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29 Beautiful Paint Colors That Complement Stone(Pictures and Ideas You’ll Love)

Are you wondering what paint colors complement stone? Take a look at this article to see our list get inspired.

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds above a beige wood siding home with light gray stone, two large front windows on either side of front door, perfectly manicured front lawn and trees and bushes, sunny day

Curb appeal is a very important part of the look of your home’s exterior. Everything from the exterior color palettes, to the stone features, and architectural features create a pleasing exterior. When a home features natural stone, the paint colors selected should enhance or complement each other. So what color looks good with stone, and how do you match paint to stone? We’ve compiled a list of exterior paint colors that complement stone to give you some inspiration. Take a look at 29 beautiful exterior paint colors with stone ideas.

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1. Navy Blue Exterior Color Palette Perfect With Dark Stone

Beautiful blue siding home with white trim and dark gray stone accents, perfectly manicured landscaping with green grass and strategicaly placed plants and flowers, narrow stone walkway, sunny day

Color schemes come and go but this navy blue paint color is here to stay! The paint and natural stone bring a rich, classic tone to the home’s exterior while the white paint pairs well adding a special detail. Tasteful landscaping including a curving stone walkway completes the whole perfect picture.

2. Elegant Exterior House Colors With Gray Stone

Gray stone home with gray painted stucco and white trim, white pillars and black front door, red and green flowers and plants in the flowerbeds, green grass and gray stone walkway

This is a striking example of a color scheme that uses the same color family for different materials. The predominant color is gray. Starting at the top, the dark gray roof meets the gray natural stone that graciously frames most of the front of the home. Then to add texture a lighter color stone adds dimension while the bright white trim completes the complex, yet luxurious look. Red flower bushes and a lush green lawn add a classic pop of color.

3. Classic Red Brick and Black Shutters


This is a classic color palette that never disappoints. Red brick is the primary color of this home’s exterior. Black shutters offer a natural aesthetic while a touch of white trim around the wood window panes and front door trim creates one of the most beloved color schemes. This classic house exterior is enhanced by a natural stone and brick-lined walkway leading to the front door. The well-manicured lawn and landscaping complete the scene.

4. Natural Aesthetic Stone Features

Front view of a gray stone home with 2 black front doors, large stone steps leading to front door lined with over sized plants and colorful flowers, sunny day

It’s all about the stone color walkway that steals the curb appeal show here. Small multi-colored pebbles create a home’s exterior element that is welcoming and absolutely stunning thanks to the lush colorful landscaping lining the walkway. This is one of the best exterior paint colors with tan stone. The black double front door color and architectural features of the roof are framed by a natural stone house color. The brass hardware on the front doors makes a huge difference and ties the overall look together.

5. Green Door Creates Focal Point

Front of a brown stone building with a green front door and white and pink flowers growng across the entire front, sunny day

This is the ideal example of how the perfect color combination can result in a contrast that is both eye-catching and charming. It starts at the top with a multi-dimensional stone roof that displays rich character and ageless beauty. The oversized beige stones form the structure while yet another beige stone color frames the gracious green front door. There is no front porch or walkway, only small rocks and pebbles create a natural aesthetic. The lush flowering bushes add the right colors and textures perfect for this scene.

6. Arched Stone Entryway Bold and Beautiful

Goreous front entryway made of all gray stone, arched doorway with brown front door and glass windows, a large light fixture and potted flowers on either side of the door

A fabulous arched stone entryway enhances this home’s exterior with architectural details that are eye-catching and artistic. Bold and beautiful stone features, stone veneer, and different natural stone colors and sizes and masterfully combine on this front entry. Marble-like arched trim adds texture to the dramatic entrance leading to a grande arched brown front door. This is one of the most fabulous home exteriors showcasing stone for sure.

