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Design Stairs with Laminated Safety Glass

If you are thinking of interior decoration or renovating the home, several options are there to pick from. With the change of time, you must be wanting a modern decoration that follows the current trend. The modern interior is highly dependent on the glass. The use of glass is everywhere. Door, windows, shower panel, tabletop, even in stairs, glass is a popular material to use. Those who are luxury seekers, emphasizing on stair decoration is quite important to them. Nowadays, you have a wide variety of glass options for using stairs. Laminated glass is a type of glass that is a preferable option for stairs. However, you need to think about several factors when choosing the stair material. Here, you will get a complete overview of why you should choose laminated safety glass for your stair.

Why Laminated Safety Glass for Stairs steps?

If you want the logic behind this choice, there are many. For using stairs, there are some unavoidable factors to check. If the glass qualifies those, then you can use it. Here are some of them that laminated glass qualifies.

●      An impression of wide space

You will not always have a large space at your home or office space. However, a wise interior decoration can make it feel larger. You are thinking of a stair decoration, that means you are a very choosy person and want an extraordinary decoration. When you use laminated glass at your stair, it will create an impression of a wide space. For the clean surface, you will feel the space open that a wooden stair cannot provide. Your vision will not stick at a place; rather, you will find the full space to see from one corner to another without any borderline.

●      Safe and durable

This is a safe type of glass. The manufacturing process makes the glass strong enough to ensure safety. This can take an adequate load that requires by each step of stairs. It is durable than any other normal ordinary glass. You will not have to take a frequent hassle for replacement when you are using laminated safety glass. If you maintain it properly, then it will serve you for decades.

●      Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a big factor for the stair material. Laminated glass is easily maintainable. It is very easy to clean as you can use a glass cleaner for quick cleaning. No extra heavy cleaning products are required for cleaning. The overall maintenance is also very easy. This material is not dirt-prone. So, a regular little maintenance, like wiping can keep this as new. If the stair is heavily used, then you can go for a deep clean weekly. Otherwise, biweekly is fine for normal use.

●      Ideal for minimalistic design lovers

The modern minimalistic design needs something that can create a proper ambiance. This type of glass is good to use for this purpose.  The minimalistic staircase with laminated glass will create a trendy modern look of your space.

●      Brighten up interior

Glass is always good for creating a clean look. Your glass stair will create a shiny appearance of the entire place. The glass transmits natural light. So, you will not feel the scarcity of light. The light reflection offers an elegancy that you desire.

●      Entirely modern idea

Modern interior decoration is not possible without glass. Laminated glass has added a new dimension with a colorful appearance. It is the smartest option that you can try for your stair. Traditional wood or metal is a backdated fashion now. Add value at your sweet home with the glass staircase.

How Much Safe Is It To Use As Stair Steps?

For stair steps, you will need an extra secure type of glass. Laminated glass maintains great protection for the standard construction of two-ply. There is a permanent bond through tough elastic, extremely tear-resistant PVB film (Poly Vinyl Butyral). The security effect of this glass is dependent on the high tensile power of PVB interlayers.  Its superb bonding property to the end-to-end glass surfaces ensures a perfect resistance when it is subjected to any kind of force. The multi-ply configuration can resist heavyweight and any small explosions. It is also protective in case of an accident. When it is broken, it creates small fragments that reduce the risks of injury.  You can use this glass for your stair steps without any confusion regarding safety.

Versatile Options of Colors That Synchronize Your Interior Paint

Colored laminated glass is quite similar to the clear laminated glass. The colored one is made by using interlaying color. It creates a rich color palette with several color permutations. You can choose the color that is the best suit for your interior. This is a great option to add an extra glamour through colorful stairs. You are getting safety and style at one material with the color layering.

Best Company to Buy It Online

You can consider Fab Glass & Mirror to buy this glass. This is an online company in the USA. They are the authentic glass and mirror selling company. You will get a wide variety of options there to choose from. You are also free to choose the thickness and glass strength as per your necessity. Also, if you don’t get your desired one, it is very easy to place a custom order. Just mention your requirements and the rest of the things left on them. Even, you can get a customized glass edge and corner finishing. They deliver your product free of extra charges. Still, in case of any difficulties, reach the customer support center by calling directly on +1 888-474-2221 or e-mail. They are available 24/7 with great support.  The glass quality will not disappoint you and the price is also affordable.

It is up to you which decoration to adopt. However, if you consider decorating with glass, then the laminated glass is the perfect option for your stair space with stunning look and safety concerns.