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22 Types of Firewood Storage

When you have a fireplace or fire pit, you most likely have firewood around your house. Continue reading to find out more about the details about the best firewood storage ideas.

Wooden storage barn with door open, wooden storage container built up against the side of storage shed holding firewood, potted plats on either side, sun reflecting off wood

When you have a fireplace or fire pit, you most likely have firewood around your house. If you are like many people, you need a place to store all that wood. That is where fireplace storage comes in.

There are a large variety of storage solutions that fit any personal preference. No matter how much space you have, you can find the best firewood storage option.

Spending some money upfront on firewood storage can save you significant amounts of money in the long run. When you store your firewood properly, you can protect your firewood from the elements and keep it safe from pests. 

When thinking about a firewood storage idea, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you want to ensure the top of the wood and about a foot or two of the sides are covered. Your firewood should be several inches off the ground.

You also want to make sure the wood is not fully covered to ensure the air keeps flowing. If you are interested in finding firewood storage, continue reading to find out more about the details about the best firewood storage ideas.

Types of Firewood Storage Ideas

Backyard Firewood Shed 

Backyard with a open storage shed made out of wood storing lots of firewood, stump with axe leaning on it with chopped firewood laying all around, grass, trees and shrubs

A great way to store your firewood is in a backyard firewood shed. You can create a mini-shed to keep your firewood dry, organized, and stacked. You can also create a shed from pallets. 

This idea requires a stack of pallets. Once you collect the pallets, you can create a roof and walls quickly. If you can find free pallets, you can build the shed for free. 

The best firewood shed should hold about one cord of wood. It should be light and easy to move by hand. It is easy to build with straight cuts. You do not need mitered joints or corners. 

Basket Storage 

Red brick background, wicker basket with handles holding small wood logs for fire

Baskets are a great and beautiful way to store your firewood inside your home. This ensures that it is ready to use any time you want it. 

You can buy any type of basket that interests you. They can be plain or decorative. You can select baskets that fit the decor of your home. 

These baskets display the wood instead of hiding it. This gives you the ability to grab wood for the fire without having to go outside. In addition, you will not have to dig through a large amount of wood in a rack. 

These baskets hold small amounts, making them easy to grab. You will have to fill them on a regular basis, but they look great in any home.

Box Storage 

Wooden crates with piece of firewood

Box storage for your firewood is ideal, depending on how much space you have outside your home. A box provides you a place to store your firewood where it will not get wet.

This type of storage provides you easy access to the dry wood at any time. You can buy any type of box you want. It can be decorative or plain. If you purchase an attractive box, you do not have to worry about it ruining the look of your home. 

It is important that you purchase a box that is large enough to hold all of the wood that you are going to need. 

Cart Storage 

Teal and gray wooden planter boxes with flowers behind a black metal, tall standing storage cart holding small wooden logs for fireplace, black metal shovel hanging on the side

If you are looking for firewood storage, you might want to consider cart storage. This type of storage is great when you want to move your firewood from one place to another. 

This allows you to easily move the wood so that you do not have to carry one piece of wood at a time. Firewood carts are heavy duty, durable, and built to last. In addition, they provide a substantial amount of storage for your firewood. 

A firewood cart makes it easy to move your firewood without much effort. When looking for a cart, you want to find one that has rugged wheels that are firmly attached. This ensures that you do not cause damage to the wheels while moving the cart around your yard.

Covered Storage 

Close up of a large sile of firewood covered up with a large army green tarp

A lot of homeowners use a tarp to cover their firewood. They use it to protect the firewood from rain, snow, and pests. However, a tarp is not always the most attractive way to cover firewood. 

Having storage that has a cover is much more attractive. In addition, when you have a tarp, you must ensure that it is strapped down and stays in place during storms. You do not have this same concern when using storage that has a cover.

Using a tarps with bungee cords is not a reliable way to protect your wood. Also, it does not look as neat as using choosing storage with a cover.

Decorative Storage 

Burt orange wall, black metal shelves with books, a clock and some small peices of firewood

Decorative storage is a great way to store your firewood in a container that looks nice. It may surprise you that purchasing a decorative storage option can improve the look of your home or the space next to your fireplace. 

Storing firewood is necessary for those with a fireplace, but it does not have to be ugly. Decorative options are a great way to have firewood where you need when you need it.

Fabric Storage 

DOEWORKS 18 Inch Firewood Racks Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Carrier

If you are looking for a storage option that is mainly for inside your home, a fabric storage rack is a way to do it. However, if you store fabric options outside, they are likely to get ruined. 

These types of storage options make it easy to carry a large number of logs into your home and store them. You want to keep in mind that you need a heavy canvas to store your wood. In addition, you want material that is durable and will not rip easily.

Fire-Retardant Storage 

Curved metal firewood holder with small cut pieces of wood

Regardless of where you store your firewood: inside or outside, you want to ensure that it is safe. You do not want to risk the wood catching on fire. When you store a large amount of seasoned firewood in one place is dangerous.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you choose a fire-retardant firewood storage option. If you select a wooden storage rack, it will not be fire-retardant. However, many other storage options are fire-retardant. Purchasing one of these types of racks decreases the chance of a fire destroying your wood and your rack.