7. Wrap Around Porch Highlights White Trim

Beige wood siding home with white trim, black front door, and tan stone accents, black patio chairs with red cushions, green grass and small green bushes along front

A beautiful use of siding, stone features, and white trim provides exactly the right house colors for this exterior color palette. It’s on the lighter side, but the predominant color, beige and the white trim and shutters with the bold black door create a classic color scheme. In addition, the placement of the oversized natural rocks that line the stone walk leading to the front door entrance adds character.

8. Natural Stone Features Offer Ambience

Stunning back yard with square stone path, small pond and tall green trees along side of the home, large patio area with gray outdoor furniture under a large outdoor chandelier, 2 large double doors opening up to a large outdoor fireplace with a dining room table and chairs gray home with white trim and gray stone accents

A more contemporary modern home’s exterior takes light beige to the next color scheme level. Notice how the light beige accents using high quality paint colors that complement stone structures are stunning. This subtle bright white trim matches the stone features perfectly. Plus the use of the square slate blue stepping stones and lavish landscaping with a pond adds a natural, calming ambiance.

9. Olive Green Paint Steals The Show

Olive green two story home with huetrak colored accent stone, natural wood colored front door, sunny day

Here, earthy colors and tones like olive green, beige, gray, and black combine paint color, stone veneer, architectural details, natural stone features, and siding to create a home exterior that is inviting and tasteful. The oversized slate blue pavers with a hint of terracotta color scheme artistically blend with the pop of accent colors used on the front door and overhang. But it is the main color, olive green siding that steals the show bringing the entire look together.

10. Bring The Outside For Comfortable Living Space

Beautiful backyard pation with floor to ceiling gray stone outdoor fireplace 4 chairs with gray cushions and a small matching table in the center, black and white outdoor rug, tv mounted in the corner to the left of fireplace,

This home’s exterior uses fireplace stone to bring the outside in or the inside out. This is an excellent way to expand your living space while enjoying natural stone as a decorative accent. The beige and gray color palette extends from the floor to the ceiling with little accent color maintaining an all-natural design that delivers and then some.

11. Modern Farmhouse Exterior Color Palettes Enhances Look

White farmhouse style 2 story home with gray accent stone, black metal roof and black window trim, green grass and plants in flowerbeds, soft blue sunsetting sky above with cottona candy pink clouds, lights on in home

Black and white trim offers a classic and timeless color scheme for this home’s exterior. The natural stone veneer on the left-hand side adds a dimension of shades that enhances the overall palette. If the main color, white siding, was used in lieu of the natural stone, the home’s exterior wouldn’t have provided the same curb appeal. Black hardware above the garage door and the well-kept green lawn provide other colors to create a picture-perfect exterior.

12. Stone Veneer Facade Adds Textural Exterior

Evening Lighting Offers a Mild Mood

Close up of a gray painted stucco home with gray stone pillars and accents, gray front door, night sky, porch lights on

Choosing color schemes for a wood frame home’s exterior can be challenging. Here, the homeowner hired a color expert to assist with their house design. Look closely and see the variety of stone styles that were incorporated into the overall palette. They all offer contrast and interest from the roof to the stone stairs leading to the black front door framed with a striking white trim. This photo was taken in the evening offering a moody yellow lighting.

13. Cheerful Curb Appeal Pops With Color

Turquoise Blue Transitions Beautifully

two story turquoise painted stucco home with gray stone steps leading up to dark brown front door, green grass, pink flowers in planters and large green trees, sunny day

This new house in an upscale neighborhood takes full advantage of the color wheel to create an exterior that pops with colorful curb appeal. The daring turquoise blue wood siding and bright white trim are complemented by a bold brown front door. See how this blue painting choice picks us blue notes in the front stone walkway and stone steps leading to the entrance. The light and airy landscaping make all these colors work beautifully together.

14. Stunning Brick House Offers Appealing Palette

Unique 2 story home that combines red brcik and white painted wood siding, stormy sky above, green grass and a green and red wreath on the front door

Here choosing colors for a stunning red brick exterior with a white trim contrast works beautifully in this upscale neighborhood. The stone used to design the walkway, driveway, and landscaping creates an eye-appealing contrast. This is a palette that is classic for this style of brick and wood house located so close to the homes next door.

