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Upgrade the Kids` Room so They`ll Be Impressed

If you have a kid, you want the best for them. While it is not always possible to buy all those advanced items to make the room of your little one super functional and comfortable, you can handle many things on your own. Take our ideas as the basis, use your imagination, and check what needs to be upgraded. And move on. We are sure your kid will be impressed and amazed.

A Height-Adjustable Desk Will Motivate Your Little One to Study

Your first upgrade shall be a desk. Replace a usual desk with a height-adjustable one, and observe the reaction of your kid. You can even film it, we bet you will not regret it.

To choose a nice standing desk, consider that this item shall fit into the space designated for it. By the way, if your kid loves his old desk, you can get a lift frame and install the old desk top on it. It will be cheaper, and the choice issues will be eliminated. You will need to read more details about different table lifts to choose a proper one.

However, you might want to decide to buy a new desk. More details about them can be found out on the website of the chosen manufacturer. Make sure the size is fine for the room of your kid, as well as the design of the new item. The best companies have already implemented a special tool online that helps to “build” a virtual desk. Use it to “build” an item that you really want.

A Chair to Boost the Comfort Level

There is not much use in a new table if the kid doesn’t have a nice chair. It is needless to mention that it shall be a height-adjustable, too. But for a chair, some more features are important. A perfect chair usually has armrests and a headrest. Thus, your kid can relax without a need to move away from his/her tasks.

Automated Shelves

Usually, bookshelves are an integral part of any kid`s room. We believe that your family isn’t an exception. On the shelves, books and other items are kept that are needed for studies. However, it is also common that the space closer to the wall isn’t used completely or used to store the things that are almost never used.

What about automating shelves and enable to apply all the available space? Make the front part of the shelf lift! Do you like the idea? Then, let`s move on with the instruction:

  • For that, cut the front part of the shelf.
  • The backside shall be polished and painted.
  • For the front part, make a nice backside. You can use plywood or plastic, depending on what is the shelf made.
  • Fix the backside to the shelf piece that you have removed. Now, you have two shelves made in the same style. But they are not as deep as the initial shelf was.

It is time to move to the automation of the front part. Install a lift system on the wall behind the shelf. Now, fix the other shelf part on the system. When the lift system extends, it lifts the front part of the shelf by exposing the back part. When the lift system retracts, the front part moves in its place, and the back part is hidden.

This allows your kid to use the entire space conveniently without any need to dig into the depth of the shelf to find something hidden in its corner. Moreover, it is just very cute.

If your child has a floor-mounted shelf, turning it into a lift one will be, probably, not the best idea. But you can make it rotate! To do so, remove the backside and install it in the middle. You will get a double-sided shelf. Fix it on a proper actuator system, and with a push of a button, your kid will make it turn by exposing one side. Another button push – and it rotates again to expose the other side.

This automation project also allows to boost the comfort of the use of those shelves. And you will be sure that nothing is lost in those dark corners. It is also more hygienical because you can remove the dust more properly.

Final Thoughts

Kids love new things, especially if those things are connected to technology. Every automated improvement you make will boost your authority and will amaze your kid. Needless to mention that in such cases, kids just don’t want to leave their new items. Kids want to study more just to use automated items more. And this is already a good reason to automate in the kids` room whatever can be automated.

Don’t forget though that kids also have to play and to move. Thus, from time to time, remind them to leave all those automated items and go to play or to do some other activities.

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.