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14 Pole Barn Man Cave Ideas

Check out these pole barn man cave ideas. Wheather your building a pole barn man cave or just want to add some accessories take a look and explore.

Pole Barn Man Cave

Building your man cave starts with you—your ideas, personality, and inspirations. If you have a barn with plenty of space left in it for installations and renovations, then you should transform it into a place where you can recreate yourself, meet with friends, or just have some time alone. You can remake your barn into a pole barn man cave that is the center of fun, entertainment, or quieter moments.

Here are some pole barn man cave ideas:

1. Bar and Grill

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When the sun is out and the air is warm, your first thought may be to break out the grill and invite friends over for food and drink outdoors. This is not an option during the winter months. Building a bar and grill as part of your interior pole barn man cave gives you the option of having a cookout whenever it strikes your fancy.

2. Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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Having a man cave pole barn makes you rustic by definition—or at least enough of a rustic to be called one. That part of the pole barn that you have set aside for a man cave should still have the feel of rusticity. It is possible to turn an old wagon wheel into a chandelier. The large size of such an object makes it perfect for a large pole barn construction space. Recycling a wagon wheel will help set the tone and atmosphere of your barn man cave. It will help you relax and enjoy the room.

3. Barn Birdhouse

Small Barn Birdhouse

One of the more decorative ideas for your man cave is to install a barn birdhouse. You don’t have to be an ornithologist to take a keen interest in birds. Having a barn means being at least somewhat in the wilderness. The species that are native to your area will look for a place to perch and feed. A birdhouse gives them one. You can hang out in your man cave and watch them hang out in their bird cave.

4. A Whirlpool

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Although most whirlpools attached to individual homes are outdoors, buying a whirlpool for your pole barn man cave is not beyond the possibility. This can trigger charges of extravagance from family and friends. But if your barn house is big enough, and it is too cold where you live to have an outdoor jacuzzi, you should seriously consider this purchase.

5. Theater and Snack Bar

Theater and Snack Bar

Turning your interior pole barn man cave into a theater is a great move. If you do so, you should also install a snack bar. Whether you like to watch films with your buddies or on your own, you will need drinks and snacks. As part of the design process, you should also build a snack bar. Having both will help you and yours relax. Building the right kind of indoor theater will give the space the feeling and atmosphere of the real thing.

6. Bowling

little bowling alley

One of the best attributes of a barn man cave is that it is larger than most other types of man caves. You can use such space for a whirlpool (as pointed out above), a tennis table, or, if you are especially fond of the pastime, a little bowling alley. Depending on the size of your barn, you may also be able to put in large arcane games as well.

7. Lighting

lights outside of the barn

Good lighting will be an important feature of any pole barn construction. You should install lights outside of the barn for purposes of security. Inside of the pole barn, you can get creative. The type of lighting you ultimately decide on should be based on what kind of mood you want to establish inside your barn man cave.

8. Rustic Battery Clock

Have a bit of fun with your man cave by putting up a sign that designates it as such. A man cave sign is a way of marking out the space that constitutes your little island of privacy, personality, and pleasure. To make it more in line with the rusticity of the space, the sign should be made of wood. You can put it just outside or just inside your man cave.

Here is another great decoration to consider. Although you will probably have electricity in your barn man cave, a rustic battery clock will look good in it. Such a clock will add to the aesthetics of the space. It will harmonize with its rustic décor. It is also a good practical decision, as you will be able to turn the electricity off during the day.

9. Solid Poker Table

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This of course is one of the ultimate symbols of pole barn man cave life. A proper poker table will give you and the boys the kind of room and ambiance you want when playing cards. Rather than cheap make-shift or folding tables, you can buy a table that has been designed to hold poker chips. One that even has built-in drink holders!

10. Library

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There are times when you want to entertain friends in your barn man cave. And then there are times when you just want to be alone. You can be at once jovial and gregarious and meditative and scholarly. For the latter purpose, a library is necessary. A barn is a perfect place to build a library. You will be able to put up row upon row of bookshelves. You can also add end tables and chairs with an aged, antique, and rustic look.

11. Live Edge Shelf

live edge shelf

A life edge shelf is a piece of raw wood that can be cleaned and polished and then re-used as a shelf, table, or another surface in your pole barn. It can be useful for dishware, memorabilia, wine, beer, or spirits.

12. Coat and Hat Hooks

Coat and Hat Hooks

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Comfort in your man cave barn should be one of your top priorities. To this end, you should install hooks on which people can hang their coats and hats. You will also need a floor mat for muddy or dirty shoes. One of the downsides of having a pole barn in the country is the enormous amounts of mud that come with the rain. The last thing you want is for people to track mud and dirt inside your place.

13. Pellet Stove

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A large pole barn can get cold and drafty. You will need a reliable heat source. A pellet stove is a good choice because it heats up quite quickly. You need not install any further ducts, funnels, or instruments to use such a stove. All you need do is install it and fire it up when you enter your man cave.

14. Rustic Sign

Rustic Sign

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