Floating Storage 

MOFEEZ Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack Bracket Kit,Fireplace Wood Storage Holder-Adjustable to Any Length

Many firewood storage options sit on the floor or ground. This type of storage can take up a lot of space in or around your home. 

Floating storage allows you to keep your wood off the ground and out of the way. It can create an interesting decoration point in your home. For example, you can attach floating storage to a wall in your home. 

You want to ensure that this type of storage is carefully anchored on the wall and can support the weight of the wood. It is a fantastic alternative to traditional storage options.

Handled Storage 

Black metal firewood carrier with handle, small pieces of firewood in it, axe leaning against it, green grass

If you have a need to move your storage around your house or outside your house, handled storage is a great option. When you have handles on your storage container, it helps you move it easily. 

Handled storage makes moving heavy firewood simple. It also means that anyone in your house can help you move the firewood. 

If you have a large rack, you may not be able to move it even with handles. If you want to be able to move it, you should opt for a smaller storage container.

Heavy-Duty Storage 

When you are searching for a firewood storage option, you want to find one that is not easily damaged or broken. 

Artibear Firewood Rack Stand 4ft Heavy Duty Logs Holder for Outdoor Indoor Fireplace Metal Wood Pile Storage Stacker Organizer, Matte Black

You do not want to go out of your house for wood to see it all over the ground because your rack is broken. Buying a heavy-duty option is a great way to avoid that from happening. 

A heavy-duty option is one that is incredibly strong. It is able to stand up to a lot of use. The attachments and connections are reliable and strong.

Indoor Storage 

Home with wood floors, wooden stairs and a white brick wall, silver metal lanterns with white candles and a black metal storage container under stairs holding firewood

When you need firewood in your home for your fireplace, it is critical that you have enough firewood in your home. You do not want to go outside in the cold, snow, or rain. 

When looking for indoor firewood storage, you want storage that is beautiful and functional. In addition, you want to find something that will match the decor of your house.

Metal Storage 

Wooden stump with a rustic metal heart shaped firewood holder with dear on top

Metal firewood storage is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. This type of storage is durable, strong, and looks great. In addition, it can last through many seasons without being damaged. 

When looking for metal storage for your firewood that you plan to keep inside, you want a metal rack that complements your decor. 

If you plan to leave the metal storage outside, you want something that is strong enough to hold your wood. You do not have to worry about insects and pests attacking your metal firewood holder.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Bench 

Large outdoor structure holding a ton of chopped firewood, snow on the ground, wooden bench with barrel bottoms on either end, sun shining

When you are looking for firewood storage that fits in with the look you are going for with the outside of your house, consider an outdoor fireword storage bench. An outdoor wood storage bench is a great way to store your firewood while having a functional place to sit. 

This outdoor firewood rack is a multipurpose bench that has a large cubby hole that securely and safely stores your firewood. It gives you additional seating in your yard. In addition, it takes up little space. 

Outdoor Storage 

Outside of a stone building, balcony with open storae area underneath being used to store stacks of small peices of chopped firewood, pink flowers growing out of planters, sun shinning

If you purchase a storage option that is intended for the inside of your house, you cannot use that outside. If you want something to use outside, you should purchase a separate storage unit. 

Outdoor storage is focused on function and utility and not as much on design. Therefore, you want to find something that allows you to store as much wood as possible. This ensures that you will not run out of wood during the coldest day of the winter. 

When considering which outdoor firewood rack is best for you, you should think about where you want to place it. In addition, you should not forget to consider how you are going to protect your wood from the elements.

Plastic Storage 

Close up of gray plastic crates holding chopped firewood

When you want to protect and cover your firewood, you may want to consider plastic storage options. Combining plastic sheeting with your firewood storage is a fantastic way to protect your seasoned firewood from the weather and pests. 

You do not want to use a plastic storage option that is completely plastic. These options tend to be brittle and likely to crack and break. This is why a plastic cover is a better option. 

Plumbing Pipe Log Holder

Goplus 41 Inch Firewood Log Hoop, Tubular Steel Log Holder, Heavy Duty Wood Storage Rack for Outdoor & Indoor, Fireplace Pit

You can use plumbing pipes to create an indoor storage cart. Using these plumbing pipes is a quick and easy way to create your own indoor storage cart. 

This option is so easy to build on your own that it takes more time to fill it with wood than it does to build it. There are directions online describing how to build one of these log holders. this is a great DIY firewood rack.

Rack Storage 

Inside home with wood floors, small red dresser with picture frames and lamp on top, basket with sweater on one side and a black metal rack with small firewood logs in it on the other, small rug in front of dresser

A storage rack for your firewood is a great way to store your firewood when you have a small space. You can find these storage racks in multiple size options. 

You want to be sure to stack the wood to allow it to dry evenly and be ready to use. You will have to make a determination if you want a taller or longer rack.

