design may be just what you are looking for.

shutterstock_38879608The large, white entertainment center blends seamlessly into this spacious, modern space.

shutterstock_43835308The ultra modern sofa in this space adds an interesting contrast to the worn, red-brown brick on the wall.

interior designThe modern, orange accent chairs in this space add a punch of color while still adhering to modern style.

shutterstock_138547388A soft, white rug and ethereal, gray curtains add softness to the sleek lines dominating this living room.

shutterstock_149046410In modern spaces, it’s okay to include a vibrant punch of color like the purple pillows on the sofa and loveseat.

shutterstock_162322358The floating shelf on the feature walls hides unsightly electronics and cables, as well as providing a display area for accessories.

shutterstock_151612151The dark rug, as well as wood and glass coffee table connect the living room and kitchen in this open concept area.

shutterstock_167810753Acrylic glass, or Lucite, coffee tables are excellent as storage while also taking up minimal visual space.

shutterstock_173479253Modern furniture and minimal decor furnish this space beautifully without detracting from the impressive view.

shutterstock_175606835This elegant sofa/loveseat set creates clear sight lines between the living and dining rooms.

shutterstock_179505812Warm wood floors play beautifully against a gray and white color palette.

shutterstock_179526026A modern cantilevered floor lamp provides excellent conversational lighting.

shutterstock_179973509Few color variations, even when the color is bright, is indicative of modern design.

shutterstock_182835143Simple window coverings  coordinate well with this space and provide easy access to the outdoors.

shutterstock_188948408The monochromatic color scheme makes this room seem much larger than it is.

shutterstock_193625507Modern spaces often contain little to no wall art.

shutterstock_199955363The high ceilings in this living room are accented beautifully by a simple, translucent chandelier.

shutterstock_200842844A large, unusual piece of artwork creates interest without distracting from the simplicity of the space.

shutterstock_201081503The all-white furniture provides a striking contrast against the hardwood floors.

interior designThe deep blue and white color scheme creates the feeling of luxury house on the beach.

shutterstock_236969857Artwork is not required when large, open windows  allow in lots of natural light and a breathtaking view.

interior designA media center with lots of open shelving allows the homeowner to display simple pictures and accents without cluttering the space.

shutterstock_243713890This elegant sofa and loveseat set add an unexpected touch to this modern space.

shutterstock_244611790The two brown pedestal accent chairs add variation to this virtually all-white living room.

shutterstock_250937860The modular couches and portable side tables/bookcases create the opportunity to transform the furniture layout as needed.

shutterstock_255001348The position of the sofa in this space allows homeowners to take full advantage of the view, rather than the television.

shutterstock_257955239The warm lighting and wood tones in this modern living room create a cozy, welcoming environment.

shutterstock_259304918The deep blue accent wall allows the television to recede somewhat, instead of being a focal point.

shutterstock_260955140Black, floor to ceiling glass doors are a piece of an artwork in themselves and beautifully frame the exterior view.

shutterstock_261005204The sparse decor in this space is indicative of a modern aesthetic.

shutterstock_264217397Monochromatic color schemes, such as in the space above, are comforting and elegant.

shutterstock_267206168A large, modular coffee table provides plenty of surface space and can be arranged to suit a variety of living room activities.

shutterstock_268184381A beautiful, glittery chandelier contrasts beautifully against the modern lines in this space.

shutterstock_276454379Custom window coverings fit perfectly where needed and gently filter outside light.

shutterstock_278469884A large, area rug softens this space and ties in well with the simple, wooden furniture.

shutterstock_279422603The key to combining wood tones is to choose only a few variations and ensuring that they have similar wood grain.

shutterstock_280841489This beautiful black, glass coffee table coordinates beautifully in this large, open space.

shutterstock_281624090The colorful accent pillows correspond with the lush greenery seen through the open doorway and windows.

shutterstock_283352132The light green walls provide depth to this simple space.

shutterstock_286124810Two coordinating coffee tables can act as one when placed close together.

shutterstock_290242259A series of shelves, rather than wall art, makes it easier to change up decorating accessories as desired.

shutterstock_296000465The custom-made sectional is designed to specifically fit in this sunken, living room space.

shutterstock_306355307This space is designed to include many liner elements: coffee table, stone fireplace, built-ins and wood plank ceiling.

shutterstock_318263879This space is centered around a expansive stone surround and simple, ribbon fireplace.

shutterstock_67253668The simple color scheme of red, gray and white creates a punchy, graphic vibe in this ultra-modern, open concept space.