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How To Use Wood For A Cozy And Contemporary Bedroom

Bedroom In Modern luxury house

Your bedroom is one of the essential rooms in your home. It’s where you take refuge, find comfort, and melt all the stress of the day away. In decorating it, you may follow a particular style, but essentially, it should tell your own story. And more importantly, you need to follow your heart since you’ll be the one sleeping and resting in it. It should speak of your character. 

When you hear the word ‘contemporary,’ you often associate it with shiny, polished, and cold stuff. And when you hear ‘wood,’ you don’t usually link it to anything modern. But wood can address all of these nuances. Warm and cozy? Sleek and modern? Your bedroom doesn’t have to be one and all.

There are many ways wood can transform your bedroom into a cozy and contemporary one. Let’s dive into the ways how using wood can make for a comfortable and modern bedroom.   

Pick A Dominant Wood Tone

Gone are the days when designing a home or a bedroom needs to be matchy-matchy; at present, it’s ideal to have one dominant wood tone in a room to make it the focal point of the entire space so that it won’t be monotonous. A room where most fixtures share one shade makes it redundant and may speak of a lack of creativity.

The dominant wood tone is usually the most oversized furniture or accent in your room. It could be your platform bed frame, a wall panel, or an ornate desk. Your wooden floor could also stand as your dominant wood tone because it’s essentially the most prominent piece in your room. Once you’ve chosen your dominant wood tone, it’s now time to try it in various aspects of the bedroom.

Select Common Undertones  

Undertones, simply put, are the subdued color of a particular shade, a color usually seen through or modifying another color. There are two undertones in wood: warm (red, pink, yellow, orange) and cool (blue, purple, green). The types and finishes of the wood may vary, but the undertones should be in the same family.

One example is cherry wood which has a warm undertone since it has a unique red tone. Suppose you picked cherry wood as your dominant wood tone for your platform bed frame. In that case, you may use complementary colors that have the same warm undertones to pair with this wood element to achieve a welcoming, cozy bedroom. You may use dark walnut-stained floating shelves or a mahogany bookcase. A mahogany bookcase accented with iron renders a contemporary, industrial feel to your bedroom.

Selecting common undertones is easy for the eyes. It doesn’t make your eyes wander all over the place. It makes a space look cohesive and put together. Contemporary style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, and deliberate use of color and texture. Using the same undertones gives a natural flow to the design of a room. Unity is what selecting the same undertones want to emphasize. When shades are interrelated, you may feel a sense of oneness among your chosen set of furniture inside your bedroom. The look is intense and not dispersed.   

Interior of comfortable master bedroom with wooden walls, concrete floor, king size bed standing on carpet, bookshelves and gray armchair near big window. 3d rendering

Use Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall  

Reclaimed wood has been on trend for quite some time. Many architects and designers swear by it because of its positive effect on the environment as well as its adaptability. Even though reclaimed wood is an old piece of wood that’s repurposed for a new reason, it doesn’t have to mean that it won’t look modern anymore.

Much reclaimed wood has found its way inside modern bedrooms walls, and they’re either made to be simple and rustic or stained with color for a contemporary feel. Companies that offer custom wood solutions can grant any specifications you’d like for your reclaimed wood to fit your styling needs.

Consider Wood Panels Installed With Smart Backlighting  

What could be more modern and cozier but a richly-textured, warm undertone wood panel illuminated by command? Wood panels may be the perfect accent for your room.   

Wood panels create a dramatic effect when placed horizontally to your bed frame. The classic characteristic of wood need not be such a humdrum, especially if it’s textured and the colors complement your floor and other accents of your room. Add to that the backlighting that could be adjusted to set your mood.

Wood panels make a bedroom modern and cozy it also adds a touch of charm and sophistication. Choosing the best wood panel for your bedroom doesn’t need to be a difficult task. There are a lot of companies that offer custom wood solutions to address your needs.

Play With Contrast  

The use of contrast adds visual interest to any room. The difference in design uses different elements such as texture and tone to make the area more exciting and appealing. When you’ve picked a light-colored wooden floor for your bedroom like the versatile and durable bamboo floor, you may pair it with a richly textured, dark wooden vanity paired with a modern accent mirror. This play with contrast adds excitement and a contemporary feel to your bedroom and brings with it a youthful vibe.

Playing with contrast is the polar opposite of selecting common undertones. It doesn’t follow any set of rules. It’s more of a storytelling style of creating a space. The contrast could be in color or texture. One example is the use of a smooth wooden wall panel in the room. The contrast of a rattan-covered bedside table rich in texture will create a contrasting but contemporary effect.  

Another example is using a black and white wooden divider to hide a workspace on one side of your room. You can bring in a dash of electric colors such as a mustard yellow wooden sculpture to make it stand out from the black and white wall divider and make the bedroom more attractive and modern.

