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21 Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Explore many gray tones and complementary colors to acquire the best classic modern style for your soon-to-be gray-tone home exclusively in this post.

A modern classic house painted in gray hue color

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been thinking about painting your house grey. But you’ve also probably been wondering what shade of gray, and what color palette to choose that will go with it. It can be a hassle to scroll through all the thousands of photos of grey houses just to find the right exterior paint color for your own home.

Well, scroll no more! I’ve collected various stunning images of grey houses, and broke down their color schemes to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for – and ensure that you get the right colors from the store!

Grey House Color Schemes

A contemporary home painted gray in tones
A contemporary home painted gray in subtle and dark tones.

Gray (grey), like white, black, and beige, is a neutral color. The great thing about neutral colors is that they can be paired with practically anything and look good. Today, we’ll be sticking more toward the popular and trending gray exterior color combinations but you might see something a bit out of the ordinary, too.

You will also see a lot of gray and white combinations. The reason people love this color palette so much is because of the contrast between the two colors – dark gray and white – but it’s also a favorite because white trim has been and will definitely always be a classic, clean, and crisp look for any house or building exterior.

Still, don’t be afraid to stray from the norm and do something entirely different! My plan is to paint my house a dark gray but have a deep, rich, red for the trimming and accents!

Another recurring color combo you’ll see is gray on gray. Different shades of gray complement each other wonderfully. Light shades, dark shades, or even a medium shade of gray are free game for your color palette.

Now, without further adieu, let’s get into 21 Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes!

Light Grey, Dark Grey, & White

House's façade in a three-tone gray pattern
The house’s façade in a three-tone gray pattern.

The main color you see here is the light gray siding, used both horizontally and vertically as paneling. This shade of gray is great for keeping your house light, bright, and approachable. Especially when complemented by white trim! The dark gray complement comes in as the shingled roof color, but still plays an undeniable role in the appearance and color palette of this beautiful home.

You’ll also notice a pop of color in this picture: the blue door. Having your door painted to stand out and become the focal point is a very common design choice that people, homeowners and home designers, choose to make. You might often see red doors, blue doors, yellow doors, and so on with any color that can catch the eye of a passerby.

Dark Grey, White, & Light Stone

Home in a sleek style with a dark tone gray color
A modern home in a sleek style with a dark tone gray color.

If you’re more for a darker design, dark gray exterior paint is still a very good option to choose. In this example, you see that white trim has been chosen again, preventing the house from coming off as too dark while keeping those clean lines we love so much.

Another choice made by the people who designed this home or the home’s porch was to incorporate more lightness with the stone pillars. It’s a patternless mix of white and different shades of gray that effortlessly fits in with the chosen color palette.

Medium Grey, White, & Red Stone

A gray exterior paint with a red brick accent
A gray exterior paint with a red brick accent looks great together.

Landing somewhere in the middle with a medium shade of gray, this design not only has white trimming but it also integrates stone – in neutral shades of red! These reds are intentionally faded and dusty, with only a few bold strokes here and there, and the shades range from red, to orangeish, to practically bare.

This is a great example of wanting a pop of color to the exterior of your house and keeping it a classic and modern design. What do you think? Did they pull it off?

Dark Grey, Steel, & Light Stone

Exterior with Exterior of a rustic style house with gray accents, steel, and stone
Exterior of a rustic style house with gray accents, steel, and stone.

If you take a closer look at the deep gray exterior paint used on this rustic home, you will notice that it’s actually a brownish gray. This effect can be achieved by painting over brown with your dark grey color but doing so with a dry brush – this is how a lot of rustic looks are made. Yes, it can be quite the process but you might deem it to be worthy when you get a glance at the end result.

Steel gray metal or paint was used for the garage doors, effectively shimmering in the light. Finally, we come down to another dose of light stone. This time it has been used for the bottom section of the house, showing where the basement or lower floor is since the home sits on an uneven hill, and for the base of the columns of the porch.

Medium Grey, White, & Dark Grey

The gray exterior of the roof, brickwork, and window shutters
The gray exterior of the roof, brickwork, and window shutters fit in wonderfully.

Rather than choosing siding for a home, this has been built completely out of a medium to light gray brick. This element can clearly be seen carried down onto the front porch, its pillars, and the railing with intricate designs.

There is visible white trimming, but dark gray has been used in this color palette as an accent. The shutters and lining around the sidelights (the windows on either side of the front door) have been done with a dark gray paint that really complements the rest of the home.

