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14 Ideas for Black Pole Barns 

If you've decided to add a black pole barn to your property, then you should be aware that there are many choices. Here are 14 black pole barn ideas for you to learn about.

Gravel road, black barn with white trim, dark gray tile roof, blue sky

If you’re thinking about adding some upgrades to your home or farm this year and you’ve decided to add a black pole barn to your property, then you should be aware that there are many choices. With so many choices available, choosing the perfect black pole barn can be difficult, though it doesn’t have to be. Here are 14 black pole barn ideas for you to learn about:

Small 3-Car Garage Barn

This lovely barn is a great choice for homeowners who are also looking for a place to park their vehicles, in addition to other uses. Not only is this barn attractive, but it’s small enough that it doesn’t require a great deal of space. If you’re like me and you want the convenience of a storage area that contains garage-like doors, but you don’t plan on using it for storing vehicles, then that’s fine, too.

Commercial Shop Black Pole Barn

This lovely barn made the list because not only is it attractive, but it’s very practical if you need more space. This barn requires substantially more space on your property than the previous one, but owners can certainly take advantage of all the extra space. Some owners have even opted to create an office or even a living space inside this spacious and sleek barn, which could also be a hay barn.

Horse Stable Black Pole Barn

If you’re thinking about purchasing horses, then you need a home for them, and nothing is more fitting than this gorgeous choice. Not only does it allow enough space for you to house several horses, but with the fencing, your horses will have plenty of open space that is safely enclosed so they can graze, exercise or relax in this new stable. Your horses will appreciate this gorgeous barn as their new home, and as long as your farm has ample room to place one of these buildings. This is a very large barn, so be sure your farm has adequate space before investing in this choice.

Farm Barn Office

If you’re going to be performing office work inside your barn, then you will obviously need an adequate workspace, which this elegant barn provides.This attractive barn provides enough space for both your office space as well as for housing a few farm animals. Although you will require plenty of space to place this office barn, you won’t need quite as much space as you would need for the horse barn. You still need to ensure that you have adequate space available on your property,

Your Typical Barn

If you’re not looking for anything fancy when it comes to a barn, then this one is a great idea for you. When most people picture a barn, they picture this conventional-looking but very useful barn. You can store your animals, hay and anything else in this type of barn. This cute traditional black pole barn is ideal for someone who wants a storage place that isn’t red like many barns are.

Livestock Barn

If your goal is to house a number of livestock, then not only will you need a very large barn, but you will also need plenty of acreage available to place the pole barn. This livestock barn would likely be perfect for your needs, as it is large, has plenty of stalls and other space available for storage, so your livestock will be comfortable. This barn, which can also be purchased in other styles, can also easily accommodate large bales of hay, supplies, and much more. You’ll absolutely love it once it’s installed.

Small Barn Shed

If you have a limited lot in your backyard or on your farm and you’re simply looking for a shelter to use for extra storage, then this small barn shed is an excellent choice. You can choose to have this compact barn shed with its black roof customized, or you could customize it yourself. However, it’s really quite attractive as it is. You can use this barn shed to store anything you’d like, from farm supplies to garden equipment, to everything else in-between. This barn certainly won’t house any animals that are larger than a barn cat, however, and it’s not necessary to have a large lot to place this barn.

Solar Panel Barn

This barn made the list, because not only is it attractive, but I love how it has solar panels on it, which to me is free energy! Everyone wants to save as much money as possible, and these solar panels will certainly help you to do so. This barn is one of the many buildings that has multiple uses, as it could be used as a greenhouse to grow your favorite plants, whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall. This barn could also double as a storage area for hay, animals, or anything else that you need to store inside it. .

Small Barn for Chickens

I recommend this barn because it’s compact and appears to be a great size to provide space for a chicken coop during any season, even winter and summer. You could also house other small animals inside this barn, as well, or merely use it as a farm storage area for hay, supplies, equipment, and more. This cute little barn would also make a great small playroom for a child, or it could be used for another purpose, as well.

Alternate Use Open Barn

If you don’t plan on housing animals inside your barn, then you should pick this partially opened barn, which could have many alternate uses. For instance, you might want to open a small country store where you sell items grown on and made with items on your farm in the spring and summer months. There are also many other uses for such a barn, including storing lawn and other equipment, planting flowers, and much more. The sky is the limit with this barn. You won’t be able to heat this barn, so using it in the winter may not be ideal unless you live in an area where temperatures are mild year-round.

Workshop Barn

If you’re looking for a barn that can double as a workshop, then this attractive barn is the perfect choice for doing extra work. Furthermore, if you aren’t necessarily looking for a place to have your workshop, this barn can be used as a playroom for children, a crafts room for the crafter in the family (if you have one), in addition to other uses. Like many of the other barns on this list, this workshop or playhouse barn would look amazing on any farm or in a large backyard.

Barn with Attic

Blue sky, small barn with brown tile roof with attic

This barn, which has a handy attic that can be used for extra storage, would be a great addition to any farm or large backyard. Not only can this barn enhance the appearance of your entire farm, but it can bring great convenience for a number of reasons. First of all, you can opt to house animals in the main part, while using the attic for storing food and other items. You could also provide services of some type in this barn. Different colors might be available for this barn, if you desire.

The Perfect Goat Barn

If you’re planning on housing goats in your barn, then there’s no better barn than this one. Of course, just because it’s the perfect barn for housing goats doesn’t mean it can’t be used to house other animals. Since it’s not a very large barn, you likely won’t be housing horses and cows in it. However, if you only have a few larger livestock, it’s likely that they could comfortably fit inside this barn, along with everything else you might decide to place inside it. This barn comes in different styles and colors, as well, so it can be built how you desire.

Metal Roof Barn

Blue sky, green grass and rolling hills, green and white two toned barn with green metal roof

If you’re interested in purchasing a barn with a metal roof barn, then this one is a great choice. Regardless of how you plan to use the barn, it’s a great choice because it’s large and can house plenty of animals, equipment, supplies, and more. It could also be used for other reasons as well, since you don’t necessarily have to use a barn for animals. You might want to share this photo with your friends so they can see what a great barn this before finishing the deal to purchase it.