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10 Beautiful Black Brick House Ideas (Pictures & Designs)

If you're considering or love painted brick houses, take a look at these black brick house ideas from black brick house with white siding to black brick with white trim.

Small black brick modern house, small windows, light colored wood front door, blue sky, gravel front, green trees

When I first announced that I was intending to paint our house black, I received one of two reactions: “Wow!” That’s going to be fantastic!” or else they’d look at me as if I’d gone insane. Regardless, we painted our black brick house, and let me tell you, it looks fantastic. Actually, it appears to be far better than I had anticipated. If your brick house is painted white, gray, red, or brown, it’s time to paint your bricks black. Black is a neutral hue that, in my opinion, is the greatest.

I would say something like black is a dark and moody color, somber and brooding, but it looks great with a well-placed splash of color. That means you have tons of possibilities when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your home’s exterior. You can use light colors to create contrast or darker hues and shades that fit into the overall dark color scheme.

You’ve probably seen a traditional or modern black brick house. The use of black exteriors, particularly black brick house exterior, is growing in popularity. If you’re considering or love painted brick houses, take a look at these black brick house ideas from black brick house with white siding to black brick with white trim.

Western Style Black Brick House

Large castle style home with black brick, white shutters on windows, blue sky, green trees

Building a new home can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the correct design. After all, not every design is appropriate for every individual. Some designs may be outdated, out of trend, or simply unappealing. This western-style design, on the other hand, might be right for you.

This brick home has a ton of character and charm to it. The black brick wall combines the past with the current. It gives an ancient house more refinement and personality. The black brickwork can make a significant difference in your home’s overall appeal.

Modern All Black Brick House

What do you think of painting the bricks of your house black? Here’s a great illustration of how much of a difference paint can make in an ancient house! It not only brightened up things, but it also gave this modest home a modern, stylish air.

Consider the black brick house in the photo above. The bricks have been painted black by the homeowners here. The roof is also painted in the same color as the walls. The black colour sets this property apart from the rest of the neighborhood’s homes. Plants will add drama to your home’s all-black exteriors while still keeping it looking elegant and consistent.

Grey Brick House

Painting your brick house grey improves its curb appeal and distinguishes it from the other brick houses on the block. The use of white elements throughout the property, from the window trim to the edges of the roof, helps to make it appear sleek and modern.

Grey brick homes will come in a range of grey colors, giving them a modern appeal without sacrificing the dimensions that brick has by nature. If you want a more dramatic effect than the standard black, pair this grey color with white trim.

Black Brick House With White Trim

Painting your brick home’s exterior white is the simplest method to make it look more modern. The addition of black trim to a white facade enhances its beauty. Black window frames, shutters, and columns are examples of this. The use of white bricks and black trim on the exterior can help to make the overall design more striking.

Why not add black shutters and a wooden front door, as seen above, to improve the beauty of your exterior? The aggressiveness of the black trim (shutters) stands out in a stylish way, and the white painted brick is bright enough to dominate the rest of the colors.

Black Brick House With Wood

Open, outdoor patio with woodne deck, black brick wall, green potted plants, black metal patio furniture with white cushions

Don’t you like how black the exteriors are? If so, instead of going entirely black, blend black bricks with other materials such as stone and wood. If you’re intending to paint your walls, you can choose a softer black tone instead of matte black.

Look at the black-painted brick house above; the outside walls are a somewhat softer but still beautifully rich black tone. This color scheme works well with the home’s rich wood elements. You may also play with the color of your window trims to achieve a clean and modern design. To create a modern ambiance, don’t be afraid to experiment with color combinations and other materials.

Black Brick FarmHouse

Black brick home with grass roof and white trimmed windows nestled in green rolling hills

Every summer and lengthy holiday of my childhood, I spent time on and near farms. And I believe that the Farmhouse exterior style is currently receiving an unfairly bad rap.

Farmhouse exteriors are warm and inviting, with a timeless appeal. They satisfy many of our modern needs for authenticity while also providing all of the functionality and convenience we require.

Many homeowners want to know how to obtain the modern farmhouse look in their houses, and while the inside is vital, the outside is just as significant in achieving this style.

Modern House White + Black Grey

Green grass, palm trees white and grey brick modern house, two-story, blue sky, white fluffy clouds

A home with a fresh coat of black paint and brilliant white bursts says “stylish city-slicker” like nothing else. When designing the exterior of your dream home, don’t be afraid to mix unusual hues and textures. This home’s curb appeal is black brick, brown driveway and a complementary white balcony. As people walk by, this elegant modern house will capture their hearts.

Victorian Style Black Brick House

Victorian and Tudor style combined home, white trim, 3 stories, green grass and trees, potted red flowers, American Flag hanging on front beam

When you think of a Victorian home, you typically see a large, ornate structure with clashing colors and lofty ceilings. A Victorian-style home, on the other hand, is much more than just a beautiful structure. It has its own unique and timeless features that are aimed at wowing the residents and the neighbors.

