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16 Aesthetic House Exterior Examples  

Are you looking for inspiring home exterior and garden ideas? You're in the right place. Check out our extensive list of aesthetically pleasing home exteriors.

Two-story home, white stone accents, wooden support beams, upper level balcony, night sky, green grass, pink flowers

Functionality is more important than aesthetics, but aesthetics is a pretty close second.

Aesthetic houses with a thoughtful architectural style and design are more likely to sell for a more attractive price. They also can showcase the owners’ personalities, aesthetics, or different styles.

An aesthetic house exterior can seamlessly blend in with the neighborhood, boldly stand out, or hang out somewhere in between. The house exterior also does not have to match the aesthetic house interior either.

Exteriors consist of overall architecture design and elements used such as a balcony, bay windows, gardens, brick walls, wood siding, unique window frames, shutters, garage door styles, etc. Paint colors and textures or building materials, such as stone, brick, stucco, concrete, wood siding, or log exteriors, also make a significant impact.

Ready to check out some stunning aesthetic home exteriors with major curb appeal? Scroll on.

Modern Aesthetic Homes

Two-Story, gray, modern home, bright interior lights, nice landscaping

What a gorgeous modern home. This two story boxy house features some light but colorful landscaping in the form of an annual flower garden area and a tasteful side yard to the left. As you can see, the home boasts large, modern windows, a semi transparent garage door, stone accents, and paneling.

The black wrought iron fencing and black trimmed windows and doors also tie the house together in a beautifully modern and bold aesthetic. It’s not easy to make a sleek modern home look so cozy and inviting, but the designers and architects did so perfectly here, and so my hat is off to them.

Tan, modern home with large windows, lots of greenery, rectangular pool

Now I can’t speak on curb appeal as this photo only reveals the backyard, but wow oh wow, look at this stunning home. This is another boxy, two story house with larger, even more, gorgeous oversized windows, an in-ground pool, a clean patio, two garage doors off to the other side, and another sizable second story deck sitting atop the kitchen. This property is dotted with round shrubs that contrast nicely with the squareness of the home, windows, and pool and give it an overall modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Victorian Aesthetic Homes

Hello, blue and cream two story, Victorian Style townhomes, blue sky, sunny day

Just look at these colorful Victorian townhomes. On the left is a blue home with white and red trim accents, and on the right sits a fun, multi shaded yellow home with brilliant black and sage green accents.

Both homes have ornate details in their trim work, entryways, window styles, doors, porches, and tall staircases.

Located in San Francisco, these homes follow the appearance style of the neighborhood but also stand out tastefully and excitingly, thanks to their fantastic color schemes. If you’re looking to source inspiration for how to match a specific design while still being unique, take notes from these homes with their fun, different colors.

Burnt orange and cream, three story Victorian Style home, green trees and shrubs, blue sky

Oh my goodness, what a dream. This stately three story Victorian home showcases several more ideas for curb appeal and overall design aesthetic.

While Victorian homes are usually blatantly vintage or unique, this one has a touch of modernity with its meticulous yard landscaping, shaped hedges, bushes, and even trimmed ornamental trees.

The home is intelligently separated from the sidewalk by a colorful river rock wall with a horse tie entrance to the property.

The house features several rectangular windows of various heights and widths, two decorative front doors, and a beautiful cream and adobe red color scheme. A round turret on the right and hand carved detailing throughout the property give the home whimsy, uniqueness, and beauty.

Cottage Aesthetic Homes

Three little two story cottages, rocking chairs on porches, flower pots hanging from eaves, large green trees

These three houses scream cozy, down home patriotism. While the homes are undoubtedly right on the street in town, they have a particular charming country aesthetic. These simple two floor gingerbread homes have a light color scheme in the accents and trim. Each house also has a cottage-like wood shingle texture for the exteriors of each home.

You can tell by the home types that these cute houses belong to the East Coast, specifically Maine, in the United States.

Old, stone cottage, white window trim and front door, red and purple flowers in yard

This stone cottage with a thatch roof firmly puts off a quaint, United Kingdom vibe. Thatch roof and solid stone are different materials than most Americans are used to but create a cozy, old world appearance that is hard to ignore.

A hand-stacked stone wall surrounds this charming, traditional English cottage; the front courtyard is bursting with life, colorful perennial flowers create a heritage cottage garden and make great use of the space.

Colorful and Bold Aesthetic Houses

Large house in the city black with red roof and front door, white trimmed windows, stairs to front door off the street

The color scheme alone on this house takes it from a traditional townhouse to a modern, contemporary work of art. It is rare for a simple paint job to elevate a home into a modern aesthetic, but that’s just what has happened here.

Like art, some will love this vibrant color scheme, while others won’t appreciate its bright and showy demeanor. Personally, I love anything that stands out of the ordinary, and this house is exactly that.

The red roof, red front doors, and lone red hand railing really pop on the deep, dark black painted house; meanwhile, the simple white trim around the windows and absence of shutters give the home some gentler color contrast.

For not having a yard or garden, this home sure has some show stopping curb appeal.

Bright pink home, white front door and window trim, black roof, green grass, cloudy sky

While this little modern house matches the neighboring houses’ craftsman design, the paint job sure doesn’t.

This Barbie pink home has black accents on the roof, with black tile accents on the concrete walls surrounding it. To break up the harsh black and pink contrast is a soft white on the front door, on the window frames, on the exterior trim, the concrete walls, and on the builder grade garage door. This aesthetic house exterior 1 story is beautiful.

The home’s landscaping is simple but effective, small aspen trees line the driveway to the house, and a small ornamental tree adorns the right side of the courtyard.

This is one aesthetic house exterior that you won’t soon forget.

Log Home Aesthetic

Two-story, log cabin in the woods, stone walkway, large trees and shrubs, potted flowers on walkway

Few home styles are more appealing or notable than the log home or cabin. This charming log home has a modern aesthetic about it that is simply irresistible.

At the front of the home, you’re greeted with an extensive flower garden area, a stone paver pathway, towering old growth trees, and wild, whimsical landscaping. This front yard is simply beautiful and welcoming to homeowners and guests alike.

On the log home itself, you can see two covered porches, naturally stained logs, a dark shingled roof, and natural river rock accents on the front porch. An Aesthetic house meaning can range from one person to the next, it is all subjective.

Mansion size log house, lots of windows, large second level deck,  green trees, blue sky, white fluffy clouds

Check out this grand mansion of a log house. This home exterior is grand, sprawling, and in a luxurious Colorado chalet style. Mature, raw log accents are used as support beams, accent beams, and porch rails throughout the home’s design. The first floor exterior is composed of colorful stones, while the second floor exterior is all log.

The home sits atop a hill, which calls for stone retaining walls in the front yard. Tucked behind those walls, are young yellow pines, larches, douglas fir, and blue spruce trees. These trees will flourish in a few short years and provide a comfortable level of shade and privacy for the log house and its lucky homeowners.

Eco Friendly Aesthetic Homes

Blue sky, white fluffy clouds, green hills, 2 small, black, dome shaped homes

This is not one of the more popular home styles, but it absolutely should be. These two geometric igloo contemporary homes are unique already, but they are unforgettable with their native sod roof and wild, rolling Denmark hills in the background.

The walls and roofs of these homes are made of hexagons, as are the small windows located by the front doors. These two houses don’t have any landscaping, but they don’t need it either. Their eco-friendly designs and stunning location are natural enough and wonderful to gaze at.

Cloud covered sky, black house with white window trim and a grass roof, rolling green hills, large lake

Like the above eco-friendly homes, this house is also located in the Faroe Islands in Denmark.

This wooden plank home is painted in matte black and accented with white window frames, white furniture, a rock sided utility room, and of course, a native grass roof.

Because of the beautiful location in the rolling hills with a large lake and mountains in the background, it’s safe to say that this unique home doesn’t need a garden or landscaping to be wow worthy.

Floral Front Yard Aesthetic House Exterior

Large, two story, red brick home, lots of windows, bare trees, colorful flowers along the walkway

This Tudor home is surrounded by a myriad of colorful spring daisies, crocuses, and young hostas. The first floor and part of the second floor are brick, while a single second story bedroom is accented with flat white and wooden accent boards.

The home itself is obviously beautiful, but the large mature trees and abundance of flowers rather than lawn make it so special and the home exterior so attractive.

Two story home of sage green stucco and earthtoned stone, solid blue sky, big green bushes and trees

I have to admit, this type of landscaping is one of my all time favorite styles.

Yes, the natural stone and sage green two story home is drop dead gorgeous. But that front yard?! Wow.

A thoughtfully designed hill was created in the yard by builders and was then meticulously and intelligently topped with two weeping Nootka cypress trees, some shrubs, native grass, creeping jenny, and a few other plants. Below the trees and the smaller foliage sits some large boulders to retain the small hill, and then below those sit colorful river rocks.

Overall, this landscape piece looks like it was always here, and as if designers built the house behind the beautiful scenery. I am simply in love with scenes like this that look so effortless and natural.

Vintage American House Aesthetic

Gorgeous white, vintage two story home, black shutters and front door, nestled in large, tall, green trees and bushes

Where do we even begin? I need a moment to sit and take in this idyllic, picturesque scene.

First, those overgrown shrubs and tall hedges make the stone paver driveway look so elegant. Towering above the flora, are several perfectly planted old growth trees with large, sweeping branches that stretch over the driveway and seem to embrace the airspace surrounding the house.

Next, that house, wow. This clean, bright, vintage home appears to be two stories tall with either a converted attic or with high ceilings in the second story. It is a vibrant shade of white, accented by perfectly black shutters and the front door. The gate of the property, the only part of the fence line that isn’t covered in a dreamlike shrub or ivy, is also black, which adds to the country elegance of this place. Overall, this house has such a quiet, regal sense of beauty. The curb appeal is impressive; it could be the muse for a romantic oil painting.

Two story home with gray wooden shingles, white window trim, blue shutters. Climing roses and green bushes all around, green grass, short white picket fence

This classic gray wooden shingle sided home with light gray roof shingles is a vintage American dream. Each of the windows are of similar size and style, with white frames and a gorgeous, understated shade of blue shutters. The home has a balcony on the roof and an oversize red brick fireplace extending from the middle of the house.

The centralized door on the house has a quaint little porch surrounded by large, oversized roses, hydrangeas, tall lavender, and shrub bushes. The climbing roses do something unique, too; they are styled in a way that I rarely see.

The roses climb the front of the home, onto the roof, perfectly framing the front windows, and then climb back down the other side. Best of all, the chaos of the large plants is contained by a bright white picket fence that perfectly matches the window frames and trim of the home. What a gorgeous, well maintained old home.