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20 Round Gazebo Ideas

Find your perfect backyard gazebo here in this picture gallery. From garden gazebos to fully enclosed gazebo ideas, there's something for your needs and style.

Large park area with green grass, paved walkway leading to a large round white circular gazebo with a black metal roof and American Flags hanging from eaves, small green bushes around perimeter of gazebo, sunny day

When looking for a backyard gazebo that will likely become the focal point of your yard, it’s important to explore all your options. From modern style to traditional design, there are numerous ways to create the perfect outdoor space with your own gazebo.

This gallery of round gazebo ideas will give you all the inspiration and information you need to make the right investment.

Mixed Materials

Small wooden circular gazebo with green roof, trees and bushes all around, sunny day

Using different materials can add some dimension and add visual appeal, which is exactly what this one has accomplished. This wooden gazebo has a metal pointed roof that would look great in any garden setting. Having a different colored roof adds much-needed contrast, as well. The good thing about using mixed materials is that you can combine different looks for something truly unique, like a black metal roof with a redwood gazebo structure.

Cedar Gazebo

Large backyard with tall green trees and stones and rocks around mini waterfall and pond, all wood gazebo with wooden benches, sunny day

All all-wood gazebo such as this one deserves to be shown off in your favorite backyard space. It might not seem like one of the fancier gazebo designs at first, but the unique design elements certainly stand out. Everything from the balusters to the knee braces is intentionally designed and helps make this gazebo stand out even with an overall simple structure. Even better is that cedar is a highly durable material that will make any wooden gazebo last a lifetime.

Stonemason’s Dream Gazebo

Round gazebo made of earthtoned colored stone, black light scones around exterior, green trees around, blue sky with white fluffy clouds, sunny day

Full of beautiful stones and dark-toned columns with a matching roof, this is definitely a gazebo design you don’t see often. Even if you can’t own your own gazebo as grandiose as this one, you can take inspiration from its most obvious design element — exterior stone. Its organic aesthetics of it make it perfect for virtually any garden landscape, while also serving as a durable building material that will last forever.

The Lovely Gazebo

Small white wooden gazebo surrounded by trees and flowers, small wooden bench on outside, sunny day

Everything from the shape of the tall shingled roof to the square pattern of the baluster makes this one of the most lovely designs in this gallery. This would be a perfect gazebo design for a garden or walking path. Add a vintage-inspired bistro set and you have the most ideal place to read a book in peace or have a coffee date with a friend.

Little Luxury

Open grassy area with white wooden gazebo with a gray roof, blue sky with white clouds, sunny

There’s so much that could be done with this one, from an entertaining space to an outdoor kitchen. The clean lines and metal roof lend themselves to modern design while the detailed columns and ceiling are inspired by a more traditional style. Overall, this octagonal gazebo is versatile in both design and potential uses while offering ample shade from the sun.

Tucked Away

Old wooden deck with small white wood gazebo in the corner, lime green chair inside, trees and green plants around, sunny clear sky

Building a gazebo into an existing deck is a fantastic way to fully utilize existing space and materials, which also saves money and labor. Many gazebos are built on a separate patio, deck, or concrete slab but building it off of an existing structure like a deck or porch also makes sense. Being gently tucked away in the corner, it can be the perfect place to sit back and relax or even use as storage space in the winter when it’s not being used. Overall, it’s a pretty simple, yet versatile structure with a weathervane for a needed decorative piece.

The Dome Gazebo

Fall trees with leaves on the grassy ground, large round gazebo dome with 2 large windows on either side, sunny day

Obviously, this one is definitely a completely unique gazebo plan and not something you see every day. That may or may not be a good thing for you, but it certainly belongs on this list of round gazebo ideas for obvious reasons. The entire gazebo is made with the same material and has two large windows but light, which just adds to the distinctive dome design. If you prefer an open design, you can probably find a dome gazebo plan or custom order one that only has a solid roof and the necessary supporting poles it’s constructed from.

Romantic Wrought Iron Gazebo

Deep red wrought iron gazebo with a wood table and stool inside, green grass and trees around, overcast day

Nothing says a romantic spot like this red wrought iron gazebo, which is full of dainty details and an overall open design. This is a beautiful gazebo that would look right at home in any garden full of flowering plants and climbing vines. The completely open design adds to its visual appeal, but you could add some outdoor fabric, screens, or similar material for shade and shelter from the wind.


Large green trees, green grass and small green bushes, stone path leading up to a round white wooden gazebo with a wooden shingle roof

Everything about this traditional gazebo is picture-perfect, from the classic railing to the roof-top cupola and stone path leading up to it. If you’re looking for a backyard sanctuary that will also likely increase the value of your home, consider a picturesque design such as this one. Even better is that it’s one of the more common gazebo plans, so you shouldn’t have a problem ordering one similar to it.

Meant For A Meadow

Victorian wrought iron dome shaped gazebo with a stone floor and wicker patio furniture underneath, surrounded by trees and pink and white flowers

This Victorian gazebo with a domed roof looks like it’s meant for a meadow or rose garden. It’s definitely one of the most creative gazebo ideas in the gallery and well worth the investment if you can find one to purchase. Outfit it with some outdoor furniture and you have a relaxing place to go for a breath of fresh air and sunshine.

Modern Gazebo

Backyard with a pool, lawn chairs and a small round black metal with red metal roof gazebo

Looking for something with a modern style that won’t rust or rot? This is one of the more modern gazebo designs on the list and would make for an ideal swimming pool gazebo or garden gazebo alike. Made completely of metal, this is a sturdy structure with plenty of visual appeal while also being incredibly versatile in its style.

Gazebo with a View

Large grassy area with a brick paved path to a large round gazebo with windows and doors with a view of the ocean, sunny day

Even though this is an enclosed gazebo, you can still get a full view of your surroundings thanks to its large windows. Gazebo plans like this one and similar ideas are typically custom-order only, but considering its vast potential uses, it would be worth the investment. You could turn this into a swimming pool area, put a hot tub in it, or even an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Park Setting

Back corner of a backyard with a large wooden gazebo, table and chairs inside, flowers in pots hanging on either side of opening, brick pavers on ground, green trees and bushes all around gazebo

This beautiful gazebo is the perfect addition to any backyard design, especially those that are well-landscaped. Everything from the slightly sloped roof to the cupola offers just enough aesthetic detail. It would no doubt make for an outdoor space that emulates that of a park setting, and who wouldn’t want that in their own backyard?!

Lattice Gazebo

Yard with white lattice gazebo next to a red brick outdoor fireplace, 2 small wooden benches, green trees and bushes, sunny day

Octagonal gazebo plans like this one make amazing outdoor structures for either a large or small yard. The style is cohesive throughout with mostly white lattice, which continues even up to the roof. Having lattice on the entire gazebo isn’t just beautiful, it’s ideal for allowing fresh air to run through on hot days. If you prefer a shady gazebo, you can weave in some canopy fabric or artificial climbing vines.

Secret Garden Gazebo

Backyard with lots of tall green trees and red flowers, wooden gazebo with built in bench seats in inside, sunny day

This type of wooden gazebo design features a gorgeous shingled roof that extends beyond the rest of the structure and has attached benches all around. The slightly darker-toned roof also adds to the overall design while the natural look of the wood makes it an ideal secret garden gazebo. Octagonal gazebo plans like this one work well in any outdoor space from swimming areas to a well-landscaped garden.

Weathered Beauty

Corner of backyard wir lots of trees, plants,and bushes surrounding an old wooden gazebo

A weathered gazebo like this one would suit any farmhouse or otherwise rustic-inspired area. You can buy gazebo kits that cater to the same weathered or distressed look or you can custom order one. Add a round table and chairs and you have a perfect gazebo design where you can spend quality time with loved ones and entertain guests.

Wedding Ready

Beautiful property with lots of open grass area and large tall shade trees, concrete path leading to a small white wooden gazebo with a shinlged roof, property raised up overlooking miles and miles of tree covered land, blue sky, sunny day

This eye-catching gazebo is a picture-perfect place to host an intimate wedding ceremony, especially when it’s in a setting like the one pictured. Of course, gazebo designs like this are also popular because they’re just as great when used as any other outdoor gazebos are. You can make it a central place for entertaining or keep it as a garden gazebo.

The Graceful Gazebo

Bright blue sky, tall green trees, green grass and red flowers, small white wooden gazebo raised up off ground, stair leading up to it

The right small gazebo can make a big impact as a focal point which is important if you’re dealing with limited outdoor space. This particular gazebo design features steps that go to the raised platform and a tall wood-shingled roof, all of which elevate any small space. The finer details like the lattice skirting and rounded beans just add to the overall graceful look of this gazebo.

Tropical Paradise

Large round tropical gazebo raised off ground, wooden stairs and floor, wooden support beams, surrounded by palm trees abd other tropical trees

How amazing would it be to walk into a mock tropical paradise in your very own backyard? Well, with a tiki-hut-inspired gazebo like this one, you can! It has all the tropical touches like a thatched roof and wood structure but also has a wrap-around screen for added privacy and to keep bugs out. Even if you have to make do with one half this size, it’s just one of the gazebo ideas that makes you want to hit the buy button.

Are All Gazebos Round?

Traditional gazebos are round, but you’re not limited to just one shape. If you prefer something with a modern twist, a square gazebo or rectangle design is a good choice and also very popular. You can also purchase a domed octagonal, and even triangle or A-framed gazebo.

Most come in round or square structures, so if you’re looking for something more unique like a dome gazebo, you’ll have to get a custom build or DIY it. Overall, there are just as many gazebo ideas and plans as there are other types of outdoor structures. You may have to dig through some listings or Google results to find the perfect one, but it’s out there.

Are Gazebos Worth The Cost?

The answer to this is mostly subjective. If you value outdoor entertaining and having a place to relax in the shade, then you’ll probably find that a gazebo is well worth the investment. The exact cost of building a gazebo depends on a lot of factors, but the average tends to be between $7500 and $10,000.

Additionally, a gazebo will typically increase your property value. More and more people look for ways to spend time outside, so it makes sense that a temporary or permanent structure like a gazebo would be desirable. There are many other reasons why gazebos are worth the investment, and some real estate appraisers even consider it added value when determining how much a property is worth.

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Gazebo?

If you’re on a budget or you’re itching to take on a DIY gazebo project, it’s helpful to know if it’s just cheaper to build your own. The answer? Maybe…but probably not.

There are many things to consider when it comes to the construction of an outdoor structure like a gazebo, especially when it comes to any of the round gazebo ideas on the list. Octagonal gazebo plans tend to be a bit more difficult and costly than simple square gazebo options.

Even a simple structure like a rectangular design can be expensive depending on the type of gazebo materials you use, especially with the rising costs of lumber and steel. Then you have to account for finer details like the floor joists, shingles or another type of solid roof material, the concrete slab or patio, screws, and so on. Additionally, you’ll likely need a helping hand which you’ll need to hire someone for, as well as your own labor and time.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Gazebo?

Of course, there are alternatives to having a gazebo, too. Here are some different options to consider, whether you need something more temporary or at a different price point.

  • Pergola
  • Pool house
  • Pavillion
  • Canopy
  • Patio awning or umbrella
  • Shade trees
  • Roof added onto the garage or house
  • Sail shades
  • Popup tent/gazebo

What Are Gazebos Made Of?

Gazebos are typically made of wood, vinyl, or steel. A single gazebo can be constructed with the same material throughout or it can include different materials for different elements and parts. For example, a mostly western red cedar gazebo can also have a metal or thatched roof and steel railings. Gazebos are also commonly adorned with lattices and other decorative features like cupolas and weathervanes. 

Every gazebo project is made differently and will require different materials based on design and structure needs. For example, a Victorian gazebo is likely made of wrought iron or other similar metals. Likewise, if you’re looking for a considerable amount of shade or shelter from the elements, you’ll want an enclosed gazebo which may or may not include windows or skylights.

There are many other components when it comes to building a gazebo, too. From shingles to floor joists and the concrete slab or deck underneath it, there are many types of gazebo materials involved in its construction.

How Do You Decorate A Round Gazebo?

There are pretty much endless ways to decorate any gazebo, no matter if it’s round or a rectangular design. The interior is also just as important as the outside, so it’s worth it to style it to your liking.

Here are some popular ways to adorn your gazebo.

  • String lights
  • Hanging flowers
  • Climbing plants or ivy (real or artificial)
  • Curtains and fabric
  • Weathervane
  • Lanterns
  • Birdhouses
  • Windchimes
  • Bushes and shrubs
  • Textured fabrics like jute or burlap
  • Screens (also great for keeping bugs out)
  • Rugs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Bistro set or dining table and chairs

Your overall style will determine how you decorate your gazebo, so get inspiration from the rest of your exterior and interior design. You wouldn’t decorate a Victorian gazebo the same way you would a modern gazebo, so pay attention to the details.

Additionally, you can paint your ceiling to be two-toned, add a thatched roof, and so on. Size matters, too. You will need to outfit and decorate a small gazebo more modestly than a large one and make every square foot count.

At the end of the day, a backyard gazebo is another extension of your home and is an important part of your outdoor space so it deserves a well-thought-out plan. You don’t want to go through the effort and expense of building a gazebo just to realize it’s not what you really wanted or needed in the first place. It’s worth doing your research to gain all the tips, knowledge, and inspiration you need to have the gazebo of your dreams!