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10 Popular Barn Colors & Color Scheme Ideas 

Today, nothing is stopping you from stepping outside tradition and exploring more barn color ideas. Check out our list of popular color scheme ideas for your barn!

Today, nothing is stopping you from stepping outside tradition and exploring more barn color ideas. Barns now come in a wide range of colors, and the right barn color will depend on whether you want to make a bold statement, achieve understated sophistication, or something in between.

Wondering where to start when choosing the right barn paint color? Here are the ten popular exterior barn colors to consider and why they might be up your alley.

Classic Red Barn

Red barn, two large sliding doors, snowy mountains and snow on the ground, low laying white clouds

It would be sacrilege to talk about barn colors without mentioning red. Did you know that the country classic was used traditionally because of limited options? Since farmers of old didn’t have access to the wide range of paints and stains available on the market today, they figured out that mixing linseed oil, skimmed milk, and red iron oxide resulted in an effective sealant that was red. Plus, it was a lot cheaper.

Since then, the red-barn tradition has continued, and for most people, barns just aren’t the same if they are not painted red. That’s why you should opt for this paint color if you want to boost the resale value of your property. Red is also a great option if you want a bold color that makes your barn pop out in the background.

Stunning White Barn

Brick pavers on long walk leading to large white barn, white wooden picket fence, green grass, trees and yellow flowers, cloudy sky

White is a fantastic color choice for your barn for several reasons. First, it’s a clean and elegant color that gives your structure more presence. Not only that, but white tends to go along with many colors, which opens up your options for barn color schemes.

Beyond aesthetics, white is also the practical choice in hotter climates. Its reflective properties help keep the structure’s interior cool, providing better indoor comfort.

Gray Stable Barn

Dark gray stable barn, black roof, natural wood fence, big opend green counrty field, cloudy sky

Gray is a popular barn color that can be both classic and modern. This timeless color option will always look stylish, and its neutrality means it can be paired with any color trim or accents. The good news is, you can choose a different shade of grey, depending on the statement you want to make. For instance, ash gray creates a more modern and unique look, while dark grey offers a more defined sophistication.

Unique Blue Barn

Blue might seem like a strange color for a barn, but somehow it works. Like red, blue can be a vivid color that stands out and screams a statement. I think a blue barn would fit right in somewhere near the ocean. If you’re looking for one of the least non-traditional but high-end barn colors, I highly recommend blue.

Green Metal Barn

Large green metal barn near a corn filed, solid blue sky

A green barn makes total sense to me because it represents the color of agriculture. So, a green barn should fit right in on any farm. Green is perfect if you want a structure that blends with nature and the surrounding landscape. A barn with a vibrant green color would look gorgeous against a lush forest or field of green corn. Green is truly a stunning color!

Brown Country Barn

It’s not every day that you see a brown barn. While brown is not a traditional color, it’s one of those colors that work so well in a farming landscape. The color scheme doesn’t have to be dull either because you use different shades of brown to create contrast. Brown is especially wonderful because dirt doesn’t show up easily. So, for instance, if you have a lot of animals around, you can spend less time power washing the barn.

Sunny Yellow Barn

Large wooden yellow barn with a brown metal roof and white trimmed windows, wooden bench out front, green grass, potted red flowers

Yellow is the color of sunshine! A yellow barn can make a quick, beautiful impression because of the way it catches the eye. It especially looks picturesque on a pretty summer day. The advantage of using yellow is that it makes a positive psychological impact and makes your barn appear larger than life. If you want to tone down the brightness, you can simply paint one side to create the perfect accent wall.

Solid Black Barn

Black barns are somewhat of a tradition in the South. As mentioned, with red barns, the color was traditionally achieved by adding red iron oxide. With black barns, creosote or coal tar was another inexpensive option used to preserve buildings.

In addition, the black color was favored for its heat-absorbing qualities that were useful for keeping livestock warm and providing the temperatures needed to cure tobacco leaves. When it comes to aesthetics, black is dramatic, bold, and a statement maker. It’s also a beautiful neutral that can participate in a wide range of color schemes.

Gray Clay Barn

Clay is a popular barn color because it matches the earthy color scheme of farm settings. The muted, earthy color also pairs well with a wide range of trim colors and accents. Whether the barn is set in a horse pasture or against rolling fields, clay barn paint color schemes will blend with the landscape while managing to look unique.

Rustic Style Barn

Besides painting your barn, you can also use various wood stains to create a more natural aesthetic. A natural wood-stained barn looks very organic and will highlight the natural beauty of the wood to create an attractive look that rivals any paint.

10 Barn Color Schemes To Inspire You

Now that you have many options lined up for your barn’s base colors, it’s time to consider barn color schemes. When it comes to barn color schemes, the aim is to find which trim color, roof color, and door color works best to create contrast or achieve cohesion. Check out these ten barn color schemes for inspiration.

