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Tips for Decorating in the Farmhouse Style

Are you wanting to try a new look in your home because you’re sick of the current décor after spending more time indoors in recent months? Or perhaps you’re keen to sell your property for top dollar in the next year and want to give it a refresh as a result?

Either way, one of the décor trends that’s popular right now and worth considering is the farmhouse style. Here are some tips for decorating effectively in this manner.

Don’t Go Overboard with Color

One of the central tenets of farmhouse design is that it is simple, sparing, calming, and muted. Remember: less is more. Keep color to a minimum when decorating. Opt for a blend of elegant neutrals that help to emphasize the light and space in your property.

Apart from white, you can also utilize shades such as slate, fawn, gray, sage, mushroom, cream, and beige. To add pops of color here and there, use textiles and plants. Overall, though, keep things soft and restrained when it comes to the color palette.

Focus on Practicality

As you can imagine, farmhouses originally were all about practicality and using affordable elements and things already on hand. If you want to design your house in the farmhouse style, then, focus on function. Don’t decorate with anything too delicate and precious; instead, choose stylish yet hardy pieces.

Don’t try to create a look that’s too calculated or “matchy-matchy,” either. You can have some furniture or fixtures and fittings from popular big box stores but don’t kit rooms out in whole sets that look like they’re from a catalog. Mix up styles and materials, such as a reupholstered vintage chair with an Ikea sofa or Pottery Barn bed. Part of the charm of the farmhouse style is that things get collected from all sorts of places.

Design with Gathering Spaces in Mind

Next, don’t forget that farmhouses always have a big focus on the heart of the home. Design your property with gathering spaces in mind, particularly the kitchens and dining rooms. A big, open-plan kitchen-diner is a good option where possible. You want a place where the whole family plus friends, too, can congregate and connect.

As you design, think about elements like lots of seating around a dining table (a distressed wooden option with mismatched chairs works well) and stools near a kitchen bench. The more inclusive the kitchen is, so the chef in the family can still chat with others while cooking and washing up, the better.

Style-wise, you could choose painted wooden cabinets with open shelving or glass fronts so you can show off homely dishware and vases. Add to this a sizeable butcher-block type island, a deep apron-front kitchen sink, and sensible overhead task lighting for your ultimate farmhouse living and cooking space.

Add Wooden Accents

The use of wood is always a big part of a farmhouse property. Hopefully, your building has some exposed wooden beams already in it that you can showcase. These add lovely architectural details and bring in the idea of nature to the home, which is in keeping with the style. However, if you don’t have these facets already, consider installing some if feasible.

You can also bring in wooden accents through your fittings, fixtures, and accessories. For example, store your homewares in a big, beautiful wooden dresser, choose a wooden-look bathroom cabinet, and buy a wooden ceiling fan with lights to keep your home temperate. When selecting pieces for your house, don’t be afraid to decorate with items that have natural, unvarnished, even chipped or worn wood. This well-loved look is a hallmark of traditional farmhouses, where things were handed down through the generations.

Decorate with Well-Loved Items

Speaking of hand-me-downs, a farmhouse is a perfect property in which to indulge in your love of second-hand goods. Apart from pieces that have been in your family for a while, you can also outfit your property with antique and vintage furniture, flea market finds, and bits and pieces you pick up from thrift stores, markets, and garage sales.

Remember, though, to take your time when decorating. You can’t assemble charm and character in a day. Instead, collect meaningful pieces over months or even years that you fall in love with. Be on the lookout for interesting items when you travel, too.

Creating a home that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a long time to come takes patience and perseverance, not to mention plenty of inspiration. A farmhouse look is one that’s sure to make everyone in your household feel warm and comfortable and, helpfully, doesn’t have to cost the earth, either.