15. Mustard Yellow Adds Color and Interest

Natural Stone Blends to Add Texture

Simple single story home with dark tan stucco and brownish yellow stone and garage door, small stones in place of a front lawn with a small tree planted, light blue sky above

This Arizona house uses stone veneer to highlight the mustard yellow painting exterior color palette. The shades of cream brown along with yellow beautifully combine with the stone creating natural color schemes. In addition, the texture on the multi-level siding and roof line maintains this overall visual.

16. Contrast Creates Stone Stunner

Stone Exterior and Brown Shades Create Multi-Dimensional Flow

Home faced with stone of a yellowish color with random brown stones throughout, dark brown front door and garage door, sun reflecting off home, palm trees and green bushes lining edge of driveway leading to front porch

This stone exterior uses contrast in color schemes and natural stone resulting in a stunning home. Take a look at how the brown roof treatment flows down to the large brown garage door. Then, the interesting choice of multi-dimensional looking stones that create the exterior continues to flow over to the entrance and the other side of the house. White trim and a brown door complete this stone stunner.

17. Gray and Yellow Color Palette Shines

The Solid Yellow Door is an Unexpected Hue

Close up of front porch of a blue gray painted stucco home, yellow front door and stone in defferent shade of gray

It was a challenge to select striking color schemes for this long entrance leading to the home’s front door. The stone, wood, and home exterior color palettes required a light hue to complement the home exterior. A nice palette of light and dark gray stones and wood with white trim leads the way to a solid color yellow door. The white ceiling adds light to the space.

18. Gorgeous Green Doors Daring and Delightful

Create a Focal Point With a Dramatic Door Color

Close up of a gray stone walkway, cream colored building bright green double front door with glass center, green window shutters, large gray stone pots with green flowers on each side of the door

When you take cream painting, a natural stone sidewalk and stairway entrance, and white trim for detail, the sky is the limit for the front door focal point. Here a brilliant shade from the color wheel graces the entryway. The shutters framing the windows are the same shade for consistency. What’s not to love with the large white urns flanking the entrance? Here plants continue the green palette, but colorful blooming flowers would also look extremely delightful against the cream siding.

19. Red Door Is Visually Radiant

Blue sky above a tan brick home with a bright red front door and garage door, white trim and red roses in pots hanging from eaves

There is absolutely no doubt that this house wants to stand out in a gray crowd. The lovely brownstone veneer and multi-dimensional brown roof are the perfect color combination for the visually radiant front door. This is an example of how one of those daring color schemes can pull off a bit of drama in the neighborhood. Is it for every color expert? Probably not, but this red and natural stone combination works well.

20. Architectural Details Deliver

Add Dramatic Rich Details That Upgrade Curb Appeal

Gorgeous cusom home faced with stone in cream and gray shades, three tall arches supported by thick white pillars, black front door and window shutters, tall pink rose bushes, green grass andwell manicured bushes, sunny day

Three is definitely not a crowd in this gorgeous stone house with architectural details that deliver. The three arches with stone, white trim, and white pillars deliver a dramatic, rich character to this exterior. In addition, the black door and black railings add a touch of tradition. This is an example of how mixing and matching materials create out-of-the-ordinary color schemes that look sensational.

21. Stately Front Door Elevates Natural Stone

Close up of a red and black brick home, ornate wood front door outlined in gray block stone, climbing green ivy, green grass and

The natural stone feature that frames this stately brown front door is the perfect element for a classic red brick and stone home. The fabulous dark gray windows and color schemes add texture and an attractive architectural element. Flower-filled urns provide a splash of color while enhancing the climbing ivy growing right on the home’s exterior thanks to the natural light shining directly on the house.