Classic Barn Color Schemes

Classic barn color schemes never go out of style and can boost the resale appeal of your structure.

Red and White Country Barn

Gorgeous res barn with white trim in the country, wooden fence, green trees and grass, blue sky, white clouds

Red and white are the obvious colors for a barn, and they create stunning contrast. With this color scheme, red is the base color for the entire building and the doors. White trim is then used for the window and door trim, while the roof is usually a dark, nondescript color. Red and white are all about letting your barn be a barn, and it’s easy on the eye because it conforms to expectations.

White and Black Barn

Black barn with white trim, gray and black tile woof, gravel road, blue sky

Black is the quintessential dark color, and white is the quintessential light color. This color scheme is flexible because you can use either white or black as the base color to increase the energy efficiency of your structure, depending on the climate.

Modern Barn Color Schemes

Modern barn color schemes are all about sophistication and choosing more creative and daring barn color options.

Green and Brown Horse Barn

Large pea green barn with cream colored trim and lightly stained wood doors and shutters, green grass, light blue sky

This green and brown color scheme is both elegant and practical. The stained wood doors and light-colored roof blend well with the green base paint color. The aesthetics are superb, and the colors blend well with the landscape.

Black and Brown Rustic Barn

This splendid color scheme is something to truly boast of. The black and brown color scheme is a striking addition to the landscape, and the stained wooden doors create a rustic appeal that makes this modem structure unique.

Metal Barn Color Schemes

Metal is an alternative building material that also comes with various color options.

Green and Black Metal Barn

This green metal barn with black trim is a nice color combination. This useful style with the large, tall opening in the center creates a great space for parking large trailors, while the two spaces on either side provides great space with enclosed protection.

Blue and Beige Metal Barn

This blue and beige color scheme works to make the barn look more sturdy by giving it a grounded look. This is achieved by using a darker blue color at the base of the structure and a lighter color above it. The black trim on the door also adds a nice touch.

Pole Barn Color Schemes

Pole barns are simple structures, but using the right color pole barn colors helps create a unique look.

Blue and White Pole Barn

Blue might not blend well with a typical farming landscape, but it fares much better when set against a stunning, snowy landscape. The white trim is perfectly complementary and adds to the breathtaking charm.

Gray and White Barn

Simple gray barn with white roof and trimmed windows, green grass, red tractor in front

This gray and white pole barn color scheme is a classic and gives the structure a reliable and grounded aesthetic. A darker shade of gray is used at the base of the building, with a lighter shade covering the top. and trimming the upper windows.

Horse Barn Color Schemes

Check out these interesting horse barn color schemes suitable for all types of horse barns.

Rustic Colors Horse Barn

Natural wood barn and horse stable, black doors, wooden fence, blue sky

Rustic colors are beautiful on horse barns! Different wood stains have been used to create muted but brilliant contrast.

Blue and Brown Horse Barn

Bright blue metal stable barn, natural wood sliding doors inside, wooden beams holding up structure inside, sunny day

This horse barn has a beautiful blue siding that complements the rustic interior. The exterior also has white trim to highlight the architectural lines of the building.

Tips for The Right Barn Color Combination

There’s a lot to consider when considering your barn paint color choices. So, take time to process all options carefully before settling on a barn color scheme. While it’s possible to switch to a different barn color, you don’t want to regret your barn paint colors when they are still fresh, and neither do you want the extra financial investment. To help you out, keep the following tips in mind when checking out barn paint hues.

Cohesive Colors

When choosing the best color for your barn’s exterior, you’ll probably go with whatever catches your eye’s fancy. But, it also helps to consider the overall color scheme of neighboring buildings for a more cohesive look.

Pros vs. Cons of Light and Dark Colors

It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of darker colors vs. lighter colors when choosing the perfect barn color. Dark colors are great for absorbing heat and keeping the building warmer when temperatures drop. Another advantage of a dark-colored barn is it won’t show dirt and normal wear and tear quickly. On the other hand, lighter colors make your building look larger than a dark color. White also helps to keep temperatures cool.

In addition, it’s best to avoid darker colors if you live in an area with the intense sun because the paint tends to look weathered and faded at a faster rate.

Keep it Traditional

Thinking of selling down the line? Avoid non-traditional barn colors since these may not appeal to many potential buyers. Your best option, in this case, is the iconic, classic, red and white color scheme.

Color regret is real! Before you commit, it’s best to use online tools that help you visualize the color scheme you have in mind, so you can see if it works or not. For instance, if you’re looking for a pole barn color scheme, using a pole barn color visualizer will help you determine the best option.