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19 Beautiful Red Brick Houses Ideas(with Pictures)

A beautiful red brick home is something that is sure to never go out of style. Take a look at our list of red brick homes we have put together for you!

Gorgeous red brick two story house with thick cream colored columns, bay windows and a double wood front door, beautiful professional landscaping and a red brick front walkway, blue sky, sunny day

Looking for Beautiful and Unique Red Brick House Ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We have homes for you to admire and use to gain inspiration for your next home build or purchase. Read on; you don’t want to miss out on these spectacular beauties!

Historic Red Brick House Designs

Traditional Two-Story Brick House with a White Dormer Window

Traditional colonial style red brick home with white front pillars, black window shutters and two chimneys, perfectly lept green front lawn and bushes, pretty white flowers lining the edges of planters, blue sky, sunny day

This home is fantastically historical and traditional in style.

The first story of the home exterior has oversized white window trim around bay windows, a white front porch with pillars, and a black door that is centered on the house. The second story features white trim around the three symmetrical windows and black faux shutters. At the top of the home, popping out the black shingle roof, sits a white dormer window with crown molding and even more symmetry. 

A little detail that makes this home look so grand and established is the complementary landscaping in the front. Hedges and shaped bushes make this home look like it still belongs in early America in the 1700s or 1800s.

Red Brick Cottage House

Small red brick old cottage on the corner of a narrow road, green ivy growing up the front, yellow flower bush near front door, blue sky, sunny day

There’s just something special about an older red brick home. These houses feel so comforting and simple that you can’t help but feel drawn to them.

This particular home has a warm color palette with warm natural wood doors, clean white trim, and vintage roofing. I am so in love with that cute stained glass window over the door too.

The sweet spring flowers and vines enhance the antique aesthetic of the place, and makes it feel authentically cottagelike. It looks like it belongs in a quaint and quiet village in England.

Historic Ornate Victorian Red Brick House

Large tri level Victorian style home with red brick and white, green and brown accents, tons of windows, small front lawn, black wrought iron fence along front

This home uses minimal mortar between the bricks, and the mortar itself is the same shade of red as the brick, so it blends in perfectly without making the exterior look too visually busy.

A three-story turret stands tall on the right side. The third story of it is covered by wood shingles that are painted green. The green and red clash together, but in a perfectly Victorian-eccentric way. There are many shapely bay windows, a steep gabled tile roof, and turrets.

The colorful home has hand-carved decorative woodwork accents all over the exterior and has such a complicated and asymmetric design, that it’s impossible not to fall in love with this style.

Red Brick Mansion

Old Mansard roof red brick home in the country, green grass, tall trees, blue sky, sunny day

This historic red colonial mansion has grand entrances, white bay windows, multiple porches, three stories of splendor, and uniformity throughout.

It is grown over and looking a bit abandoned, but it still looks very grand and regal.

The mature deciduous trees around the home give it the potential to be very cozy and welcoming with a little cleaning up. This looks like the perfect home to sit on the porch with a tea in hand and enjoy the scenery.

Red and White Brick House in the Cape Cod Style

Small Cape Cod Style red brick home withgray shingled roof and white trimmed bay windows on first level and dormer windows on upper level, blue sky, detatched garage on the ide of home, winter trees, sunny day

This fine home is sweet, simple, and well-manicured. I love the ornamental tree on the left corner of the home, which balances out the heavy brick chimney on the right side of the house. Those symmetrical hedges add an element of greenery and another layer of uniformity.

A single bright red wooden Adirondack chair sits on the front porch by the white front door.

I love the intentional symmetry of Cape Cod homes, this one has a centralized front door that has identical bay windows on each side of it. Centered above those bay windows on the second floor are matching dormers.

Traditional Brick Home with a Bright Blue Door

Small red brick home with white trim and a bright blue front door, small green front lawn, yellow and purple flowers planted along front, blue sky, sunny day

This is a classic colonial home. Look at those two matching, symmetrical windows, and the matching dormers above them. Notice how perfectly centered the blue door sits on the front of the home. The single step up to the door adds to the simplicity.

The only piece of this home that isn’t perfectly symmetrical is the chimney, which is on the right side of the home rather than centered in the middle of the home.

I adore this quaint and charming little place, and it is a joy to see.

Modern Brick Houses

Modern Red Brick Apartment

Dark red brick apartment building, black trimmed windows, blue sky, sunny day

This is either a condominium or an apartment, but it is the perfect example of modern red brick. Notice the lack of trim on the corners of the building, the flat roof, large modern windows, and thick black trim on those windows. The brick has the same styles, and the overall aesthetic is minimal. Still, the bricks are of alternating warm colors (and not one solid color), which makes it look interesting, warm, and inviting.

Luxurious Modern Red Brick House

Large red brick 3 story home with red tile roof, lots of white trimmed windows, open grassy field around home, cloud covered sky

This gorgeous red brick home in Germany is ready to put in a hard day’s work on the farm.

It’s no secret that this massive red brick home is luxuriously modern. From the tall two-story entryway with floor-to-ceiling windows, to the masterful lawn and landscaping that surrounds the house, to its massive size, it’s clear that this home was intended for someone who loves luxury and lots of personal space.

The red tile roof against classic red brick and uniform white trim windows makes this house look clean, classic, and beautiful in a minimalist way.