22. Luxurious Pool With Stone Creates Privacy

This is a Perfect Example of How Multiple Natural Materials Blend Together

Backyard patio with 2 couch swings haning from ceiling of upper deck, gray stone on entire outer wall, blue bottom tile pool with infinity edge, palm trees in background, sunny day

If you are fortunate enough to have a luxurious pool in your tropical backyard, this idea might inspire you to add a stone and natural stone color scheme to your siding. The deep blue pool reflects the light onto this relaxing outdoor feature created with a variety of natural materials including stone, granite, and wood. Imagine swinging the day away in such an outdoor oasis.

23 Eye-Catching Exterior House Colors with Grey Stone

Here the Magnificent Roof Line Takes Front and Center Stage

Blue sky above a gray 2 story home with steep roofline and stone accents in different shades of brown, well manicured green lawn, bushes and trees, sunny day

Talk about seeing double! The extremely gorgeous roof line rises to the occasion while the natural stone and brick below enhance the overall view. Gray stone, siding and white trim take a back seat to other colors but add the exact touch of light that this exterior needs.

24. Natural Stone Veneer Adds Personality to New Home

Exterior Paint Colors That Go with Sandstone

Clear blue sky above a 2 story home with 2 shades of pale green and dark gray stone, deep red front door, green grass and yellow flower bushes lining driveway, sunny day

Natural stone takes an ordinary home in a modest neighborhood and gives it character and charm. The olive and light green paint in the dormers adds a touch of color without being too bright. We love the square glass windows that border the bold red door, another interesting stand out feature that adds personality to this new home. The bright yellow forsythia bushes that line the driveway and lovely green lawn showcase the stone path leading to the entrance.

25. Side View of Porch Using Stone Veneer Borders

Classic Entrance Is Bold with Grey Siding

Front porch of a gray wood siding home with a black front door, large white pillars and accent stone in neutral colors

Slate gray siding is enhanced by light stone veneer creating a classic entryway to this beautiful home. The bold and classic black door is framed by light white paint to match the pillars and porch ceiling. Imagine a seasonal wreath on the door and colorful flowers in the planter for added hints of color. While we cannot see the lawn or landscaping, we trust it is lush and colorful to provide a stunning curb appeal.

26. Brown Color Schemes

Front of building with tan and dark brown stones and brown window shutters and door, white curtains in windows and small potted flowers on window sills

This brown color combination is the perfect example of how different shades of the same color family blend together for a pleasing color palette. The earthy tones of the brown front door, lighter brown shutters enhancing the windows, and the solid color trim above the door create a heartwarming color story for the natural stone building. Flower boxes add just a hint of color.

27. Renovated Farm House Uses Unexpected Splash of Peach

Different Materials Transition from Roof to Lawn

Front of a tan stone home with a steep white roof, wooden bench in front, wood door and trim, tall green plants, blue sky, sunny day

This is an example of how a lighter color scheme creates a desirable look. The light peach color above the front door blends perfectly as the home’s exterior transitions to the lighter stonework. The stately double front door with handsome window arch above adds more character to the home. The cutting garden provides privacy and another layer of color.

28. Backyard Scene Welcomes Guests

Front of green and brown home with white window trim, stone walkway leading to raised wooden deck, green lawn, lots of green plants and trees, sunny day

This is the perfect example of how natural stone and the right paint colors can create an outstanding backyard scene. The lawn and landscaping blend into the gorgeous green siding and stone pathway that leads to the deck as well as to the side yard. The contrasting cream door and sliding glass doors offer beauty and convenience.

29. Blue Door Coordinates with Blue Stone Entryway

Close up of white home with dark navy blue door, colorful potted flowers all arounf entryway, stone steps

It’s always a good idea to select color schemes that blend nicely together. For example, this fabulous dark blue door coordinates with the blue tones in the stone entryway. We don’t have to tell you this is very vibrant when teamed with a white-painted exterior. Pretty hanging and potted flowers add a welcoming charm to this elegant home’s exterior.