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How Long Does It Take To Paint A House?

Find out how long it takes to paint a house yourself and use the quickest tools to do it.

Woman in straw hat, wearing gardening gloves and plaid shirt painting the outside of a building, green grass, large green trees

Is the outside of your house looking a bit rough or run down? Or maybe you’re house hunting and the one you love has everything… but the right color. A nice, new paint job is the perfect cure!

The only thing is, painting a house takes effort, money, and especially time. How much time?

As a whole, it can take 3 to 4 days to professionally paint the exterior of the typical four bedroom home. Although the outside may be about a wall a day, the interior can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.

But there’s more to painting your home than just saying you’ll hire a team to do the work! Think about the type of paint you want and how it needs to be painted, how big your house is inside and out, and don’t forget to consider the difference of doing it yourself.

There are multiple factors to painting a house, and we’re going to cover them together.

Sunny day, man with long roller painting concrete building white

How Long Does It Take To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

For the average 2,400 square foot house (about four bedrooms) painting the outside can take about 5 days to a week when you’re doing it yourself with two or three friends to help. Of course, this estimate assumes that you have the right equipment: ladders, extended rollers, and time away from work.

It is important that you don’t do this work alone! Especially with taller houses, you should have someone to hold your ladder steady – a fall from that height could be fatal. Plus, the extra hands will help the work go by faster!

2 Story home, 2 men on tall ladders up to second level painting outside of home

Another thing that factors into how long it will take you to paint the outside of your home is the weather. To avoid snow, rain, and high winds the ideal time of year to do this is during summer. That being said, you should take care to protect yourself from sunburn and high temperatures.

Getting sick or the weather ruining your hard work will most definitely set you back!

How Long Does It Take To Paint The Interior Of A House?

Luckily, inside your home, the weather won’t be an issue. Rain, snow, whatever else, you can paint right through it!

However, if you are needing to move furniture around to paint the walls in different rooms, this project can take anywhere from 8 days to 2 weeks! This estimate is again based on the average four bedroom house, assuming that you have at least two others painting with you and can complete one room every 1 or 2 days.

This also counts for washing paint pans and rollers as you change colors between rooms. I don’t know about you, but I like each room in my house to have different personalities and atmospheres.

Empty room, gray walls, wood floor, window letting in sunlight, step ladder with paints supplies and paint cans

For painting the entire interior of your house without professionals, this is an excellent timeframe!

Can You Paint Your House In One Day?

Well, that’s quite an undertaking! To answer this question simply, no, probably not. At least, not by yourself and not if you have a house like the ones described above.

If we’re talking about the exterior of a house, there is a slim chance this is possible. The only reason is because the outside of houses are generally painted all in one color. Of course, you couldn’t do it by yourself – and shouldn’t. Always ask a few friends or family members to help you out with a big project like this!

Father and son painting white wall green

There are so many more fine details to be aware of when painting the interior of your home. To paint everything in one day would take a lot of hands, and a very small home. One bedroom, in fact, and you would have to start very early in the morning.

It’s best to break this project up between days, so you don’t overwork yourself! Taking your time will produce the best results.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A House Exterior With A Sprayer?

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Paint sprayer guns are a sure way to speed up the painting process. However, you should avoid using these tools indoors because the fumes could have a hard time escaping and harm your lungs. Be sure to wear a proper mask when working with a paint sprayer, as well. We don’t want it to get in your lungs!

Man wearing protective mask using a paint sprayer in shop

You can find great prices, to rent and own, at and compare to find the one that meets your needs best. You can also go to your local hardware store and inspect in person – I know that’s what I prefer to do.

According to, you can paint about ½ to 2 gallons in a single minute! This could definitely complete your house in 1 or 2 days! Check out more here: How to Use a Paint Sprayer, from Home Depot!

Man in protective mask using a paint sprayer painting a wall dark gray

How Long Does It Take To Paint A 1,500 sq. ft. House?

A 1,500 square foot house is considered to be a medium sized house, with around two bedrooms inside. This is half the size of the average sized home in America, which I referenced above.

Does that mean that it will take you half the time to paint it? Technically, yes, but it depends less on square footage and more on how much wall space your home has.

I mean, I hope you aren’t painting the floors!

By this estimate, it would take 3 to 4 days to paint the exterior, and 4 days to 1 week to complete the interior.

A before and after, after showing painted walls and hardwood flooring

How Long Do Professional Painters Take To Paint A House?

There is no doubt that professionals have the ability to paint your house much faster than you. This is especially true if they offer a paint sprayer option over regular roller painting.

Blue sky, sunny day, a man in painters clothes with a spray gun painting an upper-level deck white

According to, it takes a painter about 4 days to paint a house. Don’t forget that this includes primes, preps, and the painting itself with a three to four person team!

Without dispute, hiring professionals to paint in your place goes a lot faster! If you agree and want to go with this option, you can find painters in your local area with just a few clicks. Local Painter Quotes makes it quick and easy. Just put in your zip code, select the right preferences, and enter your email to receive a price quote!