Rolling Storage 

Firewood rack log holder,with wheels 25 inches can bear 400 pounds,easy to assemble firewood holder firewood frame,firewood cart,used for indoor outdoor fireplace tools

Firewood is incredibly heavy. Once you have it stored, you may have difficulty moving it. If you find a storage option on wheels, it will be much easier to move. 

Having your storage rack on wheels, you have the freedom to move your firewood out of your way. You can bring it closer to you when you need it. 

Window Well Firewood Holder 

Close up of a wooden cubby shelf, wicker baskets on some cubbies and small chopped firewood in the others

A window well firewood holder is a unique and interesting way to hold your firewood. It is separated into sections that allow you to hold and separate different types of woods. 

This firewood holder is made from window wells and wooden boards. It is a simple and effective way to protect your firewood throughout the winter. It is also an attractive way to store your firewood. 

If you are interested in doing so, you can easily create a do-it-yourself version of the window well firewood holder.

Wood Storage 

Small wooden structure open on the front side holding chopped firewood, blue sky, green grass, trees and flowers

When you are looking for the best way to store your firewood, you can consider creating a storage unit out of wood. It will last a long time. However, it is critical that your wood storage unit is well cared for so it continues to look great around your home. 

If you plan to keep your wood storage outside, then you want to ensure you take care of it. You also want to keep it covered. You can do this by keeping it on a porch or covering it with some other type of cover. 

This ensures that your wood is not damaged by the elements or pests. This type of storage is heavy and sturdy. When this storage option is full of firewood, it will not move.

Wrought Iron Storage 

Wrought iron firewood rack holding some chopped firewood pieces

When you are looking for the perfect combination of a beautiful and tough storage option, then consider a wrought iron firewood rack. 

This is the perfect type of storage to keep inside your home. They are strong and can hold all of your wood easily. In addition, they have enough detail to add beauty to your home. 

Wrought iron is basically indestructible and stands up to you, throwing the logs on them without having to bend. As a result, the wood will not become damaged.

You want to find a rack that has high-quality square steel tubing and hooks for hanging tools. You also want to ensure that it provides you with adequate amounts of room for storage.

What to Look for When Selecting a Firewood Racks

There are several elements that are important when considering the best firewood rack for your home. First, you should consider how you want to use the rack. You should decide if you want the rack to be inside or outside of your home. 

Typically outdoor options are going to be larger and made of materials that can resist the weather. Indoor options are smaller and more appealing. 

The next thing for consideration is the size you need. Firewood racks usually range from 18 inches wide to more than 100 inches. They come in many different depths and heights. 

A great way to determine what size is best for you is to think about how much you need to fit, where you plan to place it, and how often you will refill it. Some of the racks explain the cord capacity. 

You can find storage racks that come in a wide variety of styles. For example, a standard rectangular rack has more of an industrial look. You can place them on your deck, patio, or next to a shed. 

You can consider hoop-style racks, which are functional and nice to look at. You can also find leather or canvas options.

What is the Best Way to Stack Your Firewood?

You want to ensure that you have a dry surface where you can place your firewood. The proper firewood storage should be slightly off the ground. You want to ensure that you do not pack the logs of the firewood too close together. This will encourage airflow around your firewood. You want to place the cut ends so that they are facing the sun. This helps the firewood dry out quickly.

Should I Store Firewood Inside?

It is not the best idea to store a large amount of firewood inside your house. You should only bring in enough that you are going to burn in one day. Then, when you bring in enough firewood for one day, you have the convenience of not having to go outside when you need another log on your fire.

While you may feel tempted to store more firewood in your house so that you do not have to go outside in the cold daily. While your firewood is ideal for keeping you warm, you can almost guarantee that your firewood is full of ants, spiders, termites, and other insects. 

You do not want these pests inside your home. You could even have mice in your wood. But, even if these pests are not in your wood when you bring them into the house, you are creating a great place for these pests to live. 

When you store firewood inside, it does not allow it to dry out thoroughly. So it becomes even more important when you have green wood that you store outdoors. 

When your firewood is aged appropriately, you can store it indoors in a shed. However, you still want to keep it out of your home so that these pests do come into your house. 

A great compromise is to store the firewood in your garage. Keeping it in your garage allows it to stay dry, and it is in a convenient place when you need more firewood. However, you are still making your house susceptible to pests like spiders, bugs, and mice.

What are the Common Tools Used for a Fireplace?

There are four main tools that you should have for use with your fireplace. These tools include tongs, which are long handled tools that function like pliers. Tongs allow you to grab a burning log safely.

A poker is another important tool. This is a metal rod that has a hooked tip that is heavy-duty and allows you to adjust logs that are burning. Finally, a hearth brush is a short broom that is ideal for sweeping wood fires and asks from the hearth. 

A spade, or shovel, is a scooper that has a short handle. It is ideal for removing ash from the fireplace. It would be best if you also kept a fire extinguisher close to your indoor fireplace.