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27 Pool Gazebo Ideas

These pool gazebo ideas will turn your basic swimming pool area and backyard into an oasis! Explore gazebo ideas with fireplaces, kitchens, bars, and more.

Nighttime, infinity edge pool, oink rose bushes in flower beds around pool, black and white patio furniture and gazebo, lights on in pool and under gazebo

Why have just a basic pool area when you could create a dreamy oasis in your own backyard that doubles as the perfect entertainment space? With a poolside gazebo, you’ll get instant access to privacy, shade, natural lighting, and an incredible place to entertain friends. An even bigger benefit is that an outdoor structure like a pool house can increase your property value up to 8% on average, depending on your location.

If you’re not sure which gazebo styles will best suit your overall landscape design or outdoor space needs, you’re in luck. This list of pool gazebo ideas and gallery of pictures will give you all the inspiration and tips you’ll ever need!

Small Pool Gazebo Ideas

Short on space but still want the relaxing outdoor area you’ve been daydreaming about? You can still have it all with these small pool gazebo ideas. They may not be as big as the other ideas on this list, but they still offer both visual appeal and an ideal place to entertain.


Tons of large green trees, flowers planted all around, small white gazebo with built in benches all around inside, pointy gray roof, blue sky, sunny day

Encased in charming trellis and other details, this gazebo is the perfect choice for you if you appreciate romantic aesthetics. It will also look great on your backyard patio, surrounded by beautiful landscaping and plants.

Simple Shelter

Sun setting, blue sky, green grass, custom built wood gazebo with tables and chairs under, lights strung around the edges, white lanterns on the tables

Sometimes simple is best, as showcased with this beautiful poolside gazebo. There’s enough room for lounging around on some patio furniture or gathering a small group of people for an intimate dinner. With a structure like this one you still get plenty of shade and shelter from the weather if you happen to get stuck in a rainstorm. In this case, going big or going home definitely doesn’t apply! 

Small Tiki Hut

One of the most popular choices for any pool area design style is that of the tropical tiki hut, and it’s not hard to see why. They come in a wide range of sizes, which all elevate your outdoor patios and pool spaces. With a small tiki hut on your own backyard patio, you can channel your inner Bali life at any time. 

Classic Gazebo

Nothing beats the classic and timeless style of the traditional gazebo. Even a small pool gazebo like this one can make a big impact in any outdoor space and will pair well with many different styles of exterior home design, landscaping, and swimming pools.

Add-On Gazebo

One of the easiest ways to make a small gazebo is to build it off of an existing wall or structure, like the one shown here. You can get creative and build it to your unique style or keep it simple and square. Add some comfortable outdoor seating or even a hammock for the ultimate place to relax.

Popup Gazebo

Backyard with green grass, pool, pink spring trees, wooden deck with a brown pop up gazebo with tan colored curtains tied to each post

Popup gazebos are a convenient and affordable option if you need a poolside lounge area. As the name implies, they can be put together and torn down easily which is especially ideal if you rent a home or don’t want to add a permanent structure to your property. Even better is that they’re readily available on sites like Amazon, so you can have your ideal small pool gazebo in just a few days. 

Pool Gazebo With Bar

A bar will take your outdoor entertaining space to a completely new level, especially if you design it like the ones featured below. There are pretty much endless options in terms of design and layouts, but here are some of our favorite ideas when it comes to gazebo ideas with a bar. 


Room with a mini fridge full of beers and bottle of liquor sitting on top, bar top with bar stools, LED lights along the edges of the floor, TV on the wall

With bright floor lights, a TV, a fridge, and a bartop, this is the perfect way to entertain friends who always seem to be nightlife-ready. And it just goes to show that you don’t need a ton of space to have a lot of fun outside of your backyard pool.


Blue sky woth white fluffy clouds, sun setting, palm trees, ocean, beach with a small hut

Turn your backyard patio and swimming area into a tropical dream with a gazebo bar just like this one. Your friends and family can easily sit at the bar that wraps around the entire gazebo while being shaded from the sun and relaxing under the canopy.

Rustic Ranch

Backyard with a bar-b-que and a custom built bar made of gray stacked stonme and a black quartz countertop, large butcher block sitting on counter with a wine glass and a bottle of wine

Even if your style leans more country than coastal, you can still have an incredible outdoor poolside entertainment area, like this one. It takes its main inspiration from ranch and country design and adds some rustic touches with the wooden columns, dark stone cladding, and metal decor. Even better is it can be accessed through both sides, one of which is attached to a cohesive deck.