Victorian houses are another architectural house style that looks really amazing with black exteriors! Don’t imagine those haunting houses featured in movies and shows after reading about the mix of black paint and a Victorian property.

This house, however, is not one of them. Take a look at the suburban Tudor Victorian-style home with white sidewalk above; does it appear to be frightening? Darker, more intense colors are prevalent in Victorian-style residences. Use black brick colour to draw attention to the home’s architecture.

Suburban Dark With Contrast

Large green trees and bushes, blue sky, two story house with large white trimmed windows

A typical home exterior material is black brick. The outcome is nothing short of breathtaking exteriors, as you can see in the picture. Dark brick is more expensive than vinyl siding and fiber cement, but it is less expensive than natural stone.

If you like dark brick for a home’s exterior, you’ll love this elegant upscale suburban home with black brick, cream brick, a circular drive, and brick garage.

Dark Brick House With Blue Roof

Blue roofs have a modern, sleek appearance that makes for an intriguing architectural concept. This classic roofing color complements the dark brick architectural style, from conventional to ultra-modern.

If your roof is already blue, you may be considering the best exterior paint color to complement it. Since painting your brick home can be an expensive investment, you’ll want to pick the best house color to complement a blue roof.

I totally like the color of choice here. The black brick really stands out among the blue roof and lush green landscaping. No doubt, this was a post-modern restoration that turned out to look spectacular.

Is There a Black Brick?

While white tones are popular, darker alternatives are also popular. Yes, even black bricks! Although black bricks are a rare find, their uniqueness can set your home apart from others.

The majority of the time, they are employed to enhance the beauty of other colors by bordering them. Mostly, black bricks provide a traditional as well as a contemporary appearance. Furthermore, these are available in a wide selection of colors and tones.

Is It a Bad Idea To Paint a Brick House?

It’s either you like it or you don’t like it.

When it comes to painted brick, there is no middle ground. I suppose. I’d never given it enough thought to form an opinion.

Is it, nevertheless, a bad idea to paint a brick house? Overall, painting a brick exterior isn’t a horrible idea. One of the most important aspects of this job is to find a fantastic expert painter.

Benefits Of Black Brick Paint Upgrade

A paint refresh can bring several benefits if your home’s exterior is a boring and outdated home with red, orange, or yellow brick.

Increases the curb appeal of your home

Black brick paint is a cost-effective approach to improve your outdoor environment and boost the value of your home. When painted correctly, a dark color like carbon black or midnight black can have a significant aesthetic impact.

It shields you from the elements

When you paint your brick house appropriately, the paint will work as a sealant, protecting it from precipitation and other seasonal weather changes. Paint can also help protect your home’s exterior from fading and deterioration.

It’s simple to maintain

Because brick is porous by nature, dirt and debris can become lodged and difficult to remove if left unpainted. Painted brick has a smooth surface that is much easier to clean with a power washer on a regular basis.

Should I Paint My Brick House Black?

You’ve probably never considered painting your house black, yet it could be one of the most popular exterior painting trends today. The use of black exterior paint creates drama and depth, as well as a strong visual statement.

Black paint is excellent for drawing attention to architectural details while also complementing outdoor environments. Painting your home black will bring out its best characteristics and make it stand out from the crowd, no matter what style it is.

What Color Goes With Black Brick?

This is a common question, and when it comes to black brick exteriors, there are many colors you can choose that go with black brick exteriors.

The combination of the black and red brick house is one of my favorites. It has a timeless classical appearance to it while also seeming fresh and updated. For a painted black brick house, red is a terrific contrast.

Another fantastic paint color that goes well with black brick is Keystone Gray. When coupled with brick, this mid-toned neutral shines. Keystone Gray isn’t actually gray; it’s more of a warm greige in my opinion. It’s also in the same hue family as Agreeable Gray, which is always a hit. The warm tones of Keystone wonderfully complement the black brick.

White is a fairly safe color to mix with black bricks, as it will complement them regardless of their tone. If you have a black brick property, you can have white windows, doors, and garages to give it a clean, new aspect. The property’s white components will contrast with the brown brickwork to produce a contemporary look.

A basic color scheme of Slate Black, charcoal gray, and off-white will highlight the beauty of your brick. To complete the look, paint your front door in a similar color that complements the brick tones.

A neutral sophisticated backdrop for dark brick is created by taupe, beige, and tan with a blue roof. A vibrant front door will infuse your home with enthusiasm. To fit in with the scheme, choose a color that is slightly grayed or toned down.

Brick Wall Painting Tips

A properly prepared wall will not only make painting easier, but will also aid in the creation of a brilliant, long-lasting finish. Before painting the brick wall, thoroughly clean with some water and don’t forget to add some soap. This will make it easy to eliminate any leftover dust and debris. Rinse the wall once it’s free of contaminants and make sure it’s completely dry before continuing.

Prime your surface and let it dry completely before painting to guarantee good adherence and a smoother, more professional-looking top coat. When changing the color of a brick wall drastically, a second fresh coat of primer is necessary to successfully block off any brick color when painting with a black color.

Use a minimum of two to three coats of paint to get the finest results from your paintwork.