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Top Trends in The New Home Build Market

Top Trends In The New Home Build Market

The housing market is beginning to show signs of stabilizing, and continues to move forward after recent difficulties, reports the Washington Post, with tools such as virtual reality, 3D designs and animation making it easier for constructors, designers and homeowners to communicate and express wishes, challenges and solutions. If you are currently in the process of designing and building your dream home, looking into current trends may be a good way to make key decisions on everything from the type of materials you use to the planning of distinct spaces. 

Green Building

Climate change has been on our minds for decades now, but recent world events have only strengthened our interest in sustainable, eco-friendly practices that cause the lowest possible carbon footprint. In terms of home building, trends that follow this ethos include the use of sustainable materials (think bamboo, precast concrete, earth and plant-based polyurethane rigid foam). Fixtures are, in turn, complemented by recycled and reclaimed décor and furniture pieces that prove the extent to which good design can last for a lifetime.

Smart Homes

Constructors are now liaising more and more with engineers to help build smart homes with features ranging from control systems for home security to smart HVAC systems, advanced garage door openers, weather-sensing irrigation systems, and intuitive lighting. Smart homes are customized, integrated, and highly efficient, meaning that from the outset, engineering, design and building teams have to work together to ensure systems are installed in the correct order and in the appropriate location. Constructors are also working alongside energy system developers to monitor energy production and reduce energy reliance.

A Sense Of Connection

People are valuing connection with others to a greater extent than in the past, says architect Jan Gehl, and that means that many may choose to live independently but still close enough to others to enjoy a sense of mutual support. Townhomes in Delaware, Texas, Florida and a handful of other states have always been popular, but we could see a similar interest in ‘joined yet separated’ means of living. Physically connected houses are only one option. Others include gated communities with features such as common gardens, security, shared gyms and pool areas, with these areas being maintained by a duly appointed administrator. 

The Outdoor Life

For many people across the globe, spending long periods at home has been a life-changing experience that has highlighted the vital relationship between human beings and nature. People are now realizing that they could be called upon, from one day to the next, to exercise, socialize and connect in outdoor spaces. As thus, landscaping, porch and terrace design, and the construction of new facilities such as outdoor bars, fireplaces and party spaces outdoors are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners are therefore demanding features such as electric pergolas, sliding glass entryways, and outdoor entertainment areas that can survive rain and sunlight.

The construction industry has been affected by recent events, but in many ways it continues to forge ahead, thanks to the aid of digital technologies. Recent months have brought up new demands when it comes to home construction and design. Some of the top trends include a demand for greater sustainability, smarter homes, a sense of connectedness, and more enjoyment of outdoor spaces.