Full-Out Entertaining Space

Complete with a TV, fireplace, seating, and a swimming pool, this is one high-end outdoor space that simply wows. Everything from the wooden beams and walls to the exterior stone and recessed lighting makes this a full-out entertaining space that you’ll never want to leave.

A Modern Take

Gorgeous backyard with green grass, cream colored cynderblock wall around perimeter, trees and flower bushes in planter beds, fire pit and with patio furniture around it. large wooden gazebo with large posts, bar-b-que qith built in counter, pool

Taking inspiration from modern design ideas, this is another good choice when creating a gorgeous space by the pool where you can rest or serve your friends some drinks. The white bartop, clean lines, and simple structure of the pool pergola also make this one of the more versatile ideas in the entire gallery.

Pool Gazebo With Kitchen

Long summer days require lots of outside cooking and grilling, which is no problem with these outdoor kitchen and dining area ideas.

The Whole Package

Backyard with large gazebo, wood deck, outdoor sink and fireplace, nice 8 person dinning set with blue cushions, green trees around

This is the whole package when it comes to an outdoor kitchen. Outfitted with a sink, full-length table, ceiling-height fireplace, and pendant lights, it’s clearly one of the best design ideas in this gallery. Even if you don’t have a gazebo or pergola of this size, you can take some inspiration away from this one and use it as an example idea for your own backyard.

Separate Spaces

Backyard with green grass, green trees and bushes along fence, large wooden gazebo with sheer white curtains, outdoor bar and bar-b-que, dining table and chair set, sunny day

While most design and layout ideas feature an all-in-one bar/dining/cooking area, this one let’s you create zones while still being on a shared patio. It also gives everyone some room to fan out and mingle, which is important if you have big dinner parties. With seating and a bar under the sun, a kitchen area within a simple pergola, and a shaded lounge area located in a separate gazebo, there’s more than enough space.


Backyard with a, above ground spa, a bright blue tile outdoor kitchen area with bar-b-que and mini fridge, small table and chair set

This cooking space and dining area is a perfect example that you don’t have to have a fancy pool pergola or gazebo to create a backyard entertaining space. With a small table, built-in grill, and adequate counter space, it’s more than enough to relax in after swimming.

Pool Gazebo With Fireplace

Having a fireplace in or adjacent to your gazebo gives you the best place to warm up and relax after swimming. It also creates an amazing focal point and can even serve as another oven.


Centered in the middle of the gazebo and doubling as a TV mount, this stone fireplace completely elevates this space. Since it extends through the roof, it makes an impact before you even step into the gazebo entrance. The best part? You can watch your favorite TV show without ever leaving the swimming pool.

Built-In Bench

Nighttime, large custom built gazebo with stone columns, stone fireplace and built in bar-b-que. wooden table and chair set in the center, gray stone patio, lights on under gazebo

Does it get better than built-in seating around a fire? This concept is a good choice if you enjoy intimate seating arrangements or just like to curl up by the fire with a good book. The concrete bench is built into the all-stone fireplace and extends most of the length of the gazebo.

Rustic Rich

Custom gazebo made with large wooden logs, gray stone floor, outdoor fireplace with red brick

If you lean towards the rustic style, you’ll love this example of a gazebo with a fireplace. It definitely stands out with its three tiers which offer storage space and the rich tone of the bricks that give it a warm and inviting feel. This is one of the most versatile ideas and would look good with other gazebo design ideas in this gallery.

Modern Inspiration

Modern outdoor vibes with a gray stone ground, a custom wooden exterior gazebo patio, a long rectangular gass fireplace, pendant lights hanging from ceiling above dining table and chair set

It wouldn’t be a complete gallery with some of the best pavilion, pergola, and gazebo ideas without another modern design, like this one. The sleek fireplace is encased in a wooden wall which also features open storage space for firewood. With dark tones throughout this entire pool pergola, it’s a cozy place to sit back and rest in the shade.

Different Pool Gazebo Styles and Structure Ideas

Gazebos and pergolas come in many different styles and structure types. As you can imagine, not every style will go with just any landscape design or be desirable to every homeowner. When you’re searching for your favorite pool gazebo ideas, you should also keep the overarching design and structure in mind so that you can find the perfect choice for your home.

Tropical/Tiki Hut

Tiki hut gazebo in the middle of a tropical oasis, wooden stairs leading up to the inside, wooden railings around edges palm trees and other tropical trees and plants all around

Tropical and tiki hut-inspired gazebos and pergolas will have organic materials like thatch and bamboo. Even if you can’t find one, you can emulate the look of your existing gazebo or pergola with some bamboo sticks and thatch panels.