I love how the same window style and size were used throughout the home; it really emphasizes the massive size of this home. Multiple entrances, garage doors, and and that large bay in the back allude to the fact that this home is the heart of a hardworking multigenerational farm.

Terracotta Town Homes

4 Brick townhouses in differetn shades of brick, each has 5 front facing windows, bicycle in front of each one, blue sky with white fluffy clouds

These four townhomes are brick, but with different shades and colors on each home to easily differentiate where one home ends and the next begins.

The builder used sand color bricks with a yellow door for the first, tavern brown bricks with a chocolate door for the second, and traditional Chama Valley red bricks with a bright red door on the third home. Each home has its own personality and style while still maintaining a cohesive look across the neighborhood.

Modern Cube Brick House

Brick homes simply don’t get any more modern that this house.

It’s easy to tell that this is an affluent, luxury-style home. From the high quality construction materials, to the oversized floor to ceiling modern widonws, to the flat roof, everything about this home is unique, sleek, and thoughtfully designed.

Interestingly enough, the bricks on this home are recycled and have a natural patina to them. Some of the bricks are red, some look reddish grey, some are clay, and others look bright white. This color palette gives the home so much personality and wamth. What a lovely, lovely home.

Red Brick Accent House

Cloud covered sky over a single story home, white painted brick and red brick combination, large front porch and green front lawn, large brick front columns

This white home has red brick accents on the lower half, creating texture and color interests. The brick is nicely complemented by red stone foundation, big covered verandas, and a stunning bay window right in the center of the home.

Notice the front porch brick archway too, that is a lovely touch.

Red Brick House Color Schemes

Tan and Red Brick Houses

Two story home with tan colored brick and red tile roof, bright red front door, solid blue sky, sunny day

This stunning two-story brick house features a tile roof, white adobe accents, and a bright red front door that will wow.

The exterior design is simple but beautiful. I love how they elegantly blended beige and tan bricks to create an interesting yet subtle color palette.

Many times people feel that they are stuck with whatever color options the brick walls are, but this simply isn’t true. Adding pops of color to the doors, trim, windows, and even garage doors can completely change the space and complement the brick in a brand new way.

Bright Red Brick in Monochromatic

Large red brick home with white trimmed windows in the country, cloud covered sky, green grass and large green trees

This bright red brick house is red throughout, but tastefully uses slightly various shades of red for maximum interest and beauty.

The only section of the house that isn’t red are the window trims and the darker color blue painted dormers on top. The chimney of this red brick home stands out in the best possible way, and makes this space look established and sophisticated.

White and Red Brick Tudor

White and red brick with black trim tudor style home, tall green shrubs along front for privacy, lots of wintery trees along the sides and back of home, blue sky

Don’t forget that stucco, wood, and paint can be used to change up your brick house’s exterior too.

Tudors are one of the few homes that look historic yet modern, suburban yet rural, and luxurious yet simple. These homes have a vast range, and their aesthetic heavily relies on the paint colors used and the landscaping style that is implemented surrounding the home.

I love this house’s classic white and dark wood over faded red brick. The exterior design is simply beautiful. Notice the skylight near the center of the home. It ensures that even the middle of the home, where windows are not as plentiful, still gets plenty of natural light throughout the day.

Small Red Brick House with Forest Green Accents

Very narrow red brick townhome with white window trim and a dark green door and window shutters, steep roof

Oh my gosh I can’t get enough of this townhome in Everswinkel, Germany. This little house was built on a sloped street and has the most wonderfully whimsical crooked lines.

The four white trim windows are of three different sizes which adds to the overall quiet chaos. The largest window is accompanied by forest green wooden shutters, which match the front door and attic access door on the third attic floor of the home.

White curtains on the interior of the home are visible from the outside. This makes the home feel soft, comforting, and a good balance of masculine and feminine design.

This is probably my favorite home and color scheme on this list.

Bright Red Painted Home

Old brick home painted red with white trim, dormer windows on upper level, tall green trees all around home, white fluffy clouds in sky

This stately brick house has been coated by a layer of vibrant bright red paint that grabs and holds attention.

Notice the smooth white rocks that are used as trim for the corners of the brick home exteriors, and those grand white pillars on the sides of the home. The pillars complement the rock and white trim of the home in an effortless way.

The red tile roof is steep and dotted with more than half a dozen charming dormers.

Interesting Red Brick House Designs

Let Beautiful Foliage Climb the Bricks

Front of a red brick home with a light teal colored front door, climbing green plants along front, white trimmed windows

This gorgeous red brick house has a pale blue or mint green door and is accented by lovely landscaping. Colorful flowers and shrubs cover the concrete foundation, while a climbing vine, most likely wisteria, wraps around the door and up over the windows. When this plant is in bloom, it creates purple cascading flowers that make homes look whimsical.

Well-Balanced Brick House

Red brick home, close up of front entry with solid wood front door and cream colored columns, gray stone steps, lots of colorful flowers and tall thin branched trees

This home has a classic red brick exterior that is adorned by a grand wooden door and two ornate glass windows on each side of the front door. While the plants are not touching the brick, which can cause damage, they still elevate the curb appeal with their various sizes, shapes, colors, and heights. The contrast between the masculine rock entry stairs and solid brick siding is perfectly balanced out by sweet and fragile blooms that are dainty and feminine by nature. This home is well-balanced and a joy to admire.