Medium Grey, White, Red, & Cherry Wood

The red wood type flooring complements the homey aspect of a house with the porch’s gray accent color tone.

I don’t know about you, but I am all for a house that has a secret incorporation of color – particularly stained wood! The medium tone of gray siding allows the darker gray of the patio furniture to not blend in. Stone has also been used at the base of this design, though it has nothing to do with basements and has been added simply for the visual aspect.

The white trim and accents are just as nice as you would expect them to be with darker tones like these. Although you see that the wood porch planks have been stained a very dark black cherry, the porch roof planks have been stained with the classic shade of cherry. This pop of color hidden underneath is a great position to catch your attention!

Dark Greys & Wood

Patio with a gray accent design appears as smooth as the wood on the ceiling.
A lovely covered patio with a gray accent design appears as smooth as the wood on the ceiling.

Wood has been and always will be the top timeless material for building design, whether it be on the interior or exterior. Once again, the honey stained planks have been installed on the underneath of this patio roof. This particular color has served its purpose in adding a little life and light to the undeniably dark exterior paint colors chosen for this house.

Not that there is anything wrong with choosing exterior paint colors that are dark – of course there isn’t! And this photo acts as the prime proof of that. The dark gray siding has been set off by an even darker gray paint for the trim color. That’s right: you won’t be seeing any white trim here!

Dark Grey, White, & Red

The exterior color scheme of red and gray
The exterior color scheme of red and gray looks amazing and strong.

You might think you’re seeing a return of that white trim but for those who have a passion for dark color combinations you’ll be happy to hear that the white is just the windows themselves, spare the white doors. Look again and you’ll find that another dose of darker gray tones have been chosen for the trim color and that the white just remains an accent.

And, yes, you’re seeing it right. The roof color is red. A deep red, at that, made with roof tiles instead of shingles. What do you say? Is this something you would want for your own home’s exterior?

Light Grey, White, & Wood

The light gray outside wall color with the wood accent type patio
The light gray outside wall color looks well with the wood accent type patio.

We’ve returned to the classic wood incorporation, but this time without any dark grey color. This sleek grey siding is complemented by white trimming, as well as a richly stained raw-wood porch design. It may be small, but the impact is mighty.

The pillars, railing, door, porch base and roof have all been decked out (pun highly intended) in brandy stained wood (TEW – 110 Brandy, to be exact). Did you notice anything else? The underneath of the gable pitch also has that same wood accenting the design for a bold and final touch!

Dark Grey, White, & Grey Stone

The house's gray exterior with charcoal-gray stone finish
The house’s gray exterior with charcoal-gray stone finish is stunning.

Another home for the dark-loving house-hunters of the world! This home renovation has not only changed the color of the house itself, but added a stunning charcoal-gray stone to the base of the home. You can see where the design is unfinished and the original base remains

Along with the white trim around the windows, a blue-gray fascia skirts the edge of the roof. It has a very sweet and delicate design that contrasts the hardness of the stone and dark grey color. The same color is also used to frame the door. Who knows, maybe they’ll make it the trim color, too!

Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue Grey, & White

A three-color scheme of gray with white accents façade
A three-color scheme of gray with white accents appears suitable façade to create.

Again, we see the presence of blue-gray in the form of the painted garage door. While the dark gray roof remains the sturdier shingle choice, to fill in the pitches of the gable roofing they have used a dark to mid tone grays shake shingle as an accent color and for the visual depth it provides.

This home does not include any siding, and instead settles for a flat, slightly textured appearance painted in a concrete gray. While the gray paint colors are offset by the white trim, they also give the decorative stone at the base a chance to shine.

Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brick, & Red

A light and dark gray color scheme with a prominent red door
A light and dark gray color scheme with a prominent red door looks really wonderful.

This home in Cape Cod sports a lighter shade of gray, teetering between being gray and appearing white or cream. You only see bits of white trim on this house, and your attention is probably captured by the bold choice of a red door smack center of the design. The choice of the classic brick of the chimney has also been used for the steps up to that door with their own little design.

Dark gray shutters have been used for the two first floor windows on the front of the house – purely decorative, of course. Now, the best part of this home design, two deep shades of gray can be seen on the roof of the home. Patterned shingles like these have been on the rise and can be found in different colors, which is absolutely amazing.

If you’re interested in learning more about patterned shingles, take a second to browse this IKO article.

Dark Grey, White, Cream, & Stone

A grey exterior with stone accent walls is fantastic and appealing
A grey exterior with stone accent walls is fantastic and appealing to the eyes.

This stunning stone home has been designed with gray mansard roofing and three cream colored dormers. The trimming and accent colors have all been chosen as the same darker shade of gray, seen on the window grilles and trim, the garage doors, the front door, and the pillars in front of the garage and porch.

Blue Grey, Blue, & Red

The exterior's three-color combination blends perfectly
The exterior’s three-color combination blends perfectly and shines beautifully.

For a more bold statement, this stucco house is a stormy, blue gray (although some of it has chipped off with age). The red window frames are a bright color contrast from the main color. If you remember an art class or you simply have decent knowledge of colors, you’ll know that red and blue are contrasting colors. This means they sit opposite from each other on the color wheel.

Although the home’s exterior paint color isn’t flat out blue, the blue undertone in the gray, as well as the front door color, is what allows the red to be such an eye-catching bold choice.

Brown Grey, White, Yellow, & Stone

The gray accent wall and stone foundation and lovely yellow door hue.
The gray accent wall and stone foundation complement the lovely yellow door hue.

The white trim on this house has been taken up a level, actually encasing the walls themselves like a frame. This kind of design is great for the downspouts because they will blend in on the corners of the home, or wherever that added piece of white trim is!

As you can see, we have another pop of color on the front door and this time it’s in Panorama Yellow. The brownish gray siding is the perfect match for this yellow, as brown and yellow have always been a great pairing in design – even when it comes to clothes! The stone also carries hints of brown and grey that tie everything together.

Medium Grey, White, & Clay Red

Clay tile roofing and gray clean design wall
Clay tile roofing and gray clean design walls go well together.

The grey of this home has some visible green undertones, but the star of this show is the clay tile roofing. This particular brand of orange can be a bit difficult to design with. Luckily for us, we’re talking about gray paint. Which, like I said before, can be paired with just about anything. White gutters, downspouts, and window framing are another effortless pairing on this home’s exterior.

Light Grey Stone & Dark Grey

Home with a gray stone foundation and a dark colored roof
A big home with a gray stone foundation and a dark colored roof.

Coming back to gray on gray, this stunning three-garage home is made of a faded, light gray stone. The roofing, garage doors, and trim color are a much darker gray, sleek and smooth. This is a perfect example of using two contrasting shades of gray and pulling it off, without a doubt.

Gray on gray house color schemes might not be for everyone, but for those of you that love this style: this is your sign to do it!

Light Grey, White, & Black

A matte black door and light gray walling
A matte black door contrasts with the light gray walling.

You might have noticed that this slate gray has been a very popular choice for light gray house exterior color schemes and you’re right. Thanks to the earthy tones of this favorite color (in any shade, too), it can be both comforting and cool at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for cool gray.

Naturally, sticking the three most neutral colors together for gray house color schemes, the black front door, black shutters, white trim and decor are an effortless match with the gray siding of this adorable family home.

Slate Grey & Brown Brick

Brick wall with a gray panel roofing exterior
A sturdy brick wall with a gray panel roofing exterior.

Slate gray again! This time it has been paired with a fellow earth tone: brown. The scattered brown and beige brick of this home’s exterior is just as timeless as the classic red brick. Brick and stone are both a classic and modern design that will be sticking with us for a very long time.

Contrasting the lightness of the bricks with gray trimming and gray metal roof has clearly come together in a wonderful way. To be honest… It’s given me a few ideas for my own home.

Light Grey & Pink

The exterior paint in bright pink and light gray
The exterior paint in bright pink and light gray combo.

Bright hot-pink? Uh, yes! This is considered a typical design in London, and is even described as a ‘typical colorful brick house’‘! This particular color scheme is for those out there that have a passion for brighter colors that burn just as hot as this shade of pink. It may not be for all of us, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to toss in a little shout-out for the readers who look for designs with bright colors just like this one!

Grey, White, & Blue

Paint is a vibrant blue and gray tone
The exterior paint is a vibrant blue and gray tone.

“Psst… it’s me again… Slate Gray!”

This slate gray has blue undertones that blend perfectly with the blue wall. Like with natural brown tones, blue is also considered to be an earthy color. How? Because many natural stones of the world also have blue undertones! You might be calling the wall dark blue, but, to help you out, I have the exact name and ID number!

Medium Slate Blue – #7B68EE

The white trim and front door really tie in the exterior colors, even with blue being one of the bold colors to pick when choosing exterior paint colors for your home.

So, what do you think? Did you finally find a gray exterior color scheme for your home?