Use White Stained Wood   

Using white items in your bedroom would make it fresh and add a touch of relaxed, energetic, and youthful vibe to it. A Nordic-inspired minimalist white stained wooden desk and workstation placed at the corner of your room decorated with a modern lamp and a tiny succulent plant for a natural effect will render the space very contemporary.  

You may also opt for white wooden walls and flooring to make your room look modern. Using white this way will make your room more spacious and contemporary. But to prevent making the room look washed out, you may use a splash of color on other things like in your bedsheets or accent rug. Adding an exciting art piece like a colorful painting will break the monotonous effect of white floors and walls.

Use Laser Cut Wooden Partition 

Laser-cutting technology in wood design emerged in 2019 and is still a popular trend now. Laser cutting makes detailed designs on wood following a variety of patterns. Popular ones are paisley, lattice, and even intricate mandala. The modern effect of laser-cut wooden partition will depend on the design inspiration you’ll apply.

If you want a modern vibe, you may opt for a geometric style for your laser-cut wooden sections. Geometric patterns are interesting conversation pieces and are impressive to look at. Repeated patterns that are layered are so intricate and create a striking effect that’ll make your eyes focus on that area of the room.

Pair Your Platform Bed With A Modern Wooden Nightstand  

Bedside tables or nightstands is a must for both sides of the bed. It creates balance and symmetry in a bedroom. It also defines a space for couples who share the bed. A popular design of wooden nightstands trending now is accented with brass or chrome and has a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Use Wooden Recessed Ceiling With Lights 

Recessed ceilings feature a center section of the ceiling that’s several inches higher than the areas around the room’s perimeter. It creates a dramatic effect and makes the room appear larger than it is. What used to be flat and dull ceilings now can be made into exciting pieces that spark conversations. The recessed ceiling draws the eye upward, which emphasizes the height of the room.

Popular contemporary recessed wooden ceilings include a double tray design, which makes the room even taller and more spacious; a recessed ceiling with multiple squares illuminated with a warm glow for a cozy feel inside the bedroom is also a popular choice for a modern bedroom style.

Using a variety of styles for your wooden recessed ceiling will make a big statement. A white-on-white suspended ceiling with concealed lighting makes for a modern but dramatic interior. Contrasting colors on your recessed ceiling not only create a sense of drama but also enhance the height of your bedroom even more. Hanging a stylish pendant light from your suspended ceiling adds an attractive focal point to the room’s contemporary feel.

Use Solid Hardwood Flooring  

Hardwood flooring has many benefits. But to use it in your home, particularly in your bedroom, is very versatile since hardwood floors complement any decorating style, whether it’s modern, rustic, shabby chic, exotic hipster, or even minimalist. Hardwood flooring is strong and durable; and more importantly, it can be refinished. So, instead of replacing your entire floor when you get tired of it, you may opt to refinish it with a different shade or stain to upgrade the look of your floor.

The versatility of hardwood flooring is an advantage, especially if you shop for decorative items and knick-knacks everywhere. You need not worry that these will be out of place in your home. Choosing hardwood flooring may sound so complicated, but there are specialists out there who’d be willing to help you out.

Designers widely use distressed wide plank wood floors, though the key when utilizing them is to keep the décor to a minimum.

Red oak wood floors have red undertones and may seem like a challenge, but it goes well with any decorating style. The red undertones bring out the beauty of all other wooden elements in the room and bring the entire décor together.

Mix It Up  

Purposefully mixing and matching items in your bedroom will add depth and visual weight to the space. Suppose you got a classic dark wood panel in your bedroom. You may use a metal-finish night lamp and vase to highlight the area. The contrast is stark yet creates an attractive visual appeal. Surprisingly, you may also use cream-colored wood items such as a bedside table or a trunk.


Looking forward to a good night’s sleep after a day of grinding is one of the goals of a lot of people. Even a quick break from a day’s work in the house could make one feel recharged and energized. And where do you usually do all of these? In the bedroom, most likely. 

Your bedroom must be an inviting space where you can feel warmth and comfort, so you can relax and be at your best. At the end of the day, you want to relax and enjoy your personal space. It’s an investment that’ll have many benefits for you and your family. It’s been known that wood used in the interior of your home shares a common effect as when you commune with it in nature.

The use of wood in an area of the home can positively affect the body, brain, and environment. When you’re in the presence of wood elements such as furniture in your home, it creates a positive psychological and physiological effect on your body, reducing stress and anxiety, and creating positive social interactions. If you don’t have time to go out and be with nature, why not bring nature inside your bedroom?

Contemporary need not be cold and shiny. A bedroom can still be modern even with the use of wooden elements. Using wood will add a cozy and warm effect to a room and will balance the other factors you may want to add while going through the process of decorating. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.