Asia-Inspired Style

Blue sky, sandy beach, ocean with crashing waves, small Asia inspired hut

Asia-inspired gazebos feature curved lines, draped eves, and other unique details. They can also be characterized by scalloped roofing tiles and other oriental design traits.


Blue sky, pool near the ocean, open white gazebo with potted flowers hanging from eaves, sunny day

The typical gazebo often has an overall elegant look with handrails and fine details inspired by many different styles, like Victorian, Imperial, and so forth. You’ll find touches like spindles, steep roofs, overhangs, scalloped handrails, and more. 


Blue sky, small green bushes and large green trees, long crystal clear blue water pool, stone gazebo with patio furniture underneath, sunny day

Modern gazebos and pergolas feature crisp colors, clean lines, and sleek silhouettes. This type of style goes well with square or rectangle-shaped pools.


Backyard with a large pool, lawn chairs with teal blue chushions, palm trees, sun setting sky, gazebo with large qhite stone columns, brown stucco home with large windows,

One of the most popular options when it comes to gazebo ideas is that of the Hampton-inspired luxury design. It’s usually outfitted with tall, thick decorative columns and stone for an overall high-end look.


Large metal structured gazebo with sheer white curtains tied up all around, brown tile flooring, brown wicker furniture with white cushions and white and burnt orange throw pillows, potted plants and palm trees all around

Coastal design tends to incorporate neutral-toned color schemes and natural materials like seashells and even thatch. You probably won’t find a pool pergola or gazebo that’s marketed as “coastal” but you sure can decorate it like so.


Backyard of a white home, green grass, tons of potted colorful flowers all around, stone half walls enclosing patio area, wooden gazebo, outdoor table and chair sets

You can buy pool gazebos with an open structure, such as this one. It typically only has the supporting beams and columns, as well as the roof.


Backyard, with green grass and lots of trees, gray brick patio qith a meal base gazebo, gray canvas top, brown wicker patio furniture underneath

One of the more sought-after gazebo ideas is those that are half-open. They can be made with a chair-height railing, trellis, or screens.


Raised deck surrounded by tall green trees, screened in gazebo with patio furniture, sunny day, river below

There are also completely screened-in options, such as this one. These are great if you want a gazebo that keeps bugs out and offers ample shade. Some have screens that are retractable, as well.


Backyard with green grass, flowers and green bushes, stone walkway leading to a small white enclosed gazebo, windows all around, double doors open at entry

For an all-season option, you’ll want a gazebo that’s completely enclosed. You can buy or customize these to have windows for some natural light or a solid build instead.

How To Decorate a Pool Gazebo or Pergola

There are endless ways to decorate your pool gazebo or pergola. Here are some common ideas:

  • Curtains
  • Lights
  • Plants
  • Screens
  • Bamboo
  • Thatch
  • Add a water feature

Where To Buy Pool Gazebo

You can buy a pool gazebo at most home improvement stores and even on Amazon. Your choices will mostly be limited to gazebo or pavilion kits, popup gazebos and canopies, and some base models, which are more affordable than custom-built ones. If you’re pickier about the price tag than the style, places like Lowes and The Home Depot are good places to shop.

For custom builds and a wider range of sizes and styles, you can contact a company that builds outside structures. Companies like Country Lane Gazebos sell custom and pre-built handcrafted gazebos that can be shipped to you in a kit or installed by their team. 

Alternatives to Permanent Pergolas and Gazebos

If you desire a place to relax in your backyard by the pool but a permanent structure isn’t a possibility, consider these alternatives. They’re more budget-friendly and can be taken down in between seasons to be stored away or moved throughout your yard whether you want it in the garden or the poolside. 

If you desire a place to relax in your backyard by the pool but a permanent structure isn’t a possibility, consider these alternatives. They’re more budget-friendly and can be taken down in between seasons to be stored away or moved throughout your yard whether you want it in the garden or the poolside.

Gazebo Tents/Popups/Canopy

A gazebo tent is made of lightweight material like nylon or polyester and can be taken down and assembled easily. It can also be marketed as a popup tent or canopy. These are great if you’re looking for gazebo ideas that are affordable and versatile.

Gazebo Kits

As the name suggests, gazebo kits contain everything you need to put together and install a gazebo. This means that it’s also easy to take down if needed.

Trellis and Curtains

If you don’t mind a little DIY, you can make your own mock poolside pergola with trellis and curtains. You’ll want to attach it to a main building, like a garage or the outside of your house for needed stability.

No matter which type of pool gazebo you use, you can still enjoy some much-needed